I got the Fast & Furious Lykan for Free!

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Shazam_J16 - 14 hours ago
idk how hard it would be but you could call up Rich Rebuilds (YouTube) and see if he would/could make it in a real car
The Wilhites
The Wilhites - 2 days ago
If you buy everything needed ill swap the Lykan and make it functional for free.
GamingExpress - 2 days ago
That's awesome
Ethan Kim
Ethan Kim - 4 days ago
HOW Did you get it for free?!
Xrod Gamer
Xrod Gamer - 6 days ago
Anyone else think he sounds like goofy from Mikey mouse
SimpleGaming - 9 days ago
Yo the 969 people who disliked this are just jealous because they don't have it lol
Dixon Normous
Dixon Normous - 10 days ago
The greatest treasures were found in the search of something else.
arose460 - 22 days ago
I wanna build a Baja from it!
•Bad -Vibes •
•Bad -Vibes • - Month ago
didnt dom have it.........
Zeus_tripple6 - Month ago
Idk how much one of those is worth as a replica shell but what I wouldn't give to get my hands on it and build a 1 off custom lycan. My mind is racing trying to figure out what i can use to make it road legal.
Nobby Barnes
Nobby Barnes - Month ago
After watching this I now understand why Americans are losing their democracy.
Canuck - Month ago
so what your saying is this is clickbait? its not a real lykan, its a bunch of shell pieces an most of the actual "car" that you got is just thrown together on a box frame and some wheels.
its not even from the movie, its from a failed F&F on ice production lol. its a cool looking scrap pile but its like saying you got a picture with brad pitt and in the background was a slightly convincing cardboard cutout lol, it looks good from an angle but its not what it says it is.
Michael Emmerson
Michael Emmerson - Month ago
Zombie alert. ..
antell markus
antell markus - Month ago
You lucky basta**
Brandon Greene
Brandon Greene - Month ago
If you sell it, sell it to Gotham Garage. They do great work
Ian - Month ago
“Did in tell you about me and my favourite subject ermmm ME!”
Sunnies Worlds
Sunnies Worlds - Month ago
Make an ev out of it
J Morgan
J Morgan - Month ago
And there's me wondering when one of these crazy stories is gonna happen in my life..
Ramzi M
Ramzi M - Month ago
Does this sam guy have a youtube channel??
All Time Productions
All Time Productions - Month ago
Your whole existence is Free you've never had to turn a wrench in your life . sitting in a kush office and making $ big commissions off exotic cars is your Front all SPYS need a front
Chris Blackmore
Chris Blackmore - Month ago
I actually worked on Fast 7 the movie and have some very interesting stories for you about this car as well as some behind the scenes pictures and lots of videos of one of these in action on set.
Thor Odinson
Thor Odinson - Month ago
Auto tempest just texted you.
Menz0 - Month ago
use the rims of the lykan for something ed
Petko Krushev
Petko Krushev - Month ago
If anyone offers me a Lykan, I will take it as an insult.This car is a joke
Chase Schnitzler
Chase Schnitzler - Month ago
Havent watched it yet but ik its not a real lycan cus there like 3.4mill and the movie probs desroyed 5 for the film and they wouldnt spend all that money
black salami
black salami - 2 months ago
lol fast n furios car are smashed in filmin off scenes
Ephraim Aung
Ephraim Aung - 2 months ago
Anyone tryna give me a free car
waw so cool hope you lile my new videos to and lets be friends
Elizer Gaza
Elizer Gaza - 2 months ago
Make travis buy this to have partners ith his mercy
Bowsette NC-17
Bowsette NC-17 - 2 months ago
Make the Lykan an EV 🤷‍♀️
Evan boy
Evan boy - 2 months ago
Would be the ultimate car bed
Joey Geiser
Joey Geiser - 2 months ago
>he wanted 100k and i wanted it for 0 so we met right in the middle at 0
Clint Gliford
Clint Gliford - 2 months ago
Here after 1M views! Another great piece of content.
Austin Griff
Austin Griff - 2 months ago
I don’t think the RuF CTR3 is built on a boxter chassis I’m pretty sure it’s the front section of a 911 gt3 with a tubular frame rear section. Similar to the GT1 from back in the day. At least that’s what RUF told me if i remember correctly
William Virtanen
William Virtanen - 2 months ago
Smell like a rotary would fit in that nicely,4 maby even a 6 rotor🤔
Firas Basal
Firas Basal - 2 months ago
The scene was shot in The Etihad towers in the city of Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. Not Dubai which is another Emirate that‘s like the business capital of the country.
Exotic Flash
Exotic Flash - 2 months ago
You know who could really help you make this into an actual car? look up wheelers Builders, they're from St. Petersburg Russia they made a full Lamborghini Gallardo, excellent work. Right now they're working on a Batmobile and on a Lamborghini svj
Cortnie Smith
Cortnie Smith - 3 months ago
That would be so cool to put it on a chassis and get it on the road or just on a track
Kamik Brown
Kamik Brown - 3 months ago
I’d love to get into this car stuff just don’t know where to start
F-type Gn
F-type Gn - 3 months ago
Is he really Agent Smith from the matrix?
nunya - 3 months ago
I bet Hoovie would buy the Lycan
S The Key
S The Key - 3 months ago
I would of felt screwed buying a piece of sh*t like that, no offence!
Joel Cervantes
Joel Cervantes - 3 months ago
How much for the shell I'm interested
Brendan Oskam
Brendan Oskam - 3 months ago
Sell it to bisforbuild or tavarish!
Ramona Williams
Ramona Williams - 3 months ago
If you're still looking for a Lamborghini engine for a chandelier you should contact the Goonzquad boys Alex and Billie. I know they have a parts car that was burnt. It's a Lamborghini Huracan 2016. It's a raw engine block that they took all the way apart. They would probably give to you for some screen credit.
Jai Kohaal
Jai Kohaal - 3 months ago
Sam seems like a good guy 😂
johny 2finger
johny 2finger - 3 months ago
U could give it to me,
Eric McClure
Eric McClure - 3 months ago
You should build the Lycan with the lambo motor
JustJonno - 3 months ago
I think you should talk to Chris from B is for Build, he has a proven history of taking shells of cars and making SEMA ready, running vehicles... I'm sure he'd LOVE to work on this!!! maybe make it his SEMA 2020 build!!
pumpkin smells
pumpkin smells - 3 months ago
why does everyone think that the buildings that they jump through are in Dubai???
Surg Rubin
Surg Rubin - 3 months ago
Back to the magic !!!!
Surg Rubin
Surg Rubin - 3 months ago
OBOMA is A TURD !!!!!
Glo Shady
Glo Shady - 3 months ago
I was with Sam when he took the charger around America I was in the same drive off with a car me and a team built
Wrench Racers
Wrench Racers - 3 months ago
Maybe I’ll have good stories to tell one day
_ Nino _
_ Nino _ - 3 months ago
Ed is the man but I swear I always think my YouTube settings are on 2x speed.. then I realize nope! Just an Ed story!
dan tsy
dan tsy - 3 months ago
He didn't get it for free guys. Don't waste your time
G u n n a
G u n n a - 3 months ago
Ed is one of like 2 or 3 car YouTubers that aren’t complete lying click baiting losers that thrive on attention from people they never met
Illphaqup - 3 months ago
For a movie/stunt car, that thing is badass.
Miles B
Miles B - 3 months ago
*Lambo guts*
Ed: No
*gutted Lykan with no real purpose*
Ed: I’m in
Edward Snowden
Edward Snowden - 4 months ago
Make the car steer and put a go car motor in.
Tom Gadsby
Tom Gadsby - 4 months ago
Slap the body on an old vw some one would love to have a strange car like that.
Michel Gerges
Michel Gerges - 4 months ago
They jumped through a couple of buildings in Abu Dhabi not Dubai
I have no idea what to put here
kinda sad that the Lykan is only a shell. imagine being a real lykan
Kitten Nation
Kitten Nation - 4 months ago
i went to the Barrett Jackson auto show in arizona and the Exact supra from fast 7 was there. i loved being next to that beautiful car
Quagigitymire - 4 months ago
The fast & furious franchise shoulda been put to rest after the 5th film. The franchise was dead the second they decided it was a good idea to turn a small group of car guys into some bullshit global secret spy-like XxX agent skyscraper jumping bunch of cliche pricks.
Chris Townsend
Chris Townsend - 4 months ago
Sell it bro!!!👍🏻💯🔨🏈🎼🍀💡❤️🎄🙏
Cam Cabral
Cam Cabral - 4 months ago
Why jag swap it?
Ethan Hall
Ethan Hall - 4 months ago
When the lykan flew out of the plane and the bumper smashed into the ground my heart shattered
is that a supra????
is that a supra???? - 4 months ago
1:25 I bought that same Mercedes for 4 grand. I love the doors and how they suck in when u don't close it all the way.
John Hancock
John Hancock - 3 months ago
Given that the boot of a Nissan Elgrand did that back in 2008, it's not a fancy trick anymore.
Jack Cook
Jack Cook - 4 months ago
Lucky af lycan hyper sport is my favourite car but there like multi multi dollar cars so I know I'll never have 1
Dean Evans
Dean Evans - 4 months ago
Let 'Full Custom Garage' loose on it
morgen - 4 months ago
gotta cut that thing down the center and hang each half on the wall
93redcamaroz28 - 4 months ago
Im so hopeful that the lykan gets driving.
The_Headlightguy_30 - 4 months ago
I think you should call B is for build
Master Z
Master Z - 4 months ago
Rebuild that lykan
bestfisher13069 - 5 months ago
It would make a nice engine block coffee table
creep life
creep life - 5 months ago
Ed, are you interviewing yourself?
Mohamed Soliman
Mohamed Soliman - 5 months ago
The Lykan scene in FnF was in Abu Dhabi not Dubai.
WeAllFall - 5 months ago
His face in the thumbnail looks just like the cars face
Eddy SVT
Eddy SVT - 5 months ago
So then it’s not a real lykn that’s really for free interesting 🤦🏻‍♂️
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