Attack on Titan is Incredible Now.

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#elim_is_ Awesome:3 - 30 minutes ago
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Matthew Hamilton
Matthew Hamilton - 2 hours ago
Watch this like 10 times and forgot to like and comment 😅
Peeper - 4 hours ago
*chapter 3 arsenal 0*

Fight me
Ceaseless - 5 hours ago
What a fantastic video talking about a fantastic show
Donald76 - 7 hours ago
sasha dies
Messaoudi Youssef
Messaoudi Youssef - 7 hours ago
I never liked that show.
Gaming _Josh
Gaming _Josh - 8 hours ago
"Attack On Titan Is The Best Show Of This Year."
(JJBA creepily looks from the corner)
Eric Milani
Eric Milani - 14 hours ago
This video persuaded me to finally give AoT a try. I'm currently a few episodes into season 2 and... okay, you know the real takeaway from Abrams' "mystery box" schtick is that the box is more important that what's actually inside it, right? I think back over all these shows like Lost, BSG, X-Files, that all seemed to have this big overarching narrative but were really just the writers throwing in whatever they wanted that week; they weren't thinking about how it all fit together or whether it made sense, and you weren't supposed to either. Of course, TV doesn't really lend itself well to sweeping plot arcs, because you don't know how long you'll be on the air and keeping the show going as long as possible is more important than having a structured narrative, but the same could be said for manga.

Attack on Titan hasn't -- yet -- convinced me that it's that sort of "story", but it hasn't yet reassured me that there really is a plan behind it all, either. I called BS early on because the first season had clearly established that the Walls are made of stone blocks, but then I realized that the animators probably weren't aware of that twist at the time, and a smooth surface would have looked like garbage anyway. But now half the background characters have deep dark secrets (some of which were, admittedly, telegraphed in the first season), the established mechanics of the world are constantly being turned on their head, and while this could very well be brilliant storytelling, the same symptoms would also be displayed by a show or comic in which the writer was just making $#!+ up from deadline to deadline.

For now I'm still hooked like a grapnel lodged in a giant stone block wall, largely due to the smart writing and characters (like how Zoe's weirdo Titan fetish is actually a forced act to block her instinctive hatred response and I know I'm off topic but I really really want to say how much I love it omgnerdybestgirl), but I'm still not going to be fully satisfied until I get some answers, or at least solid proof that there really are answers waiting at the end of this. Will the science behind the Titans that they keep lampshading really be explained? Will the wall nation's true history be revealed and actually be coherent with the rest of the established canon when it is? Will Levi get to plunder Eren's *actual* basement? Show of which I've seen less than half the extant episodes, I command you to prove to me that your writers actually put as much thought into you as they'd like us to believe. If I want to shut my brain off and look at the goofy monsters, I'll watch Doctor Who.
Miracle Ugona
Miracle Ugona - 10 hours ago
I can't wait until you catch all the way up with the story. I understand all of your concerns but I can assure you that the payoff is glorious. I'd actually like to hear your thoughts about it when you've finished the entirety of season 3 (Season 3 part 1 and Season 3 part 2).
LIAD - 16 hours ago
You son of a bitch you just spend me 23 min
Krimson Prinse
Krimson Prinse - 18 hours ago
To any manga fans, you guys always have more info then us anime fans hence the following question. WTF happened to Annie. Last episode of S1 was last we saw her, 2 seasons released since and shes been brought up like 3 times for 2 seconds then its like she wasnt even part of the show. Finding out she was the FT was a big deal, but since the end of S1, its like she dont exist, whats going on?
Krimson Prinse
Krimson Prinse - 13 hours ago
@Antonio Delgado Guessing your a manga then?
Krimson Prinse
Krimson Prinse - 13 hours ago
@Antonio Delgado Yea I do, I dont understand how she hasn't been seen or talked about more than somebody saying her name then never bringing up her or the situation thats not yet even been explained.
Antonio Delgado
Antonio Delgado - 15 hours ago
Do you really want to know? I can tell you.
Krimson Prinse
Krimson Prinse - 18 hours ago
Its not crazy hard to follow if you see everything right from the first episode. But a ton if info from decades in the past gets randomly thrown into a lot of the episodes . Episode 1 was not even close to where they story should have began. Little bits of prequel as the story continues kind of annoying. Whats so hard about starting from the beginning? Good show overall, just wish people didnt begin with the middle of a story.
Many Maria111
Many Maria111 - 19 hours ago
12:40 song? And 16:39
Ian Salas
Ian Salas - 19 hours ago
great video
Arman Ossi Loko
Arman Ossi Loko - 19 hours ago
I am just wondering how they gonna fit all that stuff into Season 4.
CollieMint - 21 hour ago
I got emotional at that last part ;-----;
Phan Hải Sơn
Phan Hải Sơn - Day ago
22:03 Could some one give me the original clip please!!!
Ali Hassan
Ali Hassan - Day ago
Andrea Draghi
Andrea Draghi - 8 hours ago
@Ali Hassan <3
Ali Hassan
Ali Hassan - 17 hours ago
@Andrea Draghi i thank you for your service to this comment section here is a medal of honor 🥇
Andrea Draghi
Andrea Draghi - 19 hours ago
Before Lights Out
karambas 4life
karambas 4life - Day ago
You say that you didn`t predict Krista`s decision from miles away? Pathetic
Jorick - Day ago
The "You thought it was over" edit made me subscribe immediately. lol
Leon Grooten
Leon Grooten - Day ago
Song 7:24?
Alec - 19 hours ago
Leon Grooten It’s called Attack On Titan but it’s spelled really weird. at’aek ON tiatn I believe.
Epic Otaku Cherry
Epic Otaku Cherry - Day ago
Thank you for mentioning the world buildling because I don't think it's talked about enough.

Naruto is a good counterexample - the inconsistent technology bothered me, too. Like, why don't you have cars and highways so getting to the next hidden village would take several hours rather than several days? You don't need sleep breaks and don't exhaust yourself going full-speed to get there quickly. Plus, how do civilians get around? Walking for an eternity? That's shitty, have cars and public transportation.

Anyway, before watching Season 2 & 3, I heard Isayama didn't like the way he had written the manga so the anime was how he had wanted the story to go instead. I was a little annoyed and worried about this because while I had fallen behind on the manga, I HAD been reading it and didn't want all those hours and emotional turmoil going to waste. So when I watched the anime I wasn't sure what changes to expect. It turns out, aside from some few key instances, the only real changes was the order of the arcs in season 2 and first half of season 3. That's it. He just switched the order we saw them in. So that was a relief. Everything else is basically panel by panel what happens in the manga.

However, watching these seasons and remembering having read the manga made me realize how insanely intricate Isayama had crafted the plot. He has had all of these plot lines planned from the very beginning and so far, nothing seems like he made it up on the spot. I first realized this when I rewatched Season 1 when showing the anime to my sister the first time and noticing Annie, Berthold and Reiner in the first several episodes when I KNEW they shouldn't have been there. A couple other details like that in season one first showed me that Isayama, unlike other popular mangaka, was not writing the story as he went along (although this isn't always a bad thing). He was planning this.

And now, having read up to chapter 90/the end of season 3? It's that but times 1000x. I'm seriously believing that he really does have the ENTIRE manga planned out and decided upon already. I remember a while back when AoT first blew up that he said he never expected it to be so popular and was probably going to change how he planned on ending it because too many popular characters died in his original plans, but I didn't think he was all that serious. Sure, he probably had the ending in mind already, but I CERTAINLY didn't expect him to have literally EVERY DETAIL along the way decided upon to the letter. This is the first time I have ever watched/read anything that is ongoing that was so clearly planned out. It even tops One Piece, for while Oda is certainly rightfully known for leaving Easter Eggs and having long term plans, it's still clear that some arcs and some parts of arcs were more of a write-it-as-we-go-along sort of thing that he was able to properly tie up or intentionally not tie-up (unlike other shounen authors who often leave plot holes or things unanswered because they have to constantly put out new material and forget about some of the things that just happened).
But with Isayama, it feels like every single character shown in a panel, every word that came from their mouth, every piece of background art, every expression on everyone's faces is meticulously planned and matters to the future of the story. Even Oda's not THAT detail-oriented.

I literally stopped in the last few episodes of season 3 to read the manga more before continuing because I was reaching the place where I had left off years ago. Watching the anime after reading the manga helped reinforce the things the manga was trying to tell me as well as let me fill in the holes or answer questions that I didn't understand or missed in the manga for whatever reason. I seriously understood it so much better that way and it was so worth it (and was able to catch those few key changes that the anime made). The power of hindsight makes the little things so much easier to understand and I'm better able to get the bigger picture with it. I would have missed a lot more if I didn't, and that says a lot to how much material Isayama is able to fit into every one of his chapters.

It's crazy, and I wish I'll be able to write with as much intention as he does. He is truly the King of Foreshadow and Worldbuilding. The fact that he was able to make all of the insanity of everything that is revealed in the third season (I mean this in a good way) make sense is a testament to that ability. He shattered the understanding we had so far of the world of Attack on Titan and stood it on its head, but thanks to the layers of a foundation he had been building from the beginning, as crazy as it was, IT MADE SENSE. It didn't feel like he pulled it out of his ass or like it was forced, he knew what he wanted and how to get it from the very beginning.

I wasn't the best at guessing or predicting what would happen next in Attack on Titan to start with, and over time I was getting things right less and less. But now, I have absolutely no real idea on how the story is going to play out but I'm really excited for it and trust Isayama to at least make it satisfying and sensible, and it's a really good, but rare feeling for me to have, especially regarding anime/manga.
Miracle Ugona
Miracle Ugona - 10 hours ago
I agree. I agree. I 100% agree with everything you typed. The way Isayama meticulously planned everything through careful foreshadowing leaves me in awe everytime I think about it. Honestly, if this manga ends in a way that, for example, weaves the "To you in 2000 years" first chapter title in any manner, then I will be FLOORED. I do not know how a person can write a story monthly for 10 years (with no delays or hiatuses) in such a well thought out manner... Everything connects.
Asry Azman
Asry Azman - Day ago
this show change 180 degree now, and i feel pity for all the Titans now
Crystal Leach
Crystal Leach - Day ago
so many of the fucking characters are introduced to be killed off and on one hand, it WORKS as a parallel and genuine technique for story building, but on the other hand, it lessens the impact of major character deaths.
Crystal Leach
Crystal Leach - Day ago
(s3 spoilers kinda??) i still cried when the bowl cut dude died tho
Ackёrmaп - Day ago
Fckin shit levi
Smirk - Day ago
but wait...

tHIs sErieS iS rAciST
Smirk - Day ago
Donald Trump
Donald Trump - Day ago
Great video subscribed!
死神朽木 白哉
Ok so I hated S3 ep1 and 2 will it speed up or something?

_Help me._
zk has
zk has - Day ago
Hey, the first half of season 3 is solely designed for you to not only get closer to the O.G characters but also the startup the plot. By the end of the season you'll enjoy the show alot.
FaeLock12 - Day ago
Going by the title of the video

Was the anime ever not incredible
MrSplendid - Day ago
Holy motherfucking shit. The second half of season 3 was incredible
ShadowDoyler - Day ago
fuck me this is a great video
abdel na
abdel na - Day ago
uhm okay so i got chills at 22:00 ...........
Antoine Robinson
Antoine Robinson - Day ago
please get to the point
Acrab - Day ago
I would say you were just wrong and got carried away by your hispter bone.
S1: Mysteries from the get go. Introduction to most of the cast, mainly exploring the main trio. Dealing with the inmediate consequences of the wall being penetrated and the sudden aparition of new enemies, in mostly a realistic way: when facing giants most of them will die, rushing carried by rage will get you, is a lost battle unless something extraordinary happens and smart people to figure things out, plan things and react to unexpected situations accordenly. All while other people try to sabotage the scouts search for truth and freedom. And so much foreshadowing and clues thrown in a very sutile way, from episode one.
Gigguk: rollercoaster! shock value!
And can we talk about how refreshing Eren as a protagonist is?
He always had the fire for doing the right thing, but loses 'the most important thing', gets fueled by hatred and rage, tries his best while not being even close as the best combatant, fucks up, is wrong so many times, gets his ass kicked, has to be saved, cries, gets depressed, relies on others to guide him and support him. Because he is not any chosen one, he is just a fiery boy who got the biggest burden on his shoulders to carry.
totally fake
totally fake - Day ago
I didn't like attack on titan.Just opinion idk why I am telling you this, waste of time
bioplaysBR - Day ago
i agree absolutely with you
Brennan Fry
Brennan Fry - Day ago
All right I'm going to have to come back to this now
Rebel37th - Day ago
I came in somewhere around the end of season 1 and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. But I disagree in that to me, the first half of season 3 really let me down because it seemed like Eren became so lost and useless til the second half of season 3 when it picked back up. But I do agree the storyline, details, and world building are beyond excellent! And I did like the plot twist I liken to Walking Dead where now you have to fear humans almost more so than Titans.
Hendra Lim
Hendra Lim - 2 days ago
I love that hype button, hahaha
Jezz Agon
Jezz Agon - 2 days ago
I'm F*CKING TRIGGERED! OP 1 And OP 2 are both Awesome what do you mean OP 2 is not compare to OP 1 ? Are you some F*ck? In fact all OP of AoT is F*cking great even Red Swan!!!!!!!!!!!!
Saud Al hosani
Saud Al hosani - 2 days ago
It’s overrated and will never reach the popularity of naruto
Rishabh Gandhi
Rishabh Gandhi - 21 hour ago
Yeah if we have kiddos like u who can't understand good plot etc
TuAmigoM22Locust - Day ago
lol sure
The Unicorn
The Unicorn - 2 days ago
Attack On Titan is the only Anime where somebody who looks like 20 is in his mid 30s and somebody who looks in his mid 30s-mid 40s is in his mid 20s
TuAmigoM22Locust - Day ago
The dude that bites his tongue looks like hes 30 years old but he's 19
Vivilon Rane
Vivilon Rane - 2 days ago
Nice video but I wish you would stay on the topic more and cut down on the angry yelling memes, I believe it would actually help lift your videos up on another level. There is a good video essay in there
Kpop X Anime High
Kpop X Anime High - 2 days ago
I literally cried every episode of s3 p2 of AOT more or less.
Ghaith Mbarki
Ghaith Mbarki - 2 days ago
Attack on Mikasa's
I would watch that
Ghaith Mbarki
Ghaith Mbarki - 2 days ago
I'm just imaging naruto running with air pods and it's the best thing
Matthew Marn
Matthew Marn - 2 days ago
Is “squeaky bum” the British version of swamp ass
Matthew Marn
Matthew Marn - 2 days ago
Hot take: Papermoon and Fighting Gold are better openings than the AoT s1 opening
- Akkuto -
- Akkuto - - 2 days ago
Second opening is better then the first
Change my mind
ElSheLalu - 2 days ago
Well gotta finish watching Golden Wind, Re:Zero, Shield Hero, Darling in the Franxx and... shit this one too.
Busy month
Crystallization of the soul
Attack on titan: Shingeki no kyojin I like the concept but not so much the execution, the brutality between human beings, I only think is okay and well deserved the brutality against the titans everything else violent I don't like it!
TuAmigoM22Locust - Day ago
You ain't gonna like s4 then because the human conflict is insanely heavy
Johnnylee Glass
Johnnylee Glass - 2 days ago
Erens head has left the chat
Clode - 2 days ago
Anybody remember that creepy ending of the 3rd ending?
Sharo Saman
Sharo Saman - 2 days ago
Dam boy that was deep
PyroGon - 2 days ago
Does anyone know the name of the song he played at 21:58 ?
TuAmigoM22Locust - Day ago
Zero eclipse
Bartłomiej Sopata
Bartłomiej Sopata - 2 days ago
"the anime that defines this generation"
sorry m8 ero-manga sensei already aired
Bakaliaros17 - 3 days ago
awww yiiiis gigguk!!! nicely said!
Anna x
Anna x - 3 days ago
you also have those annoying people who say "I'm not a fan of anime." even when they didn' t give it a try and watch the good stuff...
TuAmigoM22Locust - Day ago
Thats my bro even tho ANYBODY can enjoy aot
Srivaram Sreeja
Srivaram Sreeja - 3 days ago
Aot will be the epic anime series of this decade.
Change my mind.

Some of u will get angry and all. But I wrote "epic" like in literal in terms of it's lore and history and writing. And also Vinland saga fans and TPN fans, I know both of them are very much excellent like Aot but the anime series is not yet done for them in this decade. To finish the anime for Vinland saga and TPN it will take a few more years so it will not be finished in this decade. Hope u all got my point
Cairo Timothy321
Cairo Timothy321 - 3 days ago
Wow i cant believe im gonna use the term “as a manga reader”

But as a manga reader yall better get some 50litre bucket of lube coz your anus is gonna be titan sized once season 4 comes around coz man did mine (no homo tho ;) )
TypicalMikey 4M3
TypicalMikey 4M3 - 3 days ago
you get a fucking sub from me, i like how u did all this!
ik a useless comment BUt YoU KEEp oN GoIng M8!11111
phyae - 3 days ago
Listening to the OST is like busting a nut for the first time.
snipper1226 - 3 days ago
What was that song at the end?
Andrea Draghi
Andrea Draghi - 3 days ago
Zero Eclipse
RainbowSushii - 3 days ago
6:2 the only thin thats supis the amout f gas they need and how fast they get with it soo how the f do they puce the pressurecans and how do they fill them with like 700bar+ or in some scenes like 1kbar++++ xD
Chocolate Thunder
Chocolate Thunder - 3 days ago
You haven't seen the Warhammer Titan or the new jaws titan
josuke can suck my girl dick
OhMYGOD IM actually taking a break from the jojo memes rn just for snk
Lixir - 3 days ago
This is one of your best work, excellent stuff
柳安 - 3 days ago
2009 Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
2020 Attack on Titan !!!
ML Ackerman
ML Ackerman - 3 days ago
I want Levi to step on me! 😂😂😂
TTeh - 3 days ago
Stop using single frames to give information you absolute dickhead.
Craggs Dragnis
Craggs Dragnis - 3 days ago
wait, so they did get to the basement only by end of season 3? So i still have nothing new to watch in the anime
Young Potato
Young Potato - 3 days ago
You somehow sound like jazza
ItzTheCerealKiller - 4 days ago
Season 1: Levi
Season 2: Lebye
Season 3: Lehi
Manga Spoilers...

Season 4: Ledie
ItzTheCerealKiller - 6 hours ago
Hamza Saeed he’ll most likely die because Isayama said he wants to hurt the readers
Hamza Saeed
Hamza Saeed - Day ago
Spoiler alert... It’s not sure that he is dead. He is most likely alive. Hange said that so that the Yeagerist won’t kill him. Didn’t you notice how Hange didn’t let them check his pulse? And why would she run away with him knowing that he is dead?
ionut alexandru
ionut alexandru - 2 days ago
So cruel... :(
Stuard Loko
Stuard Loko - 4 days ago
well i pretend that there is only season 1...season 2 and blabla ruined it..
Diego Afaga
Diego Afaga - 4 days ago
Lóng - 4 days ago
Love how you combined Attack on Titan clips with Historia's theme at the end
Iwano Morgan
Iwano Morgan - 4 days ago
MixableCrib - 3 days ago
12:21 I don't know but 12:40 is before lights out
Superhater1488 - 4 days ago
Damn, it's Youtube comment section and its full of ... love? Is this real?
Michael Chiango
Michael Chiango - 4 days ago
Thank you for making this video, because it was what caused me to check out attack on titan, and having binged it all the way to the end of season three, I can confidently say that it has become my favorite anime. I am so hyped for season 4 now.
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