Aonuma Wanted to "Revisit This Hyrule Again" for Breath of the Wild Sequel + More Interview Details!

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billyblackburn87 - 2 days ago
Can't believe people are not complaining about this. Breath of the wild is a Wii U game ported to switch. I wanted the proper switch zelda to be built from the ground up. Lazy
sleepy pup
sleepy pup - 15 days ago
Hopefully this gives them a ton of room to work on story, enemies, and more memorable moments. There’s so much I’m still finding out about the first BotW, it’s very much a feeling of real life where discovery leads to really amazing moments, but it does take a long time to find those moments. BotW must have taken a long time to make design wise that things couldn’t be added and things like similar shrines were included instead of dungeons and the only main bosses we have are divine beasts and blight ganons, there are huge monsters to be fought in certain areas but there is not much variety. Having this world already designed hopefully means something amazing for the legend of Zelda series. I have a lot of hope for this game, and I can’t wait to discover what they have in store for us this time around. I hope it’s extra creepy and unsettling!
Nova Prime
Nova Prime - 20 days ago
I want 1) a story that answers all of botws many questions 2) a world that isn't empty with many things to do 3) non breakable weapons 4) traditional zelda items and dungeons
Rose Mary Padilla Moreno
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TheMistLink - Month ago
I always said they should allow Link to go to the bottom of water in Botw, have underwater shrines and such, and also allow link to enter the ravines at the edge of the map and have like a dark world with stronger enemies and such.
TheMistLink - Month ago
Idk what they do as long as I’m able to get all the hearts and all three stamina rings. I couldn’t STAND having to leave one or the other almost complete
Matthew Bergman
Matthew Bergman - Month ago
I hope they get rid of Flurry Rush. Made the game wayyy too easy!
charlie compton
charlie compton - Month ago
Aw so it’s still in Hyrule? I wish we could visit a new area.
Chris Mueller
Chris Mueller - Month ago
I'm hoping they bring back linear with in the sandbox. I'm also hoping for deep deep dungeons to get lost in. Let weaker weopon break fast, strong weapons last longer than botw. Add more physics.. incorporate more of the advanced physics to puzzles. And hook shot maybe? I still like item gates. And... is it possible... to.. ride a dragon? Just sayin
Squidwood - Month ago
It’s going to be amazing don’t need to add anything else.
Theodin74 - Month ago
It would be nice to see the land changed into the Sacred Relm or Dark World like twilight princess and your goal is to restore the world back into its light form, add a bunch of intricate dungeons which serve a major purpose, add a lot of creatures from the other games, and bring back how each special dungeon gave you an item that helps you finish the dungeon and open up different parts of the world, I think this would make for the best Zelda game ever made
Ben Mosley
Ben Mosley - Month ago
I wanna fight Gleeok!
Sgt Nooodle
Sgt Nooodle - Month ago
Hoping the world isn't EXACTLY the same because the sense of exploration will be lost. I found about half way through BOTW with a beefier stamina wheel and Revali's a ility, I wasn't exploring as much as I was just launching to the top of things as quickly as I could to then paraglide a half way across the map to my destination
StellaRhyme3 - Month ago
Their BOTW DLC sucked balls, so I'm skipping any DLC, I'll just get the main game and that's it this time around.
Inside Nathan's Head
Inside Nathan's Head - Month ago
Xenoblade JRPG style with Zelda as a playable companion 👍
Micah Fischer
Micah Fischer - Month ago
This video is confusing...this will not be dlc, this will not be free. Sequel means a $60 new game, weather it's the same area or not.
Albzz Mazzken
Albzz Mazzken - Month ago
Were going to be time traveling!!!!
Hennell - Month ago
Who was thinking this wasn’t the same Hyrule? We literally get a shot of it in the trailer!
A Random Rat
A Random Rat - Month ago
Zelda looks pretty good with short hair :)
Nojatha - Month ago
Can you imagine what they could do with the game if they had the same amount of time they did for Breath of the Wild!?
chungus wungus
chungus wungus - Month ago
They should make it split screen and online multiplayer
philip gramer
philip gramer - Month ago
How the hell are they gonna make it an adventure open world when we already know pretty much all the secrets of this map, like the passage into the secret forest, etc.
philip gramer
philip gramer - Month ago
Combat goes along with this, the people that have mastered the combat will see it as bland and boring if it isn’t changed up
philip gramer
philip gramer - Month ago
Could they add big cities rather than ruins? I hope there is more population and quirky characters.
OldNewGamer92 - Month ago
Don't wanna be that guy but, "Revisit this Hyrule again"
No it's "Revisit this Hyrule"or "Visit this Hyrule again".You can't have the cake and eat it too.
masterofbloopers - Month ago
I’m okay with them reusing BotW’s map. That should shorten development time significantly. Of course, I hope they take their time and make this a worthy sequel to one of the best Zelda games ever made.
Saints Row the Third and Saints Row 4 did the same thing, and I loved both those games, so I’m sure things will turn out all right. I just hope this game is spookier than BotW.
Matt Dawson
Matt Dawson - Month ago
"They want to give themselves time"
Hasn't it been 2+ years already? Reusing assets and everything, isn't it pretty reasonable to expect this possible December of this year, or early/mid next year?
The first time i saw the torch in the trailer

I gasped the frick out of me
Alexander Ellinburg
Alexander Ellinburg - Month ago
Would also like some dungeons and ruins to explore and hopefully get to see master sword upgrades in a 3d zelda! Bring back the golden sword!!
Alexander Ellinburg
Alexander Ellinburg - Month ago
I'm hoping for a larger map like all the surrounding areas that are beyond that canyon and bordered off have places to explore. Maybe some now towns popped up as well and a rebuilt castle town.
Adam Walker
Adam Walker - Month ago
I'd rather a sequel to Twilight Princess.
Joshua Brown
Joshua Brown - Month ago
I hope weapons don't break anymore
TP Zac
TP Zac - Month ago
This Hyrule hopefully will host lots of more Zelda games in the years to come. This Hyrule is pure perfection
Elvijs Krūmiņš
Elvijs Krūmiņš - Month ago
If they literally copy/paste the same Hyrule, I might pass this one altogether. Putting 300hrs into exploring the first one was more than enough for me.
irgendeineZahl 1337
irgendeineZahl 1337 - Month ago
What i hope comes to botw2 is:
-new weapons
-new enemys
-my old inventory
-more focus on storyline(about the acient shikah, and ganon)
-more difficulty
-more towns
-new champions (sidon etc.)
-60 fps(sadly i dont think so)
aiden whiting
aiden whiting - Month ago
I don't really like that :/ I already spent like 200 hours in that Hyrule, exploring it again won't be nearly as fun, I hope they at least change it significantly enough
SuperVro - Month ago
The same hyrulr????? No please, hyrule in botw needed a lot of felt pretty boring at times
Collin Z
Collin Z - Month ago
I love Nintendo
Leo Gomelsky
Leo Gomelsky - Month ago
Really would love some mini dungeons like bombing a walk on a mountain and having it reveal a dungeon with a new boss
Nintenjoe - Month ago
I am so excited for this! I can't wait!
brekken mineer
brekken mineer - Month ago
I wonder if the spreading of darkness shown in the trailer will convert the land into a new landscape. Maybe the plot is about saving locations from the darkness.
Ray - Month ago
I hate hearing it pronounced hyRULE. It should be HYrule.
It's like saying afriCA instead of AFrica. Weird.
Philly Grea
Philly Grea - Month ago
I'd rather have a new map. If I wanted to visit the same Hyrule again I could just play BotW.
Side Effects
Side Effects - Month ago
This better come out soon since it's re used assets and same world.
Ryuk - Month ago
If the map of Botw2 would be more big than the map of the first botw, i’ll buy it in one second, like shut up and take my money.
Techno Reaper
Techno Reaper - Month ago
I made a theory on this
HipnikDragomir - Month ago
Yea, okay. The game was a massive success and they just wanted to make another one.
Rodrigo Guimarães
Rodrigo Guimarães - Month ago
I think it will be like the Dark World from A Link to the Past. A sort of a dommed Hyrule. The thing is that either Link must lose all his weapons and gadgets or now we got to play as Zelda. It would and will be amazing anyway
Occisor - Month ago
God please just bring back dungeons and enemy diversity and please make weapons repairable
Young Jonathan
Young Jonathan - Month ago
What if they add a "dark world"
Firesnakex8 - Month ago
Things I'd want in the sequel:

- more enemy variety
- more memorable music
- more unique locations rather than just lake, snow mountain, grass field, etc.
- traditional dungeons
- An actual fully fledged story (like windwaker, tp, , etc.)
- unlockable items/runes as you progress through the game
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