Viral Games - Scott The Woz

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Aden Howard
Aden Howard - 2 hours ago
I think he is just overly bad at fortnite
Plushie Master
Plushie Master - 2 hours ago
3:39 Really
Xxdeadpool964xX _
Xxdeadpool964xX _ - 6 hours ago
I love you bro
Flappytucker Youtube
Flappytucker Youtube - 10 hours ago
Scott and buzzfeed: OH SHIT ITS A WHITE GUY
amy121421 - 12 hours ago
Qwop is fuck
Fuck You
Fuck You - 14 hours ago
Fortnite is cancer
Plushie Master
Plushie Master - 57 minutes ago
@London is blue l Uno reverse
London is blue l
London is blue l - Hour ago
Plushie Master shut the fuck up
Plushie Master
Plushie Master - 2 hours ago
London is blue l
London is blue l - 7 hours ago
Your not cool loser
Soshi The Yoshi
Soshi The Yoshi - Day ago
I love how people are getting mad at this video
pubblin - Day ago
Baldi's Basics also had a bit of a disadvantage because Doki Doki had plenty of production time but from what I heard, Baldi was made in a game jam.
pubblin - Day ago
Also disappointed that Undertale wasn't mentioned
Ethan Hillman
Ethan Hillman - Day ago
God it triggers me with Scott saying fnaf is so basic. That’s the point it’s a simple game with short intense moments and the simple gameplay is used to mask arguably the best lore ever in a video game.
Aqueous32 - Day ago
his opions would get him killed today
Vanessa Trottier
Vanessa Trottier - 2 days ago
Is Scott actually a virgin? Because he’s 😍
Plushie Master
Plushie Master - 2 hours ago
Yes he his
MPOneTime - 3 days ago
As an obsessive FNaF fan,I’ve gotta say

you’re not wrong.
Weegee Plays
Weegee Plays - 3 days ago
minecraft good
almost good
London is blue l
London is blue l - 7 hours ago
Your not cool
Say Moo
Say Moo - 3 days ago
Play treasure quest roblox
HotAnimeGirl 69
HotAnimeGirl 69 - 20 hours ago
@Plase _Die_Me haha
Plase _Die_Me
Plase _Die_Me - 2 days ago
Trevor Erickson
Trevor Erickson - 5 days ago
0:28 the best way of describing YouTube gaming
The Mario Expert
The Mario Expert - 5 days ago
Zelda is a boy and you play as him.
Mighty McNuggets
Mighty McNuggets - 5 days ago
He forgot raid shadow legends and flappy bird
Sandro Alderucci
Sandro Alderucci - 6 days ago
That's the best outtro bit Scott has ever done
Pracar Channel
Pracar Channel - 6 days ago
8:40 "but does them make automatically good games?"
Some yes (Minecraft)
Some no (Roblox Fortnite)
Pracar Channel
Pracar Channel - 7 hours ago
@London is blue l wtf dude its just my opinion if u play some games that i call bad i will be totally fine with it
London is blue l
London is blue l - 7 hours ago
Your not fucking cool loser
Hat & Hoodie
Hat & Hoodie - 7 days ago
Honestly surprised you didn't mention how Baldi's Basics is basically just another Slender clone, but different.
wildsmiley - 7 days ago
As a Game Grumps fan, I’m glad Doki Doki Literature Club exists, even if it did psychologically scar Danny irreparably.
PhillipOnTakos - 7 days ago
I got a friend to play DDLC without him knowing anything about it and he thought I did it to fuck with him cause he's not very big into anime and when shit went down it was magical
Lightning Bolt
Lightning Bolt - 7 days ago
V Bucks
London is blue l
London is blue l - 3 hours ago
Lightning Bolt I’m 15 not 5
Lightning Bolt
Lightning Bolt - 4 hours ago
London is blue l I just looked at the people you are subscribed to. Ninja? Really? You also watch fortnite montages. What are you? Five years old? Go buy some skins you beta male.
London is blue l
London is blue l - 7 hours ago
Your the only virgin I see
Zak Galarza
Zak Galarza - 7 days ago
Your just a noob at roblox
London is blue l
London is blue l - 7 hours ago
Stfu kid
Patrick Sedler
Patrick Sedler - 5 days ago
Shut up you dumb little kid
CeruK - 6 days ago
And you're
CeruK - 6 days ago
No u
Patricio Reyes
Patricio Reyes - 8 days ago
v.2 , gta online, pubg mobile (because youtuber loves benchmarking cellphones), animal crossing, catan (board game, more like "boring game")
Saltyrock12 - 8 days ago
Oh no a white guy 🤣
Moisturizer Yeetums
Moisturizer Yeetums - 8 days ago
Slender man is just SCP-096 wearing a suit
BinaryGenius - 8 days ago
Corona party 2020 is now the most viral bullshit game people are playing, it involves trying to collect toilet rolls, never making eye contact with anyone and shiting your pants if someone coughed. Keep up the awesome vids scott
Chohunk - 8 days ago
Me in 2020: “oh ho ho Minecraft is NOT the cure for sex.”
TheFlyLuciano - 8 days ago
"Oh shit, a white guy!"
LRPlayz - 9 days ago
“if your *hot* into this stuff”
The Darth Cader
The Darth Cader - 9 days ago
Bro Minecraft is actually so good. You never even mention servers like hypixel. That’s my favorite part and it’s very fun. You never talk about it and you’re not giving it a chance. Cmon man.
London is blue l
London is blue l - 5 hours ago
ONION The geek yes
ONION The geek
ONION The geek - 5 hours ago
London is blue l really just the fan base lol
London is blue l
London is blue l - 7 hours ago
Minecraft cringe
The Darth Cader
The Darth Cader - Day ago
@ONION The geek Yeah no problem.
ONION The geek
ONION The geek - 2 days ago
The Darth Cader oh sorry man my bad but I hope we’re good :)
Wowzer Cowzer AM
Wowzer Cowzer AM - 9 days ago
Its strange that most viral games are horror games
Iris - 9 days ago
celeste / chrissy smith
Personally, I think the warning at the beginning of DDLC actually adds to the horror of it. For people who could be easily triggered by this sort of content and could have a panic attack due to it, they have the option to see more in-depth content warnings. But, for the players who don't know anything, they think something is afoot. It makes you weary at the beginning, but the first act goes on for so long that you've lost all of that unease. It makes you think that it was just a joke or the disturbing content was just a little thing, and then it hits you straight with the Sayori thing. Then it kicks you into the hellzone of crazy, with Yuri's whole arc. While I do think the blind playthrough idea is good, I feel that the sense of unease in the beginning adds to how it messes with your head, tricking you multiple times!
Yaymon - 9 days ago
This video should have been called “Games that you see being played by screaming people with dyed hair in videos with all-caps titles”
thanoid iscoming
thanoid iscoming - 10 days ago
i am themoonson2
Christian Severance
Christian Severance - 10 days ago
"Scott caw thin"
DutchEllie - 11 days ago
Doki doki literature club is great in two scenarios:
1. Complete blind playthrough
2. With a bunch of friends, late at night, drunk
London is blue l
London is blue l - 7 hours ago
Number 2 is 👌
The 10th Floor
The 10th Floor - 11 days ago
Finally the cure for all sex - Minecraft!

*i made lowes*
My wife left me and my children don’t like me
I like Minecraft
MARCO MACIAS - 12 days ago
You know what? F**k you scot.
Kyle Neace
Kyle Neace - 3 days ago
Patrick Sedler
Patrick Sedler - 5 days ago
Uno reverse Card
Nedekrug - 12 days ago
Scott is redditor, he say Fortnite bad!!!
Patrick Sedler
Patrick Sedler - 5 days ago
Fortnite is bad though
CeruK - 6 days ago
Reddit moment
CoolerFN15 - 12 days ago
Dear Fortnite,
Please rename your game to a more accurate title: Cringe: The Game
Fribigy Forty-Seven
Fribigy Forty-Seven - 12 days ago
Yin Dazai
Yin Dazai - 12 days ago
Scott flexing on us on how much he gets laid with dk barrel blast
Fusrodog - 12 days ago
7:31 "Because I..."
Am going to forgive you for at least putting up my favorite game that's just just two movements down to what you clicked on screen.
Adelfio Nurrifqi
Adelfio Nurrifqi - 12 days ago
You suck scott
Uno reverse card You’re the sucky boi now
Myeauxyoozi - 12 days ago
You forgot Undertale.
Korok Seed
Korok Seed - 12 days ago
The way Scott reviewed DDLC was amazing
Lemon - 12 days ago
Baldi is meant to be a parody of horror games not an actual horror game
Patrick Sedler
Patrick Sedler - 5 days ago
Baldi sucks
John the echidna
John the echidna - 13 days ago
Me: mentioned the word black
All Democrats in sarcastic tone: 1:24
Jacob Smythies
Jacob Smythies - 13 days ago
Roblox actually has some really good games (like soulshatters)
James Crews
James Crews - 13 days ago
1:23 “oh shit it’s a white guy!”
Just a sandwich minding his own business
He did it wrong, he was supposed to play Fortnite, Roblox and Minecraft to become a virgin and then accept it by playing DDLC
Jotaro Kujo
Jotaro Kujo - 13 days ago
1:23 when your parents starts fortnite dancing
Zoingazoid - 14 days ago
When will people understand it’s ok to not like these games?
Alecs - 14 days ago
What did façade ever do to you man
PIE WORLD - 14 days ago
Sayori is best
Sniperhead McChickenNugget
0:25 well that aged well
VJMO - Grand Cross
VJMO - Grand Cross - 14 days ago
Forgot about undertale
Raven Knight Vincent
Raven Knight Vincent - 14 days ago
Thank you for saying you should not hate a game because it's popular. Those widespread hate just feels similar to how 1984 works.
bonnie faz drifts
bonnie faz drifts - 14 days ago
Scott cotthon: hello?

Scott: STOP

Scott cotthon: ;\ hangs up
Lucas and Such
Lucas and Such - 14 days ago
0:42 why the hell is scott playing the wii u minecraft i thought he hated it
HaeiFive - 15 days ago
_d o n k e y k o n g b a r r e l b l a s t_
kahimsa - 15 days ago
The Woz
CyberHance 2004
CyberHance 2004 - 15 days ago
It’s good to get lade.
Sonic the hedgehog gamer
Sonic the hedgehog gamer - 14 days ago
Laid* and he said that as a joke.
Minegamer - 15 days ago
1:23 someone put this in an out of context comp
Blended_ Cheese
Blended_ Cheese - 15 days ago
I got scared because I read it as "skip to 7:30 for the hot stuff"
marcus - 15 days ago
I got my V-CARD yesterday
Cole Reynolds
Cole Reynolds - 15 days ago
Bruh everybody I know has sunk hours into minecraft not together and on our own how is it not your thing
Engi Man
Engi Man - 15 days ago
i mean facade is a good game ngl
Ice - 15 days ago
I laughed when he went into Royale High and Fantasia Gateway Hotel on roblox.
Aaron Jackson
Aaron Jackson - 15 days ago
I was too old for all of these games when they were popular. Never played any of them and none of them interest me in the slightest.
Aaron Jackson
Aaron Jackson - 15 days ago
Ok amnesia at the end is one I played like 10 years ago haha
StickmanX - 15 days ago
Except you missed the fact that baldi’s basics was only created in like 3 days or something for a game jam and was not meant to get as popular as it did
EESDESESESRD - 16 days ago
i almost punched my monitor when he didnt include team fortress 2
EESDESESESRD - 11 days ago
yes it is
Ernie #3743
Ernie #3743 - 13 days ago
Its great
Gilbert le dino vert
Gilbert le dino vert - 13 days ago
Team Fortress 2 is pretty good.
Ernie #3743
Ernie #3743 - 16 days ago
Team fortress 2 is actually good
Coolio Julio
Coolio Julio - 16 days ago
You didn’t talk about undertale, the thing is arguably more viral than anything else on this list sans minecraft
London is blue l
London is blue l - 7 hours ago
RealRilex65 YT they think their cool for hating something people enjoy 🤣 defo a 13 year old loser
London is blue l
London is blue l - 7 hours ago
Sid your not fucking cool kid
RealRilex65 YT
RealRilex65 YT - 2 days ago
@Sid it's time to STOP
RealRilex65 YT
RealRilex65 YT - 2 days ago
@Sid shut up, people are aloud to have opinions. I personally love both of Minecraft and Fortnite so stop
Sid - 2 days ago
@RealRilex65 YT fortnite, is not good.
Nath Playz
Nath Playz - 17 days ago
vinci vlogs DX
vinci vlogs DX - 17 days ago
Baldi basic pc
Tristan LaMountain
Tristan LaMountain - 18 days ago
The reason it is the cure for all sex is because you are on the wii u edition haha
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