Soulja Boy Is Out Of Control

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Daniel Mexquitic
Daniel Mexquitic - 15 hours ago
Who is watching in 2021
Kaos Shadow
Kaos Shadow - 5 days ago
soujia milk
ohike Playz
ohike Playz - 16 days ago
Sold ya boy
Grass Mcdirt
Grass Mcdirt - 16 days ago
Dude people are buying these things because they are kids with their moms credit cards or because of the brand
Ton Cormano Recio
Ton Cormano Recio - 17 days ago
XXL freshman 2016 beat
Xenon - 21 day ago
subscribe for no reason pls
im 10 and i knew soulja boy since i was like a baby
Nick Anderson
Nick Anderson - 21 day ago
600 dollars is barley any💀
Jasper R
Jasper R - 22 days ago
Nintendo probably didn't care but only did it to prove their point 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Charlie. Branton
Charlie. Branton - 22 days ago
Sonja milk
Yousuf Nihal
Yousuf Nihal - 23 days ago
eva is a limelight
eva is a limelight - Month ago
me: seeing the title
also me: yooooooooooooooooooooooooou soulja boy off in this oh watch me crank it watch me roll
Cake - Month ago
Blue Clouds
Blue Clouds - Month ago
"if you're younger than 10 years old you are not familiar with Soulja boy" *me knowing who Soulja boy is at age 9*
Blockbuster Content
Blockbuster Content - Month ago
He is out of control
Dope boi
Dope boi - Month ago
am 9 I know him
Christian Robison
Christian Robison - Month ago
Now I a loser for knowing who he is
Van Phillips
Van Phillips - Month ago
Imagine the irs thinks the orders are real and he’s only paying like $300 in taxes but they think he owes like $300k😂😂
Parker Dino
Parker Dino - Month ago
Look at Ryan’s shirt is basically says 6ix9
Emma McKinney
Emma McKinney - Month ago
Jayna Tatum
Jayna Tatum - Month ago
PuLsE_hybrid078 PS4
PuLsE_hybrid078 PS4 - Month ago
Me 14 was thinking im not a loser for being under 10 and not knowing him this is all trure but im a reatard
Xan Dromadon
Xan Dromadon - Month ago
Yo i found the coolest video streaming website its called soulja tube
Bray Sain
Bray Sain - 2 months ago
JD Rollason
JD Rollason - 2 months ago
Rxlls Rxyce
Rxlls Rxyce - 2 months ago
Toxic_Bannnanna YT
Toxic_Bannnanna YT - 2 months ago
Is this video copyrighted
If it is don’t watch it. Umg doesn’t deserve the money
Randomly Porter
Randomly Porter - 2 months ago
Vegan GummyBearz
Vegan GummyBearz - 2 months ago
Is it racist to assume that the white person in the room is giving you a hard time because you’re black? Just wondering, I feel like it is.... I know white people have don’t some shady stuff, but still to assume that every white person that is calling you out for doing ILLEGAL stuff is only doing the lawsuits because you’re black? I’m white myself, so I don’t know if I can say anything, but I feel it’s wrong...
Toby Rix
Toby Rix - 2 months ago
soulja milk
A random Person
A random Person - 2 months ago
Jervis Lee
Jervis Lee - 2 months ago
Do you no how freaking old Soulja boy is??!!🤣🤣
I hate My username
I hate My username - 2 months ago
0:20 all the 9yr olds that like 90's music: "The Council Will Decide Your Fate"
Carson_killer 15
Carson_killer 15 - 2 months ago
2009 is my birth year stop shaming me😭
u clods
u clods - 2 months ago
iiblush - 2 months ago
will - 2 months ago

-ryan- soulja boy: *sOuLjAmiLk
Please consider subscribing
I mean Kanye makes quality sneakers “YEEZY”
Nathan Jeffries
Nathan Jeffries - 2 months ago
Hey guess what I Soulja phone
Galäxÿ_Płãys :3
Galäxÿ_Płãys :3 - 2 months ago
Colin Tackenberg
Colin Tackenberg - 2 months ago
T series started illegally so there's that
CreeperPeeperBeeper - 2 months ago
I’m 11 and I donno who that woman is
Aayushmaan SHARMA
Aayushmaan SHARMA - 2 months ago
Why doesn't Ryan do his own review of Soulja stuff
Noah Anderson
Noah Anderson - 2 months ago
it actually takes you to nintendo
sander biga
sander biga - 2 months ago
Like i really wanna know who dislike like whaaaaat😂
hayden hui
hayden hui - 2 months ago
Flipa Animations
Flipa Animations - 2 months ago
Just pretend j in said something you would like....🐥
Muhammad Moosa
Muhammad Moosa - 2 months ago
Soulja milk
Àcardord _Lord
Àcardord _Lord - 2 months ago
Adam Adam
Adam Adam - 2 months ago
The cars are rented there’s no plates
ExotiKVisualz - 2 months ago
Ok like and Soulja u
Percy Molesworth
Percy Molesworth - 2 months ago
Percy Molesworth
Percy Molesworth - 2 months ago
2:04 is the back of your phone ok
Sahil Katarmal
Sahil Katarmal - 2 months ago
McKenna -
McKenna - - 3 months ago
*Soulja Milk*
Piximental _
Piximental _ - 3 months ago
Holmsgaardian - 3 months ago
Mr. Prankster
Mr. Prankster - 3 months ago
I’m nine and I know Soulja Boy
Galäxÿ_Płãys :3
Galäxÿ_Płãys :3 - 2 months ago
@Chase Alfiero Same.
Matthew Ewell
Matthew Ewell - 3 months ago
Soulja milk
Patrick White
Patrick White - 3 months ago
soulja my dad left 22 years ago to get milk.
na ha
na ha - 3 months ago
Michael Bikim
Michael Bikim - 3 months ago
I'm 9 and probably more music then you I knew soulja since I WAS BORNNNNN
Sparkle Squad Roblox
Sparkle Squad Roblox - 3 months ago
The ps vita thing came out on my birthday when I was 4!!!! I luv you
Criptix Subshock
Criptix Subshock - 3 months ago
Soulja boy is stll better then anything lil pump can make
Adam Sameen
Adam Sameen - 3 months ago
Soulja house? more like sold your house
Totally not Sunny
Totally not Sunny - 3 months ago
Haha my name is Sony
But spelt different Sunny
N4D0 K
N4D0 K - 3 months ago
Lava Gander
Lava Gander - 3 months ago
Mulchman 75
Mulchman 75 - 3 months ago
He doesn’t even use his own products because overwatch is on ps4 and xbox
AshTheDanceFighter YT
AshTheDanceFighter YT - 3 months ago
As a planet-traveler from the galactic system Nak’Tashę, I’m worried for your world... I mean, this human-man seems... interesting and... he has a very symmetrical jawline *clears throat ethereally* but... what is going on on your planet....? Do you need... h-help, we have technology... and... venomous plants...
Bella Jaynes
Bella Jaynes - 3 months ago
MrThunderLord888 - 3 months ago
there arent even 800 games on it it just repeats after like 100 games
Teodora Stojic
Teodora Stojic - 3 months ago
Crescent - 3 months ago
Jimin's lost Jams
Jimin's lost Jams - 3 months ago
Taiga?!?! Oh...I only know the Taiga biome in Minecraft...
Wish Dragon
Wish Dragon - 3 months ago
Am I a loser to u?? Really
Chicken Nugget kid
Chicken Nugget kid - 3 months ago
I am 11 and I don’t who he is
「 miilxtea 」
「 miilxtea 」 - 3 months ago
Soulja miilkuu
Perimeter Snipes
Perimeter Snipes - 3 months ago
8:22 Ryan: not all company’s have to start out illegally. Me: Yeah. T-Series:UUUUHHHHHHHH
Jericho Vitto
Jericho Vitto - 4 months ago
Do tyler the creator
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