Keith Makes A Hot Sauce For Chicken

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The Try Guys
The Try Guys - 7 days ago
It’s here folks! The chicken king of the internet officially made a chicken sauce! Buy Keith's Chicken Sauce here 👉
Britt Z
Britt Z - 23 hours ago
It's sold out already? Daaang! Great job Keith! I'll check back in and order it when it's in stock. I really wanna try it.
oceanbreeze79 - 2 days ago
Is the sauce gluten free? I have an actual gluten allergy!
Kristen Ebert
Kristen Ebert - 3 days ago
peepslostsheep oh my goodness I can’t wait for it to come back in stock so I can try it now!
kathy ruiz
kathy ruiz - 4 days ago
It's already sold out
Lexci Scott
Lexci Scott - 4 days ago
never realized how widely spread Walla Walla sweet onions are, just because i see them every day living in Walla Walla
Sümüklü Bean Paste
Sümüklü Bean Paste - 47 minutes ago
Rita Abou Nasser
Rita Abou Nasser - 4 hours ago
i have his same tongueeeeeeee omggggggg
ClassicDominique - 4 hours ago
3,000 was such a low starting number!
Alfredo Espinal
Alfredo Espinal - 6 hours ago
Keithhhh I have bothhhh!!! Omggg
sarahsarah - 6 hours ago
Can you pickle me? 🤣
Lucas Holmes
Lucas Holmes - 7 hours ago
Nice to see Vermont in a video on a big channel. Not something you see every day
Sunamicoro - 9 hours ago
Keith please make a hot sauce without dairy for us lactose intolerant sauce lovers!
imajenn2 - 10 hours ago
JeeZ ....Sold out fast..... :(
Teisha. - 10 hours ago
My gma in Trinidad has this secret hot sauce recipe that is the hottest thing ever.
cobalt blu
cobalt blu - 11 hours ago
Just got mine and tried it on some tenders. It's actually really really good!
it's got a nice kick to it. it's not too vinigery, you can really taste the peppers and the onion. it's just really nice.

good job yall!
and this is coming from someone who doesn't even like hot sauce! you can really tell this was made for chicken!
Rhylee Jade
Rhylee Jade - 11 hours ago
We love how he’s lactose intolerant and makes a hot sauce with dairy in it
quincy simmons
quincy simmons - 12 hours ago
Keith's looks like a minion in the hot sauce work shop
RogueDoodle - 12 hours ago
12:38 Keith says the nword?
Anna Marks
Anna Marks - 12 hours ago
Hey Keith will you by able to eventually buy this at your local grocery store or even Walmart, that would be so convenient if we could.
Like so Keith can see because I really want this hot sauce.
MlerpMlerp - 12 hours ago
Keith's Not-Too-Hot-Sauce: The Only Brand You Can Chug
Andrew The Mandrew
Andrew The Mandrew - 13 hours ago
If anything has occurred to me throughout this videos, it's that Keith has a praise kink.
hamborger - 13 hours ago
Tiffany Kulman
Tiffany Kulman - 14 hours ago
It’s already sold out!!!! Aghhhhh!
Tishanie Ratnappuly
Tishanie Ratnappuly - 14 hours ago
I’m so proud of you Keith!!
E Co.
E Co. - 14 hours ago
I know what I’ll be asking for for Christmas
Knight of Cydonia
Knight of Cydonia - 16 hours ago
Claire is bae
Hannah Cunningham
Hannah Cunningham - 17 hours ago
how did Keith come to Vermont and I had no idea?!?! as one of the 7 people who live in Vermont I'm greatly distressed to know that I missed your visit. LET ME KNOW NEXT TIME!!!
paigeisplayedout - 17 hours ago
omg they have heartbeat! that's from my hometown!
Kitteny14 - 17 hours ago
As...a person who hails from the lovely lands of Asia™ and fucking loves spicy food, this video desperately makes me want to eat spicy chicken.
Michela Cambareri
Michela Cambareri - 18 hours ago
Best advert I've ever seen, screw you John Lewis Christmas ad!
Jk it looks really yummy, hopefully I can get my hands on it at some point. 👍
Robert Fulham
Robert Fulham - 19 hours ago
All ready sold out! Good work Keith!!! Looking forward to buying some when it is available again!
April Reynoso
April Reynoso - 19 hours ago
Bought a couple bottles and... I and the husband (who loves hot sauce) APPROVE! Here at the DMV (Washington DC area) we put MAMBO SAUCE on our chicken. It’s a known thing. Your bottle will be in my refrigerator next to the Mambo sauce.
T C - 19 hours ago
Eugene does Hot sauce
T C - 19 hours ago
Extra spicy
Timothy Johnston
Timothy Johnston - 19 hours ago
Congrats! Wish it were dairy free too. Maybe your next flavor.
Austin Wampler
Austin Wampler - 20 hours ago
I ordered the sauce and it IS good on pizza lol!! You’re going to have to make more it is so amazing 🔥🔥🔥
Maximus Lie
Maximus Lie - 20 hours ago
I have a hot sauce for fried chicken
Lily Gray
Lily Gray - 21 hour ago
When she said “you want a lantern?” I thought she was kidding... she was not.
松谷春樹 - 21 hour ago
So what you’re saying is keith made hot sauce for white people?
HyDrA invasion
HyDrA invasion - 21 hour ago
I have a fissured and geographic toungue
Redd Thighs
Redd Thighs - 22 hours ago
I really want to try this sauce lol
Luis Scazufca
Luis Scazufca - 22 hours ago
I also have fissured and geographic tongue omg i've never felt so well represented on popular media
Rhiannon Mills
Rhiannon Mills - 23 hours ago
starlight 소 빈
starlight 소 빈 - Day ago
Noah kinda look like a prince Harry 😂
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