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its_ oof
its_ oof - 20 hours ago
*o H s * * T i T ' s A w H i T e G u Y !* - Scott Wozniak 2018
Sean Markham
Sean Markham - Day ago
Why do I feel like Scott actually crushes poon
pois0n - Day ago
A Can Of Coke
A Can Of Coke - Day ago
i hate fortnite
Alex Weiss
Alex Weiss - 3 days ago
Virgin points can be found in the Minecraft 3DS
Donald Trump
Donald Trump - 4 days ago
I can't believe Scott the woz doesn't want to fuck anime girls.

RedRoscoe61 - 4 days ago
Scott, if you wanted to be eligible for a v card you should of sold your iMac
Slinkydinky - 6 days ago

you're welcome
The Rollie Show
The Rollie Show - 8 days ago
I was about to drink my cereal milk when he said “Oh Shxt it’s a white guy!” I would’ve choked
CoolPeople 926
CoolPeople 926 - 8 days ago
Timothy Smith
Timothy Smith - 9 days ago
But Amnesia the Dark Descent?
Spider man
Spider man - 9 days ago
Sapphire Pearl
Sapphire Pearl - 9 days ago
Gold Flower Gamer
Gold Flower Gamer - 12 days ago
o H s H i T i T ‘ s A w H i T e G u Y
Gold Flower Gamer
Gold Flower Gamer - 12 days ago
o H s H i T i T ‘ s A w H i T e G u Y
Gold Flower Gamer
Gold Flower Gamer - 12 days ago
o H s H i T i T ‘ s A w H i T e G u Y
MUI Ultra
MUI Ultra - 12 days ago
Scott- Talks about Five Nights At Freddys
Also Scott: "You gotta keep your eye on the power level"
MiroPVP - 13 days ago
I really shouldnt have watched this at 3am
Slipping Bug
Slipping Bug - 14 days ago
The Minecraft section is like a presidential runners 2012 tweets
TheEntrosphere - 14 days ago
Minecraft ain't the cure to getting laid anymore, Minecraft is the best way to get laid
DogLover1900 - 14 days ago
Minecraft is an amazing game...
Andydoo - 15 days ago
I was super excited to hear Scott talk about Undertale, I wonder why he didn't do it here. I hope eventually he covers it, it's an incredible game.
Meme Mok
Meme Mok - 15 days ago
Matpat: 3:21
Dr. Dunsparce
Dr. Dunsparce - 15 days ago
“The cure to all sex, Minecraft.”
This aged poorly.
(So will my comment eventually)
Shade Pizza
Shade Pizza - 15 days ago
Scott coffin wrote an eighth of a story and told matpat to write the rest
N64 Memeface
N64 Memeface - 15 days ago
R u a virgin though
A05Playz - 15 days ago
I have a v card platinum
cyborg64 super
cyborg64 super - 16 days ago
7:31 Scott you know playing that game will give you cancer
Red Bear
Red Bear - 16 days ago
Oh shit it's a white guy -Scott 2018 just saw someone else commented this 🙁
Game changer
Game changer - 16 days ago
gamechange713 was me
Pierre ボス Boss
Pierre ボス Boss - 16 days ago
Ruddpocalypse - 16 days ago
5:26 That caught me off guard lmao
DroneRaccoon - 17 days ago
I was gonna ask where Undertale was but that game is literally all about trying trying to get laid
G-Money - 17 days ago
1:23 you're welcome
Perple Cat
Perple Cat - 17 days ago
"-Natsuki the bitch,-"

I was laughing for an hour straight
NRG_SuperSlash - 18 days ago
the cure for all sex. MINECRAFT
Adrian and Scarlet
Adrian and Scarlet - 18 days ago
holy shit you actually one
Adrian and Scarlet
Adrian and Scarlet - 18 days ago
You know what’s funny, whenever I play this and whenever my mom or sister or brother ever comes, i quickly save, and exit.
Adrian and Scarlet
Adrian and Scarlet - 18 days ago
Heeeres Jakey
Heeeres Jakey - 18 days ago
You like fortnite and doki doki porn club, and hated Minecraft and FNAF...
Yeah you're invalidated.
Rachel Nelson
Rachel Nelson - 18 days ago
Baldi's Basics may not be the best, but it's a good way to kill time. I liked it.
The letter E
The letter E - 19 days ago
8:45 you good?
Rockruffo - 19 days ago
3:39 that didn't age well
rhino king
rhino king - 19 days ago
Oh shit it's a white guy
The Bot
The Bot - 19 days ago
Fuck Minecraft
Eevee Lover666lol_JK
Eevee Lover666lol_JK - 19 days ago
Fortnite bAd
Koopa Klub
Koopa Klub - 19 days ago
Doki Doki sucks
Koopa Klub
Koopa Klub - 19 days ago
Doki doki sucks
Koopa Klub
Koopa Klub - 19 days ago
Doki doki sucks
Mark Zuckerburg
Mark Zuckerburg - 20 days ago
Crank dat souja boy
Im On Da Web
Im On Da Web - 20 days ago
“The cure for all sex” *pulls out reverse card*
gamingconsumed6000 - 20 days ago
RoyalGamingMasters - 20 days ago
Sub Zero The Ice Ninga
Sub Zero The Ice Ninga - 20 days ago
7:43 SCART is a PAL video connector.
Geoy Baney
Geoy Baney - 20 days ago
My friends and I have a YouTube channel and they set up doki doki before I got there so I had a truly blind playthrough and I'm really sad that I won't get to experience that blindness ever again in that game
TimmyCedar1500 - 21 day ago
If he wants a v card, he should play Fortnite. There's a reason why the currency is called V bucks
WPG RPG - 21 day ago
undertale was saved
ASH'S GAME DEN - 21 day ago
That white guy comment was absolutely brilliant well done Scott...
Jaime Nunez-Merino
Jaime Nunez-Merino - 21 day ago
Barrel Blast is for Chads only
Noah Hardy
Noah Hardy - 21 day ago
This video actually made me want to play some of these games
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