The Pursuit of GainZ

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The Sea Rabbit
The Sea Rabbit - Year ago
omoh oN
Peyton’s Place
Peyton’s Place - 6 days ago
The Sea Rabbit That’s No homo, senpai and No you
Cody Gosling
Cody Gosling - 2 months ago
Tib Siht Fo Tuo Sdrawrof gnipyt si enoyreve
Kidplayy. - 3 months ago
Skater Zo Content
Skater Zo Content - 4 months ago
The Sea Rabbit ʍɥɐʇ ɐqonʇ ndsnpoʍq
Lightning Gamer MC and more!
tuntrof yalp
Adrian Hernandez
Adrian Hernandez - 13 hours ago
If you got a boner from the caption I got news for you
Katerina Kuball
Katerina Kuball - 16 hours ago
sdarwkcab erew stnemmoc eht fo enon nehw das tog  i yeh
TheDonut Pug
TheDonut Pug - 16 hours ago
yag staht
Dennis Korbylo
Dennis Korbylo - Day ago
I'm lactose intolerant
CaptainPanther1507 - Day ago
!!!tihs diputs si siht
hunkyGoddess - Day ago
¿ooʇ uʍop ǝpᴉsdn s,ʇᴉ ɟᴉ ʇᴉpǝɹɔ ɐɹʇxǝ ʇǝƃ I op ˙looʇ qǝʍ ɐ ɥʇᴉʍ pǝʇɐǝɥɔ ʎllɐʇoʇ I ʍouʞ noʎ os ʇsnɾ ʇnq ʇuǝɯɯoɔ pɹɐʍʞɔɐq ɐ op uɐɔ I ssǝnƃ I 'ʇɥƃᴉɹlɐ
Lost of the ark
Lost of the ark - Day ago
"Homo no " Rabbit Sea The love I
Chachachase 123
Chachachase 123 - Day ago
I elik
Migge Halonen
Migge Halonen - Day ago
sepnu pues
Kai McDade-Brokes
Kai McDade-Brokes - 2 days ago
Omoh on
Geek Girl
Geek Girl - 2 days ago
If 5:40am is an ungodly hour then I must be the devil cause I wake up at 4:00am...............
TopHatGengar N. G.
TopHatGengar N. G. - 2 days ago
!div doog !lol !ah
Notification Narwhal
Notification Narwhal - 2 days ago
MarvelFan.IMissYou Stan
The Thiccening
rentableowl 123
rentableowl 123 - 3 days ago
rentableowl 123
rentableowl 123 - 3 days ago
Forward comments see only I
Ali M
Ali M - 3 days ago
4:05 😂😂
Captain Ultra 1097
Captain Ultra 1097 - 3 days ago
6102 iapnes -worromot syug uoy ees ll'I
hi welcome to chillies
hi welcome to chillies - 3 days ago
*-homo-* NO HOMO
Reyin - 3 days ago
RainbowTacoTurtle - 3 days ago
On omoh tub iapnes si taerg
Wild Card 2018
Wild Card 2018 - 3 days ago
No homo but senpai is great
JoshuaBCG - 3 days ago
yer mum
derpy turtle587
derpy turtle587 - 3 days ago
Danger Dylan
Danger Dylan - 4 days ago
Em rof klim
Blockhead 52
Blockhead 52 - 4 days ago
Taf m’i
Lejon Brames
Lejon Brames - 4 days ago
Y'all gay
SuperShinobi - 4 days ago
Dylan Pembleton
Dylan Pembleton - 4 days ago
knid ay srebircsbus K001 tog ydaerla uoy
Lee R
Lee R - 4 days ago
"juicy lookin traps" is the best thing I've heard all day
Aym Couteaud
Aym Couteaud - 4 days ago
A friend of mine can bench 360
Tamar - 4 days ago
you are so funny u got me dead thank you
Zalán Hajdú
Zalán Hajdú - 4 days ago
Dx neeb reven
Commandroid Lee
Commandroid Lee - 4 days ago
ned k
saltydrip63 - 4 days ago
0.4 yddad ih
Mage of Life
Mage of Life - 5 days ago
Can’t wait for the sequel of this video that features senpai
Monkey 04
Monkey 04 - 5 days ago
devol siht oediv
Alyse - 5 days ago
Yeah, I gain- gain fat
StixStonez 13
StixStonez 13 - 5 days ago
Esoht era tahw zniaG
Samuel Pyle
Samuel Pyle - 5 days ago
Stop being a pussy about waking up early I have to wake up at 3 am to do chores before school
Daniel TheOne2018
Daniel TheOne2018 - 5 days ago
*omoh oN*
Bersuke Boi
Bersuke Boi - 5 days ago
I can lift two marshmallows on a stick
scary Box thing
scary Box thing - 5 days ago
Ur a sad person
Bersuke Boi
Bersuke Boi - 5 days ago
Kcits a on swollamhsram owt tfil nac I
Tara Edwards
Tara Edwards - 5 days ago
Ben’s Musik
Ben’s Musik - 5 days ago
myg a ot neeb reven evah I
Jake Sedgwick
Jake Sedgwick - 6 days ago
Erica Eggers
Erica Eggers - 6 days ago
omoh on... emosdnah... ralucsum....llat saw eH
Marieka Calhoun
Marieka Calhoun - 6 days ago
klim%2 Ton On ho
Halloween Cat
Halloween Cat - 6 days ago
“Where the road FLOWSSSS”
Maturtle Gaming
Maturtle Gaming - 6 days ago
tesb era stnemmoc sdrawkcab
Boo boo The cutest dog ever
What does strait mean
Skylar B.
Skylar B. - 6 days ago
Egatrohs klim %2 a teg uoy fo llA
MTG monkey
MTG monkey - 6 days ago
gnitfil ta kcus ta
RigidChicken - 6 days ago
I got into a loving relationship with a guy, married and a had intercourse numerous times, adopted children but still, no homo
Galaxy Drawer
Galaxy Drawer - 6 days ago
Kcuf uoy
Lucas Giles
Lucas Giles - 6 days ago
I almost always wake up 4 or 5 am
Stay Alive
Stay Alive - 6 days ago
Eyb k .klim %2 knird t'nod I
Dexter_ - 7 days ago
Melted Wogs
Melted Wogs - 7 days ago
oN OmoH
Rainbow Gaming And Other Things
01 m'I myg eht ot og t'nod I loL
Mr. Miscellaneous
Mr. Miscellaneous - 7 days ago
DanCutStudios - 7 days ago
Txen u knaht
kawaii demon avocado
kawaii demon avocado - 7 days ago
iob oidrac a m'i
Serbia Rock124
Serbia Rock124 - 7 days ago
TheLazyOne - 7 days ago
yag ruy
Cheesy Pretzel
Cheesy Pretzel - 7 days ago
I went to the gym and all it was was a bunch of guys that took up a lot of space and the were holding dumbbells but we're not lifting. I left bc they would not move
johnson dang
johnson dang - 7 days ago
It sun looks like a condom
Xetlin - 7 days ago
It's weird seeing a YouTuber the same age as you
Potato For Fun
Potato For Fun - 7 days ago
Eseht elpoep htiw rieth drawrof sesnopser
Keith - 8 days ago
Lol I tsuj dounf ouy
B Sa
B Sa - 8 days ago
riped you wow
Abbey9384 - 8 days ago
Is it a coincidence that the three of you are the power puff girls?
SilvèrSuicune - 8 days ago
.og uoy ereh os ,sdarwkcab gnihtemos etirw ot em dolt uoY
Jäşøń4556 - 8 days ago
?Sdrawkcab gnitirw eno on si yhw qufad
electro_ swinger_07
electro_ swinger_07 - 8 days ago
Tall, muscular, handsome -NO HOMO-
BRAYDO BOIII - 8 days ago
Low Gun Casual Gaming
Low Gun Casual Gaming - 8 days ago
KDI tub ,em ot omoh ytterp sdnuos
AgedMeerkat 190
AgedMeerkat 190 - 8 days ago
laever ecaf (translation) face reveal
Fake Mail
Fake Mail - 8 days ago
Ouy kcuf
Ace of Spades
Ace of Spades - 8 days ago
kcul dooG
Death Maniac
Death Maniac - 8 days ago
Oscy Playz - Roblox
Oscy Playz - Roblox - 8 days ago
omho on - HOMO ON ;)
Landon Stott
Landon Stott - 8 days ago
!!!!klim %2 eht ton oN
folksyarcher18 unkinedsou1l
This is one of the best videos ever
War Shark
War Shark - 8 days ago
I am in middle school. I am required to wake up at 5:00
LionSinner - Vlogs and more
on iapnes yeht dab lol
quillowp - 8 days ago
Shapeshifted into Scarecrow
Some girls are afraid of pumping iron?
Eh, I can see where's that coming from.
I get really precautious too.
I feel like my heart might break after sprinting for 6 seconds.
I haven't been exercising in half of year. Unless P.E. does not count, then I must say that I have barely ever exercised in my life.
I not friends with doing heavy lifting, but I'm familiar with sprains.
My left foot hurts just from a sudden temperature change. I don't know why though.
D Hill
D Hill - 8 days ago
rainbow panda 1
rainbow panda 1 - 8 days ago
eseehc ekil I .
Scitobor 123
Scitobor 123 - 9 days ago
how tall is tall also how tall is u
FAR away
FAR away - 9 days ago
I see someone is discovering things about themselves...
Xyvoe -YT
Xyvoe -YT - 9 days ago
Holy shit 382K subs And 1.9M VIEWS
Charles Pefley
Charles Pefley - 9 days ago
.su rof dedivorp si eht myg eht esu tsuj I ,oS .tneduts loohcs hgig a m'I
There it is backwards 😂
Emma Foran
Emma Foran - 9 days ago
Their outfits Low key look like the Powerpuff girls
logan hager
logan hager - 9 days ago
I’m 13 and can do 3plates sooooooooooooooooooooooo lift more you nob haaaa
Gunter penguin
Gunter penguin - 9 days ago
sckus lennach siht kj
Curty Cat 1538
Curty Cat 1538 - 9 days ago
my max bench is 205 and im 15 is dat gud?
Viktoras Playz
Viktoras Playz - 9 days ago
esaelp ,em llik
Skytronix Gaming
Skytronix Gaming - 9 days ago
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