Terrorizing My Friends in Proximity Chat Among Us

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Ruby Raro
Ruby Raro - 37 seconds ago
"Straight to hell buddy"
Playtay1234 _
Playtay1234 _ - 4 minutes ago
I’ve never heard of you bro but your voice... damn😂
ZenLord YT TM
ZenLord YT TM - 5 minutes ago
I finally found corpse’s channel
Sopiha Grace
Sopiha Grace - 7 minutes ago
Got chess on the mind? Learn some tips from one of the best ever, Garry Kasparov, including what his favorite gambits are >> https://youtu.be/D3uvvA7dyoI
eGAMER 69 - 38 minutes ago
Famous last words
Where we heading buddy-
Cheer Seeds Cooking
Cheer Seeds Cooking - 45 minutes ago
10:26 I thought it was Anita's popping sound but it wasn't xDDDD
MR T - 46 minutes ago
Unrelated to the video

I love sweet potato pie
Lenny Naval Guinabo
Lenny Naval Guinabo - 52 minutes ago
Mediamatix - Hour ago
"you're not gonna stab me again, are you?"
okay then, I will save you for last >:)
Starutic Girl
Starutic Girl - Hour ago
I've never heard someone who has such a deep voice before @_@
giodelion - Hour ago
Mariana Trench of YT
Username - Hour ago
Watching this twice because I love it. His little one liners before he kills someone are amazing
Goggled Dreams
Goggled Dreams - Hour ago
The deep dark voice tho
UncausedPizza - Hour ago
Jax No hax
Jax No hax - Hour ago
Bro this mans voice is deeper than space itself
ila Medina
ila Medina - Hour ago
I love at 4:46 Corpses laugh is the best.😁
Daniela - Hour ago
Am I the only one that thinks that he has a crush on Anita
Iagan Foss
Iagan Foss - 2 hours ago
I like among us because it’s one of the only games you can discriminate people due to their skin color 😁
Depressed Dice
Depressed Dice - 2 hours ago
1st time ever watching corpse, already favorite cause of this line alone
"Is somebody about to backstab me?"
while corpse is menacingly standing behind him, getting ready for a stabbin for future tubbo "....why would i do that?"
Riley T.
Riley T. - 2 hours ago
All of these rounds were incredible wow, Tubbo and Corpse are amazing together. That last round with the accomplishes and shit? So good.
Shiwa Kichu
Shiwa Kichu - 2 hours ago
Is this his other channel???
Eva Walker
Eva Walker - 2 hours ago
ᴡᴀᴛᴄʜ ɴᴏᴡ.

il livello di terra per capire come spaventato
domanda che l' avrà avere alcune frittelle .
Troublemaker Gamer
Troublemaker Gamer - 2 hours ago
Oh my gosh I love corpse voice I just wanna watch more of his videos please make more
~MoonlightWolf~ - 2 hours ago
Me: this is getting good-
*sees Anita dab at **15:51*
Me: ok time to go-
Setsu Seriously Chan?
Setsu Seriously Chan? - 2 hours ago
Im feel like watching netflix
Morris Airas
Morris Airas - 2 hours ago
5:22 joker hamburger theme playing in the backround🍔🍔
Coffee •••Bean
Coffee •••Bean - 2 hours ago
Where we going Straight to heck not aloud to Say teh other word Or I feel Like a Ratatui Cooking food In a Empty Resturant
Antonia Coburn
Antonia Coburn - 2 hours ago
Hay hope youre actually ok! Happy to see your still posting!!!!
AQUA_PANDA - 2 hours ago
Honestly I laughed when Anita just randomly started dabbing lmao
idiot lol
idiot lol - 2 hours ago
Playing with tubbo is basically playing a new game mode.
The Ultimate YouTuber
The Ultimate YouTuber - 2 hours ago
Sub ran that project? Damn, I haven't heard that name in a long ass time.
Tigon Xandy
Tigon Xandy - 2 hours ago
Ur voice deep as Batman🤣🤣
Sotelo Squad
Sotelo Squad - 2 hours ago
Good game!
Bunny Gunner101
Bunny Gunner101 - 2 hours ago
You’re my fav ;)
Accepted Appeal
Accepted Appeal - 2 hours ago
Botez sounds like Jojo Siwa. You will never hear her the same again.
Olivia Madison M
Olivia Madison M - 3 hours ago
courage: eats in the round
jane may6
jane may6 - 3 hours ago
Tubbo and Corpse.....💓💓💓🥺
Bean Thief
Bean Thief - 3 hours ago
~ . ° + * 4:56 * + ° . ~
imma just leave this here for anyone who wants it
AmericanReble357 vlogs
AmericanReble357 vlogs - 3 hours ago
I have Tourette's
Jay Patel
Jay Patel - 3 hours ago
“I think its the orange guy and the white guy” “Me too” snaps neck 😂😂😂
Briana Urbina
Briana Urbina - 3 hours ago
corpse's laugh makes me want to hug him for no reason, and i don't like hugging
Samantha Huber
Samantha Huber - 3 hours ago
Jeez i press on a video bc it was among us and i didnt know it was corpse
KC Gaming
KC Gaming - 3 hours ago
No way!!! You are the best
Bailey Carney
Bailey Carney - 3 hours ago
How do I get proximity chat?
Joshua Jones
Joshua Jones - 3 hours ago
If I was playing in a game with Corpse. I would sus him everytime I notice a good strategy. Corpse is an among us God.
₳₥ꪜ - 3 hours ago
thegoosefamilie - 3 hours ago
U a bit simp about the girl
Joseph bain
Joseph bain - 3 hours ago
Corpse is one of those people that almost never laughs but you can tell when he is excited and having fun while playing
SHAHRUL _MANN - 3 hours ago
I pro in among us don't you dare KILL ME
Stacey Moniz
Stacey Moniz - 3 hours ago
@5:02 Tubbo: “where we heading? Big man!”
CORPSE: “Straight to hell buddy😈”
🤣🤣🤣🤣 💀
John Paul Liston
John Paul Liston - 3 hours ago
Top ten anime betrays
Beldad Tyrone
Beldad Tyrone - 3 hours ago
*straight to hell, buddy*
Jayisme 2323
Jayisme 2323 - 3 hours ago
I still get chills whenever CORPSE speaks
Mimi XBG
Mimi XBG - 4 hours ago
This my first time watching your videos and I absolutely fell in love with your voice 🥰
serenity2002 - 4 hours ago
I love how Tubbo was flipping through cams and didn't even see the dead body because he was looking for Corpse lol
Dory G.
Dory G. - 4 hours ago
corpse and tubbo moments :0 y e s
Mason16 - 4 hours ago
Bro his voice songs so digital in this 😭
Peasant Fish
Peasant Fish - 4 hours ago
ship anita and corpse
Elaina Morris
Elaina Morris - 4 hours ago
No offense but his voice is very depressing
Nicolas Cardozo
Nicolas Cardozo - 4 hours ago
No one:
Anita: *dab dab*
I Have No Videos!
I Have No Videos! - 4 hours ago
Anita looks sad tbh.
Priscila Artiga
Priscila Artiga - 4 hours ago
Cartier Massey
Cartier Massey - 4 hours ago
16:34 ewwwwwwwwwww
Only Angel
Only Angel - 4 hours ago
“Straight to hell”
I felt bad for Tubbo 🤣
Marcos Mollinedo
Marcos Mollinedo - 4 hours ago
Bro my voice is so deep I can do a corpse impression that is the best impression ever of corpse
Why does he sound like one of those "scary storytime animated" narrarators?
Bad Vibes damn
Bad Vibes damn - 5 hours ago
Tubbo, with his puberty riddled voice, saying he’ll protect Corpse, mister angel of death himself apparently, is the funniest thing i’ve ever seen
Ella Archer
Ella Archer - 5 hours ago
omg idk who tubbo is but i love him
Erinxmaligaya - 5 hours ago
5:04 "Straight to hell buddy" that's the way I like corpse 😂😂😂😈
Ashu 23
Ashu 23 - 5 hours ago
Even everybody know corpse is the imposter...they won't vote
Everybody believe it isn't him😂
Agent Calamari Friday
Agent Calamari Friday - 5 hours ago
I am unfamiliar with this channel so I was wondering why your name was CORPSE Husband. Are you a husband that is a corpse? Or perhaps you are the husband of a corpse. Maybe even a husband to a normal person with the name Corpse. Or is corpse just the name you go by on youtube, while also being the husband of someone. I have put too much thought into this irrelivent detail
Rodrigo Trinidad
Rodrigo Trinidad - 5 hours ago
OMG Tubbo became the captain! Those were amazing games and I never expected to see both Tubbo and especially Rifkin in these lobbies!
Loving Life
Loving Life - 5 hours ago

Why the hell are you dabbing Anita what the hecc

Ok 2 people sus of her

It’s her UnU

Aris Loft
Aris Loft - 5 hours ago
“Where we goin?”
“Strait to hell buddy...”
My new fav saying
LIL APU - 5 hours ago
4:50 Tubbo just saw a body on cams and literally forget about it when he saw corpse lol
Loving Life
Loving Life - 5 hours ago
Tubbo how the hell are you so fricken wholesome and adorable
gummy zone
gummy zone - 5 hours ago
Do you have discord ?
Mathexpwr - 5 hours ago
I know this is off topic but i just lost a best friend that i could ever had but I lost all my chances but Ima move on with my life like anyone cares...
johnny joestar
johnny joestar - 5 hours ago
Omg i love anita
Matt Dela Cruz
Matt Dela Cruz - 5 hours ago
tubbo is like tommy and corpse is vikstar
Loving Life
Loving Life - 5 hours ago
Sophie G.
Sophie G. - 5 hours ago
Omg guys did you know that you could breath while

Jk i just wanted you to smile ;) have a good day/ night where ever you are
livi P
livi P - 5 hours ago
I love how corpse always plays with their feelings before he just completely annihilates them
It's Alyssa
It's Alyssa - 5 hours ago
tubbo: where we going
CORPES: straight to hell
BlondeHacker 16
BlondeHacker 16 - 5 hours ago
This is the best video I have seen in so damn long. Dude, I've been laughing my ass off, love your content
Itz Miguel
Itz Miguel - 5 hours ago
"you like the sound jarvis?"
"I was doing it first"
the conversations are too funny
Halle _
Halle _ - 6 hours ago
14:25 this is my favorite moment in among us history
Kimberly Gates
Kimberly Gates - 6 hours ago
play more with Tubbo plz
XxSkeletonFighterMan92xX Music
Stacy Vargas
Stacy Vargas - 6 hours ago
" Welcome to the afterlife, have you been betrayed ?"
• Lemon head •
• Lemon head • - 6 hours ago
Minx drinking ice:
Me: *I aint never seen that flavor* -treing to pause-
D W - 6 hours ago
I just remembered minx stabbing her white claw
Blue screen
Blue screen - 6 hours ago
Holy piss!!!!! somebody mentioned him on Tik tok But Jesus his voice hella deep!,did you stick a log down your throat when you were a child,
Corynn Parrish
Corynn Parrish - 6 hours ago
Corpse: that was so funny.
me: Dude your saying that with a dead voice---
Spraunt - 6 hours ago
Everyone talking about proximity chat, but I be collecting koroks
L9lip0p - 6 hours ago
Is corpse kinda in love with Anita sounds like it idk
alex hebert
alex hebert - 6 hours ago
Courage: "I really like this its really intimate"
Corpse:" ye ye kills courage LMAO
Elson Joel Manzo
Elson Joel Manzo - 6 hours ago
12:08 Jesus Christ you banged courage so hard that he died
big boye
big boye - 6 hours ago
Menacing yet soothing. My cat didn't know what to think.
chocolate cookie
chocolate cookie - 6 hours ago
Get better soon
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