Jeremy Renner on Hawkeye & Ronin in Avengers: Endgame

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Anonymity t
Anonymity t - 8 hours ago
hahahahaha "oohh wow.... 50 year old virgins is in theatres now"
Klayden004 - 12 hours ago
The Hawkeye tv show is based off the Matt Fraction run according to the reports which is awesome, so I wonder if Jeremy has read that run yet because it is seriously amazing!!!!! Or if they made him read dark avengers since he is now Ronin in endgame!!!!!
Klayden004 - 12 hours ago
Clint and Scott are the two dads who had to sit out Infinity War and lost everything because of Thanos and now return more pissed off then ever and ready to kick some serious Titan ass!!!!!
Klayden004 - 13 hours ago
50 year old virgins, can’t wait!!!!!
Klayden004 - 13 hours ago
I love Jeremy Renner and Hawkeye and I’m so happy he is back for endgame! My favorite Hawkeye line and scene is the same one he talked about! I get chills every time watch that scene! “If you walk out that door you are an Avenger” it’s such a perfect line!!!!!
Stevy loic
Stevy loic - 18 hours ago
He really looks like Daniel Craig
Ayuno K
Ayuno K - 18 hours ago
Jeremy is basically the "showman" of avengers. Well, thats just my opinion
Abigail of Asgard
Abigail of Asgard - 19 hours ago
Jimmy: did Hawkeye turn in to Ronin? Like in the comics?
Jeremy: fIftY YeAR oLd ViRgIns iN ThEaTeRs nOw!!!
BRANDON - 23 hours ago

Jeremy: **Breaks arms** Dang it!
OfficialDarus94 - Day ago
Prisoner Cut hmmmmmmmmmm /???
RS17 PLAY - Day ago
Jeremy is the coolest thing 🙌🏻🤜🏼🤛🏼❤️
Fumi Rose
Fumi Rose - Day ago
Jimmy: talks about Endgame
Jeremy: 50 year old virgins is in theaters now 😂
Dorothy Gale
Dorothy Gale - Day ago
Marvel: You do a press tour about the movie, but don't talk about the movie! LOL
William Turner
William Turner - Day ago
I bet his glad Brie didn’t join
Ryan Garner
Ryan Garner - Day ago
I feel like if in interviews about that kinda stuff, I'd be Jeremy Renner. I wouldn't give it away, but each time I would come sooooo close to saying something
TevDeshFilms - Day ago
2:23 Crowd missed the Paul Mitchell prison cut joke 🙄🤦🏽‍♂️😩😂😭... jokes just going right over their heads 😩😂
Zab12101 - Day ago
Anyone watch this after seeing his interview with Brie Larson? Talk about night and day
Danny R
Danny R - Day ago
Ohh I was thinking about the bow and arrow thing in AoU as well. Surprised it's what he thought as well, nice coincidence.
CrookedShorts - Day ago
I thought this was about Ronin the accuser haha
Aditya Singh
Aditya Singh - Day ago
he is so godamn cool
Ricardo Figueiredo
Ricardo Figueiredo - Day ago
Great interview!!! I'm really hyped for endgame!!
Caleb Nelson
Caleb Nelson - Day ago
For his favorite line I literally predicted it before he said it XD
Cody B
Cody B - Day ago
Jeremy Renner the type of dude I would call to help me beat up some degenerates who were harassing my girlfriend on her walk home from work every night and not any questions other than "whos car we taking?"
KingMidas 1088
KingMidas 1088 - Day ago
4 more days everyone!!!!!
Remmenent - 2 days ago
Whos here after his interview with Brie??? lmaooo
Vykromod - 2 days ago
Not sorry Jimmy but I'm only here for Renner
Dwayne Morgan
Dwayne Morgan - 2 days ago
Avengers: Endgame starring Jeremy Renner as...Jeremy Renner. Problem solved.
C Koz
C Koz - 2 days ago
For best line, how about: “I did the whole mind control thing. Not a fan.”
Jaibee27 - 2 days ago
Zachary Rizzo
Zachary Rizzo - 2 days ago
Marvel should give Hawkeye a solo film. All of the original Avengers have gotten one or are getting one with Black Widow
Pashnea19 - 2 days ago
LOL promoting a movie but you can't even talk about even a single scene.. That's hard.
Shivani Narendran
Shivani Narendran - 2 days ago
We're not allowed to talk about it.......
Yeah, what about the 20 trailers that was released 😑😑😑
G Lazarus
G Lazarus - 2 days ago
He seems so happy in interviews when he’s not with Brie Larson.
TehMomo - 2 days ago
my only explanation for his LOOK is that when Laura got did 85% of his impulse control....
TehMomo - 2 days ago
i love that Renner and Paul have decided to bring the Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie energy I was sorely missing...
Dennis Ford
Dennis Ford - 3 days ago
" 50yr old virgins is out now" damn actors. Like dating a actor seems it can be tricky sometimes like are they lying to me? Is she acting or does she really feel like this?? Tricky tricky tricky.
CinemASMR - 3 days ago
Hawkeye & Ant-Man movie, now please.
Brandy Van Voorst
Brandy Van Voorst - 3 days ago
he so proud of his Paul shirt
cindy mananzala martinez
Please make that 50yrold virgin movie and put jimmy on it
Zubayer Rahman
Zubayer Rahman - 3 days ago
Paul is busy in THANUS
Jason Walsh
Jason Walsh - 3 days ago
Renner seems so comfortable here unlike the interview I just saw him in with Bree Larxson
Craig Davies
Craig Davies - 3 days ago
Why do talk show hosts have a whole desk when what they only use is the left hand corner
Mubashra Falik
Mubashra Falik - 3 days ago
Jeremy Renner thinking real hard about whether or not to confirm he has a new haircut in Endgame 😆
garrettisbetterthanU - 4 days ago
Jeremy Renner broke both of his arms?! I sure hope his mother took good care of him :)
Valerie Tucker
Valerie Tucker - 4 days ago
I think it's funny how after every question Jeremy takes a second in his mind to be like, "Can I say this/will it spoil anything?" and then he answers the question XD
Dustin Reed
Dustin Reed - 4 days ago
The Avengers +Haweye = win
The Avengers Age of Ultron + Hawkeye = win
The Avengers Infinity War - Hawkeye = loss
Aatrox Main
Aatrox Main - 10 hours ago
They lost to Thanos because 1) Hawkeye wasn't there to provide long range attacks and 2) They were fighting separately, Stark was in Titan, Capt widow thor was in wakanda and Hulk was battling against some issues.
GorcStew - 4 days ago
you know these interviews are pretty pointless if they are just going to say NOTHING in all of them. They could at least talk about stuff and lie to create misdirection :/
Vamsi Krishna
Vamsi Krishna - 4 days ago
Maybe an unpopular opinion but Jensen Ackles would have made a much better Hawkeye
Karbry Ramirez
Karbry Ramirez - 4 days ago
I always liked Hawkeye and thought Jeremy was hilarious.
ASAD SIDDIQUI - 4 days ago
Hopefully cap doesn't die as a 100 year old virgin
NOK TYN - 4 days ago
Somebody already write their movie? 50 year old virgins? Must include a cameo of Steve
Achim Ditscher
Achim Ditscher - 4 days ago
Hawkeye is now Mohawk-guy.
riday dilman
riday dilman - 4 days ago
JMG - 1011
JMG - 1011 - 4 days ago
Jeremy Renner is so awesome
Voldemort Dumbledumbdumbs
he looks very tired and the number of times he says "Yeahyeahyeahyeahyeah" and "nonononononono" is record-breaking
icy31 - 4 days ago
Having a press junket to promote a film but you can't say anything about it...oh this world 😂
Mark Skater
Mark Skater - 4 days ago
is jimmy gettin worst at interviewing ppl ?
Rahal De Silva
Rahal De Silva - 4 days ago
The bromance is real
Jemi Rushdi
Jemi Rushdi - 4 days ago
The dislikers is actually DC's green arrows fans 🤣
David Hernandez
David Hernandez - 5 days ago
cant wait to have tom holland come back when far from home does press tour. you know he'll slip up. haha all for fun of course.
sayounara1232 - 5 days ago
Jeremy Renner looks like that kind of hot bad boy who'd break your heart and you'd let him
Robert Glass
Robert Glass - 5 days ago
Why would you want any spoilers..? They call them spoilers for a reason, you know...
southweststrangla420 - 5 days ago
i bet its hard to do interviews about a movie you cant talk about
VALAW - 5 days ago
Jimmy : "BlahblahblahRONINblahblahblah"
Tom : "50 YeAR OlD VIRgiN"
Ragebox85 - 5 days ago
I am so not excited for this movie. Like all the hype has fled my body after the last Star Wars movie. Game of Thrones is all I care for.. Hollywood can go straight to hell.
Horse Hay
Horse Hay - 6 days ago
Jimmy: Hawkeye became Ronan the assassin
Jeremy: ... oh... wow... 50 year old virgins is in theatres now.
sean - 2 days ago
yilmaz zzz wow 50 year old virgin in theaters now
yilmaz zzz
yilmaz zzz - 3 days ago
ronin* ronan is a different character.
Matt Mullins
Matt Mullins - 6 days ago
Such a cool dude
benjamin brown
benjamin brown - 6 days ago
8:30 is that what Dwight does?
Erin Ryan
Erin Ryan - 6 days ago
Jeremy Renner: 50 Year Old Virgins in theaters now
Mwalker - 6 days ago
Someone take Jimmy Kimmel off of the air. Just imagine the talent that could replace him in this time slot
Mwalker - 5 days ago
+KT Bon I don't. I only watch highlights on USa-video with certain interviews. The guy is a hypocrite. Everything he said and did on the man show he now condemns. Lol. Plus he's not very entertaining
KT Bon
KT Bon - 5 days ago
Don't watch if you don't like him.
silverwess - 6 days ago
i agree with Jeremy about the Arrow comment in Ultron. My fav line from him.
Salil Bhatnagar
Salil Bhatnagar - 6 days ago
Im pretty sure he's still playing tag
Blake the idiot
Blake the idiot - 6 days ago
it’s just a video of captain america “So, you broke your arms.”
Manish - 6 days ago
I think according to the agreement, if Hawkeye gives some spoilers then his nuts would be cut of with scissors by Russo Bros.
JuggernautUSAdotcom Huron
Boring interview. If you can’t say anything about a movie, don’t tour before it.
Thomas Mattiello
Thomas Mattiello - 6 days ago
50 Year Old Virgins IN THEATRES NOW!
Thomas Mattiello
Thomas Mattiello - 2 days ago
Weird bro Thank you
Weird bro
Weird bro - 3 days ago
Jordan Shirley
Jordan Shirley - 6 days ago
his outfit looks a lot like something RDJ would or has worn
orochikaiba - 6 days ago
Best line in an Avengers movie
*Quicksilver rushes up and grabs Scarlet Witch*
Quicksilver: Keep up old man *runs off*
*Hawkeye draws bow and aims*
Hawkeye: Nobody would know. Nobody. *starts trotting* When last I saw him Ultron was sitting on him. YEA he'll be missed that quick little bastard."
Henry Ryder
Henry Ryder - 12 hours ago
Genio Del Queso
Genio Del Queso - 2 days ago
“Miss him already”
veniel breatana
veniel breatana - 2 days ago
the kicker is he actually died
Karbry Ramirez
Karbry Ramirez - 4 days ago
Love that scene. Cracks me up each time I watch it
Obby - 6 days ago
50 Year Old Virgins, directed by Taika Wahiti. MAKE IT HAPPEN
TheWalkingMad - 3 days ago
+Zulekha Alam Waititi*
Zulekha Alam
Zulekha Alam - 4 days ago
Asaleth - 5 days ago
I never knew I wanted this until now
Obby - 6 days ago
Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan, and Jeremy Renner and Paul Rudd.
We need a movie with all of them in the same press.
Christian Marten
Christian Marten - 6 days ago
Every one knows he's Ronin
Devil of Hell's Kitchen
Ronin hype!!!
Vivekanandhan - 6 days ago
what? is he drunk or something?
Nikki95 - 6 days ago
Jeremy literally slipping in who is going save the day in EndGame lool
mew10521 - 6 days ago
What a weird funny photo
Jossue Castaneda
Jossue Castaneda - 7 days ago
Will 50 year old virgins reach a billion $ before Avengers Endgame?
Sagar Mathers
Sagar Mathers - 7 days ago
ya ya ya
I ambiguous
I ambiguous - 7 days ago
What if somehow the Hawkeye in the trailer was some parallel universe Hawkeye?
mike taylor
mike taylor - 7 days ago
I really wish someone would've screamed kate bishop. I would of loved a reaction to that
ShinRyojin - 7 days ago
Stark and Banner
Barnes and Wilson
Barton and Lang

The MCU has created more bromances than tumblr.
BerzerK - 2 days ago
+TehMomo now what am I supposed to reply to this
PancakesAndWaffles - 2 days ago
Thor and Banner Rogers and Barnes
TehMomo - 2 days ago
+BerzerK they said...what they said....
Khai Tran Ngoc
Khai Tran Ngoc - 4 days ago
Thor and Loki the OG FFS
ShinRyojin - 4 days ago
Curtis Russo Barnes and Wilson are going to have their own tv show which is gonna be a buddy cop type show and with Barton and Lang what do you mean how? Didn’t you watch the interview? Lol
Nastybeast710 - 7 days ago
8:40 His shirt looks like Tom Holland
Rebel Records
Rebel Records - 7 days ago
Are his eyes always like that or is he just really blazed?
Jen _29
Jen _29 - 7 days ago
5:13 🤨🤨🤭😂
Pilgrim Manahan
Pilgrim Manahan - 7 days ago
If only I can get a dollar everytime he says Yah.....
Ami Askew
Ami Askew - 7 days ago
They promote a movie they're not allowed to talk about and they're doing a pretty good job 😂
Puro - 10 hours ago
Turns out NOT talking about a movie makes it that much more interesting.
Noobie2k7 - 20 hours ago
+mxgirl918 Not Ruffalo, he was the worst for spoilers on Age of Ultron.
Manuel Usteri
Manuel Usteri - 4 days ago
I feel like it's actually made it better ironically because there is no pretence and it's pretty funny.
mxgirl918 - 4 days ago
I can totally picture Downey, Ruffalo and the others showing this to Tom Holland and telling him "That's our bro Renner promoting a movie without spoiling it!" 😂
Juan Saldana
Juan Saldana - 7 days ago
his cgi arms are getting pretty good at this point
RD6593 - 7 days ago
I'm so happy he's back for END GAME! 😊
WEAPONRY PH - 7 days ago
3:04 dammit! hahahha
SlowMotion - 7 days ago
"Bow and arrow man bother hulk" !
Melody Smith
Melody Smith - 7 days ago
Boring duuude
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