The Console Wars

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- oaklolk -
- oaklolk - - Month ago
console more like video game console
Symmetry_draws - 23 hours ago
Daniel Large
Daniel Large - 5 days ago
Cause no one will console me
Nick Christiansen
Nick Christiansen - 7 days ago
Rheana Smith r/woooooooosh
MonkeyMan Gaming
MonkeyMan Gaming - 10 days ago
ohhhhhhhhh rekt
The dank leader
The dank leader - 11 days ago
Arami 007
Arami 007 - 3 hours ago
My Console War Video
Tommy Scott
Tommy Scott - 4 hours ago
Nintendo switch bye
Ben Byers
Ben Byers - 10 hours ago
What about switch drew says the console wars also all the consoles are good in this gen
skunk - 10 hours ago
9:40 acit was a good game
LEGO Builder the Gamer 1999
I have a Wii U PS4 and 3Ds-XL of all of those PS4 is my favorite because it lets me record Gameplay and upload it to my YouTube channel I think it’s awesome
LEGO Builder the Gamer 1999
The video Game console war will never end but we all know that DS will never win
Carson Bloms
Carson Bloms - 16 hours ago
epic radi' head record
Mykhailo Miroshnikov
Mykhailo Miroshnikov - 18 hours ago
Thumbs up if you heard Mass Effect 2 theme
Danielle pickens
Danielle pickens - 18 hours ago
I played backyard basketball and reader rabbit
Saad - 19 hours ago
Me seeing his 200+GB capture gallery 😳
JummySea - 21 hour ago
Lily Smith
Lily Smith - 23 hours ago
The only reason people think drew is sponsored because this video genuinely made me want to buy an Xbox But like in the past
Nick Harkins
Nick Harkins - Day ago
Nintendo is in the corner crying.
wasteofspace - Day ago
Mass Effect music in the background. Nice Drew
I am not Sean Lock
I am not Sean Lock - Day ago
Fr, drew... what is wrong with your channels censorship? Im not allowed to say words like "reprehensible" and "obnoxious" now?
One of the reasons im gonna unsubscribe. You stir controversy with every video you make, but you set it up so people argue in the comments but get ghosted for saying nothing offensive? Like you've either blacklisted half the English language in comments, or im just being tailed by a bot that deletes whatever I write. If its the former, the double standard is pretty irritating. If its the latter, well... i probably deserve that, but not to the level of ghosting im being subjected to, its ridiculous
And this will get deleted, too. Probably offensive cause I used the word "offensive", now, or something completely unjustified like that
FalseIdolRevenant - Day ago
PSWhore, Sexbox and NintendoBitch.
Can’t we all just agree that the Nintendo wii is the best
My dad had a weird obsession with the Nintendo 64 when he was like 20 and broke his rib cage and his leg so he bought me one... I SLAYED HIM AT MARIO CART LEMME TELL YOU ME AND YOSHI KILLED THAT GAME :>
Scaboodle - Day ago
PC master race
Arami 007
Arami 007 - Day ago
My console war
ećino pokö
ećino pokö - Day ago
W h a t a b o u t t h e s w i t c h
NyanBread - Day ago
I loved this kinda video from u drew !!
Heavy weapons guy
Heavy weapons guy - Day ago
solution: pc
miagrace55 - 2 days ago
i had never touched a console before last summer where my brother had the game pass for a couple moths. but I only played outer wilds. for like two months. best two months of my life.
Scree - 2 days ago
i remember vividly hating xbox 360 cuz we got it after our wii was stolen and my 8 y/o ass wanted to play twilight princess not call of duty so i wrote it off as only having fps games and also skyrim
CorBY - 2 days ago
Drew I’m surprised you don’t own a Switch mate
Allegretto Crescendo
Allegretto Crescendo - 2 days ago
Suckers, shoulda' bought a Gamecast like me
Cube - 2 days ago
Cool vid john mulaney!
Tommyache - 2 days ago
i realized that im obsessed with avatar at 5:52 when he played like 3 seconds of the avatar game and i became irrationally excited
Micah OrSomething
Micah OrSomething - 2 days ago
Xbox will always be in my heart. Halo 3, Reach, and cod. Will all be in my heart.
Daniel Sandin
Daniel Sandin - 2 days ago
You now people saying that Xbox is trash i gonna say something to the player’s that’s calls Xbox trash gay station 5
Mars Kahn
Mars Kahn - 2 days ago
I've bought skyrim 4 times...
Mars Kahn
Mars Kahn - 2 days ago
thats me I have Xbox 1 and ps4 and my bank account is uhhhh conflicted about the new releases
Sanatorium Nugget
Sanatorium Nugget - 2 days ago
You have friends
Lauren Letzelter
Lauren Letzelter - 2 days ago
Disneyland adventures is fantastic u take that back ☹️
Pratyush Praveen
Pratyush Praveen - 2 days ago
Me who has never had a gaming console and plays on a potato pc: Yeah the console wars are stupid
Candida Mousestar
Candida Mousestar - Day ago
felt this way to hard bro
tired of people who are annoying
How dare you say Viva Piñata is not appealing, I have put too many hours into that game.
Josh Burcham
Josh Burcham - 2 days ago
Ok but the Sam and Max games are still really funny and worth playing
eipg2001 - 3 days ago
I see Radiohead’s “In Rainbows” album back there.
jeebs621 - 3 days ago
I miss the 360 interface, the new Xbox one UI is so shit
Messy Lawnclippings
Messy Lawnclippings - 3 days ago
Ok so I grew up with an Xbox but my dad has a ps4 and it’s super friend
Emcee Hammer
Emcee Hammer - 3 days ago
I made a non chalent comment about how I'd wouldn't mind getting a playstation and I'm not shipping you my 8 year old nephew got mad @ me because x-box. Him and his 8 year old friends already rage @ each other over which console is best. Boy do they start young.
Senior Whoopy IRL
Senior Whoopy IRL - 3 days ago
Sponsored, by CarMax. Clever sponsorship actually
whome - 3 days ago
heres a comment for support
Stringer Strang
Stringer Strang - 3 days ago
I always switch consoles every generation to get a new experience but now ? I’m just buying both I need both! You made me too indecisive the smart decision is both !
Manatee J
Manatee J - 3 days ago
3 billion dollars for a movie?
Shane Turley
Shane Turley - 3 days ago
The PS is an air conditioner and the Xbox is a mini fridge
Liam 9001
Liam 9001 - 3 days ago
I’m personally going for PS5.
Gubby Bones
Gubby Bones - 4 days ago
I have good memories of going to my parents friends house where they had a pool and they had a wii and we just swam and played wipeout THE GAME on wii
Mohammed Bukhowa
Mohammed Bukhowa - 4 days ago
12:50 that's called ghost space i think
Nicholas Lewis
Nicholas Lewis - 4 days ago
In conclusion: Get a PC
Loafey - 4 days ago
Alright don’t hate on Sam and max
Lextheloser - 4 days ago
Drew, has anyone ever told you about our Lord and Savior, PC?
Kayla M L
Kayla M L - 4 days ago
Watch Seventeen Again with Tia and Tamera Mowry
osterToast3r - 4 days ago
My loyalty is to Nintendo
mey - 4 days ago
Mass effect ost 😭😭😭 I feel kinda nostalgic
Harlow Wise
Harlow Wise - 4 days ago
mini fridge or internet router
SpartanIsland27 - 4 days ago
LEGO Star Wars oh yeah
SpartanIsland27 - 4 days ago
“Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius, probably should have rented that one.” 😂😂
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