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GlitchMob Beauty
GlitchMob Beauty - Day ago
Girl, if you didn't pin point everything that was wrong no one would of noticed ♡♡, you so cute.
Liz Simon
Liz Simon - Day ago
Jacklyn I'm glad your coming back strong. Your doing great. I really hope people stop attacking you for everything possible. Anyways I'm proud of you. Keep it up girl 💚
Myobeez wax
Myobeez wax - Day ago
What happened to her face ?? She looking like a balloon 🎈
photolove250 - Day ago
Girl! your palette is BOMB. com
Gloria Little
Gloria Little - Day ago
Once getting this palette I realize why she was double swatching so not impressed
Neander Doe
Neander Doe - Day ago
Y’all still buying this garbage?
Jamie Marie
Jamie Marie - Day ago
Damn, Homegirl gained a few pounds.
Nicole Hernandez Morales
this palette its all i want from a color scheme 😍💖 the sunset vibes are reaaaal💖 I wish I could get my hands on it but I'm broke af 😭
Yoli Ari
Yoli Ari - Day ago
Jaclyn.... just do what you love!! YOur real fans will follow you and believe in you no matter what. F* those who are mean! They have no lives. Don't stress, don't cry, don't apologize, don't die for the haters!!!!
Sarah Higgins
Sarah Higgins - Day ago
I really do love this palette! I was wondering if anyone knows where her rings are from? They are very pretty :)
courtney jane
courtney jane - Day ago
I can't wait to try this palette! I was recently gifted your first palette for Christmas and I love it soo much, soo excited to save so I can get my hands on this palette.
Sameenyy - Day ago
Mine just arrived - obsessed 😍😍😍😍
CheDi Richardson
CheDi Richardson - Day ago
😍 Sold! 🙌🏼
Love the colors and with your first palette, perfect pair for everyday 🌞and party night. 🌚
Love and hugs your way. 💗
Bee Cee
Bee Cee - Day ago
This is so different from the palettes I have I'm definitely purchasing it once my taxes come in 😅😂
Alexis Frohlich
Alexis Frohlich - 2 days ago
I ordered this last night! Super excited because of how in love I've been with your first palette! I also want to say how big a deal it is to me that you support therapy. I've been suffering with depression and I'm not sure where I'd be without my therapist. I also go to school with a lot of Persians. A lot of them are feeling unwell, but they're scared to get help because of how the community views/shuns people who go to therapy. Mental health is so important and thank you for talking about that. It's so minor, but it means a lot!
Dani G
Dani G - 2 days ago
I ordered this palette. I have the 1st & it's my go to fave. Can't wait to try this!!
Karina Garcia
Karina Garcia - 2 days ago
I love purpled, red and pinks so I need it especially for the last two rows. (That yellow and gold😍)
Lacey Montoya
Lacey Montoya - 2 days ago
The palette is is STUNNING ❣ Can't wait for my palette to come in the mail❣ LOVE YOU QUEEN 🖤🖤🖤
Ashlynlove11 - 2 days ago
I’m barely watching this cus I ordered the pallete without even seeing the swatch 😂 I just saw you dropped another pallete and had to buy it. I love the first pallete and your vault & can tell I’m going to love this one! KEEP IT COMIN JACLYN! 😍
mds907 - 2 days ago
For your next intro, say 3-5 positive things about yourself, or your life. 🥰
Sadie Lacour
Sadie Lacour - 2 days ago
So exited for the new pallet I already have 2 of ur pallets can wait till I can get all of them!!😁
Raven Randall
Raven Randall - 2 days ago
I would love to watch you do different eye looks with this palette. Not a full face but just different looks ranging from a basic everyday look to a full glam.
Samantha Pritts
Samantha Pritts - 2 days ago
I need this pallet these are all colors I would consider wearing! 💜
Alexandra Perez
Alexandra Perez - 2 days ago
Please please please show me how you did your eyes with your pallet!!!! My husband bought me your pallet for Valentines Day and I’m absolutely in love!!!!
Nicole Rafael
Nicole Rafael - 2 days ago
I need you Jaclyn to sell “positivi-tea” IN A SINGLEEEE OMG IM OBSESSED!!! You have no idea how long I’ve been looking for a color like that 😍😍😍
Brenda Slechter
Brenda Slechter - 2 days ago
At first when I saw this palette I didn’t want it but now after watching the swatches I’m getting it I have the original palette and love it can’t wait to get my hands on the second one I’m sure it will be amazing!!!!😊
LaDonna_S - 2 days ago
Just placed my order. I can't to try this
Vera Limpens
Vera Limpens - 2 days ago
Jaclyn please stop pretending that you're fine and take a break to get back to the real you. Launching new products is nice and all, but the way to happiness lies within yourself. I really really hope you're gonna find some inner peace. 🍀
Raisa Cherry
Raisa Cherry - 2 days ago
But I must admit the golds and browns attracted my attention 💖
Raisa Cherry
Raisa Cherry - 2 days ago
Honestly,your other palette is my most favorite,and I binge use your former palette whether I am home or go out 😍💖💖 but this one eeeeh! Ummm! nope coz I rarely wear loud colours 😩
Just my opinion, otherwise dear you did a great job with this.
Raisa Cherry
Raisa Cherry - 2 days ago
*Tweezing it* 😆😆😆😆😆😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Broadcast Neo
Broadcast Neo - 2 days ago
terri pardo
terri pardo - 2 days ago
Your eyes look soooo SMALL isnt make up supposed to make them look bigger?? Weird
dannylover27 - 2 days ago
Been seeing lots of positive reviews, colors are out there! Contemplating on buying this this pallete! So gorgeous!.😍 Looooovvee Morphe! ❤
Carole caromeg
Carole caromeg - 2 days ago
You know what. I am from france, andI can tell that french people don't wast time like most american people for drama!! I mean on the internet, if you are washing (sorry for my english) videos from UK, from Asia or whatever, no one makes drama like americans. Are they just jalous, or boring by their life that they spent so much time to pick on someone like they do on jaclyn and certainly others!!! Jaclyn has lot of courage, but I hope that she won't pay anymore attention to all these bad comments, because when you are looking at them, most of the people are unknown, and what have they done with their life to thing that they can critisize or judge people, they have done nothing that we can be proud of !!!
Randouush Dms
Randouush Dms - 2 days ago
Omg !!! 😍😍😍 i’m in loveeee
Maggie Ovando
Maggie Ovando - 2 days ago
Jaclyn im in fucken tj wheree and when can oi get you palett??😭
Ariamna Albert
Ariamna Albert - 2 days ago
So where r u gurl? Make a video using the palette
Yutzil Dorantes
Yutzil Dorantes - 2 days ago
Tooooo. Much fillers
Lola Pinnow
Lola Pinnow - 2 days ago
Lmao people lose and gain weight in life. It’s no big deal. Jaclyn is still gorgeous and healthy and beautiful. I’ve gained twenty pounds and I can relate because it’s hard people see you as who you used to be and not who you are!
I dont even know
I dont even know - 2 days ago
Hi, I'm new here, but you're so bubbly and happy and nice😊 Definitely a new subscriber🌺✨
gnocchi - 2 days ago
but that’s a metallic or shimmer shade.... not a pressed glitter... uhhh......
Jennifer Baker
Jennifer Baker - 2 days ago
I’ve been staring at your nails for the entirety of this video! Please tell me you have pictures!!!! Are they pink? are they orange? I’m trippin!
Aimee Mcleod
Aimee Mcleod - 2 days ago
I just ordered her new palette I can't wait to get it. I adore Jaclyn ❤
Gislen Garcia
Gislen Garcia - 2 days ago
alguien me puede decir que le ha sucedido en la cabeza a esta muchacha...era tanto que no la veia..y ahora la veo y casi no la conozco
Alondra Marquez
Alondra Marquez - 2 days ago
In ALL HONESTY, why do people shame you in so many ways?!? Your the definition of perfect sis 😳😌💕✌🏼
Teri Karpeh
Teri Karpeh - 2 days ago
My mom has that but she didn't subscribe
Cohan Elise
Cohan Elise - 2 days ago
I cannot wait to order this!! xx
Lao Po
Lao Po - 2 days ago
You look like you gain little weight but cute.
Jennifer Loves Make-up, Nails, Hair & Lashes
Nah, when you gain weight your hair being down doesn't look good anymore. My hair has been in an elastic since I was pregnant.
xm - 2 days ago
How is she not cancelled??? How are makeup brands still working with her? Did everyone magically happen to forget the disaster that is her makeup brand? How can anyone still trust her? HOW?????
KANDN - 2 days ago
Their is something called forgiveness that many optimistic people have. Unfortunately I notice flaws more often than not, she needs to be canceled!
Pigmented Piff
Pigmented Piff - 2 days ago
Love u so much for never giving up
Mina Sharp
Mina Sharp - 3 days ago
I love you Jaclyn 🥰✨
Mel Arzola
Mel Arzola - 3 days ago
You’ve done it again! 🤯 ...I ordered mine a couple days ago and when I get it, it’ll be Xmas in February! ❤️🎄❤️
First Last
First Last - 3 days ago
Maybe I am way out of the loop but..I wanted to try some of your lipstick shades and can’t find anything on your website. Is this not a thing anymore? Or? Maybe I’m not looking in the right place? 🤓🤪🤓 Hellllp?!
J.Greene - 3 days ago
Congratulations !!!!! 🎊🎉🍾🎈 on a great ass pallet!! 🎉😋😋💎😘
Lindsey Raye
Lindsey Raye - 3 days ago
I saw the palette as a whole and thought it was beautiful but probably too wild for some people but once broken down into the separate rows, the usability of this palette is crazy! Gorgeous colors and so versatile I am in love!!!
GlamifiedRebel - 3 days ago
Ordered this and I’m so excited to play with it! ❤️
Sharon Kour
Sharon Kour - 3 days ago
Can u do a bridal look for ur skin tone with this pallette bcus im hv to work on ur skin tones in my job n i want some ideas thank you luv u x
Sharon Kour
Sharon Kour - 3 days ago
Im impressed with ur new pallette vol 2. I hv ur first one but this one is perfect too great reviews and im loving the colour pay off congratulations for your new pallette stunnning.
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