5 Grilled Cheese Sandwich Gadgets That Will Blow Your Mind!

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Axle Olimpo
Axle Olimpo - 10 hours ago
Turn on auto generated english captions at *1:34*
sherry a
sherry a - 17 hours ago
Prices ?? Where to Buy ??? Anyone know name of second one ???
Panda Bear
Panda Bear - 18 hours ago
Microbafegla 2:31
Oddette Pross
Oddette Pross - 2 days ago
butter the bread b4 putting in samich griller over stove
MGz zZz
MGz zZz - 2 days ago
My favorite Gadjiks is the DIABLO...
musaad felton
musaad felton - 9 days ago
Try spreading some baking butter on the outsides of the bread and then grill it and witness the difference in toast and crunch
Spootie Music
Spootie Music - 9 days ago
I wonder how many gadgets he got in his lab
William Kreh
William Kreh - 9 days ago
Mixing Russian and English was kind of cool but I was he would tell the Russian word for lots of items as he reviews things. We could all learn a little Russian without even trying.
JDKeeling - 10 days ago
Micranavoca- the new word for microwave
Pure Ace23
Pure Ace23 - 11 days ago
I heard buterbrod. BORIS! Let’s get a Tarus and Boris collab, now that would be amazing
Sizzel TV
Sizzel TV - 11 days ago
for the love of god put some butter on your bread
Hemanth Reddy G
Hemanth Reddy G - 11 days ago
B oom
Buck Zero
Buck Zero - 11 days ago
Me: I have a Problem

Taras: Dude, i have Gadjik
maheesha Buddhika
maheesha Buddhika - 12 days ago
3rd one is named as Diablo right? I would buy ivt totally for the name and how it looks like Diablo . That hinges are nice horns!
sutharsan sadhasivam
sutharsan sadhasivam - 13 days ago
Last gadget is trimmed from other video
Killerbat 10
Killerbat 10 - 13 days ago
8:57 I have that gadget
Guru ji’s Kaur Let’s change the world
if your from the uk he is making toasties
Sprytez - 16 days ago
Whats that
Narek T
Narek T - 20 days ago
Why you saying bread in Russian 😂
Caleb Dingman
Caleb Dingman - 20 days ago
Меня зовут калеб
Caleb Dingman
Caleb Dingman - 20 days ago
Такое-то количество участников
Caleb Dingman
Caleb Dingman - 20 days ago
El viernes pasado la noche de ayer en una zona confusion right?
Caleb Dingman
Caleb Dingman - 20 days ago
You said microwave in Russian
SATA Templar
SATA Templar - 21 day ago
4:42 ¡¡ Sacá el cuchillo de ahí, k-rajo !! ¡¡ Vas a rayar todo con ese cutu... cuchillo !!
Akash Mohandas
Akash Mohandas - 22 days ago
Enas Allos tou EidouS M.C
Geovany Posada
Geovany Posada - 25 days ago
He really tried to flex with cheese 😂
Aleksander Sibilski
Aleksander Sibilski - 25 days ago
This is all Taras
Khristina Rada
Khristina Rada - 26 days ago
Hes missing the butter on the outside of the bread. You need that yummy melted butter flavor with the cheese and bread.
Bryan Martinez
Bryan Martinez - 27 days ago
The one that made the grill cheese sandwich into a circle 👍
Miralem Turbić
Miralem Turbić - Month ago
Did he just said hljeb and sir?!?
SHRED CT - Month ago
Cheese Ropes!! 👌CHEAH!!
LotusFlowerBmb - Month ago
Where's the butter??
Cloudymoon Animates
Cloudymoon Animates - Month ago
For the second gadget you can put a turkey and cheese sandwich in there and it's super delicious
Mr. Sherlocked
Mr. Sherlocked - Month ago
He is better than Consumer Reports! Also enjoy the Russian Box videos
Alex Alestareon
Alex Alestareon - Month ago
I’m just gonna stick with a skillet, thanks tho!!!
Abel Hillel Berg
Abel Hillel Berg - Month ago
I got my хлеб over here, I put my сыр over here 😬
Saso Popovski Popovski
Im gonna put it in a microwonovka
WEEZY LOKO - Month ago
He eats processed cheese if the cheese burns black its processed
Jonny_mazerati - Month ago
😱😱 he worships the DEVIL
You should have put ham in it
Darika Shu
Darika Shu - Month ago
Пирожок 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jackie McFarlane
Jackie McFarlane - Month ago
1:34 what is that sorcerey
ThuggBoi69 - Month ago
Your sexxxy
Free Scotland
Free Scotland - Month ago
Love the diablo gadget, but I think the black toaster bags are more hassle than they're worth.
miss D d
miss D d - Month ago
Im fasting and im watching this
AJ - Month ago
Boars Head cheese is the best!
Sea shadowbanned N.Christopher
HB clan
HB clan - Month ago
carbon524 - Month ago
I kind of really enjoyed when he started mixing languages
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