Backstreet Boys - Backstreet Boys Webisode 2

Magnolia C
Magnolia C - 3 years ago
Amo a estos chicos!!!!!!!!!
Maggie Dumanska
Maggie Dumanska - 5 years ago
Always loved Brian
MoahGentle - 5 years ago
What a cute little boy God! He must be 10 or 11 now?
AnnaBiondina97 - 6 years ago
love u guys hope with all my heart u stay always together
Crocheting Canuck
Crocheting Canuck - 6 years ago
LOL Brian...pretty sure all the fans know. Your wife's pregnancy was in all the magazines back in the day!
Maria E. Antonsen
Maria E. Antonsen - 6 years ago
057s = Nick's "Speci@l"St.M@ry a7imein!*.
Believeit8 - 6 years ago
Love you guys.
PurpsJL - 6 years ago
They don't like being called "boy band" they prefer "Male vocal group".
Georgina8980 - 7 years ago
Brian is so cute!!! But, I LOVE Nick!
Annekid333 - 7 years ago
Baylee hugging AJ made me awwwwww
missbritneyify - 7 years ago
I find myself blushing when nick and Brian talks. they are still so ridiculous HOT . I love you guys and if you can,make me blush today even though I'm. 26 you it awww,
Nicole Henriksen
Nicole Henriksen - 7 years ago
Am I the only one thinking it looks too hot for jumpers?
ShesThe1yup - 8 years ago
since you were 12 yrs old Nick wow you must miss Kevin then since he would feel like a bro too.
legendthriller158 - 8 years ago
im 12 and i always wanted to be a solo singer, but after seeing these guys, i realise being a boy band is way more fun
bykarti - 8 years ago
"we are like brothers" nicky,trust me,we see that! :) best boy band ever!
Leticía Teixeira
Leticía Teixeira - 8 years ago
1:26 "they are my family" awwwwwwwwwwn love you guys!
Sol Bizzle
Sol Bizzle - 8 years ago
1:17 aaww that's so cute!
I Love bsb!!
karol Winchester Cosplay
karol Winchester Cosplay - 8 years ago
I love you guys my 2 sisters and I grow up listen to your music and we don't regret anything and I'm still in love with Nick XD now i feel stupid jeje
rihannavn vn
rihannavn vn - 8 years ago
VIETNAM love you so much !!!
missykhban - 8 years ago
still in love with the matter how old you get,you just cant stop loving them.......its a whole history
franny192 - 8 years ago
love brain for 14 a 15 year now that is a lot of time:-D
Areej - 8 years ago
KTBSPA forever
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