This Is What Historical Figures Really Looked Like

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Paid In Full
Paid In Full - Day ago
This is str8 disrespect how in the hell these Egyptians kings and queens looking European instead of black how they supposed to
Emma 669
Emma 669 - Day ago
Cleopatra looks like she needs a nose job.
Talking Minds
Talking Minds - 2 days ago
Tuntankamun is an English pharaoh??? You made me laugh. Just like the myth “Tarzan” who was born and lived in Africa but was a white heroe. Make sure that 4000 years BC in African territories all heroes were wether english or americans. Bunch of craps
kangjhha - 3 days ago
when i saw nefertiti and then cleo... this vid is off or science still need a little catching up to do hahaha
Khaled Yehia
Khaled Yehia - 6 days ago
King Tut an English pharaoh? Really...?
Ambyr Paul
Ambyr Paul - 6 days ago
Jeez Jesus looks like a pedaphile. Why do they make paintings look different than what they actually look like it’s weird.
Joseph Clamucha
Joseph Clamucha - 8 days ago
can't believe Sebastian Back is an adopted name
Aaron RIO
Aaron RIO - 9 days ago
Nefertiti kinda bad doe 😳😳
J R - 10 days ago
So basically William Shakespeare looked like an illegitimate cousin of Billy Joel.
Brazoncius Roxfort
Brazoncius Roxfort - 10 days ago
Except for Neferttiti, all the people in this video are ugly as sin.
Greasy Goon
Greasy Goon - 12 days ago
King Tut the well-known English Pharaoh, buried in the The Great Pyramid of Buckingham
Daddylong Arms
Daddylong Arms - 14 days ago
Jesus Christ catfished us
Miriam Nieblas
Miriam Nieblas - 15 days ago
Did he said "English Pharaoh"!!!!!!!? 😂😂
Zango - 15 days ago
Stop cropping the photos, Jesus
David Hastings
David Hastings - 16 days ago
Why does Richard the Third look like lord Farquaad in Shrek.
Ser Bat
Ser Bat - 16 days ago
0:23 Tutankamon was the pharaoh of english ?
kj Nightbird
kj Nightbird - 17 days ago
The Composite of Jesus was taken from another Show on a gene pool mapping of that region. This Video should have also included the Shroud of Turin. It has a Face Cloth that forensically corresponds. Supporting evidence continues to surface as our scientific tools evolve.
Carsten Kjærulff
Carsten Kjærulff - 18 days ago
At 7:01 you claim it's Richard're wrong. The Painting is showing Sir Thomas Moore 1478-1535. NOT King Richard III 1452-1485.
Ida Genova
Ida Genova - 18 days ago
Holbein's painting of St. Thomas More to begin the segment about Richard III? I should have been done when he said, "Navarr-ay." This video is just pathetic. Don't bother wasting your time like I did.
Aesthetickpop _223
Aesthetickpop _223 - 19 days ago
King tut looks similar to woho .
SamieCandyCanes - 19 days ago
6:53 How?? Not making fun of it but I saw on the holy face of Jesus in the blanket was different.. I think Jesus Christ Indeed has long hair..
SamieCandyCanes - 15 days ago
@maiyah mack I think so..
maiyah mack
maiyah mack - 15 days ago
SamieCandyCanes no. He don’t look like that picture but he hasn’t got long hair either
F Tolennar
F Tolennar - 19 days ago
Nefertiti is audrey hepburn but darker
Merf - 20 days ago
Dude calm your tits people.
Cleopatra wasn't ugly. She has a nice face but just her nose is huge.
Comics Nerd2099
Comics Nerd2099 - 20 days ago
I don’t know how, but we as humans have really become more good looking than anyone back then
Lee TLC - 21 day ago
Lol this video is like "oh yeah, we have no evidence on what they may have looked like, but thanks to technology THIS is what they looked like!!!" Haha such a lame video
brucebusiness8 - 22 days ago
they need to darken the completion of Tut , and they other Egyptians....They were of a darker the DNA folks, and stop this lie.
Deniz D.
Deniz D. - 20 days ago
Since there might be a huge missunderstanding in the comments: *Cleopatra was white* .. (greek) she ruled over egypt after greece took over. You guys might wanna check your history books again. She was from the ptolemaic Family of rulers (related to alexander the great). Her Family ruled over egypt several hundreds of years but still they were greek (spoke greek too).
SS SS - 23 days ago
He was an English....
claritza hernandez
claritza hernandez - 24 days ago
Cleopatra kinda look like Freddie Mercury??😂
Jason Carbon
Jason Carbon - 25 days ago
Yeah but some of those guys had life-like drawings of them already.
Grolloër films
Grolloër films - 26 days ago
Sint Nicolas is not santa. IT is just a ripoff. The real sint Nicolas doe’s the same job as santa But than in the netherlands
frank pellegrino
frank pellegrino - 27 days ago
Is there any science behind these claims? What a bogus channel this is.
Mohannad Faris
Mohannad Faris - 29 days ago
So nobody is going to speak about Jesus
Summer Tea
Summer Tea - Month ago
I wonder how many people were killed after laughing at King Tut's weird shaped head.
Kore Scott
Kore Scott - Month ago
An “English pharaoh”???
Beyonder - Month ago
People don't understand that in ancient times. Drawings and sculptures often show them in perfect shape and beauty look so others will say they are beautiful. Anyone who has studied ancient Egyptian knows that Pharaohs often depicted as slim body and perfect skin. In reality Pharaohs were known for being quite fat unlike most of its inhabitants.
Dave Jay
Dave Jay - Month ago
TheBattle of Bosworth was in 1485 not 1495.
john green
john green - Month ago
Cleopatra was a queen .
Gontse Mhlanga
Gontse Mhlanga - Month ago
What is an english Pharaoh?
Gontse Mhlanga
Gontse Mhlanga - Month ago
About time cleopatra stopped being portrayed as caucasian
Dwight Schrute
Dwight Schrute - Month ago
Cleopatra was greek so she was kinda Caucasian
Fabian Hale
Fabian Hale - Month ago
It’s not different here. And she was Caucasian since she was Macedonian.
Jaila Vaughn
Jaila Vaughn - Month ago
Nefertiti looks better than Cleopatra 🤣🤣
Sateesh Babu Madavarapu
King tut is an English pharaoh? 🙄
Billy Cashman
Billy Cashman - Month ago
When they showed Thomas More instead of Richard III
Warren Zel
Warren Zel - Month ago
Richard III looked like lord Farquaad from Shrek 😂😂😂
My average sh- i mean wonderful life
4:32 If you are Romanian you know that he is not really Santa
*MisS* *TriNiDaD*
*MisS* *TriNiDaD* - Month ago
Geo BignTall
Geo BignTall - Month ago
There is no evidence supported to present 3D photos of these people. I think they are all just guesses
CMFTC - Month ago
Yep, Jesus wasn't white. Deal with it Trumptards.
FinnishFolksman - Month ago
English pharaoh? Whats next huh? Caesar discovered america? Genghis khan invented the computer?
Ivan Campos Mamede de Carvalho
"English pharaoh"???
Smufter16 - Month ago
5:45 - No dark ethnic slant here folks...move along. SJWs making everyone look like them...ugly and common. 
The blackwashing of history continues.
Jenn Blitzer
Jenn Blitzer - Month ago
Did he say tut was an ENGLISH pharaoh?? Or am I deaf?
fortnite insanity
fortnite insanity - Month ago
Don’t judge me I’m just watching this because I’m a nerd
amandahensley78 - Month ago
Talks about robes pierre but doesn't talk about how he gets beheaded for basically killing the king of France
Random shiat in my life
Cleopatra looks like shit
Mick Nordström
Mick Nordström - Month ago
How come most of these people on these pictures looks like Neandertahls?
pdor kmer
pdor kmer - Month ago
All wrong
AZsportshut - Month ago
I’d bang Nefertiti
Samurai Entertainment
Samurai Entertainment - Month ago
7:20 real life farquad
sni04588 - Month ago
These people look smart af
D J - Month ago
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