My Weird Trip to the UK

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talking puppy series
talking puppy series - Minute ago
How old are you jaiden
Smash Zelda pokemon
Smash Zelda pokemon - 9 minutes ago
4:50 a few hundred thousand years ago yea
ihave no username
ihave no username - 12 minutes ago
Your video's are epic
art and stuff
art and stuff - 16 minutes ago
That dude is a JERK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PRO_Gamerboy NL
PRO_Gamerboy NL - 25 minutes ago
this maybe sounds wierd to ask but... are you and domics siblings?
Moon fox
Moon fox - 29 minutes ago
Your giving us the newest things your doing Jaiden are you running out of stories
savage rampage
savage rampage - 37 minutes ago
I know what you look like I saw a vid u in it
LegoBoy 346
LegoBoy 346 - 39 minutes ago
How much Pokémon collector plushy do you have?

Henry Williams
Henry Williams - 46 minutes ago
This is how you dont get your wallet stolen.
Alice B
Alice B - 51 minute ago
Things not to loose in a foreign country:
1: Your pet unicorns.
2: Your phone.
3: Your patience.
4: Your family.
GoofyHuge TV
GoofyHuge TV - Hour ago
Jaiden what ever happened to Kate?
hansita penikalapati
Things Not To Lose:
1. Wallet
2. Virginity
3. Young Child
4. Phone
5. Patience
Xxsnipersheepx7 ‘
Xxsnipersheepx7 ‘ - Hour ago
so... you didnt flush...
Victor Lee
Victor Lee - Hour ago
Was something edited out at around 3:36?
Wei Xiang
Wei Xiang - Hour ago
Doesn’t that mean that she didn’t flush after peeing ...
BIG YOUS - Hour ago
Piss adds character and deters possible thieves from stealing your wallet
The official ash god The War Machine
Jaiden you and James have inspired me to start animating and i hope i would some day be like you :) btw sorry if my engish isn't perfect
xXAnimeStar CutiepieXx
xXAnimeStar CutiepieXx - 2 hours ago
_My_ visit to the uk.
Oh wait I live there
the cool kitten
the cool kitten - 2 hours ago
If you think i dont like your chanle because i dont wach much well i will like to in form you i wach all your videos on my tv
LPS Starfalls
LPS Starfalls - 2 hours ago
*When you don’t get notifications of Jaiden’s video*

*Demonic screech*
PitchBlack YT_53
PitchBlack YT_53 - 2 hours ago
You said a curse word when you where at MrBeast’s 100k YouTuber battle royal
Nerd Style328
Nerd Style328 - 2 hours ago
Hey how many pokeplushes do u have
terripink08 - 2 hours ago
I just want to say that guy was wrong most females are nice and are already put down by men, but I am proud of you jaiden for not exploding with rage as I would, or started cry because of the feeling of a strange man, who was tall talking to me.
Leonardo Banuet
Leonardo Banuet - 3 hours ago
July 13 is my b-day
and Friday the 13 is my favorite day (not speaking about the movie)
Eternal Games
Eternal Games - 3 hours ago
Why didn't you make Ari's birthday video (again-again)
The Martial Nerd
The Martial Nerd - 3 hours ago
4:45 I literally paused the video and just started applauding. Very bold to use incel philosophies in your pick up lines.
MegaMax600 - 3 hours ago
I bet the guy that stood next to her was dumped/cheated on hundreds of times, that’s probably why he said that all girls are selfish.
c813 04c
c813 04c - 3 hours ago
nice to see you had a time
Nalrus The Walrus
Nalrus The Walrus - 3 hours ago
4:44 SPEECH 0
armawillo - 3 hours ago
I require footage of you finding the wallet
FNAF cosplay 123
FNAF cosplay 123 - 3 hours ago
I like your voice.
Protato Robin
Protato Robin - 3 hours ago
I love how at 6:46 in the video her phone says weirdo detected
Christopher Rinaldi
Christopher Rinaldi - 4 hours ago
Random question do ya watch my hero academia
pako joe
pako joe - 4 hours ago
Dame it jadion now all the 8 year old will piss on there wallet They only have 5 dollers
Tec Master official channel
Remind me to never shake ur hands whenever i met u in vidcon or something 😆😆😆
james zehna
james zehna - 4 hours ago
1970 : Well have flying cars in the future.
2019 : So I peed on my wallet.
Pritish Nayyar
Pritish Nayyar - 4 hours ago
When is Japan part 2 coming???
sahith Madadi
sahith Madadi - 4 hours ago
great idea
sahith Madadi
sahith Madadi - 4 hours ago
flited in a airport
Content - 4 hours ago
Jaiden talking about peeing on her wallet for half of the video
James Foreman
James Foreman - 4 hours ago
Sooo that means you didn’t flush the toilet.....😶😐😑
Delta - 5 hours ago
Lovely app!
Eevee Run wild
Eevee Run wild - 5 hours ago
I guess I understand? Ok fine I do understand!......
Aaryaman Mummadavarapu
Aaryaman Mummadavarapu - 5 hours ago
James Mccawley
James Mccawley - 5 hours ago
I ship you with that guy
madhu sudan
madhu sudan - 5 hours ago
u soo disgusting
The_Derpy _One
The_Derpy _One - 5 hours ago
Only quality content 👌
so I peed on my wallet
Jonathan Setiawan
Jonathan Setiawan - 5 hours ago
Tip=pee is healthy for ur body..
Blizard.02 - 6 hours ago
Host meme review
Jonathan Setiawan
Jonathan Setiawan - 6 hours ago
My father lost 2 PHONES...
animal_gamer 7
animal_gamer 7 - 6 hours ago
If all girls are selfish then all guys are jerks
ToasterDont BeToastist
ToasterDont BeToastist - 6 hours ago
Sounds like you need the handy dandy Toilet Buddy invented by Michael Scott! Simply attach this net in your toilet bowl and it will catch whatever you drop! Never worry about having dropped your wallet in the toilet ever again!
Gacha life Lover
Gacha life Lover - 6 hours ago
I went to London in 16 June 2019
Dominic A Channle
Dominic A Channle - 6 hours ago
Dame it jadion now all the 8 year old will piss on there wallet

They only have 5 dollers
I'll give you convenient playlists so give me subs
Wait did you not flush the toilet? How'd ur wallet not go down the sowers
xstxrrystar x
xstxrrystar x - 6 hours ago
No one:
Not a single soul:
Jaiden: sO i PeEd On My WaLlEt-
VleasoTV - 7 hours ago
"I hope I never see you again!"
Big mood.
Double Dubbing
Double Dubbing - 7 hours ago
You could say to that guy, go away you are weird xD maybe next time.
Double Dubbing
Double Dubbing - 7 hours ago
Peepee wallet ahahahaha
K. Tauã
K. Tauã - 7 hours ago
*Shrek flys* me: Drugs. Obviously.
Майли Май
Майли Май - 7 hours ago
Лайк на ком. Если читаешь по русский!
m y s t ï c Ë c h ø
m y s t ï c Ë c h ø - 7 hours ago
i heard
so i peed on my wall XD
Sunshiny Clouds
Sunshiny Clouds - 7 hours ago

*weirdo detected*
Big Nutty
Big Nutty - 7 hours ago
Wait, so did you flush the toilet
gardenixu '
gardenixu ' - 7 hours ago
4:48 Now this be a 🗿 moment.
Al- Sirat
Al- Sirat - 8 hours ago
jaiden. I love you. if I were neighbour. I would definitely hang out with. you. your video is dope.
Madeline Scruggs
Madeline Scruggs - 8 hours ago
Just put a tracker on your wallet
/\FredBear On Stage\/
/\FredBear On Stage\/ - 8 hours ago
u know ur dog video and u mentioned gabe the dog grumpy cat also died pretty recently
oliver dc
oliver dc - 8 hours ago
hey you look like my aunt
LittleMissyo3o - 8 hours ago
*I'm the few percents of people who watched Jaiden on my Ds.* (Lmao
duve chan
duve chan - 8 hours ago
Am I weird or did the guy totally flirt with jaiden and she didn't notice because of his bad social skills?
fsoon yoog
fsoon yoog - 8 hours ago
That guy was the one but you let him slip through your fingers
Harokoro - 8 hours ago
Literally nothing:
Not a single thing:
Jaiden: PeE oN mY wAlLeT
Bazuka stopmotion studio
Bazuka stopmotion studio - 9 hours ago
but the brain has the brain cell eating grass at elementary school!!!
(also, wisdom juice you drank at japan)
Music Meister
Music Meister - 9 hours ago
Jaiden: It was really nice, especiallysinceIdidn'thavetopay.
Tatiana Pandalake
Tatiana Pandalake - 9 hours ago
*but I thunk it*
William_ FlameHek
William_ FlameHek - 9 hours ago
When shrek saw someone on his swamp
VIEWS GRANT - 9 hours ago
Want sum crumpets and tea m8?
Edsel Ortiz
Edsel Ortiz - 10 hours ago
The finest of content.
Isn't this Ironic
Isn't this Ironic - 10 hours ago
Everyone: "So I peed in my wallet" comments
Jaiden : *so I peed in my wallet*
Falco Boy Ukelele
Falco Boy Ukelele - 10 hours ago
and no one knows this guy is pewdiepie uncover
Sister Sqwa Gaming!
Sister Sqwa Gaming! - 10 hours ago
Jaiden i know you love james I will keep it a secret hehehe *tells everyone* hehehe yep I won't tell any one
Giraffesketch - 10 hours ago
So you didn’t flush the toilet ..
Nikola Kotur
Nikola Kotur - 10 hours ago
How old is she?
Yo Sup
Yo Sup - 10 hours ago
Jaiden: I only serve the most quality content for you.
Also Jaiden: 👏🏻 So I pEeD oN mY wAlLet
Yo Sup
Yo Sup - 10 hours ago
SouljaPad, SouljaPhone, SouljaPods, SouljaBook Pro etc. You count it
Sugar Monkey
Sugar Monkey - 11 hours ago
Did no one realize that her phone said “weirdo detected”
Lauryn Howell
Lauryn Howell - 11 hours ago
Imagine if he (weirdo) finds this video
Gavyn Johnson
Gavyn Johnson - 11 hours ago
all girls are selfish, kind of true, but saying that to someone that you just met, far stretch. i wouldn't expect someone to say that even as a male human. im typing this while watching, and even me, the socially awkward WEIRD (don't forget autistic and don't fell bad i know it) wouldn't try to start a conversation.
Joshua Fry
Joshua Fry - 11 hours ago
2:07... why does that picture remind me of T.K.O from the show ok ko?
Harry Potty he goes potty Yeet
Me watching jaiden my grandma walks in
My grandma: *gaaaaaasp* what did she say!?
Me: gobber
My grandma: trunk that off!
Me: why
My grandma: because gobber means peepee!
Me: :l
NegativeNevets - 12 hours ago
That guy was the one but you let him slip through your fingers
Captain Lemon Egg
Captain Lemon Egg - 12 hours ago
“I thunk it”

BTW I'm Aiden so nice name
Flutterwolf pink ฅ'ω'ฅ
Okay he's a jerk
jakeytv jtv
jakeytv jtv - 12 hours ago
Jaiden see russian animators Media looser Dobryak and Найс
Draffyre - 12 hours ago
can't relate lol.
Ew lol
Ew lol - 13 hours ago
7:58 Jaiden: *BUT I THUNK IT*
Milo - 13 hours ago
You could probably sell that wallet for at least more than you bought it for.
Drowned Glitch
Drowned Glitch - 13 hours ago
Cause I'm a gorl
French Frye potato
French Frye potato - 13 hours ago

We gonna talk bout dem Pwediepie references?
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