Lava vs Iphone XS!

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ABDUL SAMAD - 12 hours ago mashalah what a beautiful animal
Lola Schmidgall
Lola Schmidgall - 16 hours ago
I’m here at 999 likes... R.I.P Juice WRLD 😕
Nour 360
Nour 360 - Day ago
6:10 what yal came for
LongPictures - Day ago
good job
DexPlays - 3 days ago
0:01 sAfTy cHrIs
Narendra Gamer
Narendra Gamer - 3 days ago
Narendra Gamer
Narendra Gamer - 3 days ago
Narendra Gamer
Narendra Gamer - 3 days ago
Raheem Ehtsham
Raheem Ehtsham - 3 days ago
4:29 chris's face
S . Arun Vasanth 9-C
S . Arun Vasanth 9-C - 4 days ago
good job
Fire - RBLX
Fire - RBLX - 4 days ago
Wow IPhone XS? I have IPhone XS!
isssa XGH isa TMT
isssa XGH isa TMT - 4 days ago
2:48 my favourite anime’s there yay
Riley House
Riley House - 4 days ago
Superintendent Chalmers
God I love how that one fool is running mains power through something that is meant to be held, he's either gonna burn his house down or kill himself
T Parker
T Parker - 5 days ago
I seen zaru
Tejvir Hanspal
Tejvir Hanspal - 5 days ago
Hot ice is a thing
Callum Moore
Callum Moore - 5 days ago
This was posted on my birthday
Sonakshi Agnihotri
Sonakshi Agnihotri - 5 days ago
Who else watch MHA(My Hero academia)??
Sonakshi Agnihotri
Sonakshi Agnihotri - 5 days ago
That hand one I saw it today it's in unbelievable science experiments..😅
WaLeedLyrics - 6 days ago
I pray Whoever Likes This Comment Becomes A Billionaire Someday
Locklyn Nicholas
Locklyn Nicholas - 6 days ago
i love you
hi xx ti si alexis hi
Nigel Demery
Nigel Demery - 6 days ago
Do a video with lava versus iPhone 11
Blob face
Blob face - 7 days ago
You watch fire forces woah theres a song off it its fire one off the parts >> spoil alert whe sounds funny thas all i can say bro
Dash Bald head
Dash Bald head - 8 days ago
Hi poop friend
Christie Arnold
Christie Arnold - 10 days ago
I love Zathura
Dabbin Dad
Dabbin Dad - 10 days ago
its a hydrolic claw
You - 13 days ago
If you did that in the 1800s you would be tried & hung for witchcraft
Aastha Sharma
Aastha Sharma - 13 days ago
This channel is really good.
Slay. fire gaming
Slay. fire gaming - 14 days ago
like how many channels does mr beast have
Peacytiger Gaming
Peacytiger Gaming - 14 days ago
i love this vid and im new to this channel! #Mr beast for life
XGamerFung - 15 days ago
attempting to get 15000 comments
XGamerFung - 15 days ago
attempting to get 15000 comments
XGamerFung - 15 days ago
attempting to get 15000 comments
Mary Intlekofer
Mary Intlekofer - 16 days ago
NAVINATER - 16 days ago
To the one percent of people reading this have a good day and remember that hope is in OUR hands and if we want to be happy,then WE have to CHOOSE to be happy. Also every sub counts!☺
Jacob Davis
Jacob Davis - 20 days ago
I remember the movie Zathura
Tera papa 2.0
Tera papa 2.0 - 20 days ago
MrBeast Anime
MrBeast Anime - 20 days ago
Mike Madman
Mike Madman - 21 day ago
Jen Pineda
Jen Pineda - 21 day ago
1k subs without any videos challenge
you all came her for the part 6:08
Annika Singh
Annika Singh - 23 days ago
I swear Chris and Weddle are the gods of comedy and they invented it!
SteveLosive - 23 days ago
5:55 This is why you are here.
YEETBOY GT - 24 days ago
do face reveal
Toasty - 24 days ago
Them: *destroys car*
Also them: *life hack*
Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez - 25 days ago
There’s way to much editing
Smartie TV
Smartie TV - 25 days ago
5:55 Is what you came for :)
MR. Broken
MR. Broken - 25 days ago
Nobody :

Actually nobody :

The guy in the back : 11:28
Braillin L
Braillin L - 25 days ago
home Sience
West Games
West Games - 26 days ago
today "we" as in "we will see a vid of lifehacks" will do another lifehack
ralsei - 26 days ago
Life hacks for other people : normal

The school shooter has aim bot and wall hacks
Isaac pumper
Isaac pumper - 26 days ago
Jeff Smith
Jeff Smith - 27 days ago
8:11 ummm.. what’s he doing?
Davin Murph
Davin Murph - 27 days ago
Who loves this channel like if you do
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🔥💥☄️ ⏮↔️➡️↕️ 🔀
➡️➡️➡️ ⬇️
Haha. You thought.
V Torres
V Torres - 27 days ago
Mr beast:Bart Morgz:milhoase coping him you:ha ha
marvin Boi
marvin Boi - 28 days ago
2:52 ha almost said cocaine
Godly game Boy
Godly game Boy - 29 days ago
Smashing iPhones totally I life hack
oumayeet - 29 days ago
The facecam is in the way and it is a bit big
Katera Old Lodge
Katera Old Lodge - 29 days ago
4:15 Franklin the turtle
Lin M
Lin M - 29 days ago
Burger King commercial:i got these tiny hands
loveyou xo
loveyou xo - Month ago
Chris is still using the ZHC iPhone custom
Lianne 7
Lianne 7 - Month ago
h i
h i - Month ago
This channel becomed a tech destroyer channel
Sapphire Comfort
Sapphire Comfort - Month ago
Video:*has Mario sounds*
Me:*dresses up as Mario* *dances to it* *sends it to school*
Also me:*gets a A+ for something?*
Phantom5682 - Month ago
11:19 when she says her parents aren't home
Nour 360
Nour 360 - Day ago
KillerKat - Month ago
I loved that movie and im 11
Sam Marlow_SK8
Sam Marlow_SK8 - Month ago
Why can you say CORONA
CuriousClump - Month ago
This channel completely sucks. The flipping face cam is so big it takes up the whole screen
fishy nippy 77
fishy nippy 77 - Month ago
Gerardo Mejia
Gerardo Mejia - Month ago
ngl an uncensored version of mr beast etc would be lit
Spikey Mikey
Spikey Mikey - Month ago
I pick up a machine! That had me dying!😂
pooper12 - Month ago
walmart techrax bruh
• Hazical •
• Hazical • - Month ago
toxicwaffles 54
toxicwaffles 54 - Month ago
how it feels to chew 5 gum: 6:31
MR. MEMER MAN 2 - Month ago
This channel should have more subs than 5 minute crafts
German shepherd Lover
German shepherd Lover - Month ago
Why was he trying to get a short giraffe
German shepherd Lover
German shepherd Lover - Month ago
I trust safety Chris to
Barrett K
Barrett K - Month ago
Beast hacks without Mr. beast😂
Tylar Howard
Tylar Howard - Month ago
thats gross how the moss did that
Batster craze
Batster craze - Month ago
2:47 DEKU
Beauchamp Children
Beauchamp Children - Month ago
Xander chomakos
Xander chomakos - Month ago
A Stormo
A Stormo - Month ago
If sombody sub to me i’ll pay to u :D please🙏 I got banned in Roblox to so please sub and I sub to u!
Farah Shahid
Farah Shahid - Month ago
why is the editor actually michael scott?
and chris is toby flanderson?
Fox Craft
Fox Craft - Month ago
2:47 yass bnha!!!
Lemon Breath
Lemon Breath - Month ago
Ha I remember that movie
ImaginarySapphire - Month ago
10:23 This actually is german! Music (english) Musik (German)
Maria Regina Ya-on
Maria Regina Ya-on - Month ago
i love your vlogs
Braydin - Month ago
6:10 thank me later
dash lightning
dash lightning - Month ago
vazagy - Month ago
5-minute crafts need to learn these life hacks
Sawyer Bean
Sawyer Bean - Month ago
aulxr - Month ago
*phone being destroyed*
Me: *cries*
Chain Harmon
Chain Harmon - Month ago
My hero academia
Jj Read
Jj Read - Month ago
I remember Zenfora 😎
Jj Read
Jj Read - Month ago
Jj Read
Jj Read - Month ago
Kresimir Krnjovic
Kresimir Krnjovic - Month ago
Man the editor is crazy
Big bomb gaming
Big bomb gaming - Month ago
When her parents aren't home 11:20 to 11:42
CLAPED CLAPS - Month ago
I wonder if Chris watches dragon ball
ghh v idea
ghh v idea - 2 months ago
It’s called hot ice because it’s so cold it’s hot
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