Stranger Things' Caleb McLaughlin and Sadie Sink Take a Friendship Test | Glamour

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Phiwokuhle Jara
Phiwokuhle Jara - 8 hours ago
Sadie should play princess Merida in a BRAVE live action movie
Phiwokuhle Jara
Phiwokuhle Jara - 8 hours ago
She's got the blue eyes and red hair just like princess Merida
Trinity Hines
Trinity Hines - 21 hour ago
They would be so cute together
tearelaxb La
tearelaxb La - 23 hours ago
RakijaFan - Day ago
When are kids coming?
HulkVahkiin - Day ago
Either they will have an amazing friendship or a great couple. Either way, they good.
Annie Potts
Annie Potts - 2 days ago
Max is my favourite❤️❤️
Sadie and Max are completely opposites
Kaiden 024
Kaiden 024 - 3 days ago
Why do I feel like they secretly like each other 💜
Mr. Bear
Mr. Bear - 3 days ago
They gonna smash
INFINITE - 2 days ago
Luana Galego
Luana Galego - 4 days ago
it looks like they just got married and these are their wedding vows
Renee en Mijs
Renee en Mijs - 4 days ago
caleb is so grown up
Avelardo Arroyo
Avelardo Arroyo - 5 days ago
Why don’t you add more episodes😃
Jessica John
Jessica John - 5 days ago
How could 1000 people dislike this????
petrichor ً
petrichor ً - 5 days ago
they look so cute and adorable. awwe ✨❤️ this interview is really so natural and cute!!
Sandrine Brown
Sandrine Brown - 5 days ago
I feel like they are talking about how they met if they were dating, lol.
Miranda Simón
Miranda Simón - 5 days ago
It seems like they want them to fall in love 😂😂 but they are soy freaking cute 💕💕
Merle - 6 days ago
Can we talk about how calming Sadies voice is?
Scubs - 6 days ago
Is it just me or does this look like some wedding video
Nikaia Hepi
Nikaia Hepi - 6 days ago
She reminds me of a princess. she needs to act as a princess on something.
A Day Of Kay
A Day Of Kay - 6 days ago
Caleb cute 😍
Wasp Star
Wasp Star - 6 days ago
Somehow Caleb shrinks at 00:57
Rornaro Zero
Rornaro Zero - 6 days ago
Sadie 😌
Kinleigh Brooke
Kinleigh Brooke - 7 days ago
Since they were each others first kiss and they have known each other that long I think they should date tell me and like this comment
Lindsey Drew
Lindsey Drew - 7 days ago
Can people stop shipping the actors? They're real people
Minma Talaria
Minma Talaria - 7 days ago
Lindsey Drew ship 🚢
Sibel ates
Sibel ates - 8 days ago
She looks like the one special friend that makes you wanna be a better person
Redx77435 - 8 days ago
Caleb looks like young Kevin Hart
Alex In real life
Alex In real life - 2 days ago
Redx77435 no
Røhit sínha
Røhit sínha - 8 days ago
It's so much cringe😂😂
Eaty McEatison
Eaty McEatison - 9 days ago
The strangest thing here is the fact thst this kid has a beard now.
za - 9 days ago
Man they really dont fit
za - 2 days ago
@Alex In real life what are you talking about
Alex In real life
Alex In real life - 2 days ago
za fit as in what being friends?? Why because he’s black boy and she’s a white ginger girl 😂
Malobika Yousuf
Malobika Yousuf - 9 days ago
I love both of them very much. This video is refreshing and soothing.
olivia castello
olivia castello - 9 days ago
he’s is so cute thoghether
Tsas Tsas
Tsas Tsas - 11 days ago
Kids growing up so fast.. makes me feel grandpa
Reann MG
Reann MG - 11 days ago
I Love stranger things
teyacaldwell - 12 days ago
Their kids......OMG amazing
Eskimoto - 12 days ago
Sadie was but ugly on stranger things , she looks nice now.
Melis - 6 days ago
she never was ugly
Eskimoto - 12 days ago
Puberty hit this kid hard
Néstor Producciones
Néstor Producciones - 12 days ago
I feel like in the future It would be sooo cute that while they play that Game of 1.2.3 . Caleb says "1.2.3 will you marry me?". Sorry let me dream
Tony Stark
Tony Stark - 13 days ago
No it ended to quick :/
Nalla Talla
Nalla Talla - 13 days ago
I want someone to look at me the way Caleb looks at sadie
Knox Miller
Knox Miller - 13 days ago
im going to eat twice as much meat so that sadie doesnt make a difference
Minma Talaria
Minma Talaria - 11 days ago
Knox Miller lmao 😂
m y
m y - 13 days ago
I’m crying I need a friendship like that
Lisa Unnie Jisoo baby
Lisa Unnie Jisoo baby - 14 days ago
Caleb is acting like he's in 30s lol I'm not complaining
Ashira McNeil
Ashira McNeil - 14 days ago
Sadie is so gorgeous, I love herrrr ❤️❤️❤️❤️
StupedBoi - 15 days ago
Milliebobbybrown - 15 days ago
tbh ship : lucas-max| mike-elven| will-suzie| dustin-erica
Robyn Hoi
Robyn Hoi - 15 days ago
Sadie Sink
~Is friends with caleb~
Stranger Things Videos
Stranger Things Videos - 15 days ago
omg i ship them so much!!!😭❤️
Clíodhna Monaghan
Clíodhna Monaghan - 16 days ago
I love them, they’re so underrated 🥺🥺🥺
yuriz ciel arachnophobia
yuriz ciel arachnophobia - 16 days ago
Dark and light :V
Hyelin Lee
Hyelin Lee - 16 days ago
Their voices... I think I can fall asleep with just their voices. I love you both~
Sheena Belle
Sheena Belle - 16 days ago
People really can't see a boy and a girl as besties without thinking they're more than friends.
Christian Russo
Christian Russo - 16 days ago
Please lord dont make them fall in love
OddSkyMiner 23
OddSkyMiner 23 - 16 days ago
bro I feel they lowkey like each other but they just never said anything to each other but they should day though and btw sadie is pretty too
My man got a mustache and beard last I saw him he was like 1
Alex In real life
Alex In real life - 2 days ago
D⃣a⃣r⃣k⃣_f⃣e⃣n⃣d⃣i⃣i⃣ツ 😂
ynaaa - 16 days ago
This is the purest, most sincere friendship test ive watched on this channel.
Faat B
Faat B - 16 days ago
How is caleb soo grown up already omg!
alex unger
alex unger - 17 days ago
It's cute and all but let's not forget 'birds of a feather flock together'. They may be good as friends but definitely not as boyfriend and girlfriend.
привет фамилия
2:39 шип шип
Beatriz Teixeira
Beatriz Teixeira - 17 days ago
Eles são muito fofos juntos❤❤
Cristina Belloso
Cristina Belloso - 18 days ago
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