We Destr… Hydro Dipped a $1200 GPU!

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Albino - 22 hours ago
*_We Destr..._*
Logan Brasfield
Logan Brasfield - Day ago
0:34 😭😭😭😭😭😭
JAY - Day ago
Commander Shepard
Commander Shepard - 2 days ago
My wife calls her lady bits her 'Shoosh'...so it's odd to hear Linus 'shooshing' things around.
Vincent Austria
Vincent Austria - 2 days ago
Can I have it?
Danny The Dane
Danny The Dane - 3 days ago
7:06 Points at screen :)
kilgarragh - 5 days ago
From the title I was gunna unsub lol
John R.
John R. - 2 days ago
oh boy not these kids
Ozm8ey - 5 days ago
The title hurts me
Dark Black Raptor
Dark Black Raptor - 5 days ago
Why, bruh, why...
Dan Ungureanu
Dan Ungureanu - 5 days ago
Build a water-cooled heating gun.
latuba247 - 7 days ago
If you can hydro dip a gpu, that mean I can hydro dip my *T I D D I E S*
Adam Melton
Adam Melton - 7 days ago
Ugly AF
Remedii - 7 days ago
That looks genuinely good. Would be nice if pc hardware had more colors (not RGB) and pastels.
Z Gaming
Z Gaming - 8 days ago
You’re a mad man Linus
Diego Blanco
Diego Blanco - 9 days ago
Oh no, the Sr Pelo virus is getting to him 3:00
Sebastian Rose
Sebastian Rose - 10 days ago
hydro dipping is stupid.
Isaac Kvasager
Isaac Kvasager - 10 days ago
Just me....typing a random senten....WOW WE HAVE TO HYDRO DIP AN ENTIRE CASE.
MarkusTegelane - 3 days ago
Oh yes!
Itz Rookie808
Itz Rookie808 - 10 days ago
I really hope Nvidia does stuff like this!
Lacky Gaming
Lacky Gaming - 10 days ago
can you make more if these vids
qv4ck - 10 days ago
hydrodipped baby
EliteBanana - 10 days ago
Whoever taught him how to hydro dip should be fired
ZeArc Justice
ZeArc Justice - 11 days ago
My kidney hurt just watching it
soupisgoodfood - 11 days ago
The tie-dye of the computer world.
soupisgoodfood - 11 days ago
Are those iFixit drivers still made of the cheap steel they used in the fancy wooden box set of bits they were selling a few years ago?
Grivv X
Grivv X - 11 days ago
I’m an industrial painter and this was a pain
Ivor Davies
Ivor Davies - 11 days ago
There's $1,200 worth of glue right there.
Kale Jimenez
Kale Jimenez - 13 days ago
(ifixit sponsors video) linus- ooh cool i'll destroy some tech
The Zo
The Zo - 13 days ago
so only the most "dedicated fans", who watch another video past minute 14, get to know that this actually didn't work?
Jannik Heidemann
Jannik Heidemann - 14 days ago
A whole case, huh? 😏
Do a desk!
Ash - 14 days ago
The fact that this graphics card is more expensive than my entire pc
Kkm 88064
Kkm 88064 - 14 days ago
I’m convinced you film inside of an IKIA.
Bryan - 14 days ago
dude are you a fag or what
Chris Kwakernaat
Chris Kwakernaat - 15 days ago
How about overclocking and watercooling a smart tv..
Overseers Guardian
Overseers Guardian - 16 days ago
Omg yay dennis
Thaniel Brown
Thaniel Brown - 16 days ago
The LTT store should have an orange screwdriver if it doesn't
King Kromulus
King Kromulus - 16 days ago
Glue is cheaper than micro bolts. Cheaper to use, cheaper to design for. It's a cheap product. Doesn't look good for nvidia honestly.
Goblinlight104 - 16 days ago
Glue vs screw?
Curtis Ferguson
Curtis Ferguson - 17 days ago
I feel like I'm the only person who thinks that actually looks horrible with that paint on it now?
William Peng
William Peng - 17 days ago
sorry it looks like shit
War Thunder
War Thunder - 17 days ago
it looks like a white rtx with some Cheetos dust on it
klown van damn
klown van damn - 18 days ago
no mask? oh well, it's Linus!
The OS expert Daymon
The OS expert Daymon - 18 days ago
When Linus at the beginning just casually threw that GPU into the water I think I died a little on the inside and choked.
That's Mr Unicorn
That's Mr Unicorn - 19 days ago
use mineral oil and hydro dip it that way? so then you could hydro dip the pcb??????
Scott Napoli
Scott Napoli - 19 days ago
Linus: Only an idiot can't do this.... *Instant look of regret*
96donov - 20 days ago
Shouldnt Linus be wearing a mask while spraying ???
I Think those fumes are gonna get to him
Josua Robson
Josua Robson - 20 days ago
lol when you spend more time trying to skip the sponsor sections than just watching it xD
Abdul Muhaimin
Abdul Muhaimin - 20 days ago
RIP Grant Thompson on KoTR
1:39 You mean "What could *POSSIBLY* go wrong"
Douglas de Oliveira Cardoso
you should do this with mineral oil in full pc while it is working
InstrumentalistTurtle - 20 days ago
Linus Check out mr homeless’s video on the smallest pc he challenged you
Danish Meman
Danish Meman - 20 days ago
I don't know what I was expecting but that paint job looks like shit. I don't get it.
Cole Lariviere
Cole Lariviere - 20 days ago
Man i am still using a 780 ti. And you are all dipping a 2080ti in paint water!
bfastenau - 20 days ago
Will it work? why did you drop it?
ori0n - 20 days ago
What was the case with the infinity mirror in the beginning?
Jackson Ludwig
Jackson Ludwig - 21 day ago
Fettuccine are flat noodles. Linguine are every so slightly ovoid, thicker in the middle, creating slightly uneven cooking across the width of the noodle, adding a bit of "tooth" to your chew, without being wholly al dente.
Michele Gambacorta
Michele Gambacorta - 21 day ago
LTT just launched the new trend for PC gaming of 2020
Brinkwolf - 21 day ago
This video looks terrible... why is everything so blown out and bright? Somebody must've twisted the white-balance knob the wrong way.
Brandon Poisant
Brandon Poisant - 21 day ago
I plastidipped my cooler shroud for my powercolor r9 390 a couple years ago, shit was dope
Dj Ma7soon
Dj Ma7soon - 21 day ago
5:33is me watching this
Professor Koni
Professor Koni - 21 day ago
This is just terrifying, to say the very least
TruManGraehme - 21 day ago
You think so?
Fnaf Channel Quinn
Fnaf Channel Quinn - 21 day ago
Linus those sandal/sneakers with them socks!!! LMAO!
jerome vet
jerome vet - 22 days ago
you could have gotten the same point across using a 150 dollar Gpu, half the world only hopes to own a monster gpu like that in there lives and linus destroys it (colorwise). Nice video tho. i would never do something like that. function over form :D
J O - 22 days ago
Hydrodip everything!
Kutka - 22 days ago
I dont even have led’s
TruManGraehme - 21 day ago
I don't either :D
Putut Prabowo
Putut Prabowo - 22 days ago
Mmm, doeant realy look good,, still missing the point
FlamingDucky - 22 days ago
Click bait almost as much of a bitch as linus
TruManGraehme - 21 day ago
osvaldo garcia
osvaldo garcia - 22 days ago
Wear a mask next time
pleappleappleap - 22 days ago
Wear a mask, dude.
austin ortega
austin ortega - 22 days ago
Starts applying primer....cringes so hard my face implodes
ShadowMassacr13 - 23 days ago
Huey Freeman
Huey Freeman - 23 days ago
segway supreme
Mats Fangohr
Mats Fangohr - 23 days ago
Linus: Today's video was brought to you by...
Me: gotta be youtube (skips 10 seconds )
Flykope - 23 days ago
9:33 Dennis is a great guy
The End
The End - 23 days ago
This reminds me of the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit where cartoons get turned into puddles of paint.
TruManGraehme - 21 day ago
Aw ya cool
Joseph Galvan
Joseph Galvan - 23 days ago
call it the jawbreaker
thegamingferret - 23 days ago
Looks like a case hardened skin off csgo 😂
Molecule - 23 days ago
Wait did he say new writer that’s on trial ?
Rain Celestine
Rain Celestine - 24 days ago
The seg had me dying XD
WiseSilverWolf - 24 days ago
Who would actually do this? pointless video.
TruManGraehme - 21 day ago
I don't know...
Gint - 24 days ago
We Hydro Dipped Linus!
David Darida
David Darida - 24 days ago
Another clickbait....what are you doing LTT
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