Film Theory: The Joker Is Not Real (Joker 2019 Spoiler Free)

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The Great Hawk
The Great Hawk - 7 hours ago
Boy you all really get into this shit
whickervision - 7 hours ago
I'm wondering if The Film Theorists are getting too good at their jobs, and should just take whatever hush money WB might offer. Nobody wants all the tricks explained before a magic show.
Andrew Worley
Andrew Worley - 8 hours ago
U spoil fight club for me damnit
star boy
star boy - 8 hours ago
I have one question is the joker film connected to the bvs and others dc films
Nmethyltransferase - 8 hours ago
You're wrong, MatPat. Pseudobulbar affect is often confused with schizophrenia, but they're different beasts. Yes, PbA _can_ be secondarily caused by another illness, but that illness is always neurological in nature. If you're going to stick to your diagnosis of psuedobulbar affect, then maybe he's afflicted by Parkinson's, another Lewey body dementia, or ALS; it _could_ explain all the psychological symptoms too.
On the other hand, schizophrenia (but no pseudobulbar affect) is more parsimonious. It explains everything better, with fewer assumptions. But there's just one little bone in that sausage... All the studies that find impaired coordination or difficulties in movement were studying _medicated_ schizophrenic individuals. Antipsychotics, themselves, can cause those movement-related symptoms, collectively known as "extrapyramidal side-effects."
Sara Anderson
Sara Anderson - 8 hours ago
Mat pat:jokers fake

Joker: am I a joking joker to you
That one Guy
That one Guy - 8 hours ago
Hey matpat, honestly I don’t care if your theory’s are right or wrong all that matters is that you and the audience enjoyed the video. Great video btw
Roula Arnous
Roula Arnous - 9 hours ago
what happened to  Jeremiah valeska from the Gotham series and his twin brother could there be more than two jokers?
EdLuvsTab4ever - 9 hours ago
Roula Arnous there are several Jokers in the DC multiverse. In the main universe there are three Jokers
Brandon Bankston
Brandon Bankston - 9 hours ago
Joker - "All it takes is one bad day.."
Gabriel Villanueva
Gabriel Villanueva - 9 hours ago
But there was another name given the Joker in the Gotham TV show
Neo Shadow
Neo Shadow - 9 hours ago this video also says the same thing mat does well at least thats its not the real joker
Christopher Castle
Christopher Castle - 10 hours ago
The joker does exist. He's in each and every one of us.
sabtheshredda - 10 hours ago
as part 2 of the mass effect indoctrinated theory will only be an imaginary video that will never get released.
I am connor The android sent by cyderlife
i don't think he's THE Joker i got more of a oh you think he's the joker but he's really just a completely different character vibe from the trailer
Aiden Jones
Aiden Jones - 10 hours ago
My father was a gamer. One day, he came home from a long day of epic gaming and saw me playing Fortnite on my iPhone, and he said to me, "Why so casual?" . Then he said again, "Why so CASUAL?" . And he beat me with a Wii nunchuk. That's how I got these scars.
Гальванизированный Труп
dc is such a fucking MESS, they did't change a single bit from those days when super-shit flew around the earth super-fast in order to reverse time so he could *save martha*
Karuto Garnet
Karuto Garnet - 11 hours ago
It seems like every time MatPat makes a theory that's sound right, the producers are like "MatPat must never be right because it's just a theory A FILM THEORY HAHAHAHAHA
Payton .H
Payton .H - 11 hours ago
Well to me this video is just a big joke
Elective Toast
Elective Toast - 12 hours ago
The story of Arthur Fleck will be the story of a schizophrenic living in his fantasies as a super villain.
Chicken Guy
Chicken Guy - 12 hours ago
I think this Joker is the Bronze/Modern Age Joker. The modern one escapes from a mental asylum and both movie version characters have or almost the same hair style. I kind of want MatPat to look into this more.
Churchill is God
Churchill is God - 13 hours ago
I see clown people
HAMID ALGHURABI - 13 hours ago
Nobody watch this, there is a spoiler in the end from a reviewer who watched the movie
nick - 10 hours ago
What's the spoiler? That Joker and Batman have the same father? That Joker kills his mom? That Joker kills a talk show host after he invites him on the show?
Chase Potter
Chase Potter - 13 hours ago
I’m not so sure about that, just because I feel like the ratings wouldn’t be as good.
Lyons - 13 hours ago
Spoiler Arthur fleck becomes the joker by the end of the movie
Doa Jamal
Doa Jamal - 13 hours ago
In the beginning, it reminds me of Megamind.
Rob - 13 hours ago
Cesar Romero is the Original Joker !!!
Serdar Atalay
Serdar Atalay - 14 hours ago
It was all cool until you added that quote from a person who has seen the movie. Spoiler-free? Thanks for ruining it beyond theories.
TK_Shyy - 15 hours ago
Stop watching the video at 14:47 if you want it to be spoiler free
xCrusaderOfLightx - 15 hours ago
"Spoiler free"

"Shows Endgame spoilers"
TK_Shyy - 15 hours ago
Says spoiler free

Backs up his theory with a movie review, basically confirming, and spoiling, the Joker. Smfh
Crusty The Wanksock
Crusty The Wanksock - 15 hours ago
*So basically, the new Joker movie is a propaganda statement that contesting capitalism is an extreme form of mental illness?* ☕️🐸
Ps. I’m no expert but, I’m pretty sure all the trailers show this version of Joker inciting members of the public who are wearing clown masks. So I’m guessing this movie’s going to indicate this version of Joker is going to inspire copycat criminals in the future IE all the other versions who are each different people copying this version of Joker 👀
Dinamite - 16 hours ago
the film hasn’t even came out yet...
kris matt
kris matt - 16 hours ago
The issue is that your theory actually SPOILS the movie; you couldn't keep away from sharing it for the sake of your content. It is a narrative that clearly filters through some of the interviews.
Scared Patato
Scared Patato - 17 hours ago
*Laughs In Spiderman Far From Home*
T Sarac T
T Sarac T - 18 hours ago
Bu ne aq yazı garip bile değil
UniverseSlayer - 18 hours ago
Sh#t, why did I watch this?!!!
steg - 18 hours ago
I think I might have a minor version of that laughing thing to be honest
dennismaryanski - 18 hours ago
Jared Leto: You don’t want no beeeef?

Tosca B
Tosca B - 19 hours ago
That top comment though
Wiktor Zywicki
Wiktor Zywicki - 20 hours ago
I was so negative about the film and you made me actually interested in it! Bravo to you!
Mr Wax
Mr Wax - 20 hours ago
(Joker 2019 Spoiler Free)
huh? I think you mean "Free Joker 2019 Spoiler"
Pewedie bro Lopez
Pewedie bro Lopez - 21 hour ago
Lol I got a joker ad as I was watching this
Weeb God
Weeb God - 21 hour ago
I hope this movie fails
Ed Sheeran's Failed clone
Ed Sheeran's Failed clone - 22 hours ago
Trust me dude. I love the Joker
dreadlink - 22 hours ago
Damn you might have this one....
M.C.C - 22 hours ago
Wow, great analysis ! By the way people should watch A Beautiful Day by Lynn Ramasay starring Joaquin Phoenix ..
jack lajoie
jack lajoie - 23 hours ago
1. Joker is nowhere near comic's greatest villain
2. Why the hell would you want to see something "darker" in superheroes!? this is how we get shit like holy Terror and The Dark Knight Strikes Again, for crying out loud!!!!!
Arrie Potter
Arrie Potter - Day ago
I had the Joker trailer as ad right before this video😂😂😂
Chicken Strip
Chicken Strip - Day ago
So who likes bat nipples?
MeMeBigBoiii - Day ago
Knew it was Schizophrenia before Matt it was even mentioned
awesomeXsauce - Day ago
bruh right when matpat said "as he says himself in the final trailer", i got an ad for the joker where he said the exact line that matpat then played after the ad
Peaceful Jim
Peaceful Jim - Day ago
Shout out to the RuneScape wizard hat at 13:49.
ThePapermage - Day ago
If it turns out that the Joker is just some Walter Mitty-esque "dreamer" who doesn't even, you know, *do* anything but just imagines doing things, then I'll be severely disappointed. If they wanted to remake "King of Comedy" or "American Psycho", then they should have just done that. Hell, even Tyler Durden actually got stuff done.
Ruri Rotaru
Ruri Rotaru - Day ago
at around 5:18 in the bathroom theres a weird glitch in the video only on the back wall of the tub.
Xinge Gao
Xinge Gao - Day ago
Wow. Matpat. Did you just make this video hoping that us viewers were stupid? The most prominent characteristic of schizophrenia is that you have SPLIT PERSONALITIES. And judging by the fact that you used Wikipedia in defining schizophrenia, the first thing it should have said was that it was a mental disorder where you have two different personalities, which means you would have seen it and that you left it out on purpose. That means that the two different version of Arthur Fleck seen in the trailer could very well both be real, but from two different personalities.......
Xinge Gao
Xinge Gao - Day ago
"And why would Matpat lie to us?" you may ask. Well that's because in mentioning that, it would mean contradicting his own theory about the movie being half hallucinations and half reality, because it could very well just mean that it is showing two different personalities. Also, not all schizophrenic people see hallucinations and are deluded, which further contradicts his own theory......
wandering futur
wandering futur - Day ago
What if the imaginary part is when he has the makeup off? ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED
Nuclear Geek
Nuclear Geek - Day ago
It all exists in his mind is kind of an overplayed theory/conspiracy. It really takes away from the films when people say that without it being clearly established.
ApplexGang _420
ApplexGang _420 - Day ago
Joker calls a hit (or does it himself)on the wayne's creating batman...but in creating batman he furthers jokers delusions of heroism...i bet
Anthony Ricci
Anthony Ricci - Day ago
What is the movie at 2:22??
Aaron man
Aaron man - Day ago
Nobody fucking cares.
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