Big Daddy
Big Daddy - 34 minutes ago
The morons in minnesota need to have voting rights removed after putting that piece of sh-- in office.
Big Daddy
Big Daddy - 37 minutes ago
Omar is an incredible piece of sh--
William Wolken
William Wolken - 52 minutes ago
She has NO RIGHT to be where she is!!!!
William Wolken
William Wolken - 54 minutes ago
She has GOT TO GO AND SOON!!!!!
Mitchell Shaw Walker
Mitchell Shaw Walker - 2 hours ago
What’s with her constant grin as if she’s having fun reciting her dialogue. I’m sure she has no idea of what she is doing., although she is defiantly keeping congress upset and overburdened responding to her outbursts
Seahawks Tom tom
Seahawks Tom tom - 2 hours ago
Omar is nothing more than whore who spreads her legs for any socialist Muslims idea.
Charlie Blanton
Charlie Blanton - 3 hours ago
Do not blame an idiot for being an idiot just just blame the voters who put all these idiots in office.
Helen Campbell
Helen Campbell - 3 hours ago
Thomas Twilley
Thomas Twilley - 3 hours ago
Remove this stupid Bitch!
Steve Fisher
Steve Fisher - 4 hours ago
This lady omar needs to be removed from her duties as an enemy of the state
John DeJulius
John DeJulius - 6 hours ago
I REALLY WISH someone would SLAP THE LIVING SHIT out of this IGNORANT RAG HEAD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Noor Mohammad
Noor Mohammad - 6 hours ago
Good Question mam
markie polo
markie polo - 7 hours ago
We hate that disgusting trojan horse invading islamic bitch!
Jimcale Apdy
Jimcale Apdy - 7 hours ago
Evry time gofward congers
Abutayab Elys
Abutayab Elys - 7 hours ago
You are Great my sister
Jimcale Apdy
Jimcale Apdy - 7 hours ago
Ilham..omer girl tops gofarwd
Dustin Bishop
Dustin Bishop - 7 hours ago
'farthered' ??
Ron Cobb
Ron Cobb - 7 hours ago
2:26 "I will take that as a yes."
Susie Parker
Susie Parker - 10 hours ago
She needs to go...NOW
Tissyanne - 11 hours ago
SO SICK of this ANTI AMERICAN Congresswoman getting away with her twisting and turning words to suit her personal agenda! Obvious she should have never been allowed to gain a set in Congress ! Leads me to believe that this is yet another ineligible person that was probably VETTED by Nancy Pelosi whom VETTED Barack Obama !!! Get Rid of Nancy Pelosi !
templer priest
templer priest - 11 hours ago
what a fucking disgrace, that thing is,,, kick the darlek in the Hudson river,,,,
chris easly
chris easly - 13 hours ago
Omar is pork.
huge jackman
huge jackman - 17 hours ago
Lady you come from war torn place.. to a country which helped you to become a representative.. and you blame a official .. try to question in your country... They will behead you..
John Smith
John Smith - 17 hours ago
I support her
Andrew Mills
Andrew Mills - 17 hours ago
She is simply a horrible women who doesn't have America's interest at hart. She really has to go. Send her to an Islamic country and see how well she is treated as a woman. LOL
Darrell Peters
Darrell Peters - 18 hours ago
Darth Vader
Omar Yare
Omar Yare - 19 hours ago
joliettraveler - 20 hours ago
How did this idiot get elected.j
Xkmendl T
Xkmendl T - 20 hours ago
This POS doesn’t know shit from shine-ola. How in the hell did this woman get elected? Does she live in a district of 25 people? I’d like to,know who her puppet master is. She’s been in congress what, 4 months? Been in the US what, 2-3 yrs? My question to Nancy (high and mighty queen) Pelosi is WHY IS THIS WOMAN ON A COMMITTEE THAT REQUIRES KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE? WTF! Come on!
jpginhb - 21 hour ago
D.E. Jones
D.E. Jones - 22 hours ago
Get rid of the bomb( iiham Oman) kick her out of america
ST Havoc
ST Havoc - 22 hours ago
Under sharia law law she has the right to ware the head covering and if she dose not wear it she has the right to be beaten by her husband or male relatives
David Dye
David Dye - 23 hours ago
it's time to eliminate this Muslim piece of s*** that's a terrorist backing b****. she's a terrorist herself and she backs the Palestinians and everybody else that are Terrorist countries time to pull her ass out by the rag on her head and kick her out in the street and if anyone sees her out on the street you need to spit on her and hang her by the rag on her head. This country was not designed for people like her to be in our government take her ass out and hang her and send her sorry ass back to Somalia
Victoria Hunt
Victoria Hunt - 23 hours ago
Omar is an illegal botch and how she is in our government is beyond me. !!! #REMOVEOMAR!!!! SHE IS AN ENEMY OF AMERICA!!!!
Mike Mancuso
Mike Mancuso - Day ago
Mike Mancuso
Mike Mancuso - Day ago
I just want to spit on this piece of shit.
fred ochoa
fred ochoa - Day ago
Nothing wrong with the questions to a person ,who has a history of lying under oath before for political n ideological reason , she just keeping real when it comes to the history of rightwing politics.
MdAnr MdAdn
MdAnr MdAdn - Day ago
Hell dweller
Adam Mourad
Adam Mourad - Day ago
Western societies are commiting suicide by letting this kind of people in their countries!
Doug Matters
Doug Matters - Day ago
She is garbage
Qeeran Rana
Qeeran Rana - Day ago
This bitch should be thrown off to middle east, and let she how she ganna rant like this.
The Hunter
The Hunter - Day ago
I love her why the way she makes ziontist and their dumb idiot followers shake is unbelievable 🤔
Omar should be tarred and feathered. She is a terrorist loving Islamist. Send her back to the shit hole country she came from. Watch her shit eating smile. She is a commie loving USA hating vicious snake.
Chef Duane
Chef Duane - Day ago
Omar can go straight to hell.  You can tell her I said that.
ElamCo Inc.
ElamCo Inc. - Day ago
COPY AND PASTE THIS TO OTHER YOUTUBE POST WITH IIHAN OMAR: This LINK will prove that the Democrats have gone rogue.
And this just happened May 20th. 2019
We Americans best elect the right people or we will become a war zone ourselves. Look at what is happening all over Europe.
Gene Starbuck
Gene Starbuck - Day ago
How did she even get elected ????
Muhammad Malick
Muhammad Malick - Day ago
She is so good for America. Americans are doing a grear job by electing such representatives who are questioning US's war policy fueled by Israel.
Punisher RA
Punisher RA - Day ago
That's the brother fker.Lol. Miggrate from a shit hole were people are killed and treated like animals complain about human rights issue in US.
dogncatmom - Day ago
She is a real threat to America and all it stands for. No wonder the left elected her. They hate America
Christ InMe
Christ InMe - Day ago
How the hell is she in Congress???
Christ InMe
Christ InMe - Day ago
Who the heck is this woman supposed to be? Married her brother breaking all kinds of American laws and she's up there making these statements! What a joke!
Bentipper T
Bentipper T - Day ago
El Douchebags(Hitler clinton)other sister did hillarys mother ever have any kids that lived (D)Douchebags - R - Us
Bentipper T
Bentipper T - Day ago
Muslims in government is worse than the idiots we already have (D)Douchebags - R - Us
Chris R
Chris R - Day ago
This guy makes me sick!!
Chris R
Chris R - Day ago
I can't believe what a scumbag lying dog Elliott Abrams is!!
Chris R
Chris R - Day ago
After reading all the comments it appears as though we've hit a nerve!!
Chris R
Chris R - Day ago
hooray for ms. Omar for exposing this POS
#KAG - Day ago
Somalia has a Rep in the Congress!
Tonmoy Kabiraj
Tonmoy Kabiraj - Day ago
Wow! People... How could you elect her!!!
Rifat Tanvir
Rifat Tanvir - Day ago
Ok so american thinks their intrest is in genocide,war crime and so on. Wow what a mindset and with this kind of thinking you american demands before the world that you are the greatest nation,how funny.
Tony Stark
Tony Stark - Day ago
This is a Joke ..... This BITCH is a deliberate assault on all AMERICANS. BACK TO SOMALIA WITH THIS CREATURE.
Miss Cuitepie
Miss Cuitepie - Day ago
Look at that stupid f****** smug smile on her face it's so punchable her face is the perfect punching bag!👊👊👊👊
Miss Cuitepie
Miss Cuitepie - Day ago
I can't stand this f****** b****! I hate b****** to think because we got the same color skin they know what all minority and black people want and they know what the American people want but this b**** married her brother she's having f****** secret tickle time on a daily f****** basis but we going to listen to this b**** are you f****** serious American people how the f*** did she even get a seat at the Senate how did this even happen do you not see that she's trying to turn a whole goddamn country into Sharia law!? F*** this hole and the f****** boat she wrote up and or camel I don't give a f*** anymore I'm not censoring s*** f*** these people
abu hassan
abu hassan - 2 days ago
As an elect congresswoman, you should respect democracy rules as you did when Tramp, the miss universe sponsor and the prostitution addict, been elected the USA president . It’s hard for many Americans to accept truth or ignorant about world politics and that is why America spent $ 13 Trillion dollars in wars outside the USA soil spreading distractions and killing millions of people under the name of freedom and democracy .. read history with an open eye and open brain and you then can judge people and Jude the USA foreign policies .
abu hassan
abu hassan - 2 days ago
As an elect congresswoman, you should respect democracy rules as you did when Tramp, the miss universe sponsor and the prostitution addict, been elected the USA president .
trukinhard77 - 2 days ago
This "">>>>>PERSON
dam noi that
dam noi that - 2 days ago
We have a IS as a congress !
Stan stark
Stan stark - 2 days ago
She's ugly af. Muslim women are backward and ugly pigs .
Stan stark
Stan stark - 2 days ago
These Muslims are burden on this whole world .
Quirt Manly
Quirt Manly - 2 days ago
Omar is a pathetic excuse for a human being.
Apaphis - 2 days ago
This cunt is a enemy of America! Mark my words one day marines will be deployed in Minnesota to combat these clowns!
Kevin McKethan
Kevin McKethan - 2 days ago
Shame on you Minnesota.
Bill Hager
Bill Hager - 2 days ago
God I would like to smack that bitch she talks about human rights what about the human rights of all the people muslims kill
TODD G - 2 days ago
I find it amazing that other members of Congress don’t get up and knock her fucking teeth out. I would.
Axhi Arsllani
Axhi Arsllani - 2 days ago
Too kill ather people, is not American interests, American interest is too give democracy. But not with dirty main. Think about this, and then give a comment. Don't be satanic, be Christian. Thanks
Andrew Blackadder
Andrew Blackadder - 2 days ago
THIS is how far down the rabbit hole the US Congress has gone today when we have a Somali born hijab wearing young woman denigrating an American Politician for what he did or didnt do decades ago, meanwhile being allowed to wear such a hijab in Congress while it is a well known fact that the wearing of ANY head covering is FORBIDDEN in the House of Congress and that rule has been in place for the last 180 years, so my question is, why is she allowed to wear this ridiculous head covering while a Cowboy from Texas would be stopped at the front door?.
David Stalin
David Stalin - 2 days ago
Brainless Americans
Nick Alati
Nick Alati - 2 days ago
I thought no hats were allowed in Congress floor
Kelly Abbott
Kelly Abbott - 2 days ago
She’s laughing and giddy when talking about massacres......just a dreadful piece of garbage.
gringochoppers - 3 days ago
She has to Go!!
Frost Cupcake
Frost Cupcake - 3 days ago
She committed immigration fraud. Her people also rigged the voting box. She is a vicious bitch who should be deported back to Somalia. They would KILL her there, for speaking out. The only non-shocking thing about this rag head is that she married her brother. Yup their Quran is all full of nasty stuff like that. Speaking of which, what is wrong with Congress? They let her take the oath on the pornographic Quran and not the Bible? Oh America, did you forget 9./11.? New York didn't. Shame on her.
scotty scotty
scotty scotty - 3 days ago
Silly Muslim cunt. Yes that's right. Silly Muslim cunt.
circusboy90210 - 3 days ago
Islam isn't American values. How dare she?
R W - 3 days ago
She is one horrible woman
Mohammed Zakeer
Mohammed Zakeer - 3 days ago
Ilhan Omar.... awesome lady...
Lin Nas
Lin Nas - 3 days ago
The worst Democratic candidate to date! She is a disgrace to the congress
Jordan 69
Jordan 69 - 3 days ago
I would’ve just said “yes” and winked at her every time she asked a stupid question. 😉
Rajeev Kumar Das
Rajeev Kumar Das - 3 days ago
someone ask her,,,human right violation for minorities in pakistan,,,,,
Sandra Soderquist
Sandra Soderquist - 3 days ago
she has no morals marries her brother has sex with her father she is a puck not a womanshe is an assnine jackass
Sandra Soderquist
Sandra Soderquist - 3 days ago
piece of trash
Tommy Smith
Tommy Smith - 3 days ago
The people of America need to get rid of this woman and send her back where she came from
A I - 3 days ago
get these idiot women out of congress.
Kelli B
Kelli B - 3 days ago
She is a disgusting!!
charity Ellison
charity Ellison - 3 days ago
Get her out!! She is a terrorist!!
stevejh69 - 3 days ago
America you must be so proud to have this woman in Congress! Wow, she hate America!
Joshua Garrard
Joshua Garrard - 3 days ago
God she's a smug b****
David James
David James - 3 days ago
I see a women in our government who looks Muslim ... do my eyes deceive me ?
Paddy Coney
Paddy Coney - 3 days ago
Although she is obviously a supporter of Islamic terrorism, you cannot get away from the fact that US troops have butchered and raped their way across the world, in the name of democracy. People who close their eyes and minds to this fact, are no different to the animals who have perpetrated these crimes.
Mike Wilson
Mike Wilson - 3 days ago
Look at how she fights to keep the smile off her face as she condemns our country listen to the false one sided statements watch how she tries to keep him from speaking one can feel the knife constantly and continually stand at our values she does nothing to help our country and is constantly condemning our country spreading falsehoods changing the words around to fit her hatred towards our country how long will this be allowed to go on we must stop this we must make her to accountable for her words we must stand up for our country protect what our forefathers envisioned for our country we must halt to destruction of our democracy we can no longer allow our constitution to be slowly torn to shreds I plead for all our countrymen to come together and keep our country great to make sure our country is the light for the world we as a country are being attacked from within and without covertly and openly by the ones we have elected to serve and protect our country as Christian our values are set aside by the so called leaders of our country all the while building up muslims and their beliefs we allow them to take over where ever they want while suppressing our people demanding we bow to their will forcing our people to accommodate any and all whims they wish upon us
May God bless and protect our country wheather our enemies be from foreign and domestic lands
JACK RICHMOND - 3 days ago
We need more Ilhans in Congress!
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