Top 10 Historical Unsolved Mysteries

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Timothy Elliot
Timothy Elliot - 4 days ago
The treasure of Michaelis was reconciliation for Polish
Kathy Mack
Kathy Mack - 20 days ago
Gods = aliens. This is as bad as what happened to the misnamed " history" channel.
SafetySpooon - Month ago
Or maybe the fact that there is NO PROOF for "the star of Bethlehem" means that *it never happened*
Shadow 01057
Shadow 01057 - 2 months ago
Call nathan drake, he'll solve all this in one game
Ivan J. Conway
Ivan J. Conway - 2 months ago
You don't pronounce words very well, do you?
lil autismo
lil autismo - 3 months ago
Bruh where tf was jack the ripper
plumreid - 3 months ago
Several odd pronounciations. Odd choices for the list. Facts that are slightly wrong.
Master Oogway
Master Oogway - 4 months ago
The star of Beth-LEE-hem.
The Chris-TEA-an religion.
Yep, that’s DEFINITELY right.
Raju Sharma
Raju Sharma - 4 months ago
Genghis khan must have been killed and/or cut into pieces attempting to make him disappear from the pages of history as he was the cruelest.
HackerBOB 1011
HackerBOB 1011 - 4 months ago
How about Atlantis, the pyramids, Stonehenge, the disappearance of Roanoke, etc
Mr Manceres
Mr Manceres - 4 months ago
the Bimini road is just a geologic formation. Similar to the giants Causeway in Scottland.
Jere Lull
Jere Lull - 4 months ago
Pronunciation errors: Bimini and Cayce. Sorry to be new World-centric about them, as usually you do pretty well (other than some of the stranger British pronunciations which I hardly even notice these days).
Furor Frisii
Furor Frisii - 4 months ago
The star of bethlehem. You missed the mnost logical option.
There NEVER HAS BEEN ONE. Purely fairy tale/ myth, SImple.
Audrey Beau
Audrey Beau - 4 months ago
Who’s here in 2020?? :)
BWdoggrooming - 6 months ago
What if the German government has his gold?
Grant Millard
Grant Millard - 6 months ago
Those subtitles are distracting. Can't watch.
joseph Rapoza
joseph Rapoza - 7 months ago
What a waste of 10 minutes
sugarkaneandchloe - 7 months ago
Cayce is pronounced KayCee
deity - 7 months ago
You could’ve done one about the sea people
Jere Lull
Jere Lull - 7 months ago
A minor language quibble: I believe the more proper term you should have used over theorists is "conspiracists", since that seems to be the context you're using it in -- Conspiracy theorists --
ben prastitis
ben prastitis - 7 months ago
Joseph Benson
Joseph Benson - 7 months ago
Von Daniken is a charlatan. Former hotel manager and did time for fraud. (If I didn't nail those two facts, I'm close enough for my point.). He came up with a bunch of theories for which he has nothing in the way of evidence. I think the gods of Olympus were collections of hyperintelligent flies, congregating together inside a human costume. Prove me wrong.
John Hand
John Hand - 7 months ago
Kelly and his hero’s found the gold in a bank.
John Barber
John Barber - 8 months ago
The Cyclops. If I knew I was headed for Baltimore, I'd"vanish" too.
CAO Designworks
CAO Designworks - 8 months ago
Man, now I remember why I thought this channel was trash back in the day. This is the kind of research and accuracy I expect to find on a two subscriber conspiracy channel.
Prjndigo - 8 months ago
The Phaistos disk is a song. A children's song used to teach writing.
Red 94MR2
Red 94MR2 - 9 months ago
wtf, an ancient alien assertion by Van Daniken made your "Historical" list?
Prowler Cam
Prowler Cam - 9 months ago
The Minoan disc was an ashtray some kid made in school for his mother.
Max Power
Max Power - 9 months ago
I'm a simple man. I see crap about ancient alliens, I hit dislike.
R3DSH1FT - 2 months ago
@Ivan J. Conway Then why do you think it's "simple" to dismiss a claim that has no evidence?
Ivan J. Conway
Ivan J. Conway - 2 months ago
@R3DSH1FT : I don't know, you tell, as I've never made that claim.
R3DSH1FT - 2 months ago
@Ivan J. Conway What evidence is there that the Greek gods were ancient aliens?
Ivan J. Conway
Ivan J. Conway - 2 months ago
@James Sullivan : Well, you're as bad as him, then. Out.
Ivan J. Conway
Ivan J. Conway - 2 months ago
Yep, simple probably describes your mind and thinking processes quite well. Out.
Malcolm Brown
Malcolm Brown - 9 months ago
Speaking of the USS Cyclops. I've read that she carrying a return cargo of manganese, which s a quite dense ore. So took up a lot less space than her regular cargo of coal and that at some point due to some unknown accident or whatever, the manganese cargo shifted leading to the ship turning over/sinking. As well as having a somewhat [by some reports] a somewhat eccentric U.S. Naval Captain of German descent.......
crbielert - 9 months ago
More drivel.
tom kat
tom kat - 10 months ago
THEY BLAME EVERYTHING ON HITLER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ashley cross
ashley cross - 10 months ago
9. Was probably a rogue wave...
Melinda Kraft
Melinda Kraft - 10 months ago
Is this a computer because he mispronounces many words in all the shows
Old Daddie
Old Daddie - 10 months ago
I wish you had included the Disappearance of the Amber Room on this list!
Ish Kabibble
Ish Kabibble - 10 months ago
The WOW! signal isn't a mystery. It was a it was a staelite rocket launched in 1970 to take pictures of a planet. Im not positive but it may have been called Jupiter 10. Decades later, it's battery was still working and still sending back signals from billions of miles away which was a little ways out of our solar system.
Richard Jack
Richard Jack - 10 months ago
She didn't deliver the movie tape because she was Arkancided...even back in those days.....
Stephen Enders
Stephen Enders - 10 months ago
#3 yes.
Michael Don Corleone
Michael Don Corleone - 10 months ago
constipated in sin city
constipated in sin city - 10 months ago
Ghengis Khan tomb is under a river near an old bridge. The stream is trickling over the area. There's a cave overlooking the spot with Mongolian graffiti!
Michael Beglin
Michael Beglin - 10 months ago
The "Babushka Lady" has been identified for decades.
LodiTX - 10 months ago
There's actually a lot about Columbus we don't know for sure. Like his actual name and birthplace, since the historical record does not back up some of his story. His family relationships are also a little murky. As far as where his body ended up, who cares? It was dead meat that decayed. It was his life which was important, not where they stashed his corpse. It's not like his body turned to gold or anything, right?
Mike May
Mike May - 10 months ago
Most of these so called mysteries should have been included in the conspiracy theory top ten
Mike May
Mike May - 10 months ago
erich von däniken was a crank who has put everything down to aliens
Joshua Fante
Joshua Fante - 10 months ago
I found Hitler's stash, used it to find Pablo Escabars money which I used to find El Chapos money which I used to get high, so now I'm in debt and rehab.... Life's crap.... Lmao not really! I left rehab and robbed two banks naked wearing only sandals n a hat .. but I spent the money on clothes and donated em all to Goodwill. Robbed Goodwill n took a vacation to the Pentagon. Stole secrets n sold em to Russia. Robbed Putin so now I'm dead... Thanks
jhamilton07 - 10 months ago
I love unsolved mysteries particularly of ships and planes. Cyclops is one of the better known stories. While the mystery of when and where it went down will probably remain for some time, what happened to it is no mystery. It left port overloaded and under powered because of a dead engine with an undisciplined crew that had no faith in their Captain and sailed into bad weather under those circumstances. It would probably be a bigger mystery if it DIDNT sink under those conditions.
Wayfaring Stranger
Wayfaring Stranger - 10 months ago
You aren't pronouncing Cayce right. It isn't "case" for pronounciation, phonetically, it's "Cay-see"
Gordon Marshall
Gordon Marshall - 10 months ago
I speculate Hitler's gold is at the Vatican, I am sure I'm not the first.
Tedd Zagan
Tedd Zagan - 10 months ago
The only reason I can imagine anyone would want to find Columbus' remains is to *x!55* on them.
spradder5 - 10 months ago
Did you say that Columbus was originally interred in Vigiadolid? Surely you mean Valladolid, the former capital of Spain. It might be pronounced Fa-cha-dol-id by some or Vaya-dol-id by others or even conceivably Vaj-a-dol-id, but in English, it's well known to be pronounced Va-la-dol-id and in Castillian Val-ya-dol-id. This is just one of the excruciating errors in pronunciation in this particular Top 10. I rarely dislike a video, because I know how much research and effort goes into most of them, but surely you check for spellings and pronunciations? before embarking on a recording
charles stuart
charles stuart - 11 months ago
Bim min nee Road
Haekathe - 11 months ago
My theory about the Babushka lady had always been this: it was the 60'. She was probably a defiant house wife who went to see the parade despite her husband forbidding her. She wore the scarf to avoid recognition and never came forward with the photos because her husband would probably have battered her if he found out it she had been there.
MilliganX - 11 months ago
Beth-Lee-ham!!!! What Really? Beth-la-hem...graciousness please.... Christi-hands....ugh!!!
Kevin Rouse
Kevin Rouse - 11 months ago
The "were the Greek Gods aliens?" one isn't a mystery, unless every crackpot theory ever conceived is also a mystery. Yeesh.
Love & Honour Honour
Love & Honour Honour - 11 months ago
The Mayan Disk shows the beginning of our Universe at 14 Billion years ago. The greatest mystery is: How did the Mayans know what happened 14 Billion years ago, without the the Hubble telescope? This is the greatest mystery on Earth.
American Pride
American Pride - 11 months ago
Honestly my guess for where gengis was buried was the forest that protected him from those trying to kill him in his youth
Deborah Rogers
Deborah Rogers - 11 months ago
Edgar Cayce... prediction about Bimini
Babushka lady - time travel?
seekr696 - 11 months ago
4. could it be the biblical reference to the star refered to as "wormword" in the bible? If it was we'll see it when it crashes into the earth at the beginning of armageddon.
Enrique Oliver
Enrique Oliver - 11 months ago
There's two skeletons of Columbus buried in Cuba one of when he was 25 years old and another when he was 40. I've been to both Graves and they r both authentic. There are also graves of Columbus at other different ages burried in a few other Caribbean islands
JJS3023 S
JJS3023 S - 11 months ago
Feel like I'm watching the History Channel with all the alien talk.
stacey4u2luv - 11 months ago
Who is the Zodiak and Jack the Ripper? Was Princess Di murdered deliberately? Did the escapees from Alcatraz survive and live amongst us and go unrecognized? Mysterious entities are they ghosts, demons, or the imagination of humans that may have a temporary psychosis?
Peter B
Peter B - 11 months ago
Far more bollocks than the usual TopTenz; aliens? Nope, nope and nope!
Peter B
Peter B - 10 months ago
Agreed, yet another trying to profit from the gullible conspiracy theorists; a fraud and a knobhead is probably quite an accurate description.
Pelle Svedén
Pelle Svedén - 10 months ago
And....Von Däniken is either a fraud or a knobhead. ...probably the latter. It's embarrassing!
Julian Bristow
Julian Bristow - 11 months ago
That Babushka Lady disappeared all right......
Kevin Cheeseboro
Kevin Cheeseboro - 11 months ago
Hitler's gold is more than likely in the vatican vault. The vatican was dirty as hell in ww2.
Drake Savory
Drake Savory - 11 months ago
Update: The WOW signal was a comet
thisguy - Year ago
Not even a mention to the bridge between India and Sri Lanka disappointing
Willfull Altruist
Willfull Altruist - Year ago
F$%# Christopher columbus
StillShadows1987 - Year ago
Basically alien conspiracy dribble. Edit: Thank goodness your more current videos aren't. Didn't notice the 2014 date.
StillShadows1987 - Year ago
If you believe Hitlers gold is anywhere besides in a bank in the US, you're unteachable.
Oscar Barbeito
Oscar Barbeito - Year ago
The Hitler treasure is probably in "La Cumbrecita" in Argentina
Graham Hill
Graham Hill - Year ago
How to double fare a brake pipe
Bruno56 - Year ago
For me the biggest mystery is how intelligent life could had evolved after billion of years of non intelligent life. That I am afraid will stay a mystery.
Greg Claflin
Greg Claflin - Year ago
Yeah nothing like hearing a bunch of butchered commonly known names to make you wonder if the writer and presenter didn't just drop onto this planet from nowhere or have been living in a box all their lives.😂
Greg Claflin
Greg Claflin - Year ago
Bim-min-nee road, Eric Von-don-ni-gat, His-span-yola, Edgar kay-cee learn to pronounce words Simon.
Fran Reid
Fran Reid - Year ago
I liked this vid better when Simon was in it, his body language added an impressive dimension to the stories.
ClaptonFan91 - Year ago
The wow signal has been debunked pretty much since it was found and generally accepted as being a pulsar, which are rapidly spinning neutron stars, most are less than 100 kilometers in diameter, that have unimaginably intense magnetic fields and are incredibly dense gravitationally. Some rotate at speeds of 1 rpm per hundreds of Earth years and others as fast as hundreds of times a second.. the fastest know is spinning at 24 percent the speed of light!! About 70,000 kilometers a second... A pinhead of material from the average star could weigh millions of tons... The gravity is so intense, that if Mount Everest were theoretically on its surface, it would only measure millimeters about the rest of the surface. The intense magnetic fields (millions of times stronger than the Earth) produce strong jets of electromagnetic radiation at the poles. One of those jets happening to hit the radio telescope at the right time is what the current belief for the signal is
kelly hill
kelly hill - Year ago
Dont know where Columbus remains are but his soul is burning in hell. Dont believe me ? Just read some actual facts about how Columbus really was as a human being.
TheLoneRideR - Year ago
According to clive cussler wasn't the cyclops hit by a "rogue wave" lol...
Cyber Monk
Cyber Monk - Year ago
The Phaistos Disk was translated around ten years ago. Basically it was a recruitment notice for foreigners to join King Naxos of Minoa to fight against the Carians.
Kenneth May
Kenneth May - Year ago
Some of your fact are off and please if you want to be considered knowledgeable learn the correct pronunciation of your subject.
IETCHX69 - Year ago
I wonder if he does it on purpose , because some of them ARE that bad !
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