DIY MASTER 11: GRAFFITI *my biggest fail yet?*

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Randi Finch
Randi Finch - Day ago
You should hit up Vexx! I’d love to see another video about graffiti
Des Ricks
Des Ricks - Day ago
That is the best art ever better than mine
Chloe Barnes
Chloe Barnes - 2 days ago
lauren: i’m in too deep
me: can’t touch the bottom with my feet, don’t know what you did to me i can’t breath but i’m living
Rayven Rose
Rayven Rose - 3 days ago
Where are your overalls from I love themmmmmm!!!😍😍
Gabriel Pineda
Gabriel Pineda - 3 days ago
“This is where it all falls apart”. Goes as fast as possible
Gabriela Antoci
Gabriela Antoci - 4 days ago
Try doing book binding for an episode
danielle rowe
danielle rowe - 4 days ago
It’s pretty good. Especially for your first time!
FamilyZhu - 6 days ago
LaurDIY : I hate it
world : I love it!
Kylee Bailey
Kylee Bailey - 7 days ago
I actually think that is really, REALLY cute!!!!
Danielle Harker
Danielle Harker - 8 days ago
That looks so pretty love you 😘
Olivia Lindsey
Olivia Lindsey - 8 days ago
Don't destroy it paint it white and reuse
Lil Shorty
Lil Shorty - 9 days ago
It looks amazing 😉
wood home
wood home - 9 days ago
she should make an "!" merch
DatStooped Gurl
DatStooped Gurl - 10 days ago
I am a least glad that she did this outside😂😂😂😂

but this thing is better then what i will ever do
Natalieveronika - 10 days ago
Does anyone know where her overall of from
my life ʕᴖᴥᴖʔ
my life ʕᴖᴥᴖʔ - 11 days ago
* Me: sees the to thumbnail and mistakes the spray cans for hand gel *
Also me: in quarantine:
" yeah,that about right"
will1371 - 12 days ago
Libby Davis
Libby Davis - 13 days ago
Can you do another diy master in quarantine? Please
Saige Kolochuk
Saige Kolochuk - 14 days ago
Colab with banksey
Jackie - 17 days ago
Me: I wonder why she did the Bratz Doll font
30 seconds later
Lauren: Wait is this the Bratz font
This I think is actually REALLY good for your first piece but I think it started to go down hill when you added the outline but there's always room for improvement!! Good job for you first time though!!
carmamento - 19 days ago
She says this is trash when i can't even paint or draw a tree really nicely this is amazing
haileyyy solis
haileyyy solis - 20 days ago
someone call chris breezy :)))
Stefanie Soto
Stefanie Soto - 22 days ago
Ryan from the ace family! He is amazing at spray painting! Maybe u could collab with him!
Angela Mcghee
Angela Mcghee - 24 days ago
IT LOOKS GOOD can i have it?
Jessa Rhodes
Jessa Rhodes - 25 days ago
It’s so pretty she needs to give her self more credit 💛
Abbie - 26 days ago
I’m a calligraphy artist and I think you did a great job👏🙌
ThE oNe WhO AsKeD
ThE oNe WhO AsKeD - 28 days ago
Maybe you can do claymation next
Amy PASCOE - 28 days ago
omg laur that is sooo good xx
Super Sloth
Super Sloth - Month ago
This was posted on my birthday 🎂
Jam Sandwich
Jam Sandwich - Month ago
Can you paint on the back?
And the “walls” of the tent ish area
Andrea Bolton
Andrea Bolton - Month ago
from collns key pick devens key his aurtis
Andrea Bolton
Andrea Bolton - Month ago
hi im now my name is lola
Hullo it’s Via
Hullo it’s Via - Month ago
Ask Vexx to do a collab with you! He does a lot of spray painting and graffiti!!
Thejeshwari Manjunath
Thejeshwari Manjunath - Month ago
you know she is like my friend called diya
Maddie Rae
Maddie Rae - Month ago
1:14 her eyes do be pink doe
Invader Fust
Invader Fust - Month ago
This ain't it for sure, I can give you some tips tho
giselle muratalla
giselle muratalla - Month ago
i got relies that this was posted 7 day before my birthday happy late bday to me
lili moonlight
lili moonlight - Month ago
@vexx hes sooooooooo good in graffiti he is the one that inspired me to start
Finley Edwards
Finley Edwards - Month ago
Omg it came out sooo good I think
Seema Patil
Seema Patil - Month ago
It is great masterpiece
Cammie Lee
Cammie Lee - Month ago
You should sell it to one of your subscribers bc I would bye it
effie maher
effie maher - Month ago
It's soooooooooo good👌👩🏼‍🎨
sarah wasserman
sarah wasserman - Month ago
Why is she soo pretty...!!!!!
Suga_ Secret_account
Suga_ Secret_account - Month ago
She is good at this
Breanna Hendley
Breanna Hendley - Month ago
that is good for your first time my first time it looked like a blob.
Cortney Thomas
Cortney Thomas - Month ago
What brand of spray paint is that?????
Shantaniqua Clark
Shantaniqua Clark - Month ago
girl it is ok! like um you tried yo best and you did what you did Period also love your masterpiece!
Leeka Kitson
Leeka Kitson - Month ago
I love it. That's amazing for your first graffiti art project.
gacha UwU chãñ
gacha UwU chãñ - Month ago
Itz Diya Mandalia
Itz Diya Mandalia - Month ago
*my biggest fail*
*the best you did *
ForeverLove Cats
ForeverLove Cats - Month ago
“aHh this part scardy its sound s. Really scardy this part *award Silence* ........Ahhh”
Jolie Jones
Jolie Jones - Month ago
I think that it is awesome
Brinlee Bragg
Brinlee Bragg - Month ago
Where's the Brad Mondo of graffiti
Kiley Jo
Kiley Jo - Month ago
I don't know what you see but it looks amazing!!!
amelia gracie
amelia gracie - Month ago
I love it
Juliana Mejia
Juliana Mejia - Month ago
It looks COOL 🐾🐾👑👑😍😍
Juliana Mejia
Juliana Mejia - Month ago
It was COOL 😊😊😊😊♥️♥️♥️
Cambri Alexander
Cambri Alexander - 2 months ago
Honestly I think it looks amazing
Kellie Ho
Kellie Ho - 2 months ago
1. Laura I don’t know where you messed up because it looks good
2. You art is bootiful
Humble Bugs
Humble Bugs - 2 months ago
It look really cute
Harley the Koaly
Harley the Koaly - 2 months ago
Can you do my name in Graffiti pls you are good at it your better at it than me
Maddie Warner
Maddie Warner - 2 months ago
Its amazing!
Marissa Brooks
Marissa Brooks - 2 months ago
Am I the only one thats bothered by the fact that the i and the y are lower case???
Shotabdi Barua BTS ARMY
Shotabdi Barua BTS ARMY - 2 months ago
I'm a professional graffiti artist and...umm i think its great as a first graffiti art!

Follow the rules next time 😂
Ava Nelson
Ava Nelson - 2 months ago
Better than I could do I would take it
Lunara Takyrbasheva
Lunara Takyrbasheva - 2 months ago
you are the best artist i've ever seen
Lunara Takyrbasheva
Lunara Takyrbasheva - 2 months ago
Carlo Nieva!! He's an amazing artist!
XoXoSummer HimesXoXo
XoXoSummer HimesXoXo - 2 months ago
Do graffiti with Vexx
Amaya Rabsatt
Amaya Rabsatt - 2 months ago
Can you ask Me she's a YouTube's. Please ask her.😄
EVERYTHING & ANYTHING - 2 months ago
Itz Diya Mandalia
Itz Diya Mandalia - 2 months ago
I looks great
Clodagh Meehan
Clodagh Meehan - 2 months ago
Lauren: I will dispose of it discreetly so no one ever sees it again
*uploads it to the internet for everyone to see
Kimberley Ellis
Kimberley Ellis - 2 months ago
I think this is well good
Suneel Ghei
Suneel Ghei - 2 months ago
ThAt is so pretty
DIY Sister
DIY Sister - 2 months ago
You are so sweet and creative I love watching you
Strawberry Cardona
Strawberry Cardona - 2 months ago
Low key it looks good
Hailey Scavo
Hailey Scavo - 2 months ago
It looks so goooooooooood ❤🥰
Laney Hannum
Laney Hannum - 2 months ago
Me getting paranoid now because she didn’t do anything with the dot on the I
Katie Braley
Katie Braley - 2 months ago
It's soooooo goooood 😁😁
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