Gordon Ramsay Fishes & Cooks Squid | Gordon's Great Escape

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Lavar_Ball - 2 minutes ago
this is years old
Jentz__101 - 18 minutes ago
I bet that Vietnamese guy he asked how it tastes said it’s tasted like dog crap but the translator was just like he said it tastes great
Tawny XD
Tawny XD - 3 hours ago
me watching gordon ramsay cooked a tasty food while eating a chetos.
and i didnt do yet my assigment.
KP johnson
KP johnson - 3 hours ago
gordon u grew up with alot more privileges than these people dont talk about eating in a humble way.
Robert Copeland
Robert Copeland - 4 hours ago
I fucking love watching shit like this coming from him. Dope as fuck
Duramax Extreme
Duramax Extreme - 7 hours ago
I hope you answer but so many people demand your time. My son loves all your shows and want to know what cooking schools you would recommend at all level expensive, middle of road, and less expensive . He is 13
Sam Holder
Sam Holder - 8 hours ago
dude's english is off the chain.
Conner O'Neill
Conner O'Neill - 12 hours ago
Why are they playing from Bali if they’re in Vietnam?
Ashleigh Latham
Ashleigh Latham - 12 hours ago
He's so right. (Obviously) that meal would cost a small fortune here. They would be horrified at what most people eat here on a daily basis.
Zhengyin Lee
Zhengyin Lee - 13 hours ago
I wonder when this vid was recorded
gaming tv
gaming tv - 15 hours ago
Vietnam hello 😘😘
Alan L
Alan L - 20 hours ago
Gordon Ramsay has earned himself a fearsome reputation with his no nonsense approach as a chef. He didn't suffer fools and was very vocal in getting his views across. There is a lot more to Gordon than his rants: his dedication to food has took him all around the world with excellent coverage for us all to see. When not rattled he is a cheeky charmer. These videos are full of his humour and passion for food. I salute the guy!
FuckCroydonJunkies - 20 hours ago
And here I am eating spaghetti heated up in the microwave from last nights dinner
onz lo
onz lo - 21 hour ago
Dont undercook it or else the customers will still hear it telling spongebob to fuck off
Telestinx - 21 hour ago
2019? why dis camera trash?
I'm Dũng
I'm Dũng - 23 hours ago
AGENT PT - Day ago
I'm quit sure that if a restaurant Frm kitchen nightmares gives him this....
He is gonna criticise it....
Janae Clarice
Janae Clarice - Day ago
Please post more footage of Gordon’s travels I know you have more!
Michelle Lee
Michelle Lee - Day ago
The sight of Gordon being in that half sphere of a fishing boat is so absurdly funny :''D
Talha Hashmi
Talha Hashmi - Day ago
Now where’s is the squid sauce!!!
Deus Costa
Deus Costa - Day ago
when do they start calling him a donkey for not being able to row a boat or catch squid? timestamp pls
Trang Nguyễn
Trang Nguyễn - Day ago
Fan Việt Nam điểm danh nào
Avi - Day ago
"show me your squid in ten minutes" hmm kinky.
Geo Gil
Geo Gil - Day ago
Gordon is soft lol
Ann-Drey-uh SLiim
Ann-Drey-uh SLiim - Day ago
Sees squid in water "squid is dry"😂
Ayyan Ali
Ayyan Ali - Day ago
"It looks effortless, it doesn't even look like he's doing anything" gordon just summarized his own cooking
Khôi Vũ
Khôi Vũ - Day ago
I from Việt Nam
Nova J.
Nova J. - Day ago
He is a chef but he travels around the world, having so much fun, and really into his job too - how many chefs start cooking by gathering their own ingredients? I envy his lifestyle
n. mehmood
n. mehmood - Day ago
Gordon Ramsay smiling is as rare as you getting partnered with your crush
Well maybe not that rare
Mauruce Williams
Mauruce Williams - Day ago
Charlton Moore
Charlton Moore - Day ago
This guy has the greatest life
Joshua Donoghue
Joshua Donoghue - Day ago
Your pizza place looks like a penis that wasn’t washed for 24 years
Joshua Donoghue
Joshua Donoghue - Day ago
I love Jamie Oliver!!! He’s way better than you!
Suad Ikanovic
Suad Ikanovic - Day ago
Life is simple if all your worrying about is food, shelter, water good on these ole chaps for living like their parents and grand parents and great grand parents something that is very, very seldom in the states.
LurKing - Day ago
The camera guy found the 8x scope in the last circle.
Archer - Day ago
I don't like Gordon Ramsay. I think he's an asshole.
Michelle Wu
Michelle Wu - Day ago
fish sauce is the best sauce
Minh Tuấn
Minh Tuấn - Day ago
An Phong
An Phong - Day ago
I’m vitamin and I can understand them
FriedNoodle - Day ago
Lol south East Asian people are so nice no cap there so joyful lol
Chris Hansen
Chris Hansen - Day ago
I already knew Gordon was a basket case! haha
Trung Nguyễn
Trung Nguyễn - Day ago
This is Vietnamese a fishing village. I’m proud of it!!!
Vinh Nguyen
Vinh Nguyen - Day ago
Việt Nam like đê 🇻🇳
Nang Da
Nang Da - Day ago
When dis he visit Vietnam?
Siddhartha Gurung
Siddhartha Gurung - Day ago
Gordon : doesnt their wives miss them at night?
Fisherman : their wives miss squid more than them.
Mic - Day ago
Plot twist: all the girls said “I’m 17”
TBNcreep - Day ago
I live int vietnam like if you do
Flcuk TV
Flcuk TV - Day ago
acrobatsutr - Day ago
I love these episodes. Haven't laughed so hard in a a while when Gordon was going in reverse
dix rael
dix rael - 2 days ago
Hey Gordon! Grill that squid on your forehead wrinkles!!
Arizakawa Miyamoto
Arizakawa Miyamoto - 2 days ago
As long as gordon is not mad means he liked it
Gaming Nightcore
Gaming Nightcore - 2 days ago
He can make sh*t taste like caviar
ivan chan
ivan chan - 2 days ago
i live at vietnam :)
Der Randemizer
Der Randemizer - 2 days ago
Gordon go to china and find what they dont eat.
Treyl Send
Treyl Send - 2 days ago
Ah haaa, ah hah, ah hah hah hah.... Ah Love this guy!!!!! 4:52 "DON'T GIVE THEM ANY IDEAS!!!!" hahahahahahahahaha
Traks - 2 days ago
Wtf is that shit thats not fucking eatable wtf gordon ur old enough to be my grandfather ur a veteran get it right god
Hoa The Flower
Hoa The Flower - 2 days ago
Willz __
Willz __ - 2 days ago
Using a bowl for a boat and one ore.
Kotetso - 2 days ago
Shit low key looks fun
Cyndy Jackson
Cyndy Jackson - 2 days ago
Love you Gordon Ramsey!!!😀
EcHo quickscopez
EcHo quickscopez - 2 days ago
1:29 woooowwwwwwww
Eldar Alic
Eldar Alic - 2 days ago
The wives miss the squid more than the husbands lmaooo
I love Gordon he's a mastermind.
Alpha AshPlayz
Alpha AshPlayz - 2 days ago
Vietnam has the best seafood!
David Storton
David Storton - 2 days ago
I catch squid mate, I normally go down to the Stone pier here in Weymouth and I don't have to go to sea in a laundry basket
Justin - 2 days ago
phan thiet smells a little fishy
Bartholomew Dan
Bartholomew Dan - 2 days ago
Since when do the British eat squid ink?
Unknow -Vô Danh
Unknow -Vô Danh - 2 days ago
Stay more longer and you will feel like your home! VN say hello to everyone, welcome!
TreyVro - 2 days ago
0:00 I didn't know we were watching AKIRA
just a parrot
just a parrot - 2 days ago
0:31 that handshake Made him shake
Pokemon Game
Pokemon Game - 2 days ago
owen wilson wants to know the location of tht chef at 1:30
hugeKingKibbleFan 69
hugeKingKibbleFan 69 - 2 days ago
Shame to see them keeping such small squid like I know they most likely don't have a size limit but leave em to grow a bit
Ricky Ricardo
Ricky Ricardo - 2 days ago
They don’t realize to what great standard they eat at, so cheaply. Lol. That’s how feel when I go to Mexico 🇲🇽
V V - 2 days ago
Glad to see Gordon is mixing up with Anthony B's style. Rest his soul.
Hazlamee Hazim
Hazlamee Hazim - 2 days ago
they literally flex sealed a basket
Hazlamee Hazim
Hazlamee Hazim - 2 days ago
0:03 did you hear those trees speak vietnamese?
Drag Racing
Drag Racing - 2 days ago
I hope he goes to Philippines
Ube Icecream
Ube Icecream - 2 days ago
Good thing you didn’t get yelled at too for all your mistakes Gordon .. lol .. 😉
Anthony Gesswein
Anthony Gesswein - 2 days ago
you gotta respect gordan he goes out of his comfort zone frequently sometimes he loses other times he wins. He's so fundementally sound when it comes to cooking that he can literally go anywhere and pickup another style of cooking pretty quick even if he fails at it. Straight G
Mr. Brown
Mr. Brown - 2 days ago
Please come to Japan or visit Philippines 😳
Aren - 3 days ago
That guy has good English
Emma Joy
Emma Joy - 3 days ago
Gordon can be such a basketcase. He may be really picky about food, but he had and has the *bowls* to say what he feels. And that makes him a great chef.
ice queen
ice queen - 3 days ago
Gordan can kinda be mean no offense...... but sometimes I would under stand, sometimes I disagree
707 SaV
707 SaV - 3 days ago
The 248 dislikes are from all the employee's that hates him from hotel hell and the kitchen nitemares haha lol
Kinetic sand ice cream
Kinetic sand ice cream - 3 days ago
Gordon is such a great chef! He is very skilled and he’s also a great learner. He should really think about opening a restaurant!
Ryan Bonner
Ryan Bonner - 3 days ago
gordon is hard to watch when he's in and around different cultures. he's so rude, ignorant and awkward. asia is amazing to explore when you open your mind and see things from their persepctive. im not a ramsay hater, but this is one of his weak points, to say the least... along with some of his horribly contrived american TV shows, but that's more the producers' fault than his own. he's just doing what he's told.
S F - 3 days ago
There has to be an easier way to row that basket 😂
Howard Luken
Howard Luken - 3 days ago
The Vietnamese have kicked ass of every nation and kingdom that tried to invade them going back a couple thousand years. We aren't the first and won't probably be the last. The Chinese, the French, The British, Cambodia, Thailand, Laotians, the much overrated Americans... you have to hand it to them they are fearless. Great fucking food too.
Pharaoh Misa
Pharaoh Misa - 3 days ago
I love how much fun he had in the basket tub
Marcus Davis Jr.
Marcus Davis Jr. - 3 days ago
“I’ve dressed a few squids in my time, haven’t caught many” Gordon is a legend 😂😂
Mike Leaf
Mike Leaf - 3 days ago
Ramsey the type of guy don’t like going to the beach because it has too much salt
YES! - 3 days ago
squidwards niggas
Mercato Kitchen
Mercato Kitchen - 3 days ago
It’s not easy like cooking
N C - 3 days ago
Nino can cook squid to perfection and show you pictures to prove it
Longinus - 3 days ago
why is it so goddamn pretty
CHEF ANDREI - 3 days ago
ThatCableGuy - 3 days ago
Man that stuffed squid looked good
Aiz チャンネル
Aiz チャンネル - 3 days ago
Attack on Gordon Squid
mel gee
mel gee - 3 days ago
Chef Gordon when will you come to the Philippines?
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