14 CRAZIEST Animal Fights Caught On Camera

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Jake's Top 10
Jake's Top 10 - 3 months ago
Check out the 16 Funniest Animals Attacking People Reactions video I just made! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d3zZK4m1ubU It's really funny!
ALPHA DOG T chance fan
ALPHA DOG T chance fan - 4 days ago
@Sam Middleton what
Sam Middleton
Sam Middleton - 4 days ago
Those aren't iguanas...
ALPHA DOG T chance fan
@Leticia Ruiz what does that mean
Leticia Ruiz
Leticia Ruiz - Month ago
Leticia Ruiz
Leticia Ruiz - Month ago
Wyatt Williams
Wyatt Williams - 10 hours ago
i was supprised that the bunny won
Queen kam Love
Queen kam Love - 10 hours ago
I feel bad for all the guys are the best so cute
Elias Alexander Flakke
Elias Alexander Flakke - 10 hours ago
*The thumbnail was disturbing...*
Andy_Pipkin_Official - 12 hours ago
where was the elephant vs snake
what click bate
Xx Clark_ART Xx
Xx Clark_ART Xx - 13 hours ago
That bunny attacked the snake because it was going after the bunny’s babies when you see the whole video
Blazed Gaming KR
Blazed Gaming KR - 14 hours ago
Try turning down the emphasis on some of your words. It's almost unbearable. Good video, good quality, but try toning back a bit. 🤘👍
eddie briley
eddie briley - 22 hours ago
Idk why I’m so interested in this type of stuff
Carson Rickhoff
Carson Rickhoff - Day ago
Ok quick question. Does anyone know if that bunny had rabies or something and that’s why it was so aggressive or are bunnies actually that fierce normally?
BackWayz - Day ago
Rikitikitavi ?
Pëãçhy* bløøm
Pëãçhy* bløøm - Day ago
The bunny and the snack surprised me the most
Melissa Hatley
Melissa Hatley - Day ago
Snake vs rabbit surprised me
An4rchist frosty
An4rchist frosty - Day ago
Click bait!!!!
IsoPlayz YT
IsoPlayz YT - Day ago
I luv the oop-
Jacob Groom
Jacob Groom - 2 days ago
Poor lion
Boys Tab
Boys Tab - 2 days ago
You got most of the animals names wrong
Parker Windsor
Parker Windsor - 2 days ago
Bruh I literally had to turn sound down because of you voice
수도꼭지 아닌수도깍지
레넥톤 ㅠㅠ
shirley james
shirley james - 2 days ago
I hate this video
Nick Gillespie
Nick Gillespie - 3 days ago
that squirrel is so relatable
Daniel Francisco
Daniel Francisco - 3 days ago
😮😮😮😯😯 #2
Jimuel Cerera
Jimuel Cerera - 3 days ago
Rabbit and snake
Charlie The cat
Charlie The cat - 3 days ago
Charlie The cat
Charlie The cat - 3 days ago
Axis Breeze
Axis Breeze - 3 days ago
Charlie The cat
Charlie The cat - 3 days ago
Truth Shockwave
Truth Shockwave - 3 days ago
Iguana vs iguana. So who wins?
R1. _riley
R1. _riley - 3 days ago
The giraffe just kicks the shit out of any thing
Claire Rose
Claire Rose - 3 days ago
The thumbnail made me cry bc I love animals and elephants 😭
Eldin fox
Eldin fox - 3 days ago
I love fox
Gael Javier fana
Gael Javier fana - 3 days ago
Bunny vs snake
Iuli Series
Iuli Series - 3 days ago
Funny moments
BogiYT - 3 days ago
00:48 my guy did a whole backflip 💀
Paul Paul
Paul Paul - 3 days ago
I hate the way you say “vers”
A little Bit This A little Bit That
Wow and the picture that is on the video cover?
Why all the lies?
swift dick
swift dick - 4 days ago
U keep getting the species wrong
John Smith
John Smith - 4 days ago
Great commentary!
Maria Aguirre
Maria Aguirre - 4 days ago
the bonni vs snack
Shelle Bell
Shelle Bell - 4 days ago
Wheres the elephant and snake? Like on the pic
Snakebears334 - 4 days ago
3:55 im dead
Paramita K
Paramita K - 4 days ago
I'm not its mom but I feel proud of the chub bunny.
Loki 257
Loki 257 - 4 days ago
Iguana vs iguana ahhahahahahaa this is so funny imagine you going to work and just see 2 iguanas fightinhg this is so funny hahaha
Milleniuzilla - 4 days ago
Mangus is ded
Milleniuzilla - 4 days ago
İt is a alligator in The Shake vs croc
Milleniuzilla - 4 days ago
Badger would win
Milleniuzilla - 4 days ago
But The crocs have thick skin so croc is jest ran Away.
izelik - 4 days ago
But where is that giant snake vs elephant from tha crappy clickbate picture :(((
chesler Sumaoang
chesler Sumaoang - 4 days ago
I like the bunny one but is the bunny ok
Mini Ninja Bros gaming
Mini Ninja Bros gaming - 4 days ago
bruh it’s vans
bruh it’s vans - 4 days ago
Number 5 is kinda funny cuz there wrestling like humans
Savonyé Dubay Bear
Savonyé Dubay Bear - 5 days ago
The narration makes this at 1 order of magnitude funnier than it would have been. Actually, idk if it would have been funny without the commentary.
Taylor Fall
Taylor Fall - 5 days ago
Why you sound so serious tho 💀💀😂
Josiah X
Josiah X - 5 days ago
DUDE! Iguana vs iguana. That isn't even a video of iguanas!!!!! Those are monitor lizards!
Josiah X
Josiah X - 5 days ago
Is it just me, or is any else annoyed by the way he says verse and not versus?
itman90 - 5 days ago
5:38 I'm dead 😂😂😂😂
alwaysyouramanda - 5 days ago
Anyone else just here for the photoshopped thumbnail?
Cutie Nicole
Cutie Nicole - 5 days ago
The bunny
Janiyah bell
Janiyah bell - 5 days ago
Iguana vs iguana I was surprised
TLP_JOJO - 5 days ago
These 🐊 taking L’s
David Berry
David Berry - 5 days ago
Bunny v snake was unexpected
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