5 Grilled Cheese Sandwich Gadgets That Will Blow Your Mind!

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ZD games
ZD games - Hour ago
Is it just me or does he thing white cheese is cheddar😂
scooby doo
scooby doo - 3 hours ago
3:11 "look at that, there's cheese inside there. what an amazing sandwich!" - taras 2019
Djordjevic - 8 hours ago
2:15 and i got my HLEB over here hahahha slav in blood
Fedir Bondarenko
Fedir Bondarenko - 10 hours ago
cody lusby
cody lusby - 14 hours ago
You gotta butter the bread
Brandon McBride
Brandon McBride - 15 hours ago
Where’s the butter? It’s a sin to make grilled cheese without butter!
Matt Blake
Matt Blake - 18 hours ago
is he calling bread hleb
Richard anguiano
Richard anguiano - 20 hours ago
The best grilled cheese maker is the round one 👍🏼👍🏼great job 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 !!
Saurabh Khatri
Saurabh Khatri - 20 hours ago
It tastes really good if you put some oregano between two slices of cheese & then grill it
Lukas Hall
Lukas Hall - 21 hour ago
I love how he eats with his mouth open and talks. And he’s flexing his 5 dollar sliced cheese. Nice.......
Panda hyper
Panda hyper - 22 hours ago
For the 1st one you should of 1.50 on one side and 1.50 on the the other side
Ms UltimateCringe
Ms UltimateCringe - 23 hours ago
We call em cheese toasties here in Britain.
Mmm, love me my cheese and ham toasties in the morning
Bernie Kendall
Bernie Kendall - Day ago
Put Butter or Margarine on the outside of the bread first.
The Drakontos
The Drakontos - Day ago
Eat with your mouth closed 🤔
Taurus - Day ago
2:15 did you say хлеб??
Taurus - Day ago
Fyi i am from грузия
Matt world full of custom Lego sets - time lapse
You said I get "chleb" C00L
FrostFangs - Day ago
In soviet russia , grilled cheese eats you!
gerilynne1955 - Day ago
Okay, why do you have a bow hanging from your kitchen ceiling? Getting for hunting season? Lol My grilled cheese is made with butter on the outside.
Bean Boi
Bean Boi - Day ago
This man.....

This man has a bow in his kitchen 👏👏👏
aDANKo - Day ago
I love you saying "butterbröd", made me lol
Blake Gauna
Blake Gauna - Day ago
trust me, put peanut butter instead of cheese at 4:17 and its the best thing ever
Dennis Cooke
Dennis Cooke - 2 days ago
You've got to butter that bread if you're making grilled cheese.
Kuba Lasota
Kuba Lasota - 2 days ago
Put my chleb ? Xd
Martin Wilson
Martin Wilson - 2 days ago
I love the gajick testing.....very cool!
Elijah Needham
Elijah Needham - 2 days ago
YAHYA lbrahim:-D
YAHYA lbrahim:-D - 2 days ago
Grizzly0816 - 2 days ago
Butter ?!?! 🤦🏼‍♂️
Maria Zhdanova
Maria Zhdanova - 2 days ago
More pieces of хлеб over here
Looks like пирожок 😄
Constant Mariano
Constant Mariano - 2 days ago
i have the second grill sandwich gadget....
JJ Hammer
JJ Hammer - 2 days ago
Cash Out Squad Entertaiment
Master Chief Snake
Master Chief Snake - 2 days ago
Man. I should buy the grill cheese sandwich gadgets someday. Thanks
Randell Darcky
Randell Darcky - 2 days ago
I like a little butter on inside and Olive oil in pan. I dip My GCS in some Ketchup
Tareq Younis
Tareq Younis - 2 days ago
Taras I think u got ur cheeses mixed up. U kept calling the white cheese "cheddar" when it's American. The orange cheese is the cheddar.
Laksamana Riadi
Laksamana Riadi - 2 days ago
why do u cut the box 3:57 hahaaha
Alex Garcia
Alex Garcia - 2 days ago
Is it just me or did I think of smuckers peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for one of the gadgets 😂
Rourkii - 3 days ago
3:54 Everyone here in England has one of these
Фархад Дадашов
Khleb means bread. Mikrovolnovka - microwave
Brayden Burns
Brayden Burns - 3 days ago
Amarican cheese is better than russian cheese
Christy Harsen
Christy Harsen - 3 days ago
Put the bird here
Everything Tech
Everything Tech - 3 days ago
I really like your videos on gadgets. Works great in my Channels Play list Current Technology. Thanks!!
Luis Miguel Naperial
Luis Miguel Naperial - 3 days ago
The first gadget looks like a nintendo switch
Chad Aly
Chad Aly - 3 days ago
You could have at least used a little spray butter on the 🍞.
Yjuan Garcia
Yjuan Garcia - 3 days ago
Me and my mother have that second cheese gadget
Yolo Tv
Yolo Tv - 3 days ago
Why am i hungry?
Alexis Rivas
Alexis Rivas - 3 days ago
When i was a kid, my mom had a hot sandwich maker just like the gadget that made the triangles. Only differance was our’s was bigger because it was old.
AEGON TARGARYEN - 3 days ago
let's cut it on thin special coated metal.....
David Osgood
David Osgood - 3 days ago
Now I want a grilled cheese sandwich!
Johanne Gwapito
Johanne Gwapito - 3 days ago
lacedUp_T - 3 days ago
Grilled cheese with 1 piece of cheese.😩
Sam is strange
Sam is strange - 3 days ago
If I had been told that in the future I would be awake at 12 a.m. watching a Russian man make sandwiches I'd probably believe it
steve honeybadger
steve honeybadger - 3 days ago
butter your bread my friend
Kollsept - 3 days ago
if you are reading this go to sleep, cuz its probably 4 am.
The Hammer Breake
The Hammer Breake - 3 days ago
Lendercl - 3 days ago
make grilled cheese in a waffle iron, that will blow your mind.
Chardeya Green
Chardeya Green - 3 days ago
The Diablo gadget can make jelly crustables
Lanny Lanuel
Lanny Lanuel - 3 days ago
Swiss cheese is better than cheddar and american
Zealous - 3 days ago
Its so crasty, OOOOH look at da cheeze
Yusuf Nasihi
Yusuf Nasihi - 3 days ago
"I'll stick two more pieces of HLEB over here". Crazy Russian Hacker is Ukrainian or Belarussian confirmed?
Aleksa Mladenović
Aleksa Mladenović - 3 days ago
Ima li srba ovde hleb i sir hahahha
Happyfeet - 3 days ago
In the first gadget, your suppose to butter the bread like a regular grilled cheese
William Reavis
William Reavis - 4 days ago
You can use canned fruits ( such as apple, peaches, etc, ) with sliced bread and make a fruit pie(s).
THANOZ - 4 days ago
3:04 fucky cheese
Ticho Plays
Ticho Plays - 4 days ago
2:45 hmm gimmie a bite
SLK - 4 days ago
Sorry but those are the most lame grilled cheese sandwichs ever lol
You're mixing grilled cheese for just toasted bread with cheese. Real grilled cheese is on the pan with butter.
Aleksa Jorgić
Aleksa Jorgić - 4 days ago
Naldi SooDiabolic SomethingMoreSinister
What about the butter bruuuh
Basit Mushtaq
Basit Mushtaq - 4 days ago
Who love cheese like here and reply me
Oh Yeah Yeah
Oh Yeah Yeah - 4 days ago
Nguyen Vyle
Nguyen Vyle - 4 days ago
in my country instead of sandwiches the put watery flour into the secind gadjet with meat
Harsh Saini
Harsh Saini - 4 days ago
I have 2nd one
Howzer The man
Howzer The man - 4 days ago
Have you ever made a grilled cheese fullstop? Because you’re meant to butter the bread both sides.
-Th3Jiggl3r - 4 days ago
“oooOOOoooo Look at dat cheese”
You can GO PRO
You can GO PRO - 4 days ago
that jacket is tight son yaaamy
those stove gadgets would be very useful in kitchen for many other meals such as burger,eggs,burritos....
BMW R1200 RT
BMW R1200 RT - 4 days ago
Boom! I like cheese sandwiches.
Simon John
Simon John - 4 days ago
What does he call his bread?
lorip713 - 4 days ago
You didn’t make grilled cheese in the last one. That’s what the bags are advertised for, making grilled cheese in the toaster.
ZeroSaturn - 4 days ago
Why/does he call bread a bird
Bobby Bobby
Bobby Bobby - 4 days ago
Let's see what it looks like.... OH YEAH!
Nancy Angelica Rebellion
Tinyzeroxd 26
Tinyzeroxd 26 - 4 days ago
He said bird instead of bread 😂
Vero Lopez
Vero Lopez - 4 days ago
Devil gadget looks yummy
Practical Wumbo
Practical Wumbo - 4 days ago
Beast Man
Beast Man - 4 days ago
The only "new" gadget is the toaster sleeve. All the others have been around for decades.
Prod CPR
Prod CPR - 4 days ago
“Too much cheese” you aren’t American
Chinbold A
Chinbold A - 11 hours ago
Prod CPR he is crazy RUSSIAN hacker
Wennyx CZ
Wennyx CZ - 4 days ago
Eat my shortsss
Eat my shortsss - 4 days ago
I wantttt
Saad Mahire
Saad Mahire - 4 days ago
lets get some khleb
Danny Roberts
Danny Roberts - 4 days ago
Hahahaha! You forgot the butter
Red Poppy
Red Poppy - 4 days ago
The diablo kept the cheese inside the bread neatly.
Red Poppy
Red Poppy - 4 days ago
If I hadn't eaten dinner, then I'd be hungry for grilled 💗 cheese.
Red Poppy
Red Poppy - 4 days ago
I put my grilled cheese in a conventional oven or on a frying pan.
Red Poppy
Red Poppy - 4 days ago
хліб = bread
сир = cheese
Best TurkeY
Best TurkeY - 4 days ago
Why did you removed hammer and sickle did YouTube warned you
genesis gonzales
genesis gonzales - 4 days ago
Is that a bow hanging in the ceiling? It's so cool, :)
Akesiu Ofa
Akesiu Ofa - 4 days ago
Forgot to butter it lol
Darius Hardie
Darius Hardie - 4 days ago
I’m crying this is the funniest video I’ve ever seen
T Stanton
T Stanton - 4 days ago
....and a language lesson?!? Awesome
Enderstorm TheLastSurviver
hungry..... hungry..... hungry....
Nameless Vermillion
Nameless Vermillion - 4 days ago
I have the same microwave.
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