DIY MASTER 11: GRAFFITI *my biggest fail yet?*

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Serendipity - 45 minutes ago
Lauren: am i ambitious? yes. am i confident? no.
bella a
bella a - Hour ago
Riley Person
Riley Person - Hour ago
It’s beautiful!!! WTH Lauren!!!!!
Emily Carr
Emily Carr - Hour ago
I love this!!!
Evie and the Avocado
Wait last I remembered Lauren had 9.09 subs now she has 8.99...?
princess wolf
princess wolf - 2 hours ago
Lauren you could've outlined it with paint after it dried
Makeda Ketema
Makeda Ketema - 2 hours ago
It is great!
Hudsen McDaniel
Hudsen McDaniel - 2 hours ago
Vexx will teach you graffiti
Faisal Khalifa
Faisal Khalifa - 3 hours ago
Ohh come on it looks so so good it's a masterpiece p❤️❤️💛💛
Evie Lancaster
Evie Lancaster - 3 hours ago
Sticks Tant
Sticks Tant - 3 hours ago
I hamm
Jillian Arthur
Jillian Arthur - 3 hours ago
It looks so good
Deana Taylor
Deana Taylor - 4 hours ago
That pink tho
Smol - 4 hours ago
you should paint with Vexx
Michaela McNaughton
Michaela McNaughton - 4 hours ago
A good you tuber would be Vexx
Leonor Delgado
Leonor Delgado - 5 hours ago
Daphne Ruth
Daphne Ruth - 5 hours ago
Your pretty good as a starter in graffiti
Alanys Gacha Life
Alanys Gacha Life - 6 hours ago
Vexx is a very good graffiti artist he can teach u maybe ???
Musthafa Daood
Musthafa Daood - 8 hours ago
it is better than a pablo piccaso painting
LayLay Lacey
LayLay Lacey - 8 hours ago
Sooo cool 😎
Sarah.Z - 8 hours ago
Do a collab with jazza
charlotte withycombe
charlotte withycombe - 10 hours ago
I think it is amazing you should do more
Zaynab Najafi
Zaynab Najafi - 10 hours ago
Why does it say season 1 episode 1 if it’s episode 11
Gabriela Zambrano
Gabriela Zambrano - 11 hours ago
Vexx will be happy to help you
Jazz McGregor
Jazz McGregor - 12 hours ago
You can ask Vexx cause he spray paints
Like if u agree 👇🏻
Aspen Taylor
Aspen Taylor - 12 hours ago
I loved it so much though
Cassy - 13 hours ago
Title: My biggest fail yet??
*she must be kidding*
Queen Diamonds
Queen Diamonds - 13 hours ago
Yo I got so scared because you weren’t wearing your mask 😅😅
Mariah Witts
Mariah Witts - 13 hours ago
It's so good!! It would have been good without the black too!!
thatssopopy - 14 hours ago
you should get vexx to teach youuu!!!!
Ellie Marjorie
Ellie Marjorie - 15 hours ago
This is how many times Lauren said okay
Yushin Channel
Yushin Channel - 15 hours ago
Vexx is a mural artist and doodle artist
Qbert - 16 hours ago
girl you did great
Olivar Karen
Olivar Karen - 16 hours ago
Its a masterpiece
Graciela Castro
Graciela Castro - 17 hours ago
Catherine Paiz/Mcbroom her brother Ryan is really good at this type of stuff. Collab?
Cattusorb - 19 hours ago
Graffiti with Vexx
Gregory Wilkes
Gregory Wilkes - 20 hours ago
I love your channel it is the BEST channel on youtube
Alyssa -_-
Alyssa -_- - 21 hour ago
Ws anyone els impressed when it only said LAURDIY
Alyssa -_-
Alyssa -_- - 21 hour ago
I was
Keri Brichacek
Keri Brichacek - 21 hour ago
Lauren: I hate it
Everyone: better than what I could do
shoham cohen
shoham cohen - 22 hours ago
Its acually good tho
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