How Italian Gorgonzola Cheese Is Made | Regional Eats

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ale agarica
ale agarica - Hour ago
i'm italian blue cheese is better
HC M - 4 hours ago
Es Heidi en versión adulto..!!
Нет - 23 hours ago
Клавдия? Из какой она страны, интересно.
Juan Irizarry
Juan Irizarry - Day ago
Massa Slp
Massa Slp - Day ago
È porno
Vu Nguyen
Vu Nguyen - Day ago
Me: throw them in the trash
Professional chesse maker: sell them for thousands $
Naman Kudesia
Naman Kudesia - Day ago
who is here after covid-19
Sima Chakrabarty
Sima Chakrabarty - 17 hours ago
People watching between 1 month are here after coronavirus
Grant Muir
Grant Muir - Day ago
This is heaven. I would love to be a cheesemaker.
yupi - Day ago
One day, if I visit italia, i will buy this cheese..
SVGLNR - Day ago
Skyrim players: *Eidar Cheese*
Joe Mama
Joe Mama - 2 days ago
Scooby Doo on Zombie Island brought me here
ezekial cook
ezekial cook - 2 days ago
things to watch during quarantine
TreadGnomes - 2 days ago
why waste all that dairy for that shit
Inara GC
Inara GC - 2 days ago
Legenda em inglês não é condizente com que está sendo dito em italiano ...
Jotaro Kujo
Jotaro Kujo - 2 days ago
I have tried blue mold gorgonzola when I was 15. I didn’t understand why adults liked it very much. Now I know.
Joe Williams
Joe Williams - 2 days ago
So do you guys eat the samples? Or put it back in the hole?
aulia hutami
aulia hutami - 2 days ago
Lol this cheese is much much better than maggot cheese.
Andreas Adi
Andreas Adi - 2 days ago
It has same appearance as expired bread left in the open.
I don't know if my stomach can handle it.
Dryden Wieselman
Dryden Wieselman - 3 days ago
i just farted and i thought the cheese smelled like my fart
EatMyStorks - 3 days ago
I’m stuck in a cheese video hole and I never want out
!rach38! - 3 days ago
Hummmmmmmmmm i love it
Dotch Bhageloe
Dotch Bhageloe - 4 days ago
I love this lady😘😘😘😘
MassCityMadman - 4 days ago
I used to work for sargento and loved working with the 660 pound blocks of cheese lol
Katie Rose
Katie Rose - 4 days ago
I had creamy gorgonzola in italy two years ago... and it was the best thing I have ever eaten i wish i could that that here in america
Pink Panthør
Pink Panthør - 4 days ago
I read gonorrhea cheese.
ANDREY DERBENEV - 4 days ago
Фу блядь нахуй ,плесень 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
Lone Warrior
Lone Warrior - 5 days ago
Thank god im lactose intolerant. My stomach would’ve sound like multiple volcanic eruptions
Seokjin Kim
Seokjin Kim - 5 days ago
Damn i love gorgonzola so much but im really allergic to mold.... Oh well, guess i'll die
Sandra Loes
Sandra Loes - 5 days ago
Que delícia.
Essa fabricação é muito linda.
Deus abençoe Itália.
sana chauhan
sana chauhan - 5 days ago
Cheese or house of germs and infection...
Ken Bayo
Ken Bayo - 5 days ago
I'm lactose intolerant and I watch cheese videos.
Nino Sanaminatozaki
Nino Sanaminatozaki - 5 days ago
Panganan opo iku Cok...
Fly Monkey
Fly Monkey - 5 days ago
« visually, its a beautiful cheese » ....... Nope. Looks disgusting !
mochamilk - 5 days ago
Pizza Mozzarella Pizza Mozzarella
Rella rella rella rella rella rella rella,
Pizza Mozzarella Pizza Mozzarella,
Rella rella rella rella rella rella rella,
Pizza mozza-rella! Pizza mozza-rella! Rella rella rella rella rella oh,
Gorgonzola, zola, gorgonzola zola, zola zola zola zola zola zola zola
Mikkel Maling
Mikkel Maling - 6 days ago
The sides of this cheese is like sand
Chippy Cups
Chippy Cups - 6 days ago
Now i love cheese but...

I cant eat cheese with mold like this
Mr. Green Grass
Mr. Green Grass - 6 days ago
My mind when talking about Italy...
“Mafia, Godfather, War, Gangster”
But mah Bahhhdieee
Maaa bodyyy
“Blue CEECSE!!!”
shrikant banduke
shrikant banduke - 6 days ago
Long live italian...god protect them from corona
Suror Ali
Suror Ali - 6 days ago
تستحقون كورونا ولكم كله مرض
아불라카카불라 - 7 days ago
...너무 맛있겠다...힘내세요!
n3wbskillz activate
n3wbskillz activate - 8 days ago
I hope none of 🇮🇹's amazing food traditions are not lost to covid. Be strong.
paige madeley
paige madeley - 8 days ago
its 3:18am..
I need sleep
Shaft toa
Shaft toa - 8 days ago
This factory is lock down
Muhamad Nur Firdaus
Muhamad Nur Firdaus - 9 days ago
pharmesan is the best chess i think
i am ømņıpřęşəñţ
-so we have this delicious piece of cheese how should we eat it?
-let it rot lol
Aftab Ullah
Aftab Ullah - 9 days ago
FelixRosas10 - 10 days ago
“Squid ink spaghetti with extremely moldy cheese.” ???? 🤔

Hard pass
Nidhin Vinod
Nidhin Vinod - 10 days ago
Start thanking the cows and the fungus.
King Juggalo
King Juggalo - 10 days ago
That's Just NASTY
TeenBaker 2019
TeenBaker 2019 - 10 days ago
Anyone know where you can buy the Creamy Gorgonzola cheese?
Ram Kishore
Ram Kishore - 10 days ago looks like some rotten shit..
Thalia Nicollaiewsky
Thalia Nicollaiewsky - 10 days ago
Por duas vezs tentei ingerir esse queijo,meu organismo não aceita.horrivel DEMAIS 😖🤮
Zeption - 10 days ago
I'm kind of glad it showed them putting the funnelled cheese sample back into the wheel at the end there.
【Val】 - 10 days ago
its 6am and i should be sleeping but instead im sitting here and listening about how cheese is made
himura - 10 days ago
mak plenyik plenyik wueeeekkkk
Travis JB
Travis JB - 11 days ago
Thatd it! I'm gonna go to the store to buy a premium type cheese lmao instead of regular sliced or shredded cheese 😅
Then eat them with crackers lol
Mm Trey
Mm Trey - 11 days ago
Then looks so disgusted 🤮🤮🤢🤢😶
byramm2362 - 11 days ago
i can imagine the smell in that company =-)
Hibbullah Fajar Maulana
Hibbullah Fajar Maulana - 11 days ago
Loan trần
Loan trần - 11 days ago
please help me! Thank you so much! Love all you!
Антонина Орлова
Вообще ничего не понятно. Напишите пожалуйста снизу перевод по русски. Спасибо.
Bruce Tan
Bruce Tan - 12 days ago
This chick cuts a lot of cheese 😉.
enelra zurcaled
enelra zurcaled - 12 days ago
When you see molds, that when you know it's good cheese
Mariana Folena Borges
Mariana Folena Borges - 13 days ago
No offense, but the "creamy" looks kinda gross (;ŏ﹏ŏ)
Julita Sarnecka
Julita Sarnecka - 13 days ago
8:10 piemonte😤😤😤😤
That luckylettuce guy That’s lettuce
Wth do they do when they cut the hole in the cheese do they just eat it
Mujtaba Pirzada
Mujtaba Pirzada - 13 days ago
Pray for Italy love from Pakistan
fitrisya lucky
fitrisya lucky - 13 days ago
please use covering hair as well. your hair should be covered all.
fitrisya lucky
fitrisya lucky - 13 days ago
thats not fashion. thats safety equipment
Keerthi Chandra
Keerthi Chandra - 13 days ago
Youtube ia giving tradition education system a run for its money 🧐
Kyzrou - 14 days ago
Lets pray for Italy I pray that the disease will be gone
Cvleigh - 14 days ago
I’m watching all these food insider videos on how different cheeses are made and it’s so gross and rotten but oh my god they taste so good
Kekke X
Kekke X - 14 days ago
Guarda tu se uno deve legge commenti negativi sul gorgonzola, da gente che se magna le sottilette. Non c'è più religione.
kraziedaizy - 14 days ago
No thank you. 🤢
Mohamad Faizul
Mohamad Faizul - 14 days ago
Dibarat ada cheese dimalaysia johor ada tempe dua dua ini mempunyai kulat tapi sedap
elina azman
elina azman - 14 days ago
Imagine eating it with avocado
Dajah Telford
Dajah Telford - 14 days ago
Soooooo good
gaea benson
gaea benson - 15 days ago
damn why do they have to protect cheese so much?
ナジミファイズ - 15 days ago
I rather eat this than eat bat
Alanna - 15 days ago
This is the most awful tasting cheese in the world
Blaze- Fortnite
Blaze- Fortnite - 15 days ago
The inside looks like the blue cheese Mr. Bean used to make blue paint
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