An Uncomfortable Trip to the UK

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The Little Timmy's Who Smell
Who else saw ‘Weirdo Detected’ on Jaiden’s phone.
Phanpeuv Pitou 8F
Phanpeuv Pitou 8F - 2 hours ago
I just realised something "off" about the "DO NOT LOSE" part, they are:
2. Virginity
3. Young child
4. Phone
5. Patience.

Yes, virginity.
GrimReaper - 3 hours ago
when she said i thunk it i lost it HAHAHA LOL
mitrar1 - 4 hours ago
What a weird guy
Smolraybean - 6 hours ago
Whenever i meet someone that i have never met or seen before in my life and they ask me my name, i always give them a fake name because im THAT non trusting with humAns beans 🙃
nicolas araiza
nicolas araiza - 8 hours ago
wow weirdo detected at 6:46
Miles TV
Miles TV - 10 hours ago
This is probably my favorite video that you have done. It was hilarious
AB - 04CD - Corsair PS (1359)
”All girls are selfish''

Your mother used to be a girl YOU WOULDN'T BE BORN WITHOUT A GIRL/WOMEN when will these boys learn ?...
Sarah Zhang
Sarah Zhang - 11 hours ago
I've been watching your vids for 5 hours straight. My head hurts now.
Ryan B
Ryan B - 12 hours ago
I know this makes sound a little annoying correcting people all the time but 7:56 thought*
CEO of Spacex
CEO of Spacex - 14 hours ago
The guy who went "All girls are selfish." is the human embodiment of r/niceguys
Mr Cut your nonsense
Mr Cut your nonsense - 16 hours ago
Lol on the phone it said weirdo detector
Manu S. Christ
Manu S. Christ - 16 hours ago
Bro, that part about wallets and purses really got me. Thought I was the only one upset about women's jeans and their tiny pockets. LMFAO
Motorway Gaming channel
Motorway Gaming channel - 17 hours ago
Jaiden: Makes an innovative animation
*James has left the chat
Motorway Gaming channel
Motorway Gaming channel - 17 hours ago
I live in the UK.
Anton Badushov
Anton Badushov - 21 hour ago
WAIT A SECOND If Jaiden dropped her wallet in the toilet and it was still there does that mean she didn't flush?!?!?! DUN DUN DUN....
Leandro Victor Gamboa Chua
Jaiden has 4 fingers...
FLME_Poison YT
FLME_Poison YT - 23 hours ago
Jaiden: But I thunk it
English teachers: hmm an illiterate!
Sam Dolan
Sam Dolan - Day ago
Why does this weirdo talking to you drawn just like me Ó-O

By the way I’ve never been on a plane so-
Thedeadskull 313
Thedeadskull 313 - Day ago
7:56 but I thunk it
•maVe riCk•
•maVe riCk• - Day ago
? What’s virginity?¿ I’m sorry that ima dumb 10 year old .-.
•maVe riCk•
•maVe riCk• - 4 hours ago
Shyføøx Does things oh uhm.. Ik what the s word is.,,. *has mentally died* (i i) am never asking again
Shyføøx Does things
Shyføøx Does things - 6 hours ago
It’s sex don’t tell your parents what it is don’t look it up you need to be older to know what it is
PastelRainbowPlays Roblox
I love how you use faces in the subtitles like "-_-" "-3-"
PastelRainbowPlays Roblox
and more
HumansGreat20 Hahah
That’s genderism
pokedex entrie 000
pokedex entrie 000 - Day ago
jaiden: I only server what fresh on the the menu
also jaiden: SO I PEED ON MY WALLET!
me being the idiot:ill take your entire stock!!!!
gerrard daily 2
gerrard daily 2 - Day ago
Do you have young child couse i se it in the list
Shyføøx Does things
Shyføøx Does things - 6 hours ago
It’s a Friendly truck!
If she found in the toilet then when she didn’t flush the toilet before finding it
Henry Beard
Henry Beard - Day ago
"PP" yaaaaaaaasssssssssssssss
Josh Nunn
Josh Nunn - Day ago
S o I p e e d I n m y w a l l e t
xXFoxyXx uwu
xXFoxyXx uwu - Day ago
Oml I live in UK Sheafilled and this guy was the same as you with my sister
xXFoxyXx uwu
xXFoxyXx uwu - Day ago
On a tram ask a UK freind wat it is \o_o\
Lorik Alexander
Lorik Alexander - Day ago
Just thinking about the people who would chainsaw their limbs off for that Wallet...
Lorik Alexander
Lorik Alexander - Day ago
Wallet is over virginity
Christopher Boyd
Christopher Boyd - Day ago
anyone else think their sound glitched when the hairdryer went on?
Shyføøx Does things
Shyføøx Does things - 6 hours ago
Yes ._.
Scott Nye
Scott Nye - Day ago
MariaVictorLenny Singh
Me: *lives in the UK*
Also me: *sees this*
Eqqs - Day ago
Koyako Jiro
Koyako Jiro - Day ago
If i ever bump into u i be like
but it will never happen cuz I live in India and lockdown so..
Jack Boyle
Jack Boyle - 2 days ago
This is normal behaviour for the UK (trust me I get it all the time)
CJ Ballinger
CJ Ballinger - 2 days ago
My sister always has to check the toilet

she dropped her phone in twice already.
Uche Aniekwu
Uche Aniekwu - 2 days ago
Soulja boy phone🤣🤣
Keira Isabel Curtis
Keira Isabel Curtis - 2 days ago
wouldn't you have flushed the toilet
Xx.Pusheen.Cutie. xX
Xx.Pusheen.Cutie. xX - 2 days ago
I really hope Adam James or Jaiden make a video about how they all three met
RealmSprinter - 2 days ago
Just hearing Jaiden describe that dude and what he said was so incredibly uncomfortable :")
Dempsey Jarvis
Dempsey Jarvis - 2 days ago
On behalf of the UK, i am so sorry that guy said those things.... That doesnt usually happen 😂
Melody Young
Melody Young - 2 days ago
If it wasn't for the fact he spoke words to a woman, I'd assume this guy was an incel.
Deren Playz
Deren Playz - 2 days ago
Haha😂😂 why I pee on it 😂😂😂
WowChubby Hedgehogs
WowChubby Hedgehogs - 2 days ago
" Man, nobody here has a UK passport! " Dude, what are you, a comedian?
QWERTY Art - 2 days ago
If you don’t line bags, why don’t you get a bum bag? They are small and easy to carry. I got one for skateboarding and it’s really great
Not me
Not me - 2 days ago
Note to any thieves watching this video: Don’t rob Jaiden or else you’ll get a wallet that was drenched in pee.
Subashini - 2 days ago
but I thunk it 😂😂
BeastAwoken - 3 days ago
ummmm i will just say this in my comment
fairyspiritedwoman - 3 days ago
Fuck boi.
Beverley Bennell
Beverley Bennell - 3 days ago
I live in England or the UK but i live in a town called glossop
RACHEL COCKBURN - 3 days ago
Ooooo I live in the UK
Furious Maniacs
Furious Maniacs - 3 days ago
1. Wallet
2. Virginity
3. Young Child
4. Phone
5. Patience

Good one, Jaiden
Matteo Cunningham
Matteo Cunningham - 3 days ago
this is now almost a year and 1 month old.......

Tyler Games
Tyler Games - 3 days ago
*Dude gets close*
The musical Poptart
The musical Poptart - 4 days ago
I’ve been traveling a lot lately-

Shimmer Peach
Shimmer Peach - 4 days ago
Wouldn’t you flush the toilet lol
Bunny Bun
Bunny Bun - 4 days ago
*How dare u not like shrek adventures, shrek is life*
SkylarH 25084
SkylarH 25084 - 4 days ago
Me in 2020: Travel? Trave? OH YA! I remember that!
My LPS World
My LPS World - 4 days ago
Shrek stole your wallet.
Eevee! - 4 days ago
so I peed on my wallet-
Alondra Galindo
Alondra Galindo - 4 days ago
He probably wanted your spot to be in front well that’s what I think i don’t know
Łíł Ćrÿśtíë ÚwÙ
Imagine if Jaiden flushed the toilet and she realized when she flushed it Lol?
Dɾιϝƚ ・ Lσσɳ
Dɾιϝƚ ・ Lσσɳ - 4 days ago
1:07 is anyone gonna talk about how she wrote down virginity?

lexi bear -o
lexi bear -o - 4 days ago
lol did anyone notice the WEIRDO DETECTED on jaidens phone
Imma Good Boi
Imma Good Boi - 4 days ago
That's amazing that the wallet didn't get stolen or didn't go down the drain-
Bud Esco
Bud Esco - 4 days ago
You should watch this video in subtitles because it’s funny
KodeCharred 64
KodeCharred 64 - 4 days ago
Was the guy’s name Barry?

KodeCharred 64
KodeCharred 64 - 2 days ago
Because Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum rival?
CouchPotato - 4 days ago
I have a feeling that he was playing mind games (and really sucking at it) to get u to like him.
matilde miles
matilde miles - 4 days ago
Jaiden, that weird guy that you met at the airport is the most common thing you can find in the UK
ChingBling - 4 days ago
Don't worry jaiden, we're not all bad here in the UK.
I Furry
I Furry - 4 days ago
Me in 2020: traveling, I heard that word before.
Tyler Kalinowski
Tyler Kalinowski - 3 days ago
Ha ha
kaysee henika
kaysee henika - 4 days ago
You’re calm because you’re a Libra UwU
Kxllua Kun
Kxllua Kun - 4 days ago
*Have you guys seen a sweating phone anywhere?*
*oh right! Its in the thumbnail!*
Travis Thacker
Travis Thacker - 5 days ago
I actually convinced my Ex-Wife back in the still married write MUDD jean company requesting larger pocketses on girl jeans for obvious reasons. Some women do carry a wallet or female wallet or card holder and the pockets on dem girl pants just don't cut it. You can't even hide a small pocket knife in the front pockets that should be called a slip rather then a pocket. ( It was not always this way either.................pre-80's or pre-70's women's jeans or dress pants had larger pockets.
Jordan Lee
Jordan Lee - 5 days ago
50,000th comment!
Jordan Lee
Jordan Lee - 5 days ago
Jordan Lee
Jordan Lee - 5 days ago
Jordan Lee
Jordan Lee - 5 days ago
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