Trying CRAZY CLOTHING HACKS to see if they work

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Little Lia
Little Lia - Month ago
hiiiii friends
we made it on trending!!
unicorn_pbandj - 22 hours ago
I love both your channel’s
Mahi Hussain
Mahi Hussain - 3 days ago
You should have made it 3 years ago when all your vids upto now were BOMB
Richard Afari
Richard Afari - 4 days ago
Richard Afari
Richard Afari - 4 days ago
Infinite speed glitch
Richard Afari
Richard Afari - 4 days ago
Java the best way for me to do with 2nd place
Nawal Abdulhakim
Nawal Abdulhakim - 3 hours ago
I liken u
_ i sips iced tea _
_ i sips iced tea _ - 21 hour ago
She said she couldnt find a long enough hoodie where u pull that merch out from den
Violetfire - Day ago
Sssniperwolf in the coat.
Her boyfriend in it.
Me:"Mmm who he?."
Neil Hooper
Neil Hooper - Day ago
The braw needs to be upside down
Khadijah Oomer
Khadijah Oomer - Day ago
I watched this thinking. She’s the same girl from the YouTube channel ssniper wolf
Aleyah Watts
Aleyah Watts - Day ago
I bought a scrunchie from the dollar store and it broke
Vivian Holliday
Vivian Holliday - 14 hours ago
Adrianis Rosado
Adrianis Rosado - Day ago
How just gets upset with there butt wtf
So much effort let’s but a stupid bra on ur butt
Greta BB
Greta BB - Day ago
In a hurry. So you take a hoodie and make it into a bag. Hmm.
Wouldn’t be faster to just grab a tote bag and put your stuff in it?
Unicorn _ yeet
Unicorn _ yeet - 2 days ago
This is how many time lia said "big body judy"
QUEEN S - 2 days ago
Amy !
Amy ! - 2 days ago
Artsie- Chan
Artsie- Chan - 2 days ago
3:11 thats troomtroom -_-
Cali Reed
Cali Reed - 2 days ago
I can afford gucci I don’t need that crap like plz in dead
Hashtag Girls
Hashtag Girls - 19 hours ago
I mean comment auto correct hates lol
Hashtag Girls
Hashtag Girls - 19 hours ago
I’m your first outfit
Lia P
Lia P - 2 days ago
My name is Lia too 😊
Wazeema Newby
Wazeema Newby - 2 days ago
Lia u look my mom and my name is Aliya
lizzy m
lizzy m - 2 days ago
Omg u look exactly like SSSniper wolf, any relation?
Edit: I’m a fucking idiot
India Murdock
India Murdock - 2 days ago
Why did I not know she had two channels?
Kamryn Overman
Kamryn Overman - 2 days ago
I tried the bra on the butt and it did not work i used a sports bra it looked like my butt was thicc lol
D: -*Stormy Sunshine *- :D
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Comment if you found all of them!
Kaylee Yankee
Kaylee Yankee - 3 days ago
Sniper wore it way better
Unknown - 3 days ago
Sexy girl
Mary Russo
Mary Russo - 3 days ago
Damn wolf WTF are u family friendly? In his damn it channel
Valerie Gomez
Valerie Gomez - 3 days ago
THIS ACCOUNT IS LITTLE LIA, her account is Sssniperwolf
Izzy love
Izzy love - 3 days ago
Rebecca Doel
Rebecca Doel - 4 days ago
Wow hi
XxXLazyPotato XxX
XxXLazyPotato XxX - 4 days ago
Lia:you can get those scrunches from the dollar store!
Me:It’s not any scrunche it’s a vsco girl scrunche
xXxDemonAngelxXx - 4 days ago
She forgot to fold the ends pf the hoodie. Thats why it was peeking out.
GravityFalls Fan101
GravityFalls Fan101 - 4 days ago
Sausage wore it better sowwy 💕🤣👌
Sophie Forever
Sophie Forever - 4 days ago
You wore it better
XxGacha SariahxX
XxGacha SariahxX - 4 days ago
You should try out vova
Chloe Sylvester
Chloe Sylvester - 4 days ago
Man i rather hve a real gucci shirt
Mena Eduvie
Mena Eduvie - 4 days ago
Lol I can't spell. Soz
Mena Eduvie
Mena Eduvie - 4 days ago
Sox I mean lia
Lia Hedgehogs
Lia Hedgehogs - 5 days ago
big boy bronson
big boy bronson - 5 days ago
Tika Thibault
Tika Thibault - 5 days ago
lmao when you said it was 4:25 in the morning, I checked my time and it was 4:21 oof
Tutle God
Tutle God - 5 days ago
5:37 *Lia.exe has stopped working*
ashlynn Thomas
ashlynn Thomas - 5 days ago
Freak Studios
Freak Studios - 5 days ago
“Laptop breaks and falls on the floor.”
Tiny Teeny
Tiny Teeny - 5 days ago
Answer me if there’s a point in her video
fern - 6 days ago
your the best
Madeline Garcia 2
Madeline Garcia 2 - 6 days ago
I like how she uses the oven as a mirror
Lexi Katsoulis
Lexi Katsoulis - 6 days ago
No I would not
Lexi Katsoulis
Lexi Katsoulis - 6 days ago
You did
p I n k p a n t h e r
p I n k p a n t h e r - 6 days ago
Omg the March is soo good. Thank you for not putting your name all over it. 🙏🙏🙏
You are so awesome and so beautiful Lia! ❤️❤️❤️
Maya Rincones
Maya Rincones - 6 days ago
A book
Gamer_ girl Queen
Gamer_ girl Queen - 6 days ago
I love u soo much i wish I was your family or friend 💞💞
Music Music
Music Music - 6 days ago
Elle Phounsavath
Elle Phounsavath - 6 days ago
The tank top hack works. I swear, I just tried it. I’n Exited to try the hoodie one
Angie Jones
Angie Jones - 6 days ago
tRoOm TrOoM
Kim Weidel
Kim Weidel - 6 days ago
Sniper at 55 secs: We are gonna try to cut as strait as we possibaly can.
Me: Oh god that is not straight!
Lol ( love her tho)
Karlee Bley
Karlee Bley - 6 days ago
Lia wore it better
Lily Tadevosyan
Lily Tadevosyan - 7 days ago
This came out on my birthday 😂😂
Layla Walker
Layla Walker - 7 days ago
All of them suck
Gemma Burrowes
Gemma Burrowes - 7 days ago
Kia win
Gemma Burrowes
Gemma Burrowes - 7 days ago
I mean Lia
TxpgPlayzMCPE YT
TxpgPlayzMCPE YT - 7 days ago
She looked really cute in the first one
EnanaYT Gamer
EnanaYT Gamer - 7 days ago
Why do she has 4!!! Ovens!?
Ramiro Carlin
Ramiro Carlin - 7 days ago
I love your video 😱
Grace Hromadka
Grace Hromadka - 7 days ago
hanna panna
hanna panna - 7 days ago
i dont mind a big shirt id be like eleven
Binca linca
Binca linca - 7 days ago
I thought she deleted her main channel because when i saw this channel.
Binca linca
Binca linca - 7 days ago
When i say this channel
G.A.A Club -Gaming And Anime- Offical Club
10:17 I do this all the time lol
Faith Van Beek
Faith Van Beek - 7 days ago
little lia won
wolf chan
wolf chan - 7 days ago
Sniper is better in the first test
Emma Gallagher
Emma Gallagher - 7 days ago
Sniperwolf looks better in the first one sorry Sausge
Angela Higgins
Angela Higgins - 7 days ago
I'm 9 and I tried it with my mom's bra it worked lol
Yayya Marie
Yayya Marie - 8 days ago
im always waching lia and in my bed under a big flufy blacet and laufing a lot
Devonna Hall
Devonna Hall - 8 days ago
Jazleen Garcia
Jazleen Garcia - 8 days ago
It's 2.01 am over here
DistinctSkizzy -_-
DistinctSkizzy -_- - 8 days ago
Does anybody know that commercial that the man goes “cut yo hair hippy”
Dana Alvarez
Dana Alvarez - 8 days ago
She did do troom troom how I asked!!!!! Thank you lia
Leticia Platt
Leticia Platt - 8 days ago
Jazmyn Rodriquez
Jazmyn Rodriquez - 8 days ago
Lia :cute
Sausage : horrifying
Mindi Macaroni
Mindi Macaroni - 8 days ago
Is this a new snniper wolf channel
TheRealNia Gang
TheRealNia Gang - 8 days ago
lit lia
ANNA Cuatlacuatl
ANNA Cuatlacuatl - 9 days ago
Some just look so bad to me
Krazy Kandi
Krazy Kandi - 9 days ago
I’ve only watched the first hack and I immediately thought “I only have one big shirt and there’s no way in hell I’m going to Jay Jay’s just to buy another Stranger Things shirt!”
Imani Harmonica
Imani Harmonica - 9 days ago
It was inappropriate to have a girl in a bra for your boy fans
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