Chef Asks If He Should Put TUNA In A VEGETARIAN'S Salad | Hell's Kitchen

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Rob Kopple
Rob Kopple - Hour ago
Some vegetarians eat fish, some don't.
IDidNawtHitHer Oh Hi Mark
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Lalit DrawingStuffs
Lalit DrawingStuffs - 6 hours ago
1:47 Slick camera man... ma man
Marc Joshua Cajes
Marc Joshua Cajes - 7 hours ago
1:47 Dont f**kin lie to me I know you are looking at her massive jugs at this point...
nianifinlayson - 7 hours ago
I think the meat is the most difficult Nd pressured for Ramsey to not yell at thm was A1 , idk watt everyone else was so stressed abt all they were doing were cooking rice Nd making decorations for the plates to go out ...
blaster blade
blaster blade - 8 hours ago
1.47 😏😏
Holy Hell 1:46
xXBellyXx xXKingXx
xXBellyXx xXKingXx - 9 hours ago
1:46 geplante Kameraführung? :D
Emmanuel Adams
Emmanuel Adams - 10 hours ago
It's fascinating that they're actually more calm than I expected
Brian Schwantner
Brian Schwantner - 17 hours ago
1:48. that’s all
Toxic - Day ago
It makes sense some vegeterians are pesketerians
Christopher Dibbs
Christopher Dibbs - Day ago
I've never heard Gordon give compliments so many times in 7 minutes. Was he feeling okay?
Pancake Lord
Pancake Lord - Day ago
That’s a tasty looking salad at 1:40
JuJu - Day ago
1:48 i know what you’re staring at
ikillzuepicly - Day ago
Ron Swanson: Fish meat is practically a vegetable
crguti - Day ago
1:48 @ great job of the camera man
Mr. Varsity
Mr. Varsity - Day ago
1:46 yea that salad looked really good haha
Cler Meegosh
Cler Meegosh - Day ago
Well... maybe he is Spanish and thought Tuna was also the English name for prickly pear... :P like cereal? No. Please dont delete me I dont have friends.
Marlena Nix
Marlena Nix - Day ago
Chef Gordon: "You're putting Spaghetti in water that isn't boiling."
Me: Wait. You're not supposed to?! 🤨🤔 I've been cooking spaghetti wrong all these years. 😄
Matthew Natale
Matthew Natale - 2 days ago
1:47 don’t think they were focusing on the Salad 🥗 😂
Daniel k
Daniel k - 2 days ago
3:32 the way he said that with that hand motion 😂
ice wallow come
ice wallow come - 2 days ago
This is how many times they said chef
winter - 2 days ago
1:47 delicious
TMC Entertainment
TMC Entertainment - 2 days ago
Ramsey controlling the force on the Thumbnail
Jake Slowaski
Jake Slowaski - 2 days ago
Chef: should I put egg in vegetarian salad?
Gordon Ramsay: go back to school
Chef: but I don’t know if egg is it for vegetarian or not
Gordon Ramsay: ask your teacher
Chef: but we are cooking right now
Gordon Ramsay: Oh F$#%
Ben PH
Ben PH - 3 days ago
“If you’re not sure, then ask” I agree, but it’s a VEGE-FUCKING-TARIAN salad. That should answer your tuna question immediately.
DaveMcIroy - 3 days ago
2:23 - the tuna part.
Lucas Cho
Lucas Cho - 3 days ago
You cant always be quick to fire insults at someone. When your in a stressful decision we lose sense of what is logical.
Jonah D
Jonah D - 4 days ago
ppl really be ordering plain salads
SoyJusthyn - 4 days ago
Holy.. this job is such a pain in the ass
DãTacóShaq :
DãTacóShaq : - 4 days ago
1:47 delicious
Appleari 08
Appleari 08 - 4 days ago
PLAIN SALAD !!!!!!!! 🥗 🥗 🥗
AppulPie - 4 days ago
That thumbnail looks like gordan using the force.
triple action
triple action - 5 days ago
He calls out the orders so fast its impossible to hear and he then yells at them while they are working their asses of , if he was in Jamaica he would end up with a head trauma
Dissenta - 3 days ago
@triple action well he was trained like that by chefs with similar or worse attitudes, not trying to excuse his actions but it is what it is. If you're participating in one of his shows, you should be prepared for that. Also, if you yell at someone in Jamaica you leave with a head trauma? Sounds like a shit country tbh
triple action
triple action - 3 days ago
@Seraphy Wang seraphy Wang I am a chef and and my executive knows not to yell at me, I'm a grow man not a child an I know that's apart of being on the show, without the swearing gordon is still one of the best chefs I've seen so far , he is so sweet to his kids but turns into Godzilla in the kitchen. Not saying he is a bad person he just yells too dam much
Seraphy Wang
Seraphy Wang - 3 days ago
triple action They are chefs though and they all clearly hear it good enough that they know what to make.
Brandon Ballou
Brandon Ballou - 5 days ago
Did they have to show that women's tits next to a plate of food and zoom in and say delicious 😂
Quenajonay Frazier
Quenajonay Frazier - 5 days ago
Mmmm he would have killed me cause i cant eat fish. Poor me lol
olivia dorgan
olivia dorgan - 5 days ago
as a vegetarian, if the person doesn't even know not to put tuna in a salad, my ass is straight out of there
Phil B
Phil B - 6 days ago
Ida sent him home just for that stupid fucking goatee
Annushka Noor
Annushka Noor - 6 days ago
Gordon yelling at Andrea that her wellington was perfect has the same energy of that guy yelling I LOVE YOU DOG at that Chihuahua
Lea - 6 days ago
MasterSproutGamer - 6 days ago
If Gordon Ramsay sees the beef Wellington, he would get his yellington.
cody strachan
cody strachan - 7 days ago
@2:18 wow
Sçáttér Ghõst Blúé
What season is this?
Shammy Boy
Shammy Boy - 7 days ago
A plain salad can still have croutons in it lmao. Gordon was out of pocket on this one
johnthegreek1980 - 8 days ago
Andrea has nice piece of meat.
diggsie - 8 days ago
1:47 damn that's a nice looking salad
Unez Khan
Unez Khan - 8 days ago
1:47: "Oh yeah! Delicious"
Me: Delicious Indeed!!!
ProGamingHours - 9 days ago
No one
Gorden: Perfect. I hate using that word
Meow Meow
Meow Meow - 9 days ago
Me: He doesn't know if he should put TUNA in a VEGETARIAN'S salad? What an idiot.
Also me: Does the cereal or the milk come first...?
GothicQueen - 11 days ago
"I still thinks she deserves to go home" says the guy who asks if he should put tuna on a vegetarian salad and cant even make a plain salad
iris egb
iris egb - 11 days ago
If you eat fish and not meat then your a pescotarian not an vegetarian
iris egb
iris egb - 11 days ago
How can you make a mistake already the first second you start
Karan Mane
Karan Mane - 12 days ago
1:47 Oh yeahh! Delicious!
Heck yeah!?
I'm 12 deal with it bitch
Bloody hell that man was dumb
Clayton Nguyen
Clayton Nguyen - 14 days ago
SU-152 - 14 days ago
Gordon Ramsay if you ever see this.
When there's ever a chef that tells you to shut up. They be like. Why do I hear death music
lmao - 14 days ago
1:47 okay who goes to a luxury restaurant and orders that
Imad Benhalima
Imad Benhalima - 15 days ago
1:48 , that dishe is amazing !
LewDog Zombies
LewDog Zombies - 15 days ago
Tuna salad at 2:28
Vicky T
Vicky T - 16 days ago
And with black coats smh
Oaken Shadow _Harpie_
Oaken Shadow _Harpie_ - 17 days ago
Compliments her, than imidiatly says she is still beneath him. She was doing better, making far fewer mistakes.
Ziad Sowaidan
Ziad Sowaidan - 17 days ago
John Sotello
John Sotello - 17 days ago
1:47 pause
Verissimus - 17 days ago
1:47 we need a shot of a half eaten salad! Who has the shot of a half eaten salad!!?
John Schaefer
John Schaefer - 18 days ago
Should have been sure when the word “vegetarian” was said Lmao
Brendan Jakaus
Brendan Jakaus - 18 days ago
Wait so the guy that was doing awful all night said the lady that got nothing but compliments from ramsay deserved to go home? Uhhhh nah bruh.
Dantes Blood
Dantes Blood - 18 days ago
1:48 that camera man knew what he was doing SMH lol
Ryan Fritz music
Ryan Fritz music - 19 days ago
Andrea: *produces top tier food consistently throughout service*
i StIlL tHiNk ShE dEsErVeS tO gO hOmE
SirPrize MuthaFakka
SirPrize MuthaFakka - 20 days ago
He still think she have to go home...
I think: he have to go home he doesn’t know what is plain salad
Eijiro Kirishima
Eijiro Kirishima - 20 days ago
Me: *that looks completely disgust-*
Gordon: *Perfect!*
me: *PERFECT!! **__clap clap__*
Eijiro Kirishima
Eijiro Kirishima - 20 days ago
He's not called a chef if he does that hhhh--
Though Andrea did well, she was a strong one.
Solabomi Adeolu
Solabomi Adeolu - 20 days ago
This is how many times they said ''Yes chef!''
Relentless BS
Relentless BS - 20 days ago
and it's the final 6.
JM1993951 - 22 days ago
To be fair, pescatarians act like fish isn’t meat.
Vijay Ravi
Vijay Ravi - 22 days ago
1:47 i only noticed food plate...
Nothing else... 😂😂😂😂
Daniel Rasmussen
Daniel Rasmussen - 23 days ago
D96 YT
D96 YT - 23 days ago
Naomi Janumala
Naomi Janumala - 23 days ago
Francois Strydom
Francois Strydom - 23 days ago
Plain salad
bat - 24 days ago
"I still think she deserves to go home"
Says the guy who puts tuna on a vegetarian salad
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