DABABY - BLIND ft. YOUNG THUG (Official Video)

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KatanaRick - 16 minutes ago
Aven Starr
Aven Starr - 18 minutes ago
Kevin Levy
Kevin Levy - 44 minutes ago
Who died because it says long live g so who is the g
mark nesbitt
mark nesbitt - 44 minutes ago
I can picture nelly on this
Slightly Towa
Slightly Towa - 50 minutes ago
Who ever acted as the grandpa was great lol
Camilla Whitaker
Camilla Whitaker - 51 minute ago
Young thugs makes everything special.
dhruv meena
dhruv meena - 59 minutes ago
now thats a song
Tukeiko Walters
Tukeiko Walters - Hour ago
You is fired a Dababy you just awesome awesome awesome I'm your biggest fan for real I'm your number one fan
Jae LaFlare
Jae LaFlare - Hour ago
WhoEver Reading This Keep Going 🏃🏿‍♂️💨DON’T STOP🚫🛑⬆️⤴️⏫👆🏿
Ta mère en Slip
Ta mère en Slip - Hour ago
Dababy has hair???
Trevor Curtis
Trevor Curtis - Hour ago
Wish we could collab https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=KnmhngBK1rE&fbclid=IwAR3TM1DQRTixw1h_Q-0oycyMBVAIQyLUaR2rTFeVunmkygNKWm1az3QvRPE
Mondo Rich
Mondo Rich - Hour ago
CompPlex Prod.
CompPlex Prod. - Hour ago
Yo this producer would be a great collab da baby so much tell me I’m wrong‼️‼️ #compplexprod https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMIkYnltctYckchiO0ZVX1A
Eryce Washington
Eryce Washington - 2 hours ago
dang granpa
Crrisstobal - 2 hours ago
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OP GAMING - 2 hours ago
All fans thumbs up here
Get it
Get it - 2 hours ago
Young thug really went hard on this one.
Fisher Amen
Fisher Amen - 3 hours ago

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Alessandro lopes
Alessandro lopes - 3 hours ago
The fight 🤟
Oarabile Donald
Oarabile Donald - 3 hours ago
This is Good AF🔥🔥🔥
ja morant !
ja morant ! - 4 hours ago
amod taylor
amod taylor - 4 hours ago
how is g
Bobby Reid
Bobby Reid - 5 hours ago
when did Dababy start tattooing his face?
Rico De Silva
Rico De Silva - 5 hours ago
This basura, i miss the old thugger lol
Stevie Woo
Stevie Woo - 5 hours ago
love ya,Dababy!💘💖💕...from WooWoo💃 in North Carolina!... Happy Holidays peeps!!!
Miguel Becerra
Miguel Becerra - 5 hours ago
Yooooo 💯💯💯
Rauel Escobar
Rauel Escobar - 5 hours ago
Why call young thug again? Pops coulda spit better verses
Barcelone M10
Barcelone M10 - 6 hours ago
Grandpa, wassup nigga? happy birthday man.😂😂😂
donkeradon - 6 hours ago
Jaii Da Sport
Jaii Da Sport - 6 hours ago
its the old man sleep at the end 4 me 🤣😂
Deveondi - 7 hours ago
This might be his best song so far. Good job bro! Keep going.
Urinal_Rotmg - 7 hours ago
Dj holiday season
Raphael Cardoso
Raphael Cardoso - 7 hours ago
Omg! That nigga BRAZIL TE AMA BABY
Ar M
Ar M - 7 hours ago
No homo DaBaby looking kinda good nowadays
Paweł Zieliński
Paweł Zieliński - 7 hours ago
Every fan of DaBaby must comment this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j00sc6666Dw
not again
not again - 7 hours ago
i thought he painted his face at first. it was just his shades
Kemari Lawson
Kemari Lawson - 8 hours ago
THISSSS ISSSS 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Hanna Mtz
Hanna Mtz - 8 hours ago
aanuel es ,mejor
Ꙟ ᵴᴇᴌ Ꙟ
Ꙟ ᵴᴇᴌ Ꙟ - 8 hours ago
This the same instrumental as Rod Wave Heart 4 Sale
Quiz Nation
Quiz Nation - 8 hours ago
Love this song.
Murphy Beaverwood
Murphy Beaverwood - 8 hours ago
Tania Galvin
Tania Galvin - 8 hours ago
Ugly Bastard
Ugly Bastard - 9 hours ago
I don't see how Young Thug is adding any value to this. Would've been much better without him. :)
Jenna A
Jenna A - 9 hours ago
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Austyn Ivy
Austyn Ivy - 9 hours ago
dababy: wassup niggga happy birthday u 90 old as fuck
Rohan D'cruz
Rohan D'cruz - 10 hours ago
That Roshi?
Darla Alvarez
Darla Alvarez - 10 hours ago
This is what I called clam thinking music hits lol
Joshua Pinnock
Joshua Pinnock - 10 hours ago
Chloe Montero
Chloe Montero - 10 hours ago
Chloe Montero
Chloe Montero - 10 hours ago
Richie Gurirab
Richie Gurirab - 10 hours ago
I've been blind this song means some thing for my life
Cayden Powell
Cayden Powell - 10 hours ago
In the middle his grandpa messed the video up lol
Aaron LorenzenZAaron
Aaron LorenzenZAaron - 10 hours ago
Young thug ruined the song.
Patrick Mutch
Patrick Mutch - 10 hours ago
Young thug 🙃🍀
Leathia Fails
Leathia Fails - 10 hours ago
If they don't put him In movies its gonna be a problem
Daniel Davis
Daniel Davis - 11 hours ago
I like your songs
Andy B
Andy B - 11 hours ago
Queefton Springs
Queefton Springs - 11 hours ago
This reminds us of our rap "Dragon in my Lap" :)
valthunter 123544
valthunter 123544 - 11 hours ago
is that really his grandpa
SporticalHD - 11 hours ago
make a song with fetty wap
Andrea Nicole
Andrea Nicole - 11 hours ago
If only one day I could meet him just for a second he is so foine lol
Semih Peker
Semih Peker - 12 hours ago
New song is out with young thug dababy and oldbaby😂
JOHNLEY SPORT - 12 hours ago
Grand Pa Dancing😂😂😂😂😂
KingCapricorn115 - 12 hours ago
Care what you say. That's HaHa in the thumbnail Buck-O 😂
Stoopeed - 12 hours ago
THIS GUY IS 'BLIND' TO DA TRUTH > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uiI09qkaWAo
Starfish - 12 hours ago
Certain beats you can just tell a certain rapper would kill it...n this beat even if young thug wasn't on it you would say 2 urself young thug would kill this beat
beth roberta
beth roberta - 12 hours ago
Mason Strawser
Mason Strawser - 12 hours ago
dude y is this my new faverite song by dababy
Andre Soares
Andre Soares - 12 hours ago
Yeah you 99 you old af now. 😂💪
LOVE - 12 hours ago
LiL GiBBY - 12 hours ago
he finally got a new flow 😅
Lil Christ
Lil Christ - 12 hours ago
My Fav Young Thug 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Slatt
Joshua Devonish
Joshua Devonish - 13 hours ago
this man tryna go mainstream fr
JadeYT - 13 hours ago
i love and respect young thug so much❤️
Yukio - 14 hours ago
wild wild iwld
Barney Schubert
Barney Schubert - 14 hours ago
Thug melody dope🔥
LO NER - 14 hours ago
patricia obasanjo
patricia obasanjo - 14 hours ago
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Samuel Ndem
Samuel Ndem - 14 hours ago
Luv Jay
Luv Jay - 14 hours ago
Are we gonna pay attention to Thug pants?? Drippy Ass Slime!! Dababy always fresh tho..
Anton Higgins
Anton Higgins - 14 hours ago
Hey dababy so you have security I am just asking because if someone tries to brake into your house
Let_Me-Alone - 14 hours ago
No se inglés pero me gustan estas canciones🇭🇳🎧🎶
Ashman TV
Ashman TV - 15 hours ago
Nobody: ...
Dababy: *LET'S GO*
Savaiz - 15 hours ago
I just want dababy and weeknd collab on a whole album😍
young blue ghost
young blue ghost - 15 hours ago
That video is fire 🔥🔥
Victo Paul
Victo Paul - 15 hours ago
Best song he made for a while now
adrian perugini
adrian perugini - 15 hours ago
Dababy x John Gabbana would slap
Juan Argañaraz
Juan Argañaraz - 14 hours ago
ICantSeeTooWell - 15 hours ago
david gitau
david gitau - 15 hours ago
Davy u wil be a great actor of course........ Young thug....u r my rapper
Orochi♪ - 16 hours ago
Foda 🔥🔥🔥
Chris Goods
Chris Goods - 16 hours ago
Not that bad after I let this song sync in my head. Still think he’s too mainstream and let himself go a bit. Still another sweet soft banger.
RA1L B - 16 hours ago
na the woo from-pop smoke-50 cent- and roddy rich ' is better
Austin Farmer
Austin Farmer - 16 hours ago
Yung thug fucking ruined this song
赤﨑義光 - 16 hours ago
Abdourhamane Sako
Abdourhamane Sako - 16 hours ago
i am love😍😛😚🤩
Mxlaxio - 16 hours ago
Sounds just like clean up crew by jackboy
King'S Ephraim
King'S Ephraim - 17 hours ago
yr gp is a goat
Tryna getrich
Tryna getrich - 17 hours ago
dee dericks
dee dericks - 17 hours ago
He need to be futered in a Gangstar movie..series though
Tryna getrich
Tryna getrich - 17 hours ago
ALEX FTW - 17 hours ago
dislike for disrespecting the granpa'
73 Raj Tupe
73 Raj Tupe - 17 hours ago
Tryna getrich
Tryna getrich - 17 hours ago
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