VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 16

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loodlebop - 2 hours ago
Interstellar is a masterpiece
Shubh - 2 hours ago
Can you guys react to aquaman or wonderwomen ...or some dc movies too ..😅😅
sotuur aeei
sotuur aeei - 2 hours ago
CASE's rescue scene is straight up the most emotional scene in the film.
Кирилл Шишканов
"Twister" is an incredible movie! "Insterstellar" is still amaze me.
[TPW] SkinnyDude
[TPW] SkinnyDude - 8 hours ago
never watched interstellar, but that robot seems so cool. simple in design, yet EXTREMELY useful. it seems to be doing EVERYTHING
Tylet Rose
Tylet Rose - 8 hours ago
I read somewhere that the final twister was shot after an actual tornado hit the same area.
sotuur aeei
sotuur aeei - 2 hours ago
Do Poltergeist 1982
Sean Arnold
Sean Arnold - 8 hours ago
Hahahaha next time they should say, "This is actually the most requested movie from last video: The Ring" and then just show all the comments with "Lord of" crossed out!
Corridor fuckery round 2!
World Champion
World Champion - 9 hours ago
I heard the balrog from Lord of the rings was also using Sprite based rendering for the fire
Grawaan Channel
Grawaan Channel - 10 hours ago
Please look at the mighty morphin power rangers movie (1995) the megazord/ zords scene
Tiago Lopes
Tiago Lopes - 11 hours ago
That black and white turning in to color on that scene in " They Shall Not Grow Old " gave me goosebumps when i first saw it in the movie.
Hello There
Hello There - 12 hours ago
Tom hanks the movie 2 the train boogaloo
JJ Rockstroh
JJ Rockstroh - 12 hours ago
So glad you guys included They Shall Not Grow Old!
Andrii Povkh
Andrii Povkh - 15 hours ago
Watched the video, felt like it was no more than 5 min long. Turned out it is almost 15 min.
JM Studios
JM Studios - 15 hours ago
ft. both of my favorite movies! Interstellar and Twister!
Ariel helwani's nose
Ariel helwani's nose - 15 hours ago
I think every single liberal arts student that detests white males and thinks they should have no voice these days should watch they shall not grow old.
Perhaps then they can realize the blood and life that paid for their privilege.
VR in RL
VR in RL - 17 hours ago
Please do "Mars needs moms".
Bradley Hawk
Bradley Hawk - 18 hours ago
Oof. Niko’s mic tho.
beedsj roiue
beedsj roiue - 19 hours ago
Please have a look at "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" Watched it recently with my BF who never saw it before and we had many laughs!! :)
Rat - 20 hours ago
Love the Twister movie.
hdhdhe dhdh
hdhdhe dhdh - 21 hour ago
The tornado in That 70s Show is better
Robert Barrett
Robert Barrett - 21 hour ago
Do Poltergeist 1982
beedsj roiue
beedsj roiue - 19 hours ago
Can you please do the Irishman? 🙏
I N U K - 22 hours ago
Love Death & Robots has some amazing animation
Victor Coutinho
Victor Coutinho - 22 hours ago
you guys HAVE to analyze Baby Geniuses
Xavier Ribeiro -lozart-
Xavier Ribeiro -lozart- - 22 hours ago
Hey guys!! Awesome work!
Plz could you review Tintin (if not yet done) amazing movie from 2011, sure it should be interesting.
Feels like they avoid the uncanny valley with this one.
MonsterDiscord - 22 hours ago
Hasn't Happy Birthday's copyright expired?
VIRUS - 22 hours ago
Can you react to this https://youtu.be/2-jVWHxSbpk from CG GEEK
lucio demicco
lucio demicco - 22 hours ago
Can you guys please have Night at the Museum in one of these. I think for the time the effects are super good. Especially the little figures of the romans and cowboys, also the dinosaur bones are pretty good
Holtero - 22 hours ago
Jaws 3-D
Cody Lloyd
Cody Lloyd - 23 hours ago
I'd love to see you guys review the ludicrous speed Superbike chase at the end of "Torque"
Cassette Tape
Cassette Tape - 23 hours ago
X-Men apocalypse: the Extraction
Glen Murie
Glen Murie - 23 hours ago
You guys could have a CGI Artists AND Stuntman React on Stephen Chow and other HK films that combine CG and martial arts. The harpist fight scene fromKung Fu Hustle alone...
Miss Sadek
Miss Sadek - 23 hours ago
Please check the film dice on YouTube.
I think is cleverly done.
R Vaikunth
R Vaikunth - 23 hours ago
Please react to "Space Jam"
Nicholas Sanzo
Nicholas Sanzo - 23 hours ago
There was a Instagram account that used your bosstown vid as real footage
Ilham Ptr
Ilham Ptr - 23 hours ago
Do the Sorcerer's apprentice ithik its good vfx please
Rebecca Rose
Rebecca Rose - Day ago
Can you please do the Irishman? 🙏
Malcolm Akner
Malcolm Akner - Day ago
How did they do the lightning and the spinning engine-thing in the openings of Stranger Things S03E01? :D Please do a react for Stranger Things!
joshua mcconaghy
joshua mcconaghy - Day ago
Hey in ur next video can u guys react to the kraken scene in “pirates of the Caribbean dead mans chest”. It’s a pretty cool scene and I’ll like to see u guy racy to it👍
3BrosInAction - Day ago
I’d recommend reacting to Agents of SHIELD, they have great CGI but also some bad ones. One of the ones that I thought was bad was the last episode of Season 5, at the very end. The lighting looks off. Would love if y’all reacted to it:)
Gus Farrell
Gus Farrell - Day ago
You should do the once upon a time in Hollywood the great escape scene
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