Alienware's CRAZY upgradeable laptop

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Lama Boi
Lama Boi - Hour ago
A 2080ti with 6gb??!!
Zeek M
Zeek M - 21 hour ago
Laptops can't be trusted.
Changkun Li
Changkun Li - Day ago
so non of anyone in LTT knows Clevo? right?
Yo Mama
Yo Mama - Day ago
Cool Dell!!
-Kevin-S - 2 days ago
Linisa Has Joined The Chat
(Made Up girl linus)
waffeltek - Day ago
knight afif
knight afif - 2 days ago
Hey, i have a laptop; alienware 17 i7 4700 MQ, graphic card nvidia geforce gtx 765.. is it posible for me to upgrade my graphic card
Vespa - 2 days ago
Where can i get one of those cool gamingchairs in the background
R M - 3 days ago
So if it gets wet by any reason how do I remove the battery fast ?
Red Wave Studio
Red Wave Studio - 3 days ago
Just ordered an Alienware M17 laptop. Knowing it's fully upgradeable makes me a happy boy. :)
Frank Jackson
Frank Jackson - 4 days ago
Linus is 100% on something there is no way you are normally that hyper.
Strange_ Cat
Strange_ Cat - 5 days ago
1 mln people want to raid this laptop
kalexander777 - 5 days ago
Goes to CES 2019, ends up somehow tearing apart Alienware's brand new flagship notebook on a random table and then leaves them to put it all back together while riding an imaginary horse. Give that man a cookie!!
Muffin Man
Muffin Man - 6 days ago
Haha area 51
John Remie Evensen
John Remie Evensen - 7 days ago
Just wondering Linus, how much is your ADD Triggered in this unmounting process :D love the exitement btw :P hehe
John Remie Evensen
John Remie Evensen - 6 days ago
BTW folks, i can say this because i got MAAAD ADHD myself :P hehe :D sitting here with my leg jumping up and down :P
DirtDust - 7 days ago
Same as a Clevo\Alienware 900\901 ;)
DirtDust - 5 days ago
@Verpal Yes! in fact i only speak for engineered motherboard and cpu component all in relation to the production year, not for upgrades or temps ecc...
Verpal - 5 days ago
@DirtDust Honestly, modern day Clevo have better temp, and better price, however, its competition also become cheaper, and it is increasingly difficult to get third party MXM/laptop gpu outside of Clevo themself.
DirtDust - 5 days ago
@Verpal I have a old Clevo XRock D901c with 2 9800m gtx and 775 socket on notebook from 2008! The temps is scary (80/85) at full load with new thermal compound. The desktop processor and motherboard is amazing engineered for old era pc, I buy from America for 5000$ many many years ago and again today is good ;) (for normal use and light gaming)
Verpal - 5 days ago
Clevo laptop have constant thermal problem though, my dad constantly battle with throttlestop and fan profile to get reasonable performance out of his age old clevo.
Mike Martin
Mike Martin - 7 days ago
No future MXM support makes me very sad
the normal-one's in tg
the normal-one's in tg - 10 days ago
10:18 seconds of lines yelling but not knowing it
Andreas Schröder
Andreas Schröder - 11 days ago
maybe its cald ps5 is near
size size
Roman no
Roman no - 13 days ago
(0:52) RTX 2080 Ti has 11gb of "memory". Linus either got the amount wrong or the model. The only RTX card that has 6gb of GDDR6 memory is RTX 2060.
Brooks Martini
Brooks Martini - 14 days ago
But how fast does windows do its updates
yanglue611 - 16 days ago
Area 51 is good name for that laptop. It wonders how it run hot and dissipating heat.
Smandude25 - 16 days ago
Me: gets an i7 940m laptop uses for 4 years and wants to buy a new one cuz I don’t know how to upgrade it
Linus: well... let’s take a 20 year old laptop and make it a sleeper
Thomas Bryde Jepsen
Thomas Bryde Jepsen - 18 days ago
Change of tune: "I was totally wrong!".
Thomas Bryde Jepsen
Thomas Bryde Jepsen - 18 days ago
You are guessing "It can be sacrifice. I just throw it on the camp fire and burn the heavens"+
Thomas Bryde Jepsen
Thomas Bryde Jepsen - 18 days ago
Confirmed. "That is your or nose". Expect that!
Thomas Bryde Jepsen
Thomas Bryde Jepsen - 18 days ago
You have found the birds and what comes with it..
Thomas Bryde Jepsen
Thomas Bryde Jepsen - 18 days ago
You are not expendable for warning.
Thomas Bryde Jepsen
Thomas Bryde Jepsen - 18 days ago
"God" hates idiots. Most important. Don't make a fight of it.
Thomas Bryde Jepsen
Thomas Bryde Jepsen - 18 days ago
"Stick with science"..
Kaustav Kapur
Kaustav Kapur - 19 days ago
ALso he said you can put a 2080ti but on their website it says 2080, not only that he said it has 6gb of gddr6 vram when it actually has 11gb
Kaustav Kapur
Kaustav Kapur - 19 days ago
3 problems with this. Alienware says that you can upgrade this laptop so from an rtx 2060 you can put a 2080, but you can just buy a 2080 from the beginning. Another problem in upgrading is that I haven't seen mobile (laptop) gpus for sale anywhere. Only desktop gpus. THe last problem is that it is so expensive that for this much of money you can buy a desktop with 2tb ssd and a streaming setup for less than $5,000.
Martin Barr-David
Martin Barr-David - 19 days ago
Linus would make a great politican.
Stefan Gold
Stefan Gold - 21 day ago
I-Mac have the Option replacing video card a lot of years ago , but it's amazing engenirimg with the option to replace the video inputs with the graphics card !
Anatoly Stepanovich Dyatlov
Crazy upgradable laptop?
Old IBM designed Thinkpad laughs...
...modern Lenovo raped Thinkbad bursts into tears.
DVEDX - 22 days ago
So you guys don’t see the chair in back full rgb chroma backlit
Axe320i - 23 days ago
Linus Tech Tips, always providing top class entertainment value
SerCommander - 24 days ago
Whats the RGB chain in back?
Silvercut Arkadiusz
Silvercut Arkadiusz - 24 days ago
nice carpet
Dennis PlayZ
Dennis PlayZ - 29 days ago
Why does this hedgehog keep on coming back?
Kevin Forget
Kevin Forget - 29 days ago
so much money yet no 1440p...
Madhava Reddy
Madhava Reddy - Month ago
can i upgrade the internal memory ?
1080 ti
1080 ti - Month ago
Is the Alienware CPU compatible with Amd Ryzen?
firstliight24 - Month ago
I want to know about the Alienware chair in the background with the moving lights on it.
Stealthy Wolf
Stealthy Wolf - Month ago
If Dell / AW is the only one out there with a replaceable GPU and CPU in a laptop. Considering how HP sautered CPU's in their laptops now and just kinda plopped them on the market for 5 different categories. I don't think I would ever buy another HP laptop. Just the GPU itself being able to be swapped for a few years makes it worth the money instead of disposable. My HP laptop is 12 years old. But it's one of the few laptops that were made with a 18" screen that still works for simple things. My only fear is buying one of those laptops that lasts 3 years then stops turning on or charging. I think, Fujitsu, Toshiba and Sony hit a wall when it came from old school to 2019 technology. Then there's desktop, but good luck trying to find convienence. Apple is out of the question for reliability and ease of repairs. They are trying to make their computers worse than Dodges electronics on cars. You just can't fix em!
Shon Moody
Shon Moody - Month ago
I'm actually thinking about sending back my m15 for this. Of course the Area 51 is 500 more but that's with better specs and uogradeability. My reasoning is why not spend a little more on something that could last you 5 years longer. I'm not worried about weight. Being a buff tech geek, and workin out since I was 12 it shouldnt bother me. I 'll just probably get as laptop pad if I wanna rest it on my legs for awhile. Then the other thing that comes to mind is "Unlimted Power." It excites me lol
Jay Unknown
Jay Unknown - Month ago
i really dont like the video about the part of being impossible as clevo / sager / prostar / HID / EUROCOM has been doing this for year , P750TM1,P775TM1,P870TM1 all support the i9 9900k as well all the intel desktop chip and the older gens the p750/p775/p870 support the lga 1151 desktop chips as well and you linus know this more then most!!! as i really find this funny with all the marketing saying "THE WORLDS FIRST LAPTOP WITH A DESKTOP CPU " IS A LIE , as well the thermal paste is worst i have seen lol .. on the cpu ... but keep in mind alien ware was what company before dell bought the logo ????
gsilva220 - Month ago
If you want upgradeability/cost effectiveness, buy a barebones laptop, and/or an EGPU. Nvidia killed MXM for a reason. People will only be able to get graphics cards for these things from dell/alienware, how much do you think hey will cost?
mike hunt
mike hunt - Month ago
Once again Dell its OP. Dell is the only company moving towards right to repair. Dell has the best customer service ever. They will send me parts for me to replace on my own. I use to work for them and their policy are so amazing! Dell is the version of mac using Wndows. Apple says some to our genius bar. Dell says we will send you the part or we will have a tech to visit you. This dell warrant does not apply to anyone who does not buy a higher end. If you buy inspiron you will not get this service you will just get apple service asking you to bring it in.
TheHollow Knight
TheHollow Knight - Month ago
Looks like a good long-term investment
Darius Beaumont
Darius Beaumont - Month ago
any chance i can go inside linus's brain and press the delete key? too much trash and its filling up the disk...
Daniel Daring
Daniel Daring - Month ago
On May 6th I ordered area51m 9900k, 2060gpu custom build from Dell. They told me it would be delivered by the 23rd. On the 16th I asked for an update and the agent told me there had been a parts shortage, but that the machine was built and only lacked some kind of software update. Each subsequent day when I asked for any update I was told the same thing; the laptop would ship and arrive on time. Finally, on the 22nd, when I managed to speak to a manager, he told me the order failed to reach production, (meaning the laptop had not even begun to be built) and that I would need to cancel the order and rebook it all over again, waiting probably another 3-6 weeks. There was no explanation as to why the order was never processed nor why agents were telling me all along that the machine had already been built and would ship according to schedule.
Dell blatantly lied to me for 3 weeks. I cancelled the order, but there was no way I was gonna trust Dell with rebooking the order. They lied to me every step of the way; they could not be trusted for anything after that. MAYBE they would fulfill the order properly the next time, but how could I trust them? There was ZERO offer for compensation for lost time and to add insult to injury, the sales consultant I spoke with said she'd make sure the rebooking price stayed the same, as though she was doing me some kind of favor by NOT charging me more! I'm currently in the process of filing a complaint with the better business bureau.
Dell stole 3 weeks of my time waiting for them to do what they said they would do. Now I've ordered through HIDevolution; they are a little more expensive but they have a much better reputation AND they offer delidding and other services which Dell does not. MAYBE Dell will fulfill your order properly, but don't trust them. Check around online and you will see they are notorious for this kind of behavior. I thought I would be the exception, but I was very much mistaken. They will lie straight to your face and offer as many apologies as it takes to make you give up. If you want a custom laptop, do not go with Dell.
Daniel Daring
Daniel Daring - Month ago
@haha9413 It's dishonest to pause production but still take orders as though there is no problem. This is the kind of thing I was getting from Dell day after day. They simply cannot be trusted to tell the truth.
haha9413 - Month ago
They pause the production because these a few A51m people bought got on fire and melt down. They try to fix the issue before shipping it to new customers.
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