Eating The Worlds BIGGEST Candy Was A Mistake

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Ricardo Estrada
Ricardo Estrada - 11 hours ago
Fun Dip!
Kit Kat
Kit Kat - 16 hours ago
I love Hersey I go each year and get chocolate
Roxas Casek
Roxas Casek - 2 days ago
........, Tah Dah! Pff what.
Kronos_Light7 - 3 days ago
Voodoo is so good. I love their doughnuts
Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn - 3 days ago
Look up it’s sugar they have so many big candies
Squarebody Case /Wade McKenney
I found those 5lb Hershey bars at Walmart
panda music
panda music - 4 days ago
hershy's kiss, more like girthy's kiss
Rozalind Gacha
Rozalind Gacha - 4 days ago
Fun dip
Edson Sapp
Edson Sapp - 5 days ago
fun dip
Emily Ritchie
Emily Ritchie - 7 days ago
4:20 dip dab
Zack The Knack
Zack The Knack - 8 days ago
First seconds are Mini reviewing dildos
Jake Schauer
Jake Schauer - 11 days ago
There’s bigger chocolate kisses
Nicholas Adcock
Nicholas Adcock - 13 days ago
I could eat all this with ease
Charlie Chow
Charlie Chow - 14 days ago
Sorry what mini at least that’s all
“That’s it Gregory”
Damn it Craig
jelu Playz
jelu Playz - 14 days ago
I've had voodoo donuts before
Michael Hellawell
Michael Hellawell - 14 days ago
Correction”sweets” WTF is candy
The car show
The car show - 14 days ago
Fun dip?
Makikoha - 15 days ago
0:47 mini, ya sneaky bastard
Cole Castle
Cole Castle - 15 days ago
Hershey is based in my state which I didn’t expect at. First Hershey pa
Torpedo Videos
Torpedo Videos - 18 days ago
you kinda look like Gorden Ramsey
Lone wolf
Lone wolf - 19 days ago
Is Ben to voodoo donuts They have a d*** shaped doughnut There is white cream
The astrian avali Zen-kun
Doing your cheat day RIGHT
Telirium - 21 day ago
Zero Two is probably drooling from that big lolipop.
Buttery Biscuts
Buttery Biscuts - 22 days ago
Mini. There’s a bigger Hershey Kiss out there online. Granted it was hollowed out but it was WAY bigger than your Hershey kiss.
TallRussianLeperchaun - 22 days ago

i have
Nicholas Saijaipadoi
Nicholas Saijaipadoi - 25 days ago
7:55 this one clip had me choking on my breath
Trash Person
Trash Person - 25 days ago
It seems I am more powerful then you
Emanuhel S.
Emanuhel S. - 25 days ago
i wanted bigger candy
•Zachary Pie YT•
•Zachary Pie YT• - 26 days ago
Locus Usri
Locus Usri - 26 days ago
honestly I need that chocolate bar after we drew to newcastle today
Nightmare pokemon
Nightmare pokemon - 27 days ago
i live in australia still gonna try to buy that big ass chocolate bar shipping and all XD
Shelly Miller
Shelly Miller - 27 days ago
When there is too many jokes that make you want to say "that's what she said"
Jackson Beachy
Jackson Beachy - 27 days ago
needs vat19 gummy bear
Spencer Hall
Spencer Hall - 29 days ago
Thay make way bigger Hershey kisis than that small thing I call that medium size
Emmeli F Svendsen
Emmeli F Svendsen - 29 days ago
I have bought and eaten not one but two gigant gummy beares... By myself... They are about 3,5 kg. I regret nothing
helmethead 04
helmethead 04 - 29 days ago
You cant get diabetes from high amounts of sugar
Todoroki the Triangle Cipher
Mini, buddy, there are larger Hershey kisses
Wolf Serenity
Wolf Serenity - Month ago
there's a bigger Hershey kiss commercially available
Steven Turkowski
Steven Turkowski - Month ago
What he doesnt know is us Americans have even bigger Hershey kisses
Singing Duets
Singing Duets - Month ago
Now eat them all...hehehee
Joe Alonzo
Joe Alonzo - Month ago
I've had one of those kisses. You cant bite into it. You have to kinda beaver knaw at it
Mad Boi
Mad Boi - Month ago
Snorting fun dip is one of my favorite hobbies.. 4:26
A Random Nerd
A Random Nerd - Month ago
my wallet is crying
Clayton Weber jr
Clayton Weber jr - Month ago
Who still watching this in 2020 😂
Wolvez z
Wolvez z - Month ago
8:32 tha-
Hold up, this is family friendly, damn it!
Johnathon Reedy
Johnathon Reedy - Month ago
Power of America we (me mainly) have big mouth's and biger stomachs
April Ford
April Ford - Month ago
All I can say about this video...…………… "DieAbEtEiS"
April Ford
April Ford - Month ago
why is craig spanking gummy bears
vance vrandall
vance vrandall - Month ago
i got diabetes from watching
Emanuhel S.
Emanuhel S. - Month ago
That's what she did
Sirena Moore
Sirena Moore - Month ago
I'm a woman and I ate one of those Hersey Kisses in one sitting...
Calimdor 213
Calimdor 213 - Month ago
I ate one of those kisses, I honestly regret my decision and wanted to vomit after eating it
PyroCinematics - Gaming and MORE!
I already have Diabetes and this video gave me Diabetes 2K20
Ghost Boi1234
Ghost Boi1234 - Month ago
Close your eyes and listen to 8:30
Reckless panda Gaming
Reckless panda Gaming - Month ago
Ahh it’s a bomb (licks)
Awesome Bro365
Awesome Bro365 - Month ago
my sister bought a 2 metre tall chocolate bar
Marko - Month ago
4:21 fundip
Chase Parker
Chase Parker - Month ago
I ate a 1 pound gummy bear by my self in 1 to 2 hours
bryce russell
bryce russell - Month ago
i had a 1 foot long Hersey kiss
WobblewokGaming - Month ago
Part 2, plz?
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