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HadOOFken - 2 hours ago
1:53 That was more a roast than a wooosh tbh
William Mackenzie
William Mackenzie - 4 hours ago
William Mackenzie
William Mackenzie - 4 hours ago
DarkWarLord - 4 hours ago
For some reson i read the thumbnail how it is and still thought it still thought it said from white to black
The Random Channel
The Random Channel - 5 hours ago
Jhonny England= Robbert England
Skatey Eddy
Skatey Eddy - 5 hours ago
(●□) me right,÷[
Fire Ninja
Fire Ninja - 6 hours ago
Someone tell me a joke that I'm not gonna get and then r/woosh me
Zachary S
Zachary S - 9 hours ago
3:18 not anymore
Axelsson Jocke
Axelsson Jocke - 10 hours ago
Ios is my most FAVORITE pc * giggles like if you agree
Redneck restorations
Redneck restorations - 10 hours ago
man, this gio guy should have his own youtube channel
jimmy climax
jimmy climax - 10 hours ago
3:00 is god really censored here
Mei Raiden
Mei Raiden - 13 hours ago
People tease aussies...

I live on the equator oops
booger boi
booger boi - 15 hours ago
Hercules is my favorite spongebob character
DerpyGuy3333 - 18 hours ago
1. I hate people who don,t know the difference between apostrophes and commas
2. I, hate when people, overuse commas,.
3. I hate making lists
4. I hait when peepal misspell tihngs
7. I hate when people can't count
8. I hate when people beg for likes (like if u agree)
9. I hate when people overuse emojis 😠😠😠😡😡😢😢😭😒😒😒😤🤬
10. I hate when people edit their comments to "thank" people for liking
edit: thanks for 1 like!!! 😂😂
Tomi Krcsmarik
Tomi Krcsmarik - 18 hours ago
This is my favourite boneappletea episode so far
Flossey 3
Flossey 3 - 19 hours ago
Xbox is my favorite PLAYSTATION!!!!!!
Maria Gracia
Maria Gracia - 18 hours ago
Yeah and my favorite PC is Xbox
frankthrower 719
frankthrower 719 - 19 hours ago
If I got a plane I would fly it *STRAIGHT* *AROUND* the world
IWUVPIZZA K - 20 hours ago
It's been this long and I just realized that it should've been
"White to Black"
Krazy Kanadian
Krazy Kanadian - 22 hours ago
Now if only GioFilms could be as relevant as SorrowTV, Slazo, and Cowbelly.
Ya Boi Diglett
Ya Boi Diglett - 22 hours ago
3:15 if only this is still true 👊😭
CupcakieRose Loves Cuphead
(I know the meme that was upside down! : the guy was Aussies|The girl that was wearing a blue dress was Already Short Words|The girl with a red dress was Abbrevaiting everything.)
Jamie Rogan
Jamie Rogan - Day ago
uo ıu ʇɥǝ ɹıƃɥƃ ʍɐʎ nl ıu ɐnsʇɹɐlıɐ ʎon nuɔnlʇnɹǝp sʍıuǝ
Theresa Lepak
Theresa Lepak - Day ago
Any LEGO game (especially the Star Wars ones) hold a special place in family memories. :D
Kk Ll
Kk Ll - Day ago
1:27 I'm scared for that .3 of kid lul
eggy is here
eggy is here - Day ago
at 3:32 i actually saw that comment somewhere on youtube
dark steve
dark steve - Day ago
Daedric Warrior
Daedric Warrior - Day ago
Can't believe this video was made 3 years ago, damn time flies.....
Ian APM - Day ago
well then you just got r/woo---
will smith enter the chat
me: oh jeez
will: ohhh thats hot thats hot
Carlo Anda
Carlo Anda - Day ago
Noooo, the earth ain't flat or round, its a sphere
Tyler Yakima
Tyler Yakima - Day ago
The Wii is my favourite shampoo
XianPalJed pop
XianPalJed pop - Day ago
THESE GUYS DID GET THE JOKE,they are just explaining it in a intelligent logical matter comprised into a sentence.They should be in

ᴀᴜsᴛɪɴ ᴛʜᴇ ᴜᴍʙʀᴇᴏɴ
Thumbnail answer: He did the reverse-Michael-Jackson spell
Vannilaplay Chan
Vannilaplay Chan - Day ago
I kinda find that upside down thing offensive... Though I do get the joke of being at the bottom of the earth
epicblue 00
epicblue 00 - Day ago
I watch sorrow tv
Scarlett Davis
Scarlett Davis - Day ago
NoO, tHe ScAr WaS nAmEd AfTeR mE!

Don’t judge me, I had to do it.
Caitlin Antoine
Caitlin Antoine - Day ago
How dare you joke about Australia and we are not upside done
Caitlin Antoine
Caitlin Antoine - Day ago
I did not mean it
KittyCadie KillerCadie
3:42 is that...is that Misery Box?
Lurong C
Lurong C - Day ago
4:20 r/iamverysmart
DamesWorld - 2 days ago
Wuts wrong with sensoring g*d wait g*d OH MY G*D holy sh*t
Rotua Frans Manalu
Rotua Frans Manalu - 2 days ago
that last two killing me XD
MasterOfTheGame - 2 days ago
Playstation 4 is my favorite kind of Xbox
victor graham
victor graham - 2 days ago
0:45 I don't know why this is the one that made me weak.
Billy - 2 days ago
I listen to Norwegian chants.
mario is a floppy boi
mario is a floppy boi - 2 days ago
Yeah I'm a gamer
G dad
A please
M comes
E back
Alci Castillo
Alci Castillo - 2 days ago
Everyone thinks the earth is flat. Everyone else thinks the earth is round. Wait till I drop the truth

The earth is CUBED shaped
Vanessa Sanhá
Vanessa Sanhá - 2 days ago
Let’s admit some of these are terrible jokes
XD LongName
XD LongName - 2 days ago
1:12 if you don't get the joke, dates is an actual fruit, look it up on google
Mia Kitty And Me!
Mia Kitty And Me! - 2 days ago
Some people just don’t get a joke 😒
SynsterWolf_ Games
SynsterWolf_ Games - 2 days ago
I wanna smack so many of these people upside their heads
Daksh798 - 2 days ago
He turned from white to black
Clumsy Player
Clumsy Player - 2 days ago
You mean from white to black?
Itz Nessa 101
Itz Nessa 101 - 2 days ago
Who else laughed their heads off?!?!
Aled Connor-Rich
Aled Connor-Rich - 18 hours ago
Nobody because then they would be dead people are so dumb
Ear Elephant
Ear Elephant - 2 days ago
woosh only has two O's tho
Callum Maguire
Callum Maguire - 2 days ago
PlayStation4 is my fav Xbox yet
kiki2022 - 2 days ago
Did anyone see the picture on the title? If you did then you must have relized it said,"how did the guy turn from BLACK to WHITE?" It should be, "how did the guy turn from WHITE to BLACK?"
Christian Godoy
Christian Godoy - 2 days ago
Ok in the thumbnail it said how did he turn black to white I'm confused....
Emily Edits
Emily Edits - 2 days ago
imagine having 99.3 kids
Matheus Tran
Matheus Tran - 2 days ago
It's not 99.3 kids, it means there is a 99.3% chance she's pregnant
Blue Beka
Blue Beka - Day ago
So... There is a chance? I'm not so sure. This new technology confuse me! 😅
[XGS] Neon
[XGS] Neon - 2 days ago
7:15 could be wrong but I’m pretty sure that wasn’t a joke and that person was making it up
MewZDYX - 3 days ago
8:56 i think you are
fanta + stick
You think I'm a can of soda and a piece of wood?
*waits 2 minutes thinking about the joke*
*realises what it is and laugh*
*stop laughing to get back and realise its not funny.*
The Great Shaggy
The Great Shaggy - 3 days ago
I don’t get that Fanta Stick joke.
Edit: I searched it and oh boy do I fell retarded.
Herocj 1020
Herocj 1020 - 3 days ago
Maisy Wolf
Maisy Wolf - 3 days ago
List of things I hate:
People who ask for likes
People who repeat themselves
People who repeat themselves
Knot spelldug thnys chrectly
Like if you agree
William Murrell
William Murrell - 2 days ago
I agree but I'm not liking
lily's vlogs
lily's vlogs - 3 days ago
Maisy Wolf
Maisy Wolf - 3 days ago
Color blind people can see colors Illuminati confirmed
Maisy Wolf
Maisy Wolf - 3 days ago
Hey the Nintendo switch is my favorite kind of Wii
Aled Connor-Rich
Aled Connor-Rich - 18 hours ago
Your so dumb the Nintendo switch is a different console from the Wii you dumb nut
Ryce Gabriel Major
Ryce Gabriel Major - 3 days ago
Guys I live in the Philippines. Australia isn't opposite of us so stop making those memes, it is so stupid.

Rain - 3 days ago
I like playing Xbox on my PlayStation
newtixmaker - 3 days ago
I went to the futur to have good awnser on the test 🙄
PineappleDolphin Tea
PineappleDolphin Tea - 3 days ago
5:57 im not joking but... i can taste the colors ik it sounds weird but i can >:v
Chelsea B Willick
Chelsea B Willick - 3 days ago
person: what lights up a soccer stadium?
person: a soccer match
other person: OmG yOu aRe clEArly aN idiOt U knOw thAt tHe AnsWer is elEctriciTy
Charlotte Nixon
Charlotte Nixon - 3 days ago
#t-series is gay, sub to pewds
Roblox Afitux Gamer
Roblox Afitux Gamer - 3 days ago
I think this dude is right.. the earth is not flat. If the Sun or the moon is not flat, then the earth is also not flat
Earth is round, people who say earth is flat which has 0.0001 iq... I'm so disappointed
Yeet o_o
Yeet o_o - 2 days ago
The earth is flat. It is just that the government is hiding the info.
The Powers Planet
The Powers Planet - 3 days ago
why is god a "cussword"
Wee Mello
Wee Mello - 3 days ago
Fitz intro
tatey12 - 3 days ago
lol this is fucking awful. enjoy making money off people's original content you fucking CUNT giofilms.
Sick0 - 3 days ago
7:17 that voice crack doe eeeeeeeee
xxgolden shadowxx
xxgolden shadowxx - 3 days ago
Smh means same here
Vetle Wefring
Vetle Wefring - 3 days ago
PlayStation is the best Xbox
Boddai - 3 days ago
"From black to white"....
AxeWing - 3 days ago
Stop, you cringy bitch, those imitations are so bad
ClassicBoy133 - 3 days ago
I laughed so hard because of the thumbnail
komPo - 3 days ago
How did the guy turn from black to white???

*illusion 100*
Willowrose YT
Willowrose YT - 15 hours ago
that guy Noah r/whoooosh
Blue Beka
Blue Beka - Day ago
I guess he got his camera filter on.
Ralph Panganiban
Ralph Panganiban - Day ago
Its more like DROPPED MY SOAP:1000
KrisMan Super Salt Boi
that guy Noah r/wooosh
Nouh Noor
Nouh Noor - 3 days ago
7:20 He sound like FishStick if any body watched Newsecaper channel or something like that just type News and then ec it will appears.
Kumar_Kid_ 23
Kumar_Kid_ 23 - 3 days ago
The earth is banana shaped
anonymous jr
anonymous jr - 3 days ago
I amm aamazzing at speliing and nuoone caan beet
Mme iin sppeelin g
richard sabath
richard sabath - 3 days ago
-Unicorns- rule
-Unicorns- rule - 3 days ago
I think the earth is donut shaped xD
krimit the frog
krimit the frog - 3 days ago
Slazo looks like an ausie pyrocinicle
zonrox. - 3 days ago
My mom is my family.
Akuma Kun
Akuma Kun - 3 days ago
3:14 this guy reply on his own comment and screenshot it😂😂
ᴅɪᴛʀᴏxʏsᴛ - 4 days ago
PlayStation is my favorite kind of XBOX
Suga Kookies N Cream
Suga Kookies N Cream - 13 hours ago
ᴅɪᴛʀᴏxʏsᴛ 😂👏🏻
Jack WooDs
Jack WooDs - 4 days ago
bRo ThAt Is BeAtLeS
Osteo Gaypression
Osteo Gaypression - 4 days ago
You have 666k subs
Xxepicguyxx Navarro
Xxepicguyxx Navarro - 4 days ago
666k subs DONT SUB (no hate love the channel)
ッ0verratedhappiness - 4 days ago
Sorry girls I’m gay
G- Great
A- At
Y- Yodeling
♡Fluffy_R♡ - 4 days ago
KingOfGaming !!!
KingOfGaming !!! - 4 days ago
666k subs ur the devil RUN PEOPLE
Sad Boi
Sad Boi - 4 hours ago
KingOfGaming !!! 666k stands for 666,000 The zeros ruin it.
Hatsisfreakie - 4 days ago
4:28 I laughed at the joked and I said out loud for the r/woooosh part,"That's the joke." with you. LOL
CPPS - 4 days ago
I saw an ad that had pewds in it
Mr. Scoop
Mr. Scoop - 4 days ago
Dude you have 666k subs 😨
Collin Butler
Collin Butler - 4 days ago
666K subs
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