How Italian Gorgonzola Cheese Is Made | Regional Eats

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BTL gaming
BTL gaming - 14 hours ago
Oh my god🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
yj_4yen - 17 hours ago
have u guys had this cheese before? How does it taste? Is it bad?
yj_4yen - 17 hours ago
have u guys had this cheese before? How does it taste? Is it bad?
yj_4yen - 17 hours ago
have u guys had this cheese before? How does it taste? Is it bad?
Kじぇい Google
Kじぇい Google - 19 hours ago
Danielle Parra
Danielle Parra - Day ago
WatchDominion - 3 days ago
Sad that cows have to die for it
The Arabic dude
The Arabic dude - 3 days ago
5:30 Rotten cheese very yummy
From korona vaerus
preto branco
preto branco - 4 days ago
I wanna stick my dick in the creamy gorgonzola
AmberJ - 6 days ago
who is here after watching *what if you ate mould?*
Baz Maz
Baz Maz - 7 days ago
I ordered several packets of Gorgonzola and Parmesan to get my cheese fix. I almost done with my Greek feta. I also like authentic French blue cheese.
Dane Ta Tua Tonka
Dane Ta Tua Tonka - 10 days ago
Meanwhile Kraft owns most of the company
Davide Iafano
Davide Iafano - 11 days ago
Hi guys! here for you there a nice recipe with gorgonzola cheese which you could make a very nice meal! have a look 😏
Elizabeth Araiza
Elizabeth Araiza - 16 days ago
yo that cheese had fungus
Faun - 18 days ago
Why she got a hair net on but her hair is still out? 😂
Funny Chips
Funny Chips - 18 days ago
I live in Singapore and for a tiny wedge is like anywhere between $18 -$24
But as a person who loves cheese and strives to try as many before I die. It's worth it 😍
Jezza Lenko
Jezza Lenko - 18 days ago
These videos are making me fat
Classic Animations
Classic Animations - 18 days ago
i love how the fungus is like: "haha sucks to be you, hooman! you cant eat this now--"
_eats cheese_
waterelonsquare - 18 days ago
Why tf am I watching cheese videos at 3 in the morning
Nickyhasnolife - 18 days ago
It’s indescribable how disgusting this was watching as someone with Mycophobia
Sky music
Sky music - 18 days ago
Smells like my feet after gym
SKIP AD - 19 days ago
Southern Italian women enjoying cheese is my Mukbang.
lorenzo - 19 days ago
I love gorgonzola
Juliana Gauss
Juliana Gauss - 20 days ago
I guess the stuff they sell at Costco is not real gorgonzola cheese..
Handsome Lenny
Handsome Lenny - 21 day ago
It looks so disgustingly delicious
D. C.
D. C. - 21 day ago
This it's real chees not american/UK shit chees....
Иван Иванов
Иван Иванов - 22 days ago
У них творог протух!
Eddie Gooden
Eddie Gooden - 23 days ago
Easily my favorite cheese. Super cool video.
howzers2010 - 23 days ago
Im here just to see Claudia. She can talk cheese and make it sound so sexy with her accent.
JustLetMeDrive - 24 days ago
congealed vomit
Shahrukh Shah
Shahrukh Shah - 25 days ago
Somebody please kill me
Parth Joshi
Parth Joshi - 25 days ago
Yuck that fungus all over the cheese
Joe Bills
Joe Bills - 25 days ago
She's eating that shit like ice cream
Bryan Depalog
Bryan Depalog - 25 days ago
I wonder if they keep on farting.. he he he
Lorenzo Setola
Lorenzo Setola - 26 days ago
I’m Italian, and I can confirm that the subtitles are completely different from what the guy says 😂
Skarleth Forester
Skarleth Forester - 26 days ago
I'm lactose intolerance but I love cheese! 😍 🧀 Still I keep eating it! It worth spend all time in the toilet!
Asenla Longchar
Asenla Longchar - 27 days ago
The black pasta made it creepier lol
Eck0 - 27 days ago
Well Thank Goodness This Video Wasn't Too "Cheesey".
Kosmo S
Kosmo S - 28 days ago
I am eat gorgonzola now))
Kevin Boga
Kevin Boga - 28 days ago
Pizza Mozzarella, Rella, Rella Rella,
Gorgo, Gorgonzola, Zola Zola Zola
Kevin Boga
Kevin Boga - 8 hours ago
Yes it is, Josepu
Joseph Joestar
Joseph Joestar - 10 hours ago
is that a jojo refrence?
Izabel Cristina
Izabel Cristina - 7 days ago
Essa poesia me alegrou e aguçou meu prazer de degustar um queijo gorgonzola zola zola.
gia thuan le viet
gia thuan le viet - 21 day ago
Z e n o ツ
Z e n o ツ - 27 days ago
Kevin Boga Finally I found this comment
Fauziah Mohd Din Mohd Din
I have been here but couldn’t taste it the smell put me off ... smell of bloody thing hate it .
cravis123 - Month ago
It is really good when is fresh creamy, but after a time it get really stinky...sometimes really stinky...
Lunar Strike
Lunar Strike - Month ago
This doesn’t look that off from the glass of milk I left under my bed a couple months ago
Imran Haque
Imran Haque - 28 days ago
you can tell the cheese making process is physically demanding
MrMrRubic - Month ago
The creamy version just looks wrong to me
Ralph Ironfist
Ralph Ironfist - Month ago
Wrong my ass, thats even better
Obscure Je t'aime
Obscure Je t'aime - Month ago
Wait they add the fungus?
mixed videos
mixed videos - Month ago
Thats nasty
he zhen
he zhen - Month ago
It’s so creamy..........

and I love it :)
Bettylinda - Month ago
Head mask is given to cover all of your hair inside it🤦‍♀️
Neydombebe Frau Frau
Neydombebe Frau Frau - Month ago
Hunter Hefti
Hunter Hefti - Month ago
My mouth is watering soo much right now
furtherbeyond - Month ago
Rotten smelly shit! Gross! Never ever ever ever ever!!!!
『Violette Addicted jojo』
Gorgonzola cheese is a solid milk that has a buncha mold on it
Vicious - Month ago
mmm Gorgahnzaluh
Jorp - Month ago
I am allergic to mold why am I watching this
Badi Algeriane
Badi Algeriane - Month ago
😨😨🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮wath fa...
giobronskiJ - Month ago
My favorite cheese. La pasta col gorgonzola è un dono di nostro Signore
OG Hydro
OG Hydro - Month ago
Humans: *sees anything*
Also humans: “you look like one tasty motherf**ker.”
FlowerofDissolution - Month ago
"A little cheese tasting" - with huge pieces of gorgonzola to stuff yourself silly.
(she also seems unfamiliar with how moldy cheese is in generall since it's not just Gorgonzola that is gooey like this, but all kinds of moldy cheeses, like Brie. Just remember to take the cheese out of the fridge at least 1 hour before serving to make sure it's at its best ripeness and gooeyness!
Sd Paulo
Sd Paulo - Month ago
Queijo mofado
RichardPlaysStuff - Month ago
My man talking about cheese dressed as Wallace. Big dick energy.
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