It's taken me years to make this video...

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Christina Snyder
Christina Snyder - 51 second ago
if i wasnt broke id buy all of it 🥺
Rita Teixeira
Rita Teixeira - 10 minutes ago
I love herrrrrr-😩🤧❤
alice rix
alice rix - 31 minute ago
i aspire to be as confident as liza now
mexican king
mexican king - 53 minutes ago
I think you are pure cringe but my sister likes you so I think you should know that.
Naomi Worgu
Naomi Worgu - Hour ago
She looks so happy
Our queen is glowing 😍
How much she’s grown❤️❤️
Andy.mtb.simracing - Hour ago
Whats with the different sized testicles on the shelf behind? 😂
Karoline Barbour
Karoline Barbour - Hour ago
Did anybody else think she was going to say she's pregnant or just mr
Azy Christie
Azy Christie - 2 hours ago
Are they available in India???? Like can we get them shipped????
Ruvarashe Masvikeni
Ruvarashe Masvikeni - 2 hours ago
DanniellaNutella - 2 hours ago
MB presents Anonymous
MB presents Anonymous - 2 hours ago
she is annoying af with all that screaming and exessive expressions
Londyn Smith
Londyn Smith - 3 hours ago
anyone else watching Liza in the mirror too?
Alisha Carr
Alisha Carr - 3 hours ago
Liza should have 73k subs like vbunny if y’all know her
Sam G
Sam G - 3 hours ago
Anyone else a little bit confused about the start?
Caryn Beaumont
Caryn Beaumont - 3 hours ago
You are the cutest!! SO PROUD and can't wait to see your hard work inspire the world xx
sam's little world
sam's little world - 3 hours ago
Liza: I'm a MOM dude
Me: Wow .She got back with David or what. Well they both lost there humor.
raindrop sue
raindrop sue - 4 hours ago
Anybody else been here since David dobrec
Gigi Seals!
Gigi Seals! - 4 hours ago
0:00 I really thought it was gonna be something SERIOUS cuz of the title "Its tooken me years to make this video" but then again it is Liza koshy
Angelic Potato
Angelic Potato - 4 hours ago
STOP wrinkling your face girl you already look 5-6 years older than you are AND YOU GOT BLACK GENES ???
lovelyjuliexo •
lovelyjuliexo • - 4 hours ago
wait does this mean liza is gonna start posting more? 🤭
En Vade
En Vade - 4 hours ago
Tell David to vlog again and also its been over a year get back together
Tomi Sanni
Tomi Sanni - 4 hours ago
I love youuuuuuu🤍🤍 I’m so proud and I don’t even know you! The eco friendliness has me in tears, ooooop ooooop
lovelyjuliexo •
lovelyjuliexo • - 4 hours ago
8:59 omf I thought YouTube ads knew I was watching liza Koshy LAKDKFKF
lovelyjuliexo •
lovelyjuliexo • - 4 hours ago
6:13 don’t be shy liza, drop ur hogwarts house 😌✨
lovelyjuliexo •
lovelyjuliexo • - 4 hours ago
5:14 omg she turned around 😂 & the vision board i can’t
lovelyjuliexo •
lovelyjuliexo • - 4 hours ago
3:01 the ghost wants to try it 😂
lovelyjuliexo •
lovelyjuliexo • - 4 hours ago
0:54 liza dancing with the wig omg 👏
Super Girl
Super Girl - 4 hours ago
qυєєñ - 4 hours ago
I love Liza but don’t come back and make a video about a product for money but I still love her ❤️
Trixie Tails
Trixie Tails - 4 hours ago
me: *sees Liza made a new video*🙊

ME: oh
Zareah Taylor
Zareah Taylor - 4 hours ago
no but liza actually kilt this brand, like i want everything
Malgeun - 5 hours ago
Aww she’s practically glowing, I missed her so much 💛
ItsElle - 5 hours ago
Can we take a moment to take in how beautiful Liza is.... Like hand your looks over.
👇also this is how much percent of funny Liza is if that makes sense
Misha Andreyeva
Misha Andreyeva - 4 hours ago
sorry but no one lol...
Nyd.Monroy - 5 hours ago
I haven’t bought new makeup in a SECOND. I had one of those reflective/crisis moments where I was like, WHY DO I HAVE 6 FOUNDATIONS, THAT ONE BRONZER FROM MIDDLE SCHOOL, AND THIS MANY DAMN BRUSHES. I finally got rid of so many unnecessary makeup pieces, have been using up the rest, and looking to invest in clean, versatile makeup. This could not have come at a better time. Gracias!!!!! Thank youuuu!
Brenna Danzebrink
Brenna Danzebrink - 5 hours ago
i love liza
Avoiceintheshadow - 5 hours ago
So, sis gonna pull a Jaclyn Hill on us and come back only because of selling us something?
Laura Powell
Laura Powell - 5 hours ago
she looks so much happier 🥺🥰
Dachota Parker-Bowser
Dachota Parker-Bowser - 5 hours ago
I freaking missed you !!!!
Dachota Parker-Bowser
Dachota Parker-Bowser - 5 hours ago
Lauren La Monte
Lauren La Monte - 6 hours ago
A boasty ghosty... were you cute in a past life?? Lmao
caramel . bebe
caramel . bebe - 6 hours ago
Omg, tell me why I read this title and the first thing that I said out loud was:

*g a s p* "Is ShE gAy!!?!??"
Lauren La Monte
Lauren La Monte - 6 hours ago
How do you so much energy? Lol
sailor b
sailor b - 6 hours ago
ahhhh you look so much livelier now!!! i'm so proud of you and your beauty line looks amazing i wish i could afford it :( we missed you a lot
Elisa Cowan - Brawl Stars
Liza when she has free time:
Google User
Google User - 6 hours ago
Can you encourage Jenna to come back?
Kaitlyn Rios
Kaitlyn Rios - 6 hours ago
Oh how I have missed her
Toe Monster
Toe Monster - 6 hours ago
This is the first video I’ve ever watched of Liza and I’m weirded out
Austin M
Austin M - 6 hours ago
8:43 put the video on slow motion and you can see it for a second.
Mermaidsoul 118
Mermaidsoul 118 - 6 hours ago
I AM SO PROUD OF YOU LIZA 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 I cant wait to buy some
Noori Jinan
Noori Jinan - 6 hours ago
i am so proud of you i asdbgaisdgbaosubdf thank you so much asdgjbaosdjgbadbgla
maddy G
maddy G - 6 hours ago
Omg, i have missed her so much :(
Diniel Benneth
Diniel Benneth - 6 hours ago
I missed you so much
Maria Alyssa
Maria Alyssa - 6 hours ago
love thisssssss, the vibes are immaculate
London Williams
London Williams - 7 hours ago
Never a dull moment on the liza koshy channel
Emma Tanapattanachai
Emma Tanapattanachai - 7 hours ago
Lol the first minute of this video is just her dancing like a maniac in front of a camera and her dog🤣 But I still love it 💘
👇if you love it too
Leslie COSTELLO - 8 hours ago
I know the owner of beauty counter!! I use this makeup on my skin
Katarina Pjanić
Katarina Pjanić - 8 hours ago
you are gonna shape my personality again and i love it. ALSO i wanted to change my name to yours a few years ago
Jordan Tasby
Jordan Tasby - 8 hours ago
That wig Liza ..
That wig is a look .
Kelcie Hanks
Kelcie Hanks - 8 hours ago
This came out on my birthday 🎂 party with liza
Emilija Šimkevičiūtė
Emilija Šimkevičiūtė - 8 hours ago
I'm so proud of you, Liza!
Zuleija Murillo Morocho
Zuleija Murillo Morocho - 9 hours ago
Look at our little Liza sharing the mayoooo! :') ♥
Tehrica Benta
Tehrica Benta - 9 hours ago
@hyram plzzz react to this !!!
Tehrica Benta
Tehrica Benta - 9 hours ago
Jessica Fitzsimmons
Jessica Fitzsimmons - 9 hours ago
The packaging hurts my eyes
Joey Aguado
Joey Aguado - 9 hours ago
Shes getting old
Venus Bounthong
Venus Bounthong - 9 hours ago
I love how you only come here to promote and do a sponsored video lol. Actually you do this on all platforms.
Cayana Perkins
Cayana Perkins - 9 hours ago
If she starts posting daily again I’m gonna cry of happiness 🥺🥺
nabeela hassan
nabeela hassan - 9 hours ago
I’m dead😂😂😂 the beginning
April Paradee
April Paradee - 9 hours ago
cash grab
jetboy lil manny
jetboy lil manny - 9 hours ago
LMFAO the beginning doe
Julie Smith
Julie Smith - 10 hours ago
She came back :D!!!!
h-ii-b-a - 10 hours ago
The ambiguity over your position with cest moi is unsettling at this point- how are u affiliated with them. I’m pretty sure this is breaking advertising standards globally at this point
Ana Santana
Ana Santana - 10 hours ago
Why YouTube is only notifing me today?
Mani1 100_yt
Mani1 100_yt - 10 hours ago
Liza when can we get a new season of Liza Koshy. And congrats 🎉🎈🍾
Lubna Hamed
Lubna Hamed - 10 hours ago
Im so proud of you🥺🥺💛
libby jazbec
libby jazbec - 10 hours ago
2016 called they want their humor back
Justin Y's Uncle
Justin Y's Uncle - 10 hours ago
Hey look you learned how to twerk!
Fany Borges
Fany Borges - 11 hours ago
Tia Buster
Tia Buster - 11 hours ago
oh how do i love her :)
Allysse Stokes
Allysse Stokes - 11 hours ago
this is cool ^_^
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan - 11 hours ago
Now she actually has a dog and has an excuse for why she’s eating dog food
smilezz :D
smilezz :D - 11 hours ago
We have been waiting for you
It’s me Nevaeh!
It’s me Nevaeh! - 11 hours ago
Omg girl, you are so fricken beautiful, and btw I watched work it, AND DAMNNN GURL YOU CAN DANCE 😂
Lizzyisda_ bomb
Lizzyisda_ bomb - 11 hours ago
i'm really sorry if this is going to offend you Liza, i still love you but:
it's not 2016 anymore

please don't attack me...
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan - 11 hours ago
Can I buy these online????
Emily Wong
Emily Wong - 11 hours ago
Is her collection permanent?
Yvette Rosanna
Yvette Rosanna - 12 hours ago
uhhh I'm hyped - finally someone with a skintone like mine releasing make up etc...
Tiffany Corbin
Tiffany Corbin - 12 hours ago
Man I really hate how this making me feel. I really loved Liza and I loved that she went and she found herself and was behind that 100% but now it just feels so off. Dip in when she has something to promote and dip back out. ☹️
Lujain Alshami
Lujain Alshami - 12 hours ago
Her curls re poppin tho!
massacre makeup by toni Defields
Well that sucks as a reveiw channel (no not on YouTube on fb) I can't reveiw this product 😕 😢 😞 because it doesn't ship to Canada im so sad 😢
Taren Rae James
Taren Rae James - 12 hours ago
I'm so happy for you
Kenzie Morace
Kenzie Morace - 12 hours ago
Yaasss I want try this ♥️♥️♥️♥️🥰
CI FAM - 12 hours ago
you should do a video with JAmes charles using your makeup products.
Zoe Mendoza
Zoe Mendoza - 12 hours ago
I thought it was gonna be somthing emotinal
Rim J
Rim J - 12 hours ago
Lizaaaaa I'm so happpy for youuuuu this is so niiiiceeee
Malak Khalid
Malak Khalid - 12 hours ago
dude you have no Idea how happy I am for youuuuuu
Hum ???
Hum ??? - 13 hours ago
Liza I’ma need you to start selling these in drug stores cause my dad won’t let me order online ESPECIALLY makeup so get that in drug stores gurlll
Crystal Cruzin
Crystal Cruzin - 13 hours ago
YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!! I love you, and I love thisssssss!!!!!!
Alyssa Rath
Alyssa Rath - 13 hours ago
why can’t this be available for australia!
That lil church gurl
That lil church gurl - 13 hours ago
Can I buy these online????
keonji - 13 hours ago
um y'all just ever go back and watch her old videos and vines and just cry because you want that back...yeah me too :)
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