18 625
mr.everything - 15 hours ago
To the 1k hater look at the likes
Ayush Patel
Ayush Patel - 5 days ago
Why do you guys make it sound like vegan food is trash? Being vegan is great.
xd Dynasty
xd Dynasty - Day ago
Because they can
ULTIMATE GAMER - 13 days ago
I'ma vegan and the donuts are all not vegan because the glaze is made of gelitan and gelitan is made of porkskin and the leftovers from the meat industry
jackson carpenter
jackson carpenter - 14 days ago
xEnity - 18 days ago
Even we dont know which is which
Hitchy Games
Hitchy Games - 21 day ago
Yuck this is disgusting continuously eats the food anyways
The Soy
The Soy - 24 days ago
Welcome to getting hungry with click
jessicasexton1 - 25 days ago
RIP headphones users at 11:31
Charlie S
Charlie S - 25 days ago
Do these guys not know what a sausage roll is? 😂
Blur_trap - 25 days ago
I love videos with lannan in them
Panic! AtTheEveryWhere
Panic! AtTheEveryWhere - 26 days ago
Every child ever: “6:52“
timothy bush
timothy bush - 27 days ago
marcus literitally every round: think about the bread
White Raven
White Raven - 28 days ago
איציק הגדול
איציק הגדול - 29 days ago
Fruity really become vegan?
Lenny Kohen
Lenny Kohen - 29 days ago
Jencarlos Garcia
Jencarlos Garcia - Month ago
Is lazarbeam vegan
red dragon1147
red dragon1147 - Month ago
No one:
Literally no one:
Vault boy
Vault boy - 23 days ago
Stop trying to be funny with that over used joke
Zora Zora
Zora Zora - Month ago
Lana tho
georgia mcmillan
georgia mcmillan - Month ago
I love bread top
Fitzy The Bricks Master
5:39 I mean who doesn't?
Ibraheem Zuraigat
Ibraheem Zuraigat - Month ago
Wise words I vote napkin. Cray
OSAMA RAGAB - Month ago
guys in the hot dog part marcus and lufu said the vegan hot dog was the middle one not first or third and whoever counted it as first is a total idiot doesnt know how to count or listen
Florentin SCORPIO
Florentin SCORPIO - Month ago
This video kinda makes me angry cuz they keep ruining the food
Blazing_ghost 123
Blazing_ghost 123 - Month ago
A week is nothing a month is difficult
darkknightdom041 u
darkknightdom041 u - Month ago
Did anybody else notice elliot and cray were given points for guessing the wrong ones. Watch the ice cream. Chose #1 but was actually #2
Casey Cropp
Casey Cropp - Month ago
Bazz and lannan are actually really funny together
Ethan Schouest
Ethan Schouest - Month ago
8:08 bruh bazz said third but they showed the first and they got it wrong but when Elliot said two it showed the third and they got it right and then when Katy said third it showed the third and they got it correct
Peter Covington
Peter Covington - Month ago
look at lannans face on the donut round
The Soy
The Soy - Month ago
This is the only time that Cray interacts with Elliot and the only time Lannan interacts with Bazz
Swady10 RBLX
Swady10 RBLX - Month ago
I love watching click as an australian. Ik how all these taste
Noah Nadeau
Noah Nadeau - Month ago
Why is everybody saying the vegan foods are bad
Fuzed Elemental
Fuzed Elemental - Month ago
I AM VEGAN *eating 7 pounds of beef*
Hyper - Month ago
Why does lufu look like Claire Redfield from resident evil
xdino_bubba x
xdino_bubba x - Month ago
Who’s binge watching click in quarantine?
Gabriel Laurens Renner
Is no one going to talk about the masks?
Vault boy
Vault boy - 23 days ago
so they don’t know what the food looks like you piss pot
Juicetino - Month ago
Muselk and Cray actually got a 3 if u noticed. The last two tests they locked their answers wrong and still got it right.
Ricky Khan
Ricky Khan - Month ago
I’m vegan...
Vault boy
Vault boy - 23 days ago
Who asked
Dylan Jake
Dylan Jake - Month ago
‘are you ok in the head?’ My new personal favourite insult
Notcheezy YT
Notcheezy YT - Month ago
Krispy Kreme is the best donut possible
Ethan Ree
Ethan Ree - Month ago
Ben and Jerry’s is vegan?
legend_ xdancer
legend_ xdancer - Month ago
Did anyone else realise that Marcus and lufu shared a bowl #TrueLove ❤️
Chamberlain Alfie
Chamberlain Alfie - Month ago
r u ok on the head
Andrew R
Andrew R - Month ago
I would have really liked to see the croissant round :(
Conasia Wilson
Conasia Wilson - Month ago
Cray and lannan were the comedians in this video
lrd jhn
lrd jhn - Month ago
Kath and Marcus are god damn cute
Xan Treigle
Xan Treigle - Month ago
This is riged
Edenstar1325 - Month ago
they hatin' on beyond, c'mon now
Edenstar1325 - 23 days ago
@Vault boy really? i just think the character looks cool
Vault boy
Vault boy - 23 days ago
Eww a fortnite profile picture
Shiro Yhun
Shiro Yhun - Month ago
I think they wasting too much food btw.
Some people they dont have enough food too fill their stomach.. it's my own opinion
Brett Joyce
Brett Joyce - Month ago
They change the order and didn’t even say like boiii
skadoodle skaddadle
skadoodle skaddadle - Month ago
Can someone explain to me how the FUCK you make a vegan donut
Aceno Von
Aceno Von - Month ago
Stay cray
Paul Cruise
Paul Cruise - Month ago
I'm veagn!!!!!!!!
Vault boy
Vault boy - 23 days ago
Learn how to spell
Ewan Wesso
Ewan Wesso - 2 months ago
Lazarbeam : I always get the nuts
Tanisha _playz
Tanisha _playz - 2 months ago
Does anyone else like how lannan destroys every single thing
Jimmy Grey
Jimmy Grey - 2 months ago
Were they all given the food in the same order? If so the judging and the editing is all over the place in this...
plutøツ - 2 months ago
Ngl totally craving donuts now
Vault boy
Vault boy - 23 days ago
Who asked
Launch Fantastic
Launch Fantastic - 2 months ago
I like how Elliot implies that normal food is not vegan 0:23
Jacob White
Jacob White - 2 months ago
I love how cray always yells. It always seems to be LANNAL
Jacob White
Jacob White - 2 months ago
I love how lannan deconstruct everything, even though he was a construction worker
Vault boy
Vault boy - 23 days ago
Strange thing to love...
YoungSebby - 2 months ago
Meat Donut
Vegan Donut
Makes Sense
Noah Ng
Noah Ng - 2 months ago
Well lannan is a vegan
Salome Verdiof
Salome Verdiof - 2 months ago
Girl: I also love BTS!
Me: really?! Who’s your bias?
Girl: Namjoon and RM
Me: 1:37
D4mR3d - 2 months ago
"real bread" huh isnt default bread vegan?
alfabet plays
alfabet plays - 2 months ago
Lannan ate like a 3 year old child...
Vault boy
Vault boy - 23 days ago
Ur a 3 year old child
Vittoria Caruana Fino
Vittoria Caruana Fino - 2 months ago
are you kidding me I've been eating vegan ice cream for 3 years and didm't even realiseeeeeereereerer
Vince Jacob Tiamsic
Vince Jacob Tiamsic - 2 months ago
Lufu: 80% of what she says is vegan
IronMax - 2 months ago
"Evacuate the city...engage all defenses... and get this man (Cray)
Not DragonSlayer
Not DragonSlayer - 2 months ago
Cray: It was dead for a while
StillCray:Takes another while.
Not DragonSlayer
Not DragonSlayer - 23 days ago
@Vault boy do you know they all play fortnite genius
Not DragonSlayer
Not DragonSlayer - 23 days ago
@Vault boy eew a fallout out pic
Vault boy
Vault boy - 23 days ago
Eww a fortnite profile picture
John Speicher II
John Speicher II - 2 months ago
Click:Its like a real donut....
Me: I don't care if its real or not ITS A DONUT
rafi vidianta
rafi vidianta - 2 months ago
Why am i watching this while fasting now im hungry
Vault boy
Vault boy - 23 days ago
Who asked
Epicperson 111
Epicperson 111 - 2 months ago
7 day vegan challenge baby. Solves all your problems
Derpygamer 27
Derpygamer 27 - 2 months ago
i watch click when Lazar dosen't upload
Vault boy
Vault boy - 23 days ago
Who asked
Gldn Angel
Gldn Angel - 2 months ago
So lannan and bazz win
Gldn Angel
Gldn Angel - 2 months ago
Actually Elliot and cray got 3 cause they answered wrong but for some reason got the points so Elliot and cray lost
Solomon Antonucci
Solomon Antonucci - 3 months ago
Are you saying vegan isn't normal my dad vegan and he healthy
Solomon Antonucci
Solomon Antonucci - 23 days ago
@Vault boy wdym I spelled everything properly
Vault boy
Vault boy - 23 days ago
Learn how to spell you piss pot
Adam Demamp
Adam Demamp - 3 months ago
Am I The Only One Who Thinks Marcus Is An Absolute Douchebag
Adam Demamp
Adam Demamp - 23 days ago
@Vault boy Fame: The Ultimate Test Of Someones Human Decency 😂😂😂 Gtfoh
Vault boy
Vault boy - 23 days ago
Marcus is Famous you’re not so shut the hell up
Sejdi Borici
Sejdi Borici - 3 months ago
Minion_ Man Gaming
Minion_ Man Gaming - 3 months ago
Well, Now We Know That 1k vegans watch these videos
Max Gertner
Max Gertner - 3 months ago
Axel Arcovendas
Axel Arcovendas - 3 months ago
Bazza: I can be an assist with the hotdogs

Me: yeah you definitely know

Ps: Cray
Hello Hello
Hello Hello - 3 months ago
Now I’m hungry :(
Ethan Trinder
Ethan Trinder - 3 months ago
LPU Gaming
LPU Gaming - 3 months ago
It's funny how lannan was having a mental breakdown but then Elliot joined in
He is learning from the master.....
Jesus Antonio
Jesus Antonio - 3 months ago
Jesus Antonio
Jesus Antonio - 3 months ago
Laser bamem was so funy yet
Prest Coder
Prest Coder - 3 months ago
my only question is, what the he’ll is aman fucken donut
Peter Parker
Peter Parker - 3 months ago
Muselk is dumb
Vault boy
Vault boy - 23 days ago
Like you
Irshad Ansari
Irshad Ansari - 3 months ago
Who else watching this while fasting?
Corben Troll
Corben Troll - 3 months ago
Most chocolate has milk Eliot you dip.
Vault boy
Vault boy - 23 days ago
Learn how to spell you 4 year old
The FlossingNinja
The FlossingNinja - 3 months ago
that sucks
waryu69 - 3 months ago
This video will make u hungry
Edward Votel
Edward Votel - 3 months ago
I’m only back here again for lannan
Fire Striker
Fire Striker - 3 months ago
So number 2 was the cake donut ting?
deethedude - 3 months ago
I like how they choose the vegan one based on how bad it tastes and not about the actual flavour
Ian Murray
Ian Murray - 3 months ago
Of course only Elliot know his meat
Kodi Jiang
Kodi Jiang - 4 months ago
When Eliot says there’s something their trying to hide the vegan I don’t believe him but he’s always right!?!?!
Matthew Paolino
Matthew Paolino - 4 months ago
How dose a donut get vegan
Jazzwualyne Toledo
Jazzwualyne Toledo - 4 months ago
Feel the weight?????
Ben Dover
Ben Dover - 4 months ago
Jack B
Jack B - 4 months ago
So many ‘that’s what she said’ jokes can be made on this fine day😂
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