Bronny James 1st 360 DUNK!! Bronny Gets HEATED vs Trae Young's Team! Blue Chips Put To The TEST!

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Crowns Gaming
Crowns Gaming - Hour ago
Refs weren’t just bad they were terrible who taught the refs the rule I’m not sure they know them with those bs ass calls
THE ROBO GAMER WR - 4 hours ago
This is like me saying oh prince Charles took his first step nobody notices us regular people
CR7NEYMAR - 8 hours ago
That big kid really needs to drop basketball and just play football
k n
k n - 15 hours ago
1:12 ?!?!
De’Angelo Williams
De’Angelo Williams - 18 hours ago
318 that boy is shaking the wrong
teammate hands😩😆
пажилой тигр
пажилой тигр - 19 hours ago
Нифига манстрюги играют
Michael Scott
Michael Scott - Day ago
KamBam - Day ago
3:46 "yea igh" blueface voice
Josh Hoyt
Josh Hoyt - Day ago
Big man on blue chips not very good
get Dough
get Dough - Day ago
5:23 bro was about to swing 😂😂😂😂😷 the ref small
Like my comment cause you have to agree💯❗❗❓
Knuckles Aukuso
Knuckles Aukuso - Day ago
These refs are straight up stupid with their calls
Wait Dlo has a son that plays on the same team as bronny.

Why has no one said this to me?
Robin Banks_
Robin Banks_ - Day ago
8 is the realest nigga from brother hood no cap shoutout bro
Jacob Kian Resposo
Jacob Kian Resposo - Day ago
In 1:13 the guy who’s number 7 didn’t mind the guy from the chips
Dj Johnson
Dj Johnson - Day ago
jahzare lazy asf
Arslaan - 2 days ago
They’re center is trash 💯
Charmen Bantay
Charmen Bantay - 2 days ago
did you see bronny shoot the ball??
Pulseless - 2 days ago
Bruh basketball has grown so mf soft it pisses me off. The amount of flops and forced calls there are are ridiculous
1999 - 6 hours ago
Ikr I wish you were allowed to punch niggas and choke slam them
Tyus Pierce
Tyus Pierce - 2 days ago
The white kid needs more recognition
Man Man Falls
Man Man Falls - 2 days ago
Refs was cheating dem boys
shagadelic3000 - 2 days ago
He needs a better team than that
Brandon HF
Brandon HF - 2 days ago
Yo how did fatboy become a blue chip
FA1A2 - 2 days ago
He's gon a be the SF/PG Ben Simmons should be.
Dequaide Lopez
Dequaide Lopez - 2 days ago
Those refs were terrible
Corey Cates
Corey Cates - 2 days ago
Is mikey not playing within them anymore
Corey Cates
Corey Cates - 2 days ago
Damn refs sucked the whole game
Corey Cates
Corey Cates - 2 days ago
Refs killed big boy. He did not travel
Brant Campbell
Brant Campbell - 2 days ago
_Don't zucc me_
_Don't zucc me_ - 2 days ago
The dribbling is too soft
Shadow Gaming 145
Shadow Gaming 145 - 2 days ago
Bronny James will be a future superstar
Greg Skinner
Greg Skinner - 2 days ago
bronny gotta learn when to step
up. hes got a handle 3 ball and nice drive.. he rode in the back seat this game
Saibo Hydara
Saibo Hydara - 2 days ago
The chips need Mikey for this
Guck nicht auf mein Profilbild!
Is that jaythan bosch?
Kent Layar [OFFICIAL]
Kent Layar [OFFICIAL] - 2 days ago
John LeBron
John LeBron - 3 days ago
Number 23 Is my third favorite player on the team
Xpert Mo
Xpert Mo - 3 days ago
Damn how tall is he?
Fred Garvin
Fred Garvin - 3 days ago
8th graders being farmed like pigs.
Fred Garvin
Fred Garvin - 3 days ago
Where are the BBBall Brothers?
Fred Garvin
Fred Garvin - 3 days ago
EL Lamo Ball could dunk in his sophomore year while less than 6' 3" tall.
Bron Jr got nothin on that kid
Fred Garvin are you retarded or are you retarded? Lamelo shoots 22% and is 2 years older than bron jr but bron jr dunked at 14 as for lamelo 16. Bronny>Lamelo
Joshua Gomez
Joshua Gomez - 3 days ago
@ 1:07 this kid gets blocked, and then wants a hand shake at the end of that. Tell me something is wrong with this kid, you need to be heartless, if someone blocks your shot. Go back on defense and come back harder and stronger, not with a handshake.
Michael Green
Michael Green - 3 days ago
Imagine Mikey W back on this team 🤧
Michael Green
Michael Green - 3 days ago
Horrendous calls
hunter - 3 days ago
1:12 are we going to ignore the fact this dude tried to high five the player that blocked his teammate?
Ari Jordan
Ari Jordan - 3 days ago
Jahzare needs to work on his game, being big isn't going to translate past you playing with kids who are smaller than you but aren't physically dominant. He's also too damn slow and not as reactive as he should be.
Jason Bowen
Jason Bowen - 3 days ago
I saw Gabe playing on his second team yesterday
CayZ0 - 3 days ago
blue chips big man for this game was trash
Jose Calderon
Jose Calderon - 3 days ago
How does trae young already have an aau squad?
tenzin namgyal
tenzin namgyal - 3 days ago
advantages of being a team mate of bronnie. u get lebron 16
Jone JonE
Jone JonE - 3 days ago
Imbatatsumi Arcayos
Imbatatsumi Arcayos - 3 days ago
this ref lowkey sucks ass
Armani Buckets
Armani Buckets - 4 days ago
antonio aquino
antonio aquino - 4 days ago
That is weakass center
Mike Branz
Mike Branz - 4 days ago
Wow clickbait
PAiNG PAiNG - 4 days ago
The camera guy is drug or what?
Abdel Elfazari
Abdel Elfazari - 4 days ago
1:52 Fundamentals be like !!!!!
SebaxdorYT - 4 days ago
1:13 watch Bronny teammate, humble
제갈민서 - 4 days ago
the refs are stupid as hell
Zaria bell
Zaria bell - 4 days ago
umm that number 7 need to shake right cos i wanted to beat him up through my sceen like if u agree
Zaria bell
Zaria bell - 3 days ago
+Terry Mcmorris are u him? no so gone head with that fr doe on
Terry Mcmorris
Terry Mcmorris - 4 days ago
Why u mad
Itsnemosavage LF GOD
Itsnemosavage LF GOD - 4 days ago
The white boy for blue chips dry nasty won’t hold ya
Bob Jonathon
Bob Jonathon - 4 days ago
My friend is number 32 and blue chips lost btw
Justin Dulnuan
Justin Dulnuan - 4 days ago
Jahzare trash he all height. His footwork is garbage and he doesn’t jump for rebounds and plays lazy.
Rayhan Panatagama
Rayhan Panatagama - 4 days ago
jahzarre trash af
Jose Rafael de Oliveira Silva
Why Bronny James does not play all the game!?
TJ Hays
TJ Hays - 4 days ago
That white boy cold
Tripzy TV
Tripzy TV - 4 days ago
Some of bronnys team is low key ass
ToxicSoul YT
ToxicSoul YT - 4 days ago
Overrraaatedddd player he just uses his father's name to play basketball Lebron's princess is much better than this overrated kiddo.
Amina Amoah
Amina Amoah - 4 days ago
The niggas on trae’s team really tryna get into it with a 7 foot tall nigga that been trained with the greatest. They’re stupid 🤦🏾‍♀️
Bltz Rob
Bltz Rob - 4 days ago
Bronny and his team was off with the three’s this game
Mykell Strickland
Mykell Strickland - 4 days ago
It's Me Lucas From Athens
its not a 360 but for his size is excellent- he is like 6.0?
Jimmie Ross
Jimmie Ross - 4 days ago
Ong let bronny nem play them again
DEE MARQUIS23 - 4 days ago
#23 on Bronny team is niceee! He slept on for sure 💯
Kenisha Rose
Kenisha Rose - 4 days ago
Refs r @$$
Shifty Chief
Shifty Chief - 4 days ago
Blue chips point guard suck nfs😭😭
Savage Tristan
Savage Tristan - 5 days ago
they got nba refs to play here too
TheGatsbyNupe - 5 days ago
Big Boy was a lot better last year I don't see growth in his game at all
Izaiah Wilkins
Izaiah Wilkins - 5 days ago
Trash call by ref he never had Possession of the ball don’t call that shit
THE deathstroyer !!!
THE deathstroyer !!! - 5 days ago
Choose.Melo or Bronny
Justin Blackman
Justin Blackman - 5 days ago
That was a terrible call at the end tho
Esh Kere
Esh Kere - 5 days ago
Bigass boy lookin funny af
Jah'de Alexander
Jah'de Alexander - 5 days ago
Who was home?
Too good To Be True
Too good To Be True - 5 days ago
Sideline Stories Entertainment
Bronny is improving every time I see him. I can tell he has been working.
Young Drippy
Young Drippy - 5 days ago
4:52 briny traveled 4 steps
GoatGunner - 5 days ago
@ 0:10 bronny did nothing wrong
DrFormula - 5 days ago
The big white boy for Blue Chips always be standing up for his brothers, love this kid
Joshua Ward
Joshua Ward - 5 days ago
this is some shitty basketball lol the refs don't even ref and they are all bias af, these kids don't even hoop hoop all they do act big and get in each others face like just play
Gaming with lil_Yin
Gaming with lil_Yin - 5 days ago
Number 34 trash 🗑 he is just big and fat
Spicy Dank
Spicy Dank - 5 days ago
Blue chips are overrated don’t @ me
Mythical Legendz
Mythical Legendz - 5 days ago
Is bronny the away team
Mikaela cindy
Mikaela cindy - 5 days ago
I wish Mikey was in there.
Alexis Vergas
Alexis Vergas - 5 days ago
nr. 7 on the black team is such a pussy...
Kaks - 5 days ago
They got carried by that number 23
Lakai Robinson
Lakai Robinson - 5 days ago
not a 360 but ok😂🤦🏽‍♂️
AquaticPath12 - 3 days ago
lol it's was a 180 at most
Reus Meh
Reus Meh - 5 days ago
This ref sucked for both teams
JM Fun Games
JM Fun Games - 5 days ago
Its not even 360 its even 180
Nagrathna S G
Nagrathna S G - 5 days ago
Jshzare is trash
sam perry
sam perry - 5 days ago
Number 23 looks like a smaller professor 😂
Terrell Stovall
Terrell Stovall - 5 days ago
They center big asf
Zimu An
Zimu An - 5 days ago
u call that a 360
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