Make The Shot, I'll Buy You *NEW* Iphone 11 Max!

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Jackson Purcell
Jackson Purcell - 6 hours ago
I have subbed,turned post notifications on and I watch all of your vids but, what basketballs do you use
Lori Jones
Lori Jones - Day ago
austin dulski
austin dulski - 4 days ago
This is fun watching grown men playing for a phone
Kehinde Lamodqi
Kehinde Lamodqi - 6 days ago
No I'm going to be honest I think Mitchell's the best shooter
Itz_Brian_YT - 7 days ago
Every time Jesse says “OI” like and reply and say “OI”
Debbie Sievert
Debbie Sievert - 7 days ago
does jesser veen have the iphone11 cause he has gave away like 876 of them
RNG Legend
RNG Legend - 7 days ago
Black hole made us wait again after update went live
Pro. Gaming
Pro. Gaming - 10 days ago
Here are Mopi James Moochie JESSER what they as a 2k20 build
Moochie: Pure stretch Four
Mopi: Up & under
James: Post Scoring Defender
JESSER: Playmaking Stretch Five
jpmay - 10 days ago
if i had james's size up package in 2k, i'd delete my build.
jpmay - 10 days ago
anyone else ever notice that no one talks when jesser shoots, but he screams when other people shoot because he wants to win so bad he cheats a lil
Amar - 10 days ago
Not a single soul:

Jesse: OY
Ryan Gaming & More
Ryan Gaming & More - 11 days ago
Draymonds jumpshot and jeidels jumpshot look the same 😂
iblueHusky 190
iblueHusky 190 - 11 days ago
Team mopi
Samantha Layne
Samantha Layne - 12 days ago
It's called bump
Samantha Layne
Samantha Layne - 12 days ago
No offense but fortnite sucks
Jonathan Crawford
Jonathan Crawford - 12 days ago
What that song 2:37
TheBiggestNoob - 12 days ago
Android is the operating system not a phone???
Tyson Shillito
Tyson Shillito - 13 days ago
This was a good video nice job
Laurie Hagerty
Laurie Hagerty - 14 days ago
Ryanjr And Kaiden Gaming
Ryanjr And Kaiden Gaming - 14 days ago
9:58 this whole time jesser did that 1st not u harden
Aaron Martinez
Aaron Martinez - 16 days ago
Ur ass get the f out here
Austin Cole
Austin Cole - 16 days ago
Mitchell should get the iPhone Jesse
austerity - 16 days ago
Moochie always gets the half court
Suni mathew
Suni mathew - 17 days ago
Dos tres are u taking spanish
Young Bleu
Young Bleu - 17 days ago
Next time don’t participate in your own channel
Dead Beat
Dead Beat - 19 days ago
Just me or was Jidel taking ankles
Nicks the number 1 Thunder fan
Mitchell is officially everybody’s favourite in the group he’s hella humble and a pretty good shooter
Trent Bohannon
Trent Bohannon - 20 days ago
Jiedel plays like my dad 🤣😂🤣
The BlackJack
The BlackJack - 21 day ago
In the 3 point contest the last person do the last shot its the mobile legends being defeat or win
Bell Family
Bell Family - 23 days ago
Jester is so good
Anthony Smiley
Anthony Smiley - 23 days ago
wow and i am his kid
Oliver Hazghiyan
Oliver Hazghiyan - 24 days ago
Please stop putting music before someone makes a shot it honestly just ruins the suspense like for Jesse to see this
MCG BREEZE - 24 days ago
Mitchel cheated in the relay race😂he missed the corner three and chased it and went straight to the deep three
SBG YT - 24 days ago
James has the weirdest size up dribbles I have seen in my whole life.
Tyee Morris
Tyee Morris - 24 days ago
jesser has the best form out of all cuz
Jared Altema
Jared Altema - 24 days ago
2:36 He MaDe iT fIrSt TrY hOwWwWW
Noah Morrison
Noah Morrison - 24 days ago
Jesser: oye
Cedric Dupins III
Cedric Dupins III - 24 days ago
jesser talk to much when they playin b-ball
Delfin C TV
Delfin C TV - 24 days ago
Jesse only challenged mopi jiedel ang mochie not kris ttg
Abdullah Mahmoud
Abdullah Mahmoud - 25 days ago
Antonio Rupeti Anderson
Antonio Rupeti Anderson - 25 days ago
40 k likes mean you have to surprise two of the boys
Danielle Moederndorfer
Danielle Moederndorfer - 25 days ago
Can i plz be in one of your basketball chaleges one day ? Plz it is my dream
Byron Sparks
Byron Sparks - 25 days ago
I bet Jesser won't heart & pin this

No balls! No balls!
Vishal Cheema
Vishal Cheema - 26 days ago
Jidell plays like a 5,10 center
RyannnL 7
RyannnL 7 - 26 days ago
You think that Mopi and Moochie would be inside playing games
WarFetus 01
WarFetus 01 - 26 days ago
Bruh imagine kenny in the 3 pt challenge he’d clap some cheeks 😂 if u know u know
Jackson Franklin
Jackson Franklin - 26 days ago
Jesser: *gives a good ass challenge with a great prize*
2HYPE: bet
Jesser: *wins his own challenge*
Danniel Alejo
Danniel Alejo - 26 days ago
This not fair he’s the best one their
Anthony Tanguma
Anthony Tanguma - 26 days ago
Jiedel looks like an Android user lmao
Shane Train
Shane Train - 27 days ago
They hating on Razor phones, but I'd rather have one of those again!
Jaythan Arriaga
Jaythan Arriaga - 27 days ago
Give it to Mitchell
Chemistify - 27 days ago
Stop competing in your own challenges
aprilburton21 - 27 days ago
Mitchel can shoot but his form is garbage
YoUR INsAnE jARviS - 27 days ago
Who you givin the other phone to
Terrick Eng
Terrick Eng - 27 days ago
Knockout? I thought it was called bump
Prince Playz_Yt
Prince Playz_Yt - 27 days ago
When did Jesser grow a beard?????? He looks soo different
Flippy OnSticks
Flippy OnSticks - 27 days ago
You will be better than Lebron James at basketball

Go to the Gym to activate
Devinn Oselmo
Devinn Oselmo - 27 days ago
Shave that ugle ass beard
Chahmar Hunt
Chahmar Hunt - 27 days ago
How could I get in one of these videos... seriously tho
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