Bronny James 1st 360 DUNK!! Bronny Gets HEATED vs Trae Young's Team! Blue Chips Put To The TEST!

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Marcelo Branco
Marcelo Branco - Hour ago
Bruh Tried To Dapp Up The Dude For Blocking His Teammate 💀. Fuck You Got Goin’ on 😭!
James Yang
James Yang - 2 days ago
Bad refing
-Vaulted- Goku
-Vaulted- Goku - 3 days ago
12:07 how is that a double dribble when at the start he was picking up the ball?
Haani Abid
Haani Abid - 3 days ago
1:13 bronny teammate high 5 the other team
Christopher White
Christopher White - 4 days ago
Cheat move
Alan Victoria
Alan Victoria - 4 days ago
*big man puts hands up*
*no foul at all*
*opponent throws up lucky layup over big man*
the whole crowd: AND ONE AND ONE
Hayden Jenkins
Hayden Jenkins - 7 days ago
Can we just all agree when Gabe cupps shoots a shot it’s really satisfying. Also Gabe is #23
Austinballer13 nba
Austinballer13 nba - 9 days ago
gabe cupps is so good
Kenneth Caiga
Kenneth Caiga - 10 days ago
ref sucks
Amy Conklin
Amy Conklin - 11 days ago
The fricken refs are terrible. They suck
Darren Mcclean
Darren Mcclean - 12 days ago
Always wonder why they call that a 360 ..its 180 tops
Tea - 14 days ago
Just to let you u know that’s a 180 not 360
Goated 11
Goated 11 - 18 days ago
Lebron: Everybody wear my shoes
White boy:Nah
White kid lowkey nice tho🔥
Jay Vibe
Jay Vibe - 18 days ago
That’s crazy number 7 kept getting pushed around
Essemce Cannon
Essemce Cannon - 18 days ago
Horrible camera man
YcN Sean
YcN Sean - Month ago
They should not have won that game the ref was making unnecessary calls
YcN Sean
YcN Sean - Month ago
They called a foul every time one of the bigs try to make an aggressive move to the basket on them little ass boys they got guarding them
seth drvar
seth drvar - Month ago
Gabe is the most underrated bucket there is
sam gee
sam gee - Month ago
DoughBoy #34 is so weak and has soft hands for his size!
Michael Sapp
Michael Sapp - Month ago
Number 34 get your fat ass off the team YOU SUCK !!!!!!
Michael Sapp
Michael Sapp - Month ago
Blue chips center is ass he just tall that’s it no skill what’s so ever
Ninja Channel
Ninja Channel - Month ago
Man #34 is big and garbage. I've watched like 5 Bronny vids and he misses every layup in each and gets beat inside on both ends by midgets
KingFin - Month ago
They put the caption like he actually does it in game smh
Thailan Clayton
Thailan Clayton - Month ago
So who won?
Julian Russell
Julian Russell - Month ago
Man these kids need to stop watching James Harden
Ben Fresh
Ben Fresh - Month ago
If #4 on Treys team can do this @ :40 all the time he gone be nice 👍🏾
Jack Maguire
Jack Maguire - Month ago
Where is mykey
Laz Killa
Laz Killa - Month ago
That's game was fucking trash and the black shirt team was trash just like there school
Steven Key
Steven Key - Month ago
Number 34 need to lose some weight
Irving Zamora
Irving Zamora - Month ago
1:11 No. 45 lowkey trolling the other team
Doğukan Aydoğdu
Doğukan Aydoğdu - Month ago
he looks 6'2" here
jennyaa mz
jennyaa mz - 2 months ago
why the black team is so weak and they can’t stand up like they’re keep fall by blocker
The Prince That Was Promised
Bronny is gonna do great in the NBA, I can see it now
Артём Латышев
Артём Латышев - 2 months ago
Where is 360???
Breakfast - 2 months ago
Straight disrespect at 1:13
Preston Chandler
Preston Chandler - 2 months ago
Refs at this age are garbage
Crusty Nugget
Crusty Nugget - 2 months ago
Khoi has the best finishing I’ve seen in a while
Олеся Макарова
Whatttttt ?!?!? 😂 lmaoooooo it’s 360 dunk sir????
Irony Got The Juice
Irony Got The Juice - 2 months ago
2:20 Not a foul in the NBA, he's in the restricted area.
Tyler Charles
Tyler Charles - 2 months ago
These niggas in the 8th grade doing windmillls and shit
Charlie Christopher Lee
Charlie Christopher Lee - 2 months ago
Westbrook moves
Danny Still Schooling
Danny Still Schooling - 2 months ago
Just on the first couple plays, you see how sorry refs are nowadays. Pathetic!
TRUTHxCJ - 2 months ago
Bronny is going to be a fuckin beast
Robert Ann Flores
Robert Ann Flores - 2 months ago
these boys already learning how to flop everytime blue chips bigman post up.
White Nova
White Nova - 2 months ago
1:12 wtf lmao ha his not your team mate moment
STAK - 2 months ago
That’s a 180 not 360
Notorious Nutter
Notorious Nutter - 2 months ago
Gabe a walking bucket
warren - 2 months ago
2.38-2.42 dope spin move
Dom W
Dom W - 2 months ago
I really am not a Lebron fan at all. But his son is gonna be such a refined and talented player by the time he’s 18
Ismael Rivera
Ismael Rivera - 2 months ago
That's 180 degrees.
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