Waxing Off Eyebrows With Tesla Ludicrous Mode

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Emerald 1heyy
Emerald 1heyy - 11 days ago
Get yourself a girl that looks at you like Hayley looks at rayon when she thinks he’s chocking
SlushiiMachine Roblox - GD
wait eh why is Kelli here
It’z Midnight & crystal
The thamnail hahahahaha ha
A banaid
It’z Midnight & crystal
Joel G
Joel G - 21 day ago
7:25 holy cow that fire 🔥🥵
The is tea Hot
The is tea Hot - 25 days ago
My mom hates me
My mom hates me - Month ago
I have kids in my basement I don’t care a clout
kenarbes - Month ago
May I ask why there’s turf on your wall?
Zac Palmer
Zac Palmer - Month ago
This was great
grace cee
grace cee - Month ago
carter being able to still look perfectly normal even without eyebrows is definitely a flex
Gamerren - Month ago
I literally didn't even realize I got on Ryan's video holy crap
Inject Iilo0203
Inject Iilo0203 - Month ago
Mason Erbini
Mason Erbini - Month ago
2:19 Are you choking
Hazy Storms Productions
Hey your invitation for your discord server is expired. make an invite that doesn't expire, please!!
Nathan Derbyshire
Nathan Derbyshire - Month ago
1:55 look at Yerrow
lakabaka lele
lakabaka lele - Month ago
Rippin Lips Fishing
Rippin Lips Fishing - Month ago
Rip to the old videos, and off brand Cody ko. It just isn’t the same
BOYOBOY spagettihead
BOYOBOY spagettihead - Month ago
why does he have a black eye?
Kobi Manderson
Kobi Manderson - Month ago
Fun fact:Ryan was born on his birthday
Vikram Bhat
Vikram Bhat - Month ago
Please do not become team ten
Arek Załęski
Arek Załęski - 2 months ago
Yooo that song is dope actually
Mimix - 2 months ago
astrid birk grarup
astrid birk grarup - 2 months ago
I miss the old Ryan.. :(
Serenity Campbell
Serenity Campbell - 2 months ago
4:03 Hayley is savage!!!!
Serenity Campbell
Serenity Campbell - 2 months ago
Ryan is the only one who who can make a vlog actually interesting!
Serenity Campbell
Serenity Campbell - 2 months ago
Poor carter.
Non-official United Nations
jack7910 jack7910
jack7910 jack7910 - 2 months ago
carter AKA oompa loompa no offence carter
Alex Stone
Alex Stone - 2 months ago
Rachel Moore
Rachel Moore - 2 months ago
Why does Ryan have a black eye...? 🥺
Amaar Yusuf
Amaar Yusuf - 2 months ago
Why does he still look the same?!
Jada Mitchell
Jada Mitchell - 2 months ago
why is Carter’s song actually good😭😭
Lucas rode 2246
Lucas rode 2246 - 2 months ago
Yo when Ryan singed the song from Logan Paul he is so bad I started laughing no offense
goodshow man
goodshow man - 2 months ago
Shave his beard
nai saetern
nai saetern - 2 months ago
I think Ryan having his own YouTube channel mean that Ryan is having doubts about him and haley
nai saetern
nai saetern - 2 months ago
Ryan if you and Haley are getting married why do you have your own YouTube channel
362 Aarshi Mehta
362 Aarshi Mehta - 2 months ago
The song had me crying😂😭😂😭😂😭
Sam Reeder
Sam Reeder - 2 months ago
Omg, his name is Peter Parker look at the zoom thing
alex torchia
alex torchia - 2 months ago
his zoom name is tryan rahan lol
BelloVita - 2 months ago
Is carters song on iTunes yet?
m s
m s - 2 months ago
ur awsome rayan
Riley Mosier
Riley Mosier - 2 months ago
I legit can’t drink soda it burns my mouth
Zach Romero
Zach Romero - 2 months ago
We need a full length music video of Carter's song...WE NEED MORE.
Vincent Jr.
Vincent Jr. - 2 months ago
Haley is awesome man, she loves Ryan so much
Tri Pesto
Tri Pesto - 2 months ago
Lol the non eyebrows look good
Sasha Savelli
Sasha Savelli - 2 months ago
Hunterheist - 2 months ago
Hey, I’ve been a fan for a while, and I’m not a fan of you’re new style of videos. I liked the lemonade stand trying to earn money or reacting to Morgz and crap. Just saying you’ve lost a subscription.
Cameron Kelly
Cameron Kelly - 2 months ago
Why is u face time name tyan rahan
Quin Duck
Quin Duck - 2 months ago
BossOfGaming15 - 2 months ago
carter has to wax his beard off now
the gamer shride
the gamer shride - 2 months ago
finish the song and release it to the public
Nathan Weed
Nathan Weed - 2 months ago
I miss Ryans old vlogs ... *Establishing shot*
Riker - 2 months ago
Lucy Yu
Lucy Yu - 2 months ago
G a p s I n m y n a m e
G a p s I n m y n a m e - 2 months ago
My favorite song now : Clout - Carter Heath
Alice Emily OnLine
Alice Emily OnLine - 2 months ago
You should create a tik tok dance to carters song
cxrmen j
cxrmen j - 2 months ago
carter and dakota striplin should collaborate to sing at haley and ryan’s wedding
Alan - 2 months ago
Haley cares so much
First with the lake and now "are you choking?"
I love that relationship
mikayla. - 2 months ago
love the austin squad :))
Scan for Bell Delphene’s number.
I think almost all of us thought he was going to explode his head
Alex Goodfellow
Alex Goodfellow - 2 months ago
where can we find this song
Raimy Taft
Raimy Taft - 2 months ago
Ryan drives up to drive through
Chic-Fil-A Girl "Hi Ryan"
Me "Chic-Fil-A knows all"
AlwaysAbigail77 - 2 months ago
That should be an official song
evie hillegeist
evie hillegeist - 2 months ago
what happened to your face ryan?
my cookies now
my cookies now - 2 months ago
R.I.p Carter's eyebrows
Mya Kidd
Mya Kidd - 2 months ago
Carter is my spirit animal
Cat Dragon
Cat Dragon - 2 months ago
I love how much hailey worry’s about Ryan
R.A.V - 2 months ago
ANit nobody gonna talk about how his name is peter parker
Lexie Mahler
Lexie Mahler - 2 months ago
Haley are you choking👁👄👁
the christian dude
the christian dude - 2 months ago
you can se your credit card number in the drive thru
Ariyelle Kleinowskis
Ariyelle Kleinowskis - 2 months ago
C_Fricker_ 04
C_Fricker_ 04 - 2 months ago
Honestly Carter barely had eyebrows anyway. He is Ginger and in Austin weather. It’s like putting a red plaster on a tomato.
Edit: I’m Ginger. I mean no offence
Danica Samson
Danica Samson - 2 months ago
Attempt #19 at getting someone in my sub list to notice my comment
Ibuki mioda
Ibuki mioda - 2 months ago
U live in bee cave Austin Texas you have gone to the galleria I know where you live
Aidan Baldwin
Aidan Baldwin - 2 months ago
Not the biggest fan of Carter's singing voice
Eva Katalin
Eva Katalin - 2 months ago
Eva Katalin
Eva Katalin - 2 months ago
I love Ryan’s and Haley’s vids what bout u
IATTACC UwU - 2 months ago
Carter's singing was just... MUAH chef's kiss
Caroline ._
Caroline ._ - 2 months ago
i actually want carter’s song to be on apple music..😶
Ma'yan Moche
Ma'yan Moche - 2 months ago
did anyone else's mouth get sour when they were eating the warheads lol
Loic Marquis
Loic Marquis - 2 months ago
Can Carter and Ryan please turn that into a single!!!😍
Jake F
Jake F - 2 months ago
That Other Kid
That Other Kid - 2 months ago
Did anyone else notice that Dakotas name was Peter Parker on the web thing?
Pure Stupidity
Pure Stupidity - 2 months ago
When carter started singing I was dying
Star_Dust 112
Star_Dust 112 - 2 months ago
Wait, why does it say Peter Parker on the zoom(5:44)? Is he secretly spider-man? :0
Hg Gore
Hg Gore - 2 months ago
this was posted on my b-day
Daniela Lukic
Daniela Lukic - 2 months ago
I wonder how Carter would look like without his beard. He is such a cutie
Ira Rath
Ira Rath - 2 months ago
this is quality content
Victoria - 2 months ago
Omg have anyone of you seen the names in the inner corner of the call with dakota
lmao come back when you found it
Ryan Young
Ryan Young - 2 months ago
Chris and Kristin Barrett
Chris and Kristin Barrett - 2 months ago
Dear Ryan, your content is gross. Be you. Quit click baiting. Sincerely, a viewer from a year ago. Please be you
Megan Wong
Megan Wong - 2 months ago
This is honestly a nice song
Jesse Banales
Jesse Banales - 2 months ago
I enjoyed this
kindly director
kindly director - 2 months ago
Little brother jakey try to roast me 0:26
Ethan Wang
Ethan Wang - 2 months ago
Did anyone else notice at 5:43 his name is Peter Parker and 5:49 Ryan's name is Tryan Rahan?
AmateUrBeats Official
AmateUrBeats Official - 2 months ago
Yo send me his vocals (acapella) and I can make a 🔥🔥🔥 remix. Won't let you down
Partly Slush
Partly Slush - 2 months ago
Is anyone going to acknowledge that his content has turned random
Prometheus - 2 months ago
Why was the song surprising good
Kaustuv Ray
Kaustuv Ray - 2 months ago
can we look at the red scar thing under ryans eye
Landen Pratt
Landen Pratt - 2 months ago
5:05 Kelli maple Actually watches something except dolls
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