How I Lose Fat and Keep Muscle | Nutrition 101

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Marco Roc
Marco Roc - Day ago
5:32 I am just curious, in what country this gesture is not related to vagina?
Not in Italy for sure!
Shaquille Oatmeal
Shaquille Oatmeal - 3 days ago
Yea, I came for the thumbnail.
Amber Booker
Amber Booker - 3 days ago
Can you make a video discussing Apetamin? Do you think it is okay to use it for weight gain?
John Uferbach
John Uferbach - 4 days ago
dayum, with all this macro and micro, eating starts to feel a whole lot like starcraft :P
Robber - 6 days ago
i have been in america once and what i saw was an apple for 1,5$ wtf
Kris Warda
Kris Warda - 6 days ago
Is no one gonna talk about the thumbnail
Enzo Richard
Enzo Richard - 7 days ago
dO yOu EvEn nUtRiTiOn?!” quote of the year folks
Daniel Savani
Daniel Savani - 8 days ago
Please do a video on nutrition and vitamin requirements/tips for vegetarians.
shregivlogs - 8 days ago
i prefer cronometer
RIP Spidey
RIP Spidey - 12 days ago
I think I ate too much sugar today and it gave me a headache.
Rachel Carter
Rachel Carter - 15 days ago
doctor mike: dO yOu EvEn NuTrItIoN
Chimchim Jamjam
Chimchim Jamjam - 16 days ago
hey doc what's your opinion about green tea? good or bad?
Zuzanna Ewa Tylczyńska
Zuzanna Ewa Tylczyńska - 18 days ago
These smilign veggies are making me feel bad for eating them now... but they are healthy and tasty so I want to eat them... THANX DOCTOR M!
Jonathan Rogers
Jonathan Rogers - 19 days ago
yeah, lifesum was a fail for me. max weight loss allowed was 0.77lb per week. have lost 40lb in 4 months, need to lose another 63, was telling me over 80 weeks.
He looks like Josh peck and Dr.Sheperd combined
NuHaru - 23 days ago
I need you to go deeper into the macro and micronutrients, please! I am so lost :(
 - 24 days ago
I get that you're a doctor but where are the sources in the description.
JoJosXKeto - Otaku’s
JoJosXKeto - Otaku’s - 25 days ago
What do you mean, the cookie diet will cause you to gat fat, because sugar and carbs will make you fat.
Edits for Chicken Nuggies
God damn he’s hot though. 😫
Blitznstitch2 - 29 days ago
What's micronutrients?
PhoenixBlaze - Brawl Stars India
202 please
Kungfu Chic
Kungfu Chic - Month ago
New subscriber here😊 hope to hear more health informations from you Dr.
urScorpioLady - Month ago
Thank you
Bruno Ken
Bruno Ken - Month ago
I heard it’s bad to eat carbs and fats together, because it cause an insulin spike and makes you store more fats, could you make a video on that?
Ella Rivers
Ella Rivers - Month ago
The dislikes are people who fainted from the thumbnail
Naturally Fit & Healthy
Hi Mike!
As a dietitian it would be great if you invited a registered dietitian on your channel & to have them further explain their area of expertise for health
Jessica Davis
Jessica Davis - Month ago
Id like to see an nutrion video for people who have post cholecystectomy syndrome. Incredibly hard trying to figure out how to diet right when the only thing my body with easily process is plain white rice. Ive had a massive weight gain since surgery 4 years ago while i was pregnant with my first. Over 100lbs
Chapmann Wong
Chapmann Wong - Month ago
Opinions on 23:1 intermittent fasting? It is fasting for 23 hours and then eating 1 hour a day
maryam raza
maryam raza - Month ago
I am boomzied .... (I made up that word ) I am confused.
Seba A
Seba A - Month ago
This is good and all but can you make a video explaining your workout? I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who would appreciate it
OhPlease a
OhPlease a - Month ago
Finally a sold video which explains your focus and not that hyping on a certain field.
JuniperSage - Month ago
As of June first I put myself on a diet, and started running 1-2miles daily as well as some upper body workouts, I started this on 06/01 weighing 226lbs and now on 06/13 I weigh 218lbs, am I losing too much weight too fast ?
Cisco Gonzalez
Cisco Gonzalez - Month ago
Is microwaving plastic containers bad for you?
Uma F
Uma F - Month ago
Hey!! What’s your take on candida overwrought?
Is a bell
Is a bell - Month ago
I am obese working on it now I am concerned about loose skin any advice to avoid it
DE L - Month ago
Stay happy and healthy!❤ Life mantra 😍 Can you dance Dr. Mike? just a curious thought 😄
Nenet Gvhnage
Nenet Gvhnage - Month ago
Dance moves 💗💕
Nenet Gvhnage
Nenet Gvhnage - Month ago
2:30 lol and 🔥😝
Nenet Gvhnage
Nenet Gvhnage - Month ago
Infoooooooooo 💗💕
Nenet Gvhnage
Nenet Gvhnage - Month ago
0:21 the thickness is real and those veins though💗💕
יהב פרץ
יהב פרץ - Month ago
Technically, calorie is the amount of energy needed to warm one *gram* of water, one degree of Celsius, usually in ideal state (22.5 degrees, I think?). The "calorie" stated in nutrition tables is actually a "big" calorie, or a kilocalorie.
Livvy Lestrange
Livvy Lestrange - Month ago
Mike,I want to be healthier,but I can’t. I’m actually very young,barely even a teenager,so I’m unable to use most dietary and health apps like Lifesum,and most people tell me that I’m too young to think about these things. I want a flatter stomach and less leg fat,but people also tell me that I’m just looking for attention,lying etc. People think that just because I’m not obese or overweight,that I’m healthy but I have an awful fitness level,eat very very badly,and can’t stop. Please share any advice you may have.
Otaku Kazuma
Otaku Kazuma - Month ago
No I don’t nutrition
asoapboxopera - Month ago
Mike there is no way your maintenance calories are so low!
Frog Guy
Frog Guy - Month ago
What are your thoughts on losing fat as a teen? I’m a fit 17 year old competitive rock climber. I have a six pack but I want it to be more visible.
ProxUrAimz - Month ago
I have a question: is it bad if I have a mostly inactive lifestyle - sit behind the computer all day and in winter I may not even go outside in a week - and then when summer comes I start biking to work, so I basically spend a day in an almost comatose state that's interrupted by high intensity workout - is this rollercoaster bad for the heart or anything else?
Simon - Month ago
I tried lifesum but I eventually stopped because took so much effort to fill it in every time I ate. I've lost 3-4 kg now after a couple of months with about 19% body fat percentage. I want to go down to around 12-15% but I'm kind of stuck
Rosie Pena
Rosie Pena - Month ago
Dr Mike.....I would like to suggest you get a masters degree in holistic science based nutrition....there are lots of legit online options available like University of Western States, University of Bridgeport, Logan give out a lot of nutrition advice but have had minimal training in medical school on nutrition science! Food is medicine and it would be great if you understood that and used your social media platform to change the conversation around proper nutrition in America. In France and Japan, nutrition education is part of the school curriculum which is why they have some of the healthiest waistlines in the world. Dr Josh Axe has a great channel on science based holistic nutrition education.
Eric Lac
Eric Lac - Month ago
when pls
when pls - Month ago
I downloaded the app and it seems SO SO good
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