Keith Makes A Hot Sauce For Chicken

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The Try Guys
The Try Guys - 7 months ago
It’s here folks! The chicken king of the internet officially made a chicken sauce! Buy Keith's Chicken Sauce here 👉
Brandon Sugiura
Brandon Sugiura - Month ago
Did your makers get a complementary bottle?
Ava Khoudary
Ava Khoudary - Month ago
I shall be the 99th late reply
Monica Flores
Monica Flores - 3 months ago
Dear Keith, Portugal has many chicken sauces. It is okay that you did not know. :) PS Stay safe. During CO-VID 19
Patrick DeMenezes
Patrick DeMenezes - 3 months ago
You should try to get on Hot Ones, the show
xydoit - 3 months ago
Do a Kosher sauce. Without a cream inside (milk based) you can made it Parve and Kosher. In Israel we love hot food.
aphrodisiac art
aphrodisiac art - 8 hours ago
I'm from Assam, India- the land of the fourth hot sauce at 4:31
Amariah Manor
Amariah Manor - 3 days ago
Who else is watching this while eating some type of chicken with Keith's hot sauce?
Carmen Yee
Carmen Yee - 3 days ago
As someone with a geographic/fissured tongue, I can also agree with the fact that spicy foods often have the best flavor, but sadly, it just feels like I’m on fire, and you get questioned about things like “did you slice it” or “can you taste food”. Side note, my tongue is so bad, that when I was younger, I’d have to chug milk when dipping food into barbecue sauce.
cainezen31 - 5 days ago
I love the sauce. I've bought a half dozen bottles. My only complaint is that since it's more of a chunkier sauce, the small bottles go quickly. Any thought to moving up to a large Franks type of bottle?
Harley Burgis
Harley Burgis - 6 days ago
This sauce is so good! My husband and I especially love having it on sandwiches! We recently decided to try drinking it and it tastes way different than when we just dip it! The dill flavor comes across so well when it is drunk!
Britt - 7 days ago
Ok watching it be made makes me wanna buy the sauce
Itsel Garza
Itsel Garza - 8 days ago
Ok but did he have to come at us double cheeked up?!
CoopJMZ 318
CoopJMZ 318 - 10 days ago
I fell like I'm going to be drunk using this sauce
Gedeon Borders
Gedeon Borders - 10 days ago
Start of a great meme 10:44
Fiveleafclover180 - 11 days ago
For one to have an idea is one thing. For one to put that idea into action - respect.
But, $12 per bottle plus shipping?!
Hannah Bingham
Hannah Bingham - 11 days ago
Dang it. That powdered sour cream means I can’t eat it 😩
explodingplanets - 12 days ago
He’s right the eye is not the worst one it’s the nether region can confirm it hurts more
Malani Hughes
Malani Hughes - 12 days ago
There is a sauce for chicken Keith lol. It’s called mild sauce. Come to Chicago & try Harolds, not Uncle Remus. sorry uncle Remus stans.
Jude Aspland
Jude Aspland - 13 days ago
Can you get this in the uk?
CanadianBacon - 13 days ago
My man just diagnosed my tongue
Kaitlyn De Santiago
Kaitlyn De Santiago - 13 days ago
Merin Chacko
Merin Chacko - 14 days ago
Keith I-am-lactose-intolerant Habersberger put dairy in his hot sauce. Why have your forsaken your lactose-intolerant brethren???
Elijah Drury
Elijah Drury - 14 days ago
Who's Pickle Rick...

Judy Reza
Judy Reza - 14 days ago
Awesome Keith🌶️
Nadine Guzman
Nadine Guzman - 14 days ago
I have geographic tongue.. took me googling as an adult to find out what it was! I say my tongue is superior too because the taste buds shed much faster so my sense of taste is so sensitive. Glad I don’t have the cracks though lol
Samantha Khangaroo
Samantha Khangaroo - 14 days ago
Love the sauce! Keith you did a great job!!!!
Samara Nicholls
Samara Nicholls - 14 days ago
I feel like there is normal people and then there is the try guys lol
yasmine rubio
yasmine rubio - 15 days ago
Spicy demon jajaja
Erica Norman
Erica Norman - 15 days ago
I have been teased all my life because of my fishered tongue. Who knew I was Glad I'm not alone. Thanks Keith
Misaki T.
Misaki T. - 15 days ago
its 12$US but shipping is $29US. pity.
Cardinal & Gold
Cardinal & Gold - 15 days ago
First person I've seen besides me with a fissured tongue
Kay K
Kay K - 15 days ago
As a Vermont resident, this touches my soul
Alex Torres
Alex Torres - 16 days ago
It’s pretty good not gunna lie
Jackson Aubuchon
Jackson Aubuchon - 16 days ago
YOOOOOOO HE WENT TO VERMONT! That's my state! A plus.
Hannah Lee
Hannah Lee - 16 days ago
Just ordered 😘🔥
Olivia Marie
Olivia Marie - 16 days ago
KEITH!! I NEED TO KNOW IF THE CHICKEN SAUCE IS GLUTEN FREE!! Plssss let me know I wanna buy it!!
Gabriel cortes carvallo
Gabriel cortes carvallo - 16 days ago
I really would like to try it, but I think they don’t deliver it to Mexico, yet.
spleengrrrl - 17 days ago
I have a geographic tongue as well but I have never thought about that being a barrier to eating hot stuff, I love hot stuff
Elizabeth Berger
Elizabeth Berger - 17 days ago
I bought your sauce and it’s amazing. The only sauce I carry in my purse to eat with everything. 😂 also I crack up every time I open my fridge and your face is staring back at me.
FattyMcButterPants - 18 days ago
They put the entire recipe online lol
Corbin Key
Corbin Key - 18 days ago
So expensive
Quentin Renirie
Quentin Renirie - 19 days ago
I have to pay 30€ shipping to get the sauce🥺
Smol Yayass
Smol Yayass - 19 days ago
Is it halal???
I'd love to taste it😔😔😔😔
Julia T.
Julia T. - 20 days ago
10:41 omg "it's vinegar" we all know which vine this is quoting
Misty Almond_Fit
Misty Almond_Fit - 21 day ago
Zach is doing his Tea brand.
Keith did his chicken sauce .
I want to see Eugene do his own liquor!!!🍸
•Nevie Jo•
•Nevie Jo• - 22 days ago
Keith is my role model I aspire to eat like him someday
Bre Zy
Bre Zy - 23 days ago
My boyfriend knows how much I have wanted to try this sauce and today it showed up just as our homemade chicken tenders were coming out of the oven! We all love it! 10\10
FattyMcButterPants - 18 days ago
@Madison Schmidt i have down syndrome
Madison Schmidt
Madison Schmidt - 23 days ago
Homemade chicken tenders?! That sounds awesome, and also SUPER delicious!!
Rac Bels
Rac Bels - 24 days ago
.. I .. also have geographic tongue 👀👀 I’ve never felt so seen
Leah Moore
Leah Moore - 24 days ago
That lantern is incredible. She wasn't kidding.
Larry Evans
Larry Evans - 25 days ago
I think Keith should do a follow up video and getting an updated amount of how many bottles have been sold and how much this video has help the Vermont bakery
Bunny_ Buns
Bunny_ Buns - 25 days ago
These are the people who want the sauce but can’t get it :(

Looks like it’s only me
Anaïs Martin
Anaïs Martin - 16 days ago
nah same here. third world country thingz 😔
Kim Tae Tae
Kim Tae Tae - 27 days ago
"Ask them how often they eat mexican food, they say never"
Bruh, all the time their mexican!😂
Like wdym never??!?
elvenmofo - Month ago
I've tried Keith's sauce on just about everything since I bought my first bottle. French fries, nachos, chicken tenders, leftover pizza, mac & cheese... It adds a little kick of flavor to anything!
EarRape Beast
EarRape Beast - Month ago
I just bought 2 bottles, and i haven’t even tasted it before. I just have faith in Keith that he made a sauce that is delicious!
Georgia Medina
Georgia Medina - Month ago
Today I have obtained the Keith’s chicken sauce it’s perfect on everything chicken eggs pizza
IANOYTYK - Month ago
I tried the sauce on a whim and went through it so fast because it's so delicious. How dare you make such a good product- I'm one of those "wait I need this sauce on it" people now! Ugh it's so good!!
Muhammed Yaseen Harris
When a white guy says it can be a beverage, as an Indian, I cannot comprehend how mild a "hot" sauce is.
Dani Ramírez
Dani Ramírez - Month ago
This has to get to Hot Ones 🐓
adriana gutierrez
adriana gutierrez - Month ago
I Wish i could buy it but it is not available for mexico I’m going to a corner and cry
KT K - Month ago
Im almost offended by the “no chicken sauce exist” comment when Thai chicken sauce is out there and its fuckin delicious.
seanjustine franco
seanjustine franco - Month ago
First is Keith's hot sauce
The incoming maybe next hit is Zach's tea company
Wow, hot sauce and tea
What's next you guys
Shr00b - Month ago
fluffy thing_wolf girl
:( i cannot taste keith's chicken sauce ever bc i am deathly alergic to maple syrup :(((( noooo
Kaysen Richardson
Kaysen Richardson - Month ago
keith should eat everything at the dip dog stand in marion va its the only one in the world
Leswa 2923
Leswa 2923 - Month ago
You know Keith has never been to Nando’s by saying there’s no sauce for chicken
•Isabella McCreery•
Once splish splash opens again the try guys should go there.. it’s an amazing water park on Long Island and maybe they can explore the island? Fun things happen..
Olivia Zissel
Olivia Zissel - Month ago
I just wanna be friends with the pepper farmer so I can become a hot sauce chef :(
Riana Conklin
Riana Conklin - Month ago
So friggin cool! I have 3 daughters and my middle daughter has a geographic tounge and her older sister loves hot sauce and my middle daughter always wishes she could handle it too because she loves the taste but can't handle the heat, so I really can't wait until I have the money to buy some of your sauce for her thank you for the interesting background story and for simply thinking outside the box, so many people have no clue that some people are born with different tongues and I really love how you share. I wish you so much luck and fortune in your new business! 😊
Ethan Trujillo
Ethan Trujillo - Month ago
Took me forever but I finally purchased today! Cant wait to get it and try it on everything! starting with ice cream
britrawrs2jesus - Month ago
Now I'm going to have to say "Hi Keith" every time I open my fridge. 😂
Liza S
Liza S - Month ago
My 12 year old cousin cannot find a hot sauce spicy enough for him so he has to grow his own peppers that he has to handle with gloves to make a hot sauce spicy enough for him. I think he can relate to Keith.
Salty Gamez
Salty Gamez - Month ago
Finger licking good sauce
Becca Hayes
Becca Hayes - Month ago
Is anyone else watching this while eating the sauce? I mixed mine into some chicken ramen!
TheLastPotato - Month ago
I have the same tongue!! You know what is funny? My mother and father are the only members of their families who has it...
Winnie Ou
Winnie Ou - Month ago
so you r telling me such wonderful spices and peppers and a whole location for those peppers are located a few meters away from me? wow i’m sad 😔 i didn’t even know. also I COULD HAVE HAD TJE CHANCE TO MEET KEITH
art with your boi yeet
I got the same tongue
I have a small penis but
sm better than zach's tea series
Katie Sewell
Katie Sewell - Month ago
Wish we could get this in the UK.
Ciaran Barry-Yarrow
Ciaran Barry-Yarrow - Month ago
Please can this be available in the UK?! 😭
Edwin Nah
Edwin Nah - Month ago
10:44 On the next Try Guys Eat the Menu, Keith will turn himself into a pickle. He'll call himself Pickle Keith, and it will be the funniest shit you'll ever see.
Edwin Nah
Edwin Nah - Month ago
10:44 On the next Try Guys Eat the Menu, Keith will turn himself into a pickle. He'll call himself Pickle Keith, and it will be the funniest shit you'll ever see.
Katy Henderson
Katy Henderson - Month ago
Keith: "... Oh great, it's like wearing a soccer goal."
Me today: uh... um.... *looks at face mask*
luk clemmons
luk clemmons - Month ago
is it spicy as siracusa
gabben gabben
gabben gabben - Month ago
Who tf has actually bought it
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