Word for Word: Exchange between Rep. Ilhan Omar and Elliott Abrams (C-SPAN)

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Mike Amundson
Mike Amundson - Minute ago
Get ready for the next Civil War.
Mike Amundson
Mike Amundson - 2 minutes ago
Married her brother to obtain citizenship. Seems legit.
Kathryn Ranallo
Kathryn Ranallo - 17 minutes ago
She is totally disgusting.
Steve H.
Steve H. - 37 minutes ago
Lets call her what she really is. She is a Communist who has infiltrated the ranks of our government! She should be permanently removed from office and sent back to her native country!
M R - 51 minute ago
Here is the thing: They get together in their Mosques and instruct Muslins to vote a Muslin candidate they choose aiming to first infiltrate to later control and 'spread the word', like they do in England. Well, Christians do the same, right? The difference is we are centuries ahead of them should not accept/support this third world way of life/thinking/ruling/living.
Paul Vandermeer
Paul Vandermeer - Hour ago
She is a poisonous snake
Paul Casarez
Paul Casarez - Hour ago
Who in there rite mind would sit and listen to this twat who screws her brother fuck you rag head get out of my country my tax dollars will no longer pay you
Ray Kirk
Ray Kirk - Hour ago
She's a stupid piece of shit!
Spartak Doci
Spartak Doci - Hour ago
This bitch should learn english
Johnny Flyover
Johnny Flyover - Hour ago
She’s a fascist. This is the face of Islam that is being spread through the west like gonorrhea. It’s time to treat the disease.
hikari94122 - Hour ago
Omar = Cunt
Joseph Greene
Joseph Greene - Hour ago
Reading a book report she didn't write.
scott hays
scott hays - Hour ago
she sux
nora arrowood
nora arrowood - Hour ago
nora arrowood
nora arrowood - 2 hours ago
nora arrowood
nora arrowood - 2 hours ago
cycobilly1 - 2 hours ago
She needs to meet. Smith an weson
Bryan Shoemaker
Bryan Shoemaker - 2 hours ago
Omar's Pro terrorist, she is the enemy. She hates this country and everyone who lives in it. She wants to destroy everything
Greg Inman
Greg Inman - 2 hours ago
She is NOT speaking for the American people folks.. Dont fall into her trap.. She is swine
David Wayne
David Wayne - 2 hours ago
You are a muslim. That right there disqualifies your validity or credibility. Burn in hell bitch.
Greg Inman
Greg Inman - 2 hours ago
Her country is responsible for our AMERICAN soldiers being dragged through their town after being killed by her people.. as played in the movie "Black Hawk Down"...She hates America... Why America?
Greg Inman
Greg Inman - 2 hours ago
She claims she and her family fled her SHIT HOLE COUNTRY to seel refuge in America. I calll Bull Shit ,, America Will win you swine
David Wayne
David Wayne - 2 hours ago
Go screw a camel whore. It's more in line with your talents.
Greg Inman
Greg Inman - 2 hours ago
Never about race.. This women and her posse are roaches in this Country..Nothing more
David Wayne
David Wayne - 2 hours ago
You are a muslim whore Omar.
Racoonz Dinner
Racoonz Dinner - 2 hours ago
This line of questioning by Omar, I imagine is first if it’s kind? Or just my first time watching CSpan
Mike Schwindt
Mike Schwindt - 3 hours ago
I would love to meat the complete idiots that voted this pice of shit into congress..
T Gonzalez
T Gonzalez - 3 hours ago
She's a fucking stupid terrorist idiot.
klrdotorg - 3 hours ago
Ilhan Omar is pure scum. It's sad that we let a scumbag like her into the country. It's much more sad that there are enough scumbags who would elect such a bad person to Congress.
Ahad Rami
Ahad Rami - 3 hours ago
I was just wondering who voted this. Really SHAMEFUL! #MAGA
Bikers Apparels Where the Bikers Shop.
This women is a moron a dumb ass
Bikers Apparels Where the Bikers Shop.
She married her bother!!! Nasty 🤢
didn't thiz bitch married her own brother and lied about it
I hate thiz rag head bitch..... how in the hell did they vote thiz rag head into Congress
Visto che
Visto che - 3 hours ago
Wow she speaks just like the her fellow Ummah on forums that attack America as the "Great Satan" for their war crimes in Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. I don't think this woman likes America at all. That she QUESTIONS that America upholds human rights and is against Genocide, means she does not believe that it does. She was taking a pot shot at America...not just that man.
Dryden Wonne
Dryden Wonne - 3 hours ago
Where was this woman's criticism when the Muslims were committing genocide against the Yazidi Christians?
Long live. rock.
Long live. rock. - 3 hours ago
Sorry she's a problem for the. U. S. A outs her before she starts a war
James Adams
James Adams - 3 hours ago
Wow. That was painful to watch. I can't believe that nitwit Omar got elected. She, the bartender and the other annoying one (yes, I know, lots to choose from) will be out at the next election.
31u - 3 hours ago
Ms. Omar (Muslim Activist) was a little Girl in Magodishu Somalia when U.S Troops F- -Ked Up there little Terrorist Network Town
That's Why she ask so many human rights ???? 's Omar is not telling the truth of How & why she is really in congress siding with radical extremist for restructuring change in america .
Sirius - 3 hours ago
how did this rag head al-shabab cunt get a position in US government? what the fuck.
Brian Smith
Brian Smith - 4 hours ago
headslap time for Omar
Buddy Hjelm
Buddy Hjelm - 4 hours ago
Omar has the charm of a used condom. she is an arrogant smiling pig
goldenworm - 4 hours ago
He should have said
"It was the Cold War bitch, you know how many tens of millions of people the commies murdered???
Tony Daniel
Tony Daniel - 4 hours ago
Shes so ignorant, she hates America
Nuckin Futs Looney
Nuckin Futs Looney - 4 hours ago
samuel Dixon
samuel Dixon - 5 hours ago
Why the fuck do they have a Muslim in our Congress haha how dumb are people people are going insane 😠
Raynus 1
Raynus 1 - 5 hours ago
What a c*nt.
Apachie 1
Apachie 1 - 5 hours ago
She needs to worry about her incest with her brother and her being married
shaun halfacre
shaun halfacre - 5 hours ago
How are people that can barely read and speak English allowed to be in these positions of government
Kawiislimes - 5 hours ago
Who are her the "American People"?
Badboy What you gonna do
Badboy What you gonna do - 5 hours ago
Who’s that stupid voted for her? Are you guys kidding me
Fran Hart
Fran Hart - 5 hours ago
This has gone too far, with this attacker Omar Head dressed idiot. She's done illegal things and needs to be investigated and kicked out of Congress ASAP ! Why are pple alloying this insanity by her and those other three ...... ? Who can be contacted to request or demand an investigation into her & possibly all four of them I wonder ? I'm so angry 😠
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