Word for Word: Exchange between Rep. Ilhan Omar and Elliott Abrams (C-SPAN)

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DannyNyxOme - 4 hours ago
Beware!!! The comment section is filled with Republicans bitching and showcasing their racist, hateful personalities/stances against the fair questioning by the Congresswoman.
Jon Snow
Jon Snow - 13 hours ago
Ilhan Omar : Yes or no
He : No
Ilhan : I will take this as yes!
Mind = Blown
Bazlur Rahman
Bazlur Rahman - 15 hours ago
Expectedly they are supporting genocide. Wish for you that neither you nor your family suffer this but still hoping you to experience this once. How painful and how devastated is this.
jagadish darling
jagadish darling - 16 hours ago
Omar the incest story 😂
Chrissy R
Chrissy R - 22 hours ago
She is a disgusting lying terrorist POS!!! She should be thrown out of this country and her family right along with her criminal ass!!!!
Fadumo Mohamed Elmi Handi
Mizz: illhan omar l zupport ztill and l will zupport you for mAlxmdulilaaahai life
Fadumo Mohamed Elmi Handi
Go forwer
Fadumo Mohamed Elmi Handi
Illhan omar l will zupport you zo tht keep goin
Anuradha Ranasinghe
Omar is extremely racist. She hates non muslims in other nations.
Dustin Aubry
Dustin Aubry - Day ago
I agree she does have the right to pose her questions or theoretical non-questions however she's referring to this she has the right to state them but that man whether he was right or wrong about something else does have the right himself to make his speech about what is she is saying and that's why I think she should be out of office she can dish the heat but she can't take the heat Best way to look at that take a look at her history of her marriages and to who the her marriages where all the money is going yeah she's got a very checkered past that is constantly being checkered she has an agenda that's beyond the normal Democrat agenda you need to look you need to pay attention and watch what she's really doing now he has every right to speak and she's telling him basically he needs to shut up just listen to how she's talking to him he does need to be quiet and let her speak but he has the right to rebuttal against this
Deepak Mukesh Mishra
Deepak Mukesh Mishra - 2 days ago
She is a terrorist in the congress, get her out USA.
nonmuslim888 - 2 days ago
Faqing Somali jihadi beach...
Jai Hind.
shivank jasrotia
shivank jasrotia - 2 days ago
This somalian bitch born and raised in USA spits venom when it comes to religion
Shubham Sourabh
Shubham Sourabh - 3 days ago
Beware America you have put a jihadi lady in Congress ...keep a check on her... Never fucking ever do these kind of mistake ...
David Smith
David Smith - 3 days ago
Man she is a bich.
parvesh bisht
parvesh bisht - 3 days ago
She is so irritating
Gauren Bhardwaj
Gauren Bhardwaj - 3 days ago
Ms. Omar is a clout chaser!
Yash Bontalwar
Yash Bontalwar - 3 days ago
Ilhan Omar just known for commenting without knowing facts.
Khris Trid
Khris Trid - 3 days ago
who the hell Voted this Bitch into the Congress they should be feeling so stupid right about now dumbasses that they are letting people like her in OUR!! Congress do you honestly think any one of us would EVER!!! be allowed to be in such a high position in her Country NO!!!!!! we would NOT !!! she should not be given such a high position in OUR COUNTRY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Khris Trid
Khris Trid - 3 days ago
why the hell is this Bitch even in OUR!!!! Congress she's not qualified no one cares a bit for her to be here she needs to be sent back to her OWN fucking fucked up country stay there Bitch we don't want you here
Mukesh Mishra
Mukesh Mishra - 3 days ago
All democratic countries including USA and India, are tolerating anti-nationals in the name of freedom and speech. If the country is not going to exist then what is the need of its value.
Dr. Munoz
Dr. Munoz - 4 days ago
She is daughter of the antichrist!
Mars Mars
Mars Mars - 4 days ago
Omar let me see you say the same things against the action of Saudi Arabia on the houthi populace of Yemen, the Jihadi acts of middle eastern countries. You are nothing but a vessel of ignorance. Shame on Americans for putting up with such a vile person.
Hoda Ahmed
Hoda Ahmed - 4 days ago
For the comments where do you asshole live
Hoda Ahmed
Hoda Ahmed - 4 days ago
She did not stutter clear question that he can not answer
Mohamed Ali
Mohamed Ali - 4 days ago
She's very smart
Mohamed Ali
Mohamed Ali - 4 days ago
Ilhan go ahead sis this Old man can't handle your questions 👍👍👍
Devashish Bhatt
Devashish Bhatt - 4 days ago
She will *_Marry her own Sister_* Next.... And We can bet on that
Joe Jones
Joe Jones - 4 days ago
I can smell her 800 miles away
thesculpt1 - 4 days ago
She does not represent the american people... She represent her religion only... And only defend her religion...
thesculpt1 - 4 days ago
She is a traitor of USA....
David Silvio
David Silvio - 5 days ago
Sagar Vishal
Sagar Vishal - 6 days ago
This bitch should be killed. Throw this shit out of America trump
Kay Nandlall
Kay Nandlall - 6 days ago
This lady got her hounds to get my name and use it to put up their own scams of my post
Ashish r
Ashish r - 6 days ago
Illaha cobra venomous snake
N - 7 days ago
Ilhan Omar just hates America
Syed Hammad Ahmed
Syed Hammad Ahmed - 7 days ago
Respect to her
Rajani Raj
Rajani Raj - 7 days ago
She is a fascist
David Nichols
David Nichols - 7 days ago
Take that s*** off your head when you're in Congress act like a f****** American or go home to your shitholecountry
Jim Blackford
Jim Blackford - 7 days ago
You'll note that she glossed over the fact that the genocide was committed, not by US troops, but by troops trained by the US. This moron needs to be voted out. How did this loser get elected in the first place? What kind of election rigging had to happen to allow that failure into Congress?
Jitender Singh
Jitender Singh - 7 days ago
She should ask their fucking religion for masscare of hindu people in Pakistan, I think she doesn't have guts to ask against his religion. Evil lady. Look how she is smiling when she is asking about masscare. Double standards
Thun 1290
Thun 1290 - 7 days ago
Add the democrats wonder how Trump got elected. What other puppet will the socialist political machine get elected into congress.
TheSporehacker - 8 days ago
Ihan married her brother to become an American citizen. Let that sink in
Layla mohd
Layla mohd - 5 days ago
She didn't that so stupid to even think of it is forbeiden to do that in Islam
jreds - 6 days ago
@TheSporehacker By ignoring the subject of the video, which is that the us armed death squads under eliott abrams' leadership, & instead stating a lie, you are making yourself look like a fucking moron. Maybe you didn't defend him, but idk why you would choose to comment that & not anything about us-backed war crimes. And the widespread lie about incest is clearly race-based. Do you really think it would've started if she was a blue eyed blond haired refugee of a different war, like yugoslavia, instead of a hijab wearing muslim north african? obviously not, cmon
TheSporehacker - 6 days ago
@jreds Was I defending those militias in my previous comment? Did I ever mention them? Nope. So stop comparing apples to oranges and stop mentioning racism when there is nothing racist about the context. This word has been used so many times that it has lost its original definition
jreds - 6 days ago
@TheSporehacker Rather than talking about the fact that she rightfully called out this pos for allowing us-backed militias to commit war crimes, you're restating a racist lie. What is wrong with you
TheSporehacker - 6 days ago
@jreds i am not defending anything
Moon Sun
Moon Sun - 8 days ago
Do you believe robbing a caravan, had sex with 9 years old girl are the great achievement of muslim just like prophet muhammad did?
anupoju viswanath
anupoju viswanath - 8 days ago
Brave man... Omar is exactly opposite of what America is... She is such a blot...
Yamini Singh
Yamini Singh - 8 days ago
Terrorist in burqa...
Yukio Yagami
Yukio Yagami - 8 days ago
Is planted her and we're giving her what she wants
Amit Tripathi
Amit Tripathi - 8 days ago
Islam talking about crime against humanity. Screams hypocrisy
Ruth Davis
Ruth Davis - 9 days ago
You know What we call woman who married her brother. You know it. We know it.
Abhishek Sharma
Abhishek Sharma - 6 days ago
She's a bitch who should be kicked out of the states and fucked at the same time.
Richard Levarn
Richard Levarn - 9 days ago
I can guarantee no American citizen ever voted for Ilhan Omar. Obama allowed over 90k Muslim refugees in one district in Minnesota which is Omar's district. This is infiltration instead of invasion
Neeraj Sharma
Neeraj Sharma - 9 days ago
What a World Class WHORE!!!
Mike Ross
Mike Ross - 9 days ago
Omar is just a bitch with islamic agenda to fulfill.
Tanuja JD
Tanuja JD - 9 days ago
A genuine question to the American public - why is this woman given soooo much importance ?!
Sherap Therchin
Sherap Therchin - 9 days ago
I don’t usually comment on YouTube, and certainly not on other countries’ matter, but this women seems to really hate the US system.
Peshwa Bajirao
Peshwa Bajirao - 9 days ago
Islam is pure evil
trained eye
trained eye - 9 days ago
What a waist of time this is
Brad Walker
Brad Walker - 10 days ago
I think it's in the American interest to bring back public hanging and her be the first one
Bag - 10 days ago
Lots of fascists in this comment section. Be warned.
jreds - 6 days ago
None of whom can write in logical english, probably bots
ajit sawant
ajit sawant - 10 days ago
Once terrorist always terrorist... All over world only this religion become headache.. Cancer.
empirex - 10 days ago
I loves me some uppity women!
Peggy Baden
Peggy Baden - 10 days ago
Can't wait until that bitch is perp-walked
Surendra Balaji
Surendra Balaji - 10 days ago
How come US elected this pig
restiltner - 10 days ago
it absolutely disgust me that this woman can be a congress person or even a citizen of this country
Scott Shaffer
Scott Shaffer - 10 days ago
She hates Americans, she is a muslim, trying to change Americans, that's there lot in life.
John Doe
John Doe - 11 days ago
Omar is a confirmed pervert: This proves it: http://web.archive.org/web/20200524204149/https://manhunt.fandom.com/wiki/Pervs
Nishant Pandey
Nishant Pandey - 11 days ago
Who bring such snake 🐍 lady in house !
Andrea Piccolo
Andrea Piccolo - 3 days ago
@TheSporehacker those two things are not mutually exclusive
TheSporehacker - 3 days ago
Andrea Piccolo
Andrea Piccolo - 5 days ago
The American people
Nishant Pandey
Nishant Pandey - 11 days ago
Ugly pussy bitch !
Jay Malik
Jay Malik - 11 days ago
Ilhan Omar, the voice of reason and intelligence.
Eastern Cowboy
Eastern Cowboy - 11 days ago
This is exactly why these types of idiots need to never be in charge of a free world that is fighting extreme dictatorship take over.
buds galore
buds galore - 11 days ago
Yes or No? Did you get married to your brother to defraud US immigration policy? Yes or No? Have you stole election funds & set up fake internet food charities then kept the funds? Yes or No? have you wrecked homes & destroyed anyones family by having a sexual relationship with a married man? Yes or No? Do you support Hamas & Hezbollah? If not would you condemn them now? Yes or No? Aren't you just another antisemitic religiously insane zealot? Yes or No? Wouldn't your own religion cut off your hands, stone you to death or decapitate you for every single offence above? YEEessSSs....
Linda Gaines
Linda Gaines - 11 days ago
After what he allowed how can he be considered.
Vinoth Shepard
Vinoth Shepard - 11 days ago
She is a prostitute
Kevin Renner
Kevin Renner - 12 days ago
She would support a massacre against Israel.
Fitness First
Fitness First - 12 days ago
she’s not a person to be in politics which is for the people in democracy. Very bad attitude and the questions are .......
holyworrier - 12 days ago
Elliot Abrams is a monstrous man.
Dhiraj Hadkar
Dhiraj Hadkar - 12 days ago
This is really funny,
2:33 she says under our watch ... woman you are a immigrant ....
Then she talks about what is America's best interest , it is obvious that American leaders to date have been serving their nation and their people (not saying the righteous way) to ensure that they do not end up seeking asylum at other nations ...
They seem to call her in when they need entertainment.
souad Ali
souad Ali - 3 days ago
Be happy mybe in next 5 years the gunviolence in your country will be end ur children/grandchildren will live as middl east children. She risked her live to do her best for amarica. Cus non of u worry about America cus u ppl lov money blood weapon violence making wäre. Then why u ppl make children that u will risk their futur??? 🤔
Nelson Robert Willis
Nelson Robert Willis - 12 days ago
step da phuq down, bitch!
Vic N
Vic N - 12 days ago
Ms. Omar?? I thought she was married?? To her brother!
B C - 12 days ago
This Somalian woman is vile and destructive
ricardo del castillo
ricardo del castillo - 12 days ago
elliot “war criminal” abrams has defenders in these comments?? nah you libs can suck my d*ck from the back you have no idea how disgusting this man truly is. death to *merica!
Black Jack
Black Jack - 13 days ago
well if you know ilhan omar you'll say she is a kind lady and loyal to americans
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