Lil Skies - Going Off [Official Video]

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Ricky Juarez
Ricky Juarez - 2 hours ago
🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Shadow Garay
Shadow Garay - 7 hours ago
Can u come at Paris for concert pls yur just awesome 🙏🙏🙏🦋🦋🔥🔥
SpicyIke - 11 hours ago
Im done looking through comment sections tbh this shit is so ass now LIKE TO ACTIVATE HAHAHAHAHAH. Shut the fuck up
Börken - 14 hours ago
wack music video, SICK song.
aero - Day ago
Too hard 🦋🖤
roufdrapht - Day ago
I thought this was a parody, turns out 8.5m people are dumb as fuck
Shadow - Day ago
this video is very much overedited
Ahmed Nadir
Ahmed Nadir - Day ago
He is soo underrated.. Like if u agree
J Parker
J Parker - Day ago
Maddox Willis
Maddox Willis - 3 days ago
Who’s better
Lil skies like
Travis Scott comment
Steven Rigsby
Steven Rigsby - 4 days ago
Liittt🔥 nice one skies
Xx PK_Dripo xX
Xx PK_Dripo xX - 5 days ago
This hits hard 💔
oliver DAHI
oliver DAHI - 6 days ago
oliver DAHI
oliver DAHI - 6 days ago
Ok ok ok ok ok im gunna be Until I die that is in 2194
Jacoby SanchezMendez
Jacoby SanchezMendez - 7 days ago
Who listening to this on thanksgiving 2019
Jacoby SanchezMendez
Jacoby SanchezMendez - 4 days ago
Not much
FezT8 That's It
FezT8 That's It - 6 days ago
What up dude
cliff ford
cliff ford - 7 days ago
He's never been a street nigga stop cappin 😂
8ight Beats
8ight Beats - 7 days ago
lil skies: a
reverb: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
swil - 7 days ago
i like the song but i don't like the video...
Joel Hannigan
Joel Hannigan - 8 days ago
beat has same vibe as drake - going bad
Oliver Eccentric
Oliver Eccentric - 8 days ago
Skies feat Gingerinas mom has to happen
yaboy snowi
yaboy snowi - 8 days ago
This song is nice is stick in my head song idea Lil skies puff
Malaysia Perkins
Malaysia Perkins - 9 days ago
Bruh skies fine as hell 🦋🦋🦋❤️❤️
more shark
more shark - 9 days ago
Getting a dad body
Tenzin Choephel
Tenzin Choephel - 9 days ago
Gnar n lundon they are Lil skies bodyguard 😂😂..
pykolobeats - 9 days ago
super tare
Nick Hewitt
Nick Hewitt - 10 days ago
This guy cant rap at all...... I mean who slaps this in there tape deck bruh?
Fortnite Peluri
Fortnite Peluri - 10 days ago
Listen to songs like: "Struggle" ,"87-98" Both by lil skies. This proves that he has a lot of real talent. His style has just changed.
WWY TOX1C - 11 days ago
Why does this sound different
Jordyn Patterson
Jordyn Patterson - 12 days ago
I love this song thanks to lil skyies
Trimzy - 10 days ago
Jordyn Patterson when you ca t spell the nam spelled name wrong.
Trueless - 12 days ago
This still has summer vibes😤😥
Guille XO
Guille XO - 13 days ago
Victoria june.
J M - 13 days ago
Going bad?
Jessica Zubenko
Jessica Zubenko - 13 days ago
Stupid fire and stupid sexy
Matthew Dominguez
Matthew Dominguez - 13 days ago
I be going off on my 90s
Ralf Julmar
Ralf Julmar - 13 days ago
2 Things happened today
1. My neighbor called the cops bcz I play this song too loud
2. My neighbor got arrested
izzothaking - 13 days ago
Is love a lil Wayne and lil skies song together.
Aleksandra Radinski
Aleksandra Radinski - 13 days ago
Tara Clark
Tara Clark - 13 days ago
i have been listening to him for like 2 weeks and i now all the words in every single song
pillowy - 14 days ago
This song slaps so hard
Crystal Roderick
Crystal Roderick - 14 days ago
my god hes cute!
Ashley Alvarez
Ashley Alvarez - 14 days ago
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