Meanwhile... Things That Only Happen To White People

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Debra Jenkins
Debra Jenkins - 5 days ago
So great to see stuff not about Trump.
D M - 14 days ago
Steven. You are my favorite late night talk show. But the openings to the meanwhile sections....Maybe want to rethink those. Not funny. Nobody laughs
Robert Emerson
Robert Emerson - 19 days ago
Lmao Colbert is hysterical!
柳岑焉 - 21 day ago
KadieJ501 - 23 days ago
OF COURSE that happened in Utah. Bet they were both mormons, too
Baird Grimm
Baird Grimm - Month ago
Things that only happen to Jewish people........ see the problem?
Chi Sun
Chi Sun - 3 days ago
S Soledad
S Soledad - Month ago
Sounds like his in a action
hazeluzzell - Month ago
That ‘preacher’ sounds like an auctioneer...
PacoGooseflesh 6610
PacoGooseflesh 6610 - Month ago
*Alluding to the High Secret Traditions*
They mixed a lot of high traditional secrecy in this Buddy Holly-Jazz bag of modern music, dumbed them down a little, then labeled them genres and pitched them as new but they really hold to traditional values. I guess they wanted that esoteric path of discovery that is so true to religion? What they mean by new is really super-traditional. CSL, people think the same from computers and cell-phones but they're really made from traditional values. When idiots think of tradition they think of an older etiquette and reach for the utensils and manners of some early vague time period. This is rarely the case. What is usually inferred by vampirism is a revenge of the subconscious as it struggles to define its areas. They have just enough information for it to take hold. Not the Freudian "unconscious" but the new definition of "new unconscious" which is as big as the movements in physics, today. These bags are rich with that tradition, sure. Do I look affected?
Lord Nanfoodle
Lord Nanfoodle - Month ago
It would been perfect if the guy that did LSD and fell into the pond naked after he was fished out has told the park staff & security, *"I AM THE LIZARD QUEEN!!"*
Anthony Gilbert
Anthony Gilbert - Month ago
The list of false preachers out there now is long. Many are just in it for the large sums of cash they rake in. Untaxed cash.
Kathy Wilkins
Kathy Wilkins - Month ago
You're getting a little extravagant with your Meanwhile introductions.
Captain Galaxy
Captain Galaxy - Month ago
To that Pentecostal: "Uoy era a gnikcuf elohssa.
Talitha Erovitz
Talitha Erovitz - Month ago
Thoracic aortic dissections aren’t repaired, they’re replaced . . .
The sinner Jim Whitney
So, that dude either decided to eat some acid by himself at Disney, or his friends were also twisted and left him for fate to sort out because they got scared. This is why you only trip with at least one sober or (preferably) very experienced person around! Unless you are that very experienced person, but if you were that, you wouldn't wind up naked and confused in a pond at Disney.
Lizzie Banyan
Lizzie Banyan - Month ago
Haha everybody addicted to the phone? Yes, Lord.
Shanti Mattie
Shanti Mattie - Month ago
Literally phoning it in. Someone probably already said that.
Cory L. O'Hanlon
Cory L. O'Hanlon - Month ago
Living in Utah?
Bobby Rosen
Bobby Rosen - Month ago
that's fine - rip on white culture - good for you and your self-righteous way....even though we white males make up 1/19th of the world population, we continue to dominate. good luck changing the TABLE OF NATIONS you stupid bastard. we're just harder than you...let the jokes pile on....who caaaaaaares
Thomas Connors
Thomas Connors - Month ago
I could feel Republicans holding their breath during the three way hug in the movie- it could have ended up being the biggest explosion in the whole movie. Yay for gay I guess, but Disney missed their shot at non-monochromatic non-binary inter-planetary polyamory.
Jan Tschierschky
Jan Tschierschky - 2 months ago
Am I am the only one thinking, that those tele evangelists are nothing but money grabbing conmen, who rip off gullible people ?
kyle armstrong
kyle armstrong - 2 months ago
4:02 sounds like the emperor laughing 😂
Kalp Shah
Kalp Shah - 2 months ago
trut hurts
trut hurts - 3 months ago
meanwhile, I automatically fast forward 40 seconds to get past the tiresome intro to what is actually a good segment...
Veronica B
Veronica B - 3 months ago
Psiberzerker - 3 months ago
"Stop calling me!"
~The Lord.
Psiberzerker - 3 months ago
Damn it! I was shipping Kylo, and Poe hard, too!
privacymatterspage - 3 months ago
I love the Meanwhile segments and this one might be the best yet! 🤣
Taylor Whalen
Taylor Whalen - 3 months ago
Stephen Colbert is a God damn national treasure
Tamaria Taisho
Tamaria Taisho - 3 months ago
The paster sounds like he hit a glitch in his code.
La Parisienne
La Parisienne - 3 months ago
I just attempted the phone flip he did and broke my screen...!
Autymn Maas
Autymn Maas - 3 months ago
... okay. If that was his attempt at speaking tongues that was sad... (I say as someone raised in a church that preached it). Dude. No singing? No peppering of names of God? No singing holy holy? 1/5 stars. (He gets 1 star for swaying. The swaying is important)
Captain Galaxy
Captain Galaxy - 3 months ago
You have to hand it to them, they are the reason doo-wop still lives: "Boom-Dhaka-Lanka-boom, rah-rah, siss boom bah. Murky Turkey jerky, all-natural, flavorful, no preservatives or artificial colors, Sa-weet Jeeeee-zussah!"
remcat - 3 months ago
Televangelists who speak in tongues while checking their texts and the people who believe in them.
Man Lil
Man Lil - 4 months ago
I always thought the officially 1st gay couple from Disney is those two sheriffs from Gravity Falls.
Grace Stephan
Grace Stephan - 4 months ago
Sometimes I think the best part of meanwhile is the intro
L. A. Gothro
L. A. Gothro - 4 months ago
Okay, so he's an auctioneer who got a divinity degree, so what?
Diana Nana-stay Soenarie
Diana Nana-stay Soenarie - 4 months ago
KiwiTrekkie . nz
KiwiTrekkie . nz - 4 months ago
"Things that happen only to white people" should be a recurring segment.
John D Post-Stone
John D Post-Stone - 4 months ago
What ever happened to, Stephen Colbert's Midnight Confessions?
Tawakalt Oseni - HKF
Tawakalt Oseni - HKF - 4 months ago
Disney sees you. Loool
Tawakalt Oseni - HKF
Tawakalt Oseni - HKF - 4 months ago
Disney sees you. Loool
Luann Nelson
Luann Nelson - 4 months ago
I had a friend in high school who said his granny could speak in tongues while hunting in her purse for a piece of gum.
Ria Elena
Ria Elena - 4 months ago
I am a Muslim now and have been for 16 years. However growing up I tried out several churches. I grew up in a regular christian church with no denomination. Simply christian church. We had our neighbor Methodists and a little down the road baptists. Now in the city about 40 minutes away there was the holy rollers. We always called them that. It was actually a completely white church ( virginia /west virginia lines)
Now I had began studying Islam then and I had been living in Morocco maybe 2 years. I was then 18 years old and had traveled there with my mom who had a small company there. When the company closed we moved back and though i had inwardly accepted Islam , my grandparents pressured me to go back to church.
Now I had never seen this type in person only on tv. So when i walked in and people were running the aisles, throwing themselves on the floor, and doing their " tongues" I didnt know what to think. Was this a zoo or a church? Now their Tongues they said "came to them" that each person had their own tongue and they had to find it and then it would release their inner heart and soul and open more to God.
Now growing up in the christian church we knew tongues meant speaking other languages. That particular verse in the bible they use for the support of "tongues" was referring to when God made all the people speak different languages so they couldn't understand each other because all they did was fight. Branching out afterwards into the various languages that exist in the world.
They take it as we each have an "inner" tongue that we have to use. Now tell me... how do you get that you have your own language deep within? You got english folks. Sorry thats what you got. Others got spanish, some french, some arabic. You got the bloodline of english speakers. Thats it . That is your tongue and your language. Unless you choose to learn another or have a mixed family, this is your tongue. So you speak in your language. Not random gibberish . ooo la la ba ba gh ta lalaaaaaa...
Now i was encouraged to speak "tongues" which i couldnt. I had no idea what to do. I listened to others near me spouting off sounds. What i realized is these people find a particular sound or set of sounds they like and just keep repeating. I went to this church with them for several months and got used to knowing what each person who sat near me did. It was never anything new. Just the same repeated sounds.
They were also very high pressure. There was no cutting hair, wearing pants, or anything like that for females. They also could not marry outside of the church if they grew up in it. So girls i spoke to said, well our pickings are few there is only 2 boys i can choose from and one is my brother. So sadly i will end up having to marry ______. I felt sad for her. They walk around with oil and expect to see you in your "tongues" state and they want to come and anoint you and keep praying over you as you are to shake and quake and some fall to the floor.
Nicest people you can find but weird as hell. To this day i do not understand how educated we are in our country that we can fall for these types of things without sitting and thinking... Is this a logical way to reach God? Is this an acceptable form of prayer? Throwing ourselves around, running, and screaming nonsense?
lcozzarelli - 4 months ago
@4:26 that the ‘farting preacher’?
naywahn - 4 months ago
Tommi Jyurro
Tommi Jyurro - 4 months ago
And everyone wonders why I think religion is full of $#!+.
Discovermyview - 4 months ago
Well, this spectacle should show you that "speaking in tongues" is a giant scam game. If he was really "full of the spirit" he wouldn't be distractable. Guess his God just isn't that interesting.
Jerry Olson
Jerry Olson - 4 months ago
Colbert is such a douche
Tinthia Clemant
Tinthia Clemant - 4 months ago
And yes, if the pastor asked for hundreds of dollars from his followers, they'd send it. Via PayPal?
Jah Luke
Jah Luke - 4 months ago
What has this world come too?! I turn off my phone in church! To hear the word! This pastor is lost and needs God! 😂😂😂
kai duCoeur
kai duCoeur - 4 months ago
OMG! Full freaking stop.
Kel Green
Kel Green - 4 months ago
I like the Meanwhile stories but hate the opening. I just forward it a minute into the skit.
357CLOUDY Black Feather
357CLOUDY Black Feather - 4 months ago
Help us.
Jack K
Jack K - 4 months ago
Things only black...sorry that’s racism
Beastman Putt
Beastman Putt - 4 months ago
Orange man bad.
Sapphire Riddles
Sapphire Riddles - 4 months ago
That dude is def searching his phone for the next thing to say
MothaOfDragons - 4 months ago
Organized religion in a nutshell.😆🥴
nachtegael W
nachtegael W - 4 months ago
Disney sees you 😬
Primetime 210
Primetime 210 - 4 months ago
I thought that pastor was going to say BK have it your way.
Yes Lord Yes Lord Yes Lord
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