“Stone Cold” Steve Austin toasts AJ Styles with a Stunner after Raw: Raw Exclusive, Sept. 9, 2019

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SideSwiper aka DaBlitzer R
The ring is the most wet thing i ever saw
Chriz Riemers
Chriz Riemers - Day ago
Stone Cold was right. Even AJ made that stunner look great.
fatwa arifin
fatwa arifin - Day ago
who is sal? anyone please?
JaZe PooL
JaZe PooL - Day ago
Aj is truly his monocure, any legend he stands next to it just looks perfect
Pavankumar Sreenivas Murthy
Man 2 damn decades and only one true king. Austin forever
jjj sss
jjj sss - 3 days ago
that was a weak kick lol
Tawan Momo
Tawan Momo - 3 days ago
2:44 Anderson in the background thinking “This ain’t gonna end well” 😂
Coldsteel ii Games
Coldsteel ii Games - 3 days ago
I miss that day it was funny and amazing
Connor Murphy
Connor Murphy - 3 days ago
Getting stunned is like initiation of gaining Steve's respect lol
gogetit 500
gogetit 500 - 4 days ago
LOVE how the crowd says "What" anytime Austin is involved in any dialogue been a tradition for Decades 💯😂
Gamer Koclok Skateboarder
Stone Cold Is Legends AJ Styles Prank
Super City Gamer
Super City Gamer - 5 days ago
4:11 ok ok that's enough beer...wait i need another one.
Caleb Sudduth
Caleb Sudduth - 6 days ago
CDAEM.Filmosfera & Tim Davis Media
everybody should know by now when you and him drink a beer he is going to stunner you
George Atkinson
George Atkinson - 6 days ago
kudos to the guy who throws austin beers, he's probly been working for wwe longer than anyone else
Sahshah Sayisi
Sahshah Sayisi - 7 days ago
AJ was happy to have a legend their with him
Atwros - 7 days ago
what a guy
Vicente Servantes
Vicente Servantes - 7 days ago
Steven anderson awesome
Indian Ramsay
Indian Ramsay - 8 days ago
Only d luckiest gets a chance to sell the stunner for Austin
Learning Freak
Learning Freak - 9 days ago
Dolph Ziggler:''It should have been me".
Cut era Alfatih
Cut era Alfatih - 10 days ago
3:16ring master🍻👈🏻
quest 77051
quest 77051 - 10 days ago
Ur boy Skinnywinny
Ur boy Skinnywinny - 10 days ago
Stone cold almost laughed
Peridot - 10 days ago
He’s been stunned by Austin, he was Mean Genes last interview, this guy...
Zackary Murdock
Zackary Murdock - 11 days ago
Baily Nelson
Baily Nelson - 11 days ago
lol broken skull ipa 95$ a 12 pack
Aryan Nagpal
Aryan Nagpal - 12 days ago
How much meer can you waste
Stone cold: YES
Ego Death
Ego Death - 12 days ago
Never trust the rattlesnake
Omar Bravo
Omar Bravo - 12 days ago
Seth Rollins does not really care tbh
T56X 712X
T56X 712X - 5 days ago
Who cares about Seth? He will never be a legend like Stone Cold
Corey Carter
Corey Carter - 14 days ago
In the words good Ole Jr... Never trust a rattlesnake
Leigh Mcgowan
Leigh Mcgowan - 14 days ago
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kunal mishra
kunal mishra - 15 days ago
Drinking beer with Stone Cold and getting a stunner afterwards, there is no bigger honour then that.
Rick sowa
Rick sowa - 16 days ago
“Personally I think you’re a big pile of trash, but when the bell rings as far as getting the job done there’s no one like you” 😂😂😂 there’s nobody like stone cold
Cj batousi
Cj batousi - 16 days ago
Agente loqueishon
Agente loqueishon - 16 days ago
i love how friendly is Stone cold
Javion Snell
Javion Snell - 16 days ago
Sal was lucky that barricade was there
Team KSI
Team KSI - 17 days ago
Sal becomes joe
Harpreet Bedi
Harpreet Bedi - 17 days ago
Retired for 18 yrs..still gets the best pop...that's SCSA FOR YA!
Nate Espey
Nate Espey - 17 days ago
The beer literally went straight down Braun’s throat. I wanna see how quick he could shotgun one😂
Yuha Nguyễn
Yuha Nguyễn - 18 days ago
Do not accept any can of beer from Stone Cold :)
Uchiha Sasuke
Uchiha Sasuke - 18 days ago
He always does that lol
Master Jet
Master Jet - 18 days ago
It's already 2 decades and the one who throw the beer is still not in HOF.
영호 - 19 days ago
DayTripper1025 - 19 days ago
LMAO never trust the rattle snake
Haider Ali
Haider Ali - 19 days ago
How much disgusting is stone cold steve austin
T56X 712X
T56X 712X - 5 days ago
Addy sohail
Addy sohail - 20 days ago
Never trust stone cold 🤣
Rita Kumari
Rita Kumari - 20 days ago
Seth resting on the rope enjoying beer
SonycFox - 20 days ago
What name music 5:26?
stone cold steve Austin
Give me a hell yeah
Monta_ghost - 22 days ago
I love this Wwe moment so much
The King
The King - 23 days ago
3:50 did austin miss catching a beer for the first time?
Scorpio Gamer
Scorpio Gamer - 24 days ago
Austin is overacting my favorite is Aj
๋Ray Jake
๋Ray Jake - 25 days ago
Dolph Zigler can sell it better than AJ
Googles 14
Googles 14 - 26 days ago
Even sal from impractical jokers were there 😂😂
oryan criner
oryan criner - 26 days ago
Sal o my god
UNBEATEN PVD - 26 days ago
Ayan Samanta
Ayan Samanta - 26 days ago
We need stone cold steve austin in 2k20 as a general manager give me heal yeah
Ayan Samanta
Ayan Samanta - 26 days ago
Why vince mcmahon not put stone cold steve austin as a general manager
Seira Genovese
Seira Genovese - 26 days ago
2019 and the beer thrower and austin still had the reflexes!!
Amanpreet Singh
Amanpreet Singh - 26 days ago
how the hell is he catching all of this 😆
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