I got the Fast & Furious Lykan for Free!

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J M - 5 hours ago
Dont forget Ed, Georgia will assign a vin for ya! Assembled from parts happens all the time!
Deluxe24K - 7 hours ago
Why would they put a jag motor in a murcielago
anonymous - 8 hours ago
Not a real lykan... it is a rebody kit car
Maurya McKendrick
Maurya McKendrick - 8 hours ago
The Lykan looks like the bastard child of a Ford GT, a McLaren, and a touch of Lambo up front!! Cut it in half and make it look like it drove through the wall or falling out of the ceiling or something like that perhaps?.......
FBI - 9 hours ago
You sent something to UGR?
Shaun Koger
Shaun Koger - 9 hours ago
Well Best Black Friday deal EVER 😂😂😂😂
Elie Saba
Elie Saba - 10 hours ago
Please give it to tavarish and ask him to make that car
AJfoytona - 10 hours ago
put the lambo power train in the lykan
Louis Greenberg
Louis Greenberg - 11 hours ago
O o put a VW bug frame under it
Louis Greenberg
Louis Greenberg - 11 hours ago
Hang it on the wall with leds
menachem rabin
menachem rabin - 12 hours ago
Tavarish should buy it and do a build
lil cam
lil cam - 12 hours ago
I have a real lykan hypersport
St Hr
St Hr - 12 hours ago
So...you got the Fast & Furious FAKE Lykan for free...important distinction.
M4RZ - 13 hours ago
Came for the title and thumbnail, stayed for the cool details.about exactly what that lykan is!
Not Hitler
Not Hitler - 13 hours ago
yeah? well one time i found 20 bucks on the ground
Ben Sutherland
Ben Sutherland - 14 hours ago
From wanting a chandelier to that haha
Jason Hoover
Jason Hoover - 15 hours ago
You should talk to tavarish about making it a functional car
Darin Warren
Darin Warren - 15 hours ago
What is he looking at? Is there anyone actually there?
Darin Warren
Darin Warren - 16 hours ago
Yup. I clicked.
Richie Rich
Richie Rich - 17 hours ago
Looks like a project for Tavarish
Thodieous K
Thodieous K - 17 hours ago
ED, Push it in to Tavarish's driveway and ask him" Still Think Your So Cool"
krevo_ 6c
krevo_ 6c - 17 hours ago
I woud love to see that this thing woud be rebuild by @Tavarish Mabye instad of the Countach shell now...
Greg Cocchia
Greg Cocchia - 19 hours ago
Ask goon squad they may have one
The State of Art Grimsby
The State of Art Grimsby - 19 hours ago
And that's how I bought another car for 50 cents and flipped it for $1mil. The stories never get any better.
Brooklyn J
Brooklyn J - 21 hour ago
Give it to samcrac or tj
AudioASMR - 22 hours ago
A jaguar motor in the meci
Djaber Reguieg
Djaber Reguieg - Day ago
up next how i got a chiron for 12.99
Dylan Watson
Dylan Watson - Day ago
Niragon - Day ago
Murci lykan...
Donalddump - Day ago
Fuck off ed bolian
SLVRFOX88 - Day ago
Put them together
Wolfen Her
Wolfen Her - Day ago
Be smart man. Take that Muercielago V12 engine and put it in that Lykan and you got yourself a power Lykan V12 car!
Martin Vu
Martin Vu - Day ago
b is for build: *heavy breathing*
Jack Bxi
Jack Bxi - Day ago
Remold in carbon and put it on a Porsche Boxster chassis
eric wsmith
eric wsmith - Day ago
I guess you could pick up a Boxster with a bad motor for,,,, idk 3 or 4 grand get a 5 or 600 hp LS motor, and conversion kit ( they sell them just for Boxsters , toss the Lykan body on it, and you have,,,,,,,, A kit car, Sounds like about a $75,000 project, but then whats it worth ? I think some were more then 75K or way less, lol
Ricky Bobby
Ricky Bobby - Day ago
Is it just me or does this man, Edd Speak Sooooo ,Fast!! 😱
grandmaglasses - Day ago
! thats all i have to say is !
bilinas mini
bilinas mini - Day ago
Aditya Mehta
Aditya Mehta - Day ago
Murcie engine + lykan shell
bilinas mini
bilinas mini - Day ago
Kimmie Alonzo
Kimmie Alonzo - Day ago
sell it to #bifb
Shavan Irving
Shavan Irving - Day ago
Plot twist, ain't no one behind the camera
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