The 2019 Mercedes-Benz CLS Is a Gorgeous Sport Sedan

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Doug DeMuro
Doug DeMuro - 6 months ago
NOTE! I mentioned this CLS450 has a V6, but it's actually a straight six. My mistake!
Fabio Guerrero
Fabio Guerrero - 29 days ago
The backup camera is actually in the logo.
Marlon Mendonca
Marlon Mendonca - Month ago
Go follow new mercedes page on instagram @MERCEDES for the hottes ride
Jose Flores
Jose Flores - Month ago
Doug DeMuro c’mon Doug you know this model is uglier than the previous gem.
Magdan Daniel Cvitesic
Magdan Daniel Cvitesic - 2 months ago
you da man
Mike Benz
Mike Benz - 3 days ago
Заинтересовало однако.
Mr. 1000 CC
Mr. 1000 CC - 3 days ago
Only in an AMG MB
vintagehaynesflute - 4 days ago
They stopped making the V12s this year
Axl Ukamasa
Axl Ukamasa - 6 days ago
Which is the price?
ll - 9 days ago
My daily dose of "THIS'..................
Atx Mvp
Atx Mvp - 11 days ago
Doug the type of guy to get a horny drunk girl then tlk so much she decide not to let him hit
98153570 - 11 days ago
Doug the type to break his foot off in somebody ass if yall keep disrespecting me!!!!!!!!!!!
1234KeithB - 11 days ago
Doug the type of guy who still sneezes into his shirtsleeve
finerbrighterlighter - 12 days ago
It hurts me that "6 cylinder" inscription on the engine cover does not have a plural "s", which makes it grammatically incorrect.
herkes kazanmalı
herkes kazanmalı - 18 days ago
Is the backup camera location accurate? Wilton's Mercedes bla bla bla review that shows up under this review in searches reports the camera location as under the trunk star. It seems to be accurate based on the close up video
Starald - 19 days ago
Coupé.. A "coop" is what you keep your chicken in.
kilogram - 19 days ago
CLS went first on sale in 2005 not 2006
#Dax homegymmotivation
#Dax homegymmotivation - 19 days ago
The Mercedes emblem and the Mercedes crest medallion is understood.
What is not understood are the morons who buy Mercedes emblem vanity plate/tags, adding yet another emblem to the vehicle fascia. Good for you...We get it you lease a Benz.
ThePeoplesChamp - 21 day ago
Man this car looks mean
E200 owner
E200 owner - 24 days ago
I feel like it’s too long for its styling
E200 owner
E200 owner - 24 days ago
I feel like it’s too long for its styling
Marjorie Morris
Marjorie Morris - 26 days ago
Doug the type of guy to randomly wear a UND Fighting Hawks t-shirt in a Mercedes review
Doublevanoz - 27 days ago
Looka lika mustang
Mochomo Rivera
Mochomo Rivera - Month ago
Doug the type of guy to Get locked out of a motorcycle.
denerfun - Month ago
doug that type of american without a brain
khizar hayat
khizar hayat - Month ago
I wonder who checks his autotrader lists and compilations
M L - Month ago
CLS still needs a V8. I hear theres a GLE 580 coming with a mild hybrid V8. They'll more than likely drop that same engine in the E/CLS at some point.
hixyvsnd - Month ago
“THIS is...”
Tadhg Corcoran
Tadhg Corcoran - Month ago
Jesus the American CLS bumper is so ugly and clunky in comparison to the European one. Why do the US regulations require that?
Jay Peso Tv
Jay Peso Tv - Month ago
Starting price approximately?
Majestic - Month ago
Dough's the types of guy to wax the CLS with his elbow. Sorry Dough, but I'm just here for the Dough Jokes. LOL
Tech Automotive
Tech Automotive - Month ago
Beautiful interior!
Gerhard Olm
Gerhard Olm - Month ago
German cars !!
Wavy Matt
Wavy Matt - Month ago
Hmmm gorgeous? I see a big whale
ABIDEinLOVE Jedidiah
ABIDEinLOVE Jedidiah - Month ago
Mujithaba Kc
Mujithaba Kc - Month ago
Jørn Skjæringrud
Jørn Skjæringrud - Month ago
Was it ashtreys in back on the seats? LOL
Anthony Marullo
Anthony Marullo - Month ago
there is no next track button on the steering wheel as there is a significantly large dial mere cm away from where your arm would rest while driving the vehicle which can be rotated to skip tracks individually or in any increment of your choosing
박토니 - Month ago
"a screen, showing a screen" said it so dramatically. lol
Jedd Annandakrishnan
Jedd Annandakrishnan - Month ago
3:50 have you just realized that knowq
Anarchists For Christ
Anarchists For Christ - Month ago
8:37 He’s having the Presidential fantasy again. This is not a drill!
Marlon Mendonca
Marlon Mendonca - Month ago
Go follow new mercedes page instagram @MERCEDES for the hottes ride
Garrett Dodson
Garrett Dodson - Month ago
Mercedes has always had the two badges on all the cars that have the grill emblem. The big silver star then the traditional blue wreath laurel on top. On the old w126 chassis the blue Laurel was placed forward on the grille while the hood ornament stood on top. Then on the w140 sedan they actually made the base of the hood ornament the blue laurel as opposed to just a chrome base. Starting on the w221 they went back to the 80’s and started doing the traditional hood ornament on top with the blue wreath laurel forward on the grille. But as far as most of their two doors go, they have always had the big star front center in the grille and the wreath up on the hood. That goes all the way back to the 60’s. The first generation CLK (aka e class coupe knock off) originally had the good ornament and not a grille star. This was the first exception to the two doors not having a grille star. Then the C and E class sedans started having the option for either a hood ornament or grille start depending on if you selected the optional sport package setups.
DiamondGold - Month ago
I love the older gen’s outside is better because the new one looks more like an A class
Andrew Peraza
Andrew Peraza - Month ago
Am hoping to buy in a year from now !!! Beautiful car
Benziono Caron
Benziono Caron - Month ago
On yo screen.... Showing a screen!
Mr Ducktective
Mr Ducktective - Month ago
This looks like a tractor
blukompressor - 2 months ago
All Mercedes have the double badges on the front cmon Doug lol
chang jr
chang jr - 2 months ago
Can ou film a mercedes s
Bubbas Ernie
Bubbas Ernie - 2 months ago
I’ve always wanted a car where I could check my eco-ness. Thanks Doug.
Aryan Cyrus
Aryan Cyrus - 2 months ago
I wanna fuck your Thhhissss issssss saying so discussing, go to some doctor
MrJules409 - 2 months ago
Mercedes benz fucked up the exterior on this. The 2012 look was the best in my opinion
K. B.
K. B. - 2 months ago
Fuck electronic gages its for extreme nerds. If I wanted to press buttons i’d get on my laptop not on the road.
Thunder - 2 months ago
$70,000??? I don’t think my coochie has enough mileage left on it to get one of these. Probably will have to settle for a Kia.
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