Every Cuphead Boss Ranked Easiest to Hardest!

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ObsidianMadman - 9 months ago
I love you Albino.
In a non-sexual way.
Oscar Gaming
Oscar Gaming - 22 days ago
ObsidianMadman what is with u and the French military?
Oscar Gaming
Oscar Gaming - 23 days ago
Kristopher Linzmeier
Kristopher Linzmeier - Month ago
Samantha Wild
Samantha Wild - 2 months ago
I laughed at dammit update.
Joseph Fourney
Joseph Fourney - 2 months ago
ObsidianMadman are u gay
Hilda Hilda
Hilda Hilda - 32 minutes ago
The devil should be first
Monkey Rocket
Monkey Rocket - 6 hours ago
I beat Cala Maria on the first day I started playing her in like and hour and a half
Nuriya Khegay
Nuriya Khegay - Day ago
So your’e sayin that a mermaid is waaaaaaaaayyyy more stronger than satan?
Ultra Gamer
Ultra Gamer - Day ago
In my opinion
Djimmy the great is funny
Ivann Luna
Ivann Luna - 2 days ago
Bro I just watched this and Cala maria was the 7th hardest boss to me
Monkeynuttz - 2 days ago
Is this the hardest game ever made?
Victoria Dixon
Victoria Dixon - 3 days ago
Everyone is gonna hate me now...

whoo... i got it all out!!
ritz fritz
ritz fritz - 4 days ago
oh someone else who played and or saw Beyblade

Andrew Kopsaftis
Andrew Kopsaftis - 4 days ago
I know I am replying mad late. But that joke about the girl in your choir is hilarious because I have seen a couple of girls from my high school and even in the choirs at my university who are exactly like that as well.
CookieCraftCreator - 5 days ago
i think dr kahl's robot is the easiest cuz its just a loop of the same attacks over and over
JacD33778899 - Hour ago
CookieCraftCreator. You just described every boss in the game
CORN on da cob
CORN on da cob - 5 days ago
How did you think medusa was the hardest XD
Steve Preston
Steve Preston - 6 days ago
I made a world where i did only simple and found candy girl to be the hardest (i forgot her name)
Rock Solid Banana Cock
Rock Solid Banana Cock - 7 days ago
18:59 look at his hand
Fresh_memejuice - 8 days ago
The “devils” in the Robby and Croak battle are actually bulls...
TOADY2275 - 8 days ago
On the bosses he is on Expert
The KeyBead84
The KeyBead84 - 8 days ago
Mr.dice gave me anger issues
LGN games
LGN games - 9 days ago
La Duck
La Duck - 9 days ago
King dice is the hardest because of all the bosses mess up your roll and boom you can be fighting a boss with tahat one health and if you think that you get three after the fights nope you have the same amount I played this fight over 10 times and Lost everyone by messing up my roll
MrPhantaze - 9 days ago
Red ones are Bulls, reference of M.Bison from Street Fighter
Tanner Hughes
Tanner Hughes - 10 days ago
Hey, i have a fear of wasps too! we must be identical.
Orca Boi
Orca Boi - 10 days ago
Dude you are so funny 😂
Lego Shadow Viper
Lego Shadow Viper - 11 days ago
What boss did i have trouble with ALL BUT TO 4 BUT FROM 5 TO CALLA MARIA
MONSTER 7167 - 11 days ago
6:39 me playing Splatoon
jeepercreepers9 - 12 days ago
I actually love bullet hell though
cichy pl
cichy pl - 12 days ago
Calamaria is Easy
yari bekkering
yari bekkering - 14 days ago
Julinpro19 The Gamer
Julinpro19 The Gamer - 14 days ago
Pfft. All these bosses are easier than the fren-
Coconut - 14 days ago
The phantom express is so easy lol
the amazing fish god
the amazing fish god - 14 days ago
I have a cuphead now
py ro
py ro - 15 days ago
1:56 you got hit then cut the video 🤣😂😂🤣😂
McKenna Schabert
McKenna Schabert - 15 days ago
I’m pretty sure I searched up “How to become a better Minecraft builder”...
Braiden Gardner
Braiden Gardner - 15 days ago
Now I’m prepared to smash
Max Galasso
Max Galasso - 15 days ago
You’re funny as fuck love the metaphors
ChiefSniper5 Vlog's
ChiefSniper5 Vlog's - 17 days ago
i played cup head and the first time i beat the devil ever i got an a plus on him
Enderminecraft mineblox
Enderminecraft mineblox - 17 days ago
where is the secret boss the place in the map is under the bridge
Gacha Take 1
Gacha Take 1 - 20 days ago
Number 2.5, the tutorial! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-
Pewdiepie 2
Pewdiepie 2 - 20 days ago
I think hilda burg is not that hard
Splashthe1 Gaming
Splashthe1 Gaming - 20 days ago
I'm guessing u like the round a bout.
DoesNotInhale - 20 days ago
cringe. so unfunny kys
GAME OVER LIMIT - 20 days ago
cala maria is not that hard i think that asshole giant robot is harder to beat
totally mastergamer
totally mastergamer - 20 days ago
23:21 is the hardest boss for me
LAMA MAN Lupton - 21 day ago
I'm not at the rat boss yet
Pixel Pavel
Pixel Pavel - 21 day ago
am i the only one that has different bosses?
Like, my frogs are not attacking the same time and some other things.
Or is it just the skill difficulty?
Blucatube -true randomness
Why have I watched this about 20 times?
Virpal Gill
Virpal Gill - 22 days ago
To avoid
Virpal Gill
Virpal Gill - 22 days ago
Unlike most bosses goopy le grande doesn’t have magical attacks so he’s very easy
Skelly Bones
Skelly Bones - 22 days ago
17 Goopy LeGrande
16 The Root Pack
15 Ribby and Croaks
14 Cagney Carnation
13 Sally Stageplay
12 Werner Werman
11 Beppi the Clown
10 Cala Maria
9 Baroness Von Bon Bon
8 Phantom Express
7 Wally Warbles
6 Captain Brineybeard
5 Hilda Berg
4 Grim Matchstick
3 Djimi the Great
2 Rumour Honeybottoms
1 Dr. Kahl’s Robot
Jay Mas
Jay Mas - 22 days ago
You jokes are trash you suck at the game
Hunter Meade
Hunter Meade - 23 days ago
The train one is so easy da fuck
Shadow Bonnie
Shadow Bonnie - 23 days ago
“In phase 3 the brothers do what any rashional pair would do, fuse into a slot machine”
I would do that if I was being attacked and had no other option
Also up to Cagney carnation is the EASY bosses?
I’m fucked if that’s true cos it took like 3 hours to beat all island 1 bosses but not on normal...
So I’m really fucked aren’t I?
horror slut
horror slut - 23 days ago
this commentary is GOD TIER
Eyehel - 24 days ago
2.5 to tutorial world-AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Kiwi Gaming // Roblox and More!
Umm... There are 3 more bosses... Bendy, The Mime, and the Neighbour. It's in world 1 on the secret path. You can't see it, but if you catch it and press to play, you need to do it with the Expert mode. Find It!
hexamain !
hexamain ! - 25 days ago
The robot fight was the easiest for me because i used the glitch where you spam mini rockets and take out the lazer first
I’m Stick
I’m Stick - 26 days ago
I thought I was the only one who thought teen titans go was garbage
Libra The beautiful War Monk
Do you live under a rock?
Serena Shugars
Serena Shugars - 27 days ago
i dont know how to hack i got a S rank on all them but walley hes to hard you just gotta love the game so much like me and tell your self ima beat this game cuz i love it and thats how i beat it so you dont gotta hack
TJOC creation
TJOC creation - 28 days ago
I think that grim is harder than any other because played against him with a friend and here is how every one went:
Eye lazorz: safe
Spicy Meatball: Danger
Morph into fire train: !!!!!
First guy with big hat: i just got hit in a retarded way
Fireballs: either jump on me or around me
Never make it to 3rd stage
Littlehoss 8
Littlehoss 8 - 28 days ago
For Ribby and Croaks, I would recommend Chaser and roundabout
Chaser will take out the flys in stage 1 and still do damage
Then use roundabout for the rest of the fight
I'm a nerd
Joaquin Godeyne
Joaquin Godeyne - 29 days ago
23:22 (number 2.5 the tutoriel)
Mateo Nino
Mateo Nino - 29 days ago
Ghost train was hella easy with spread shot all the way through as long as you stayed on the edge of the cart. But those bones did get me once or twice
Logan Bowen
Logan Bowen - Month ago
Easier than the French military..
I died
Jelo XD
Jelo XD - Month ago
the train is really easy for real
Dominic Ungaro
Dominic Ungaro - Month ago
2:21 he will go super saiyan🤣🤣. He got gokus ssj hair
kenny long head
kenny long head - Month ago
King dice?
Twitch Flame
Twitch Flame - Month ago
My favorite character is very hard?! Yay! :D
Tracy Culver
Tracy Culver - Month ago
For me devil was the hardest. But mabye not in your opinion
Robotic Ellis
Robotic Ellis - Month ago
Good commentary
Werner werman Is my Favorite boss
Luis Solis
Luis Solis - Month ago
Teen Titans Go!
Squiggrock - Month ago
Dude, you're hysterical. Work on the audio though. Well done.
Julian Stringham
Julian Stringham - Month ago
I cant wait to see the sequel that is coming out!
Kristopher Linzmeier
Kristopher Linzmeier - Month ago
God damm obsidianmadman even for you that's a little excessive
Ponchojasper Productions
25:13 * sips tea. *
Peter Donofrio
Peter Donofrio - Month ago
I have s ranked Cala Maria 5 times and never died on her once if I were you I wold put her in the easiest spot
Kristopher Linzmeier
Kristopher Linzmeier - Month ago
0:00-0:15? 0:16? Amazing background intro music by the way
Kristopher Linzmeier
Kristopher Linzmeier - Month ago
Oliver Ockeloen Torbensen
🤣 #2.5: The Tutorial
Vicky Nuñez
Vicky Nuñez - Month ago
Don't say bad words.
Thedreadedmadman - Month ago
Easy...........you.....you call the Devil, easy......you actually think THE DEVIL IS EASYYYYYYYYYYY
Milty ceral
Milty ceral - Month ago
I wonder how much the birds spewing pills had to pay for all the stuff in the pills
BigSmell 27
BigSmell 27 - Month ago
This dudes voice
VexMilk - Month ago
I took cala maria in 1
Millaz - Month ago
Am I the only one who thought Hilda Berg was pretty damn easy and Cagny carnation was hard as fuck? Just my opinion..
Borzguy [GDash]
Borzguy [GDash] - Month ago
Is that a Need for Madness soundtrack in the intro? Or am I an idiot?
Alan Gregory
Alan Gregory - Month ago
25:28 Thanksgiving Dinner lol
Jasper Scofield
Jasper Scofield - Month ago
At the beginning i loved the music and montage of Cuphead bosses
Gloria Li
Gloria Li - Month ago
Tyler Vallez
Tyler Vallez - Month ago
I hate you bitch you’re not funny the world will be a better place without you kill you’re self fucker I hope you die of cancer
Aarjan Dhakhwa
Aarjan Dhakhwa - Month ago
That dragon was the bane of my life
Diego Nunez
Diego Nunez - Month ago
Captin B was never hard for me in my opinion
Callis 64
Callis 64 - Month ago
I S ranked cala on my third try
Sahara Cagle
Sahara Cagle - Month ago
and cala maria and wally warbles
Sahara Cagle
Sahara Cagle - Month ago
I beat the phantom epress but I can't beat dr.kaul's robot
Demin Saki
Demin Saki - Month ago
If u search up the hardest boss on the internet... Dr khal’s robot is the hardest boss in cuphead but this is your opinion right?
Sir. Meowscalot
Sir. Meowscalot - Month ago
Milk blast I think you mean

MarceloU1924 Motta
MarceloU1924 Motta - 2 months ago
Am I a legend because the turturial i did it in 3 mins
Veemo Bean
Veemo Bean - 2 months ago
1 like for every simile made in this video
Fitz Bomz
Fitz Bomz - 2 months ago
No.3-The Phantom Express
No.2.5-The Tutorial
No.2-Wally Warbles
No.1-Cuphead's Crush
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