Stranger Things' Caleb McLaughlin and Sadie Sink Take A Friendship Test | Glamour

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PRATYUSH KUMAR - 17 minutes ago
Is it the music or they are acting romantic?
Lexi Goat
Lexi Goat - 48 minutes ago
Caleb has the same last name of me
Top Topzera
Top Topzera - Hour ago
Não entendi nd que eles falaram mas vi o vídeo inteiro kkkkk
São muito fofos
Jessica Harms
Jessica Harms - Hour ago
okay glamour KNEW what they were doing with this soft romantic music... i mean... are we supposed to NOT SHIP THEM? impossible!
Michael The Gamer
Michael The Gamer - 2 hours ago
*They both cross arms*
Rajveer Wariah
Rajveer Wariah - 5 hours ago
I love they're friendship so much ❤
Rajveer Wariah
Rajveer Wariah - 5 hours ago
Lumax is wayyyyy better than mileven
Zaraatjemsp - 6 hours ago
The only thing i’m thinking About rn is *SHIP*
stranger things
stranger things - 8 hours ago
There cute
Orang Media
Orang Media - 9 hours ago
I'm not sure who of the two but Sadie or Caleb is deep in the friendzone for sure
Ryca Joann
Ryca Joann - 10 hours ago
I'm really in love with them.
SyxToes - 11 hours ago
Red hair, pure genes. Hopefully she doesn't ruin it
Minma Talaria
Minma Talaria - 2 hours ago
SyxToes L
Jây Dôll
Jây Dôll - 12 hours ago
Okay but HES CUTEE😭
maria p
maria p - 12 hours ago
they look like a married couple
Dxost - 15 hours ago
Only people that brush there teeth everyday could like this 🤢

I'm a small youtuber that's tryna grow any help would be appreciated ❤
Kiara Hennig
Kiara Hennig - 15 hours ago
Their skin tones tho
Ysabela Palaganas
Ysabela Palaganas - 17 hours ago
Do this with Joe and Maya, Glamour!
gabriella kag
gabriella kag - 18 hours ago
sadie, caleb and gaten are so mature omg
Chloe Fair
Chloe Fair - 18 hours ago
when they said I love you🥺❤️
Malina Nagy
Malina Nagy - 19 hours ago
This video made me happy
Flygande kossan
Flygande kossan - 19 hours ago
Just kiss already
Gio Albuquerque
Gio Albuquerque - 21 hour ago
They have much connection than millie and finn
Gio Albuquerque
Gio Albuquerque - 21 hour ago
Oh god am in love with sadie she is super cute
Gio Albuquerque
Gio Albuquerque - 21 hour ago
They are friends like real ones
Not as some Famous people
Lightnig_RoundZ - 22 hours ago
Who else got a scoops ahoy commercial?
drunk Avocado
drunk Avocado - 22 hours ago
Aww I love this how cute is their friendship! And she’s vegan! Whoop whoop
sena wasgehtsiedasan
sena wasgehtsiedasan - 23 hours ago
theyre so cute xx
Hope Jean
Hope Jean - 23 hours ago
it’s a ship 🤷🏾‍♀️😍
REDD - 23 hours ago
sadie is so cute
Rhygee - Day ago
They would make a good couple
Ange Vanessa Tamdem
I only have one thing to say
Thanks, Glamour
Kaelyn - Day ago
Sadie is absolutely beautiful and their friendship is so cute
0 Mistake
0 Mistake - Day ago
Every one like max
Officially .Jayla
Officially .Jayla - Day ago
They said they love each other 😩💍
Officially .Jayla
Officially .Jayla - Day ago
They need to go out now 😌
Dyan Tovar
Dyan Tovar - Day ago
QUESTION: what does the friendship mean to you?
CALEBS ANSWER: I- I think it means a lot to me
Booon Noob
Booon Noob - Day ago
Sadie was born at the same exact day and year as me
Diana Ruiz
Diana Ruiz - Day ago
sign this to. bring back alexe in s4
Julianne Exo-L
Julianne Exo-L - Day ago
I never knew caleb would be soft and mature
Sanailovez 1
Sanailovez 1 - Hour ago
Julianne Exo-L Hes about to be 18 what do you expect?
WildTigerDanger Cool
Caleb: Oh my god i didnt know i was a ballerina!
Me 😂😂🤣🤣
Charlii - Day ago
Caleb and Sadie would make a great couple in real life.
Joshonwhatever - Day ago
*I love that your vegan*
Me: *eats steak rapidly*
Sara - Day ago
That is the most pure and relaxing video I ever watch.
Olivia lee
Olivia lee - Day ago
So cute
Nancy .-.
Nancy .-. - Day ago

That awkward hug at the end tho
Yay shes vegan
grace seifer
grace seifer - Day ago
i ship them soo badly
puppy life
puppy life - Day ago
Why is Caleb so cute
Rem E
Rem E - 2 days ago
Please guest Noah and Millie
Kultharin Kulranunvijit
I'm gonna cry
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