Every Cuphead Boss Ranked Easiest to Hardest!

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ObsidianMadman - Year ago
I love you Albino.
In a non-sexual way.
theresa krupicka
theresa krupicka - 6 days ago
ObsidianMadman no homo tho
crystal b
crystal b - 8 days ago
Memes4Life - 13 days ago
Cøøki Aka Seymour
Cøøki Aka Seymour - 18 days ago
ObsidianMadman number 34 I mean rule 1 I mean number 1
derpy derp
derpy derp - 25 days ago
+Isolate Mist *I LIKE TRAINS*
RageSlayer - 2 hours ago
NOOOOOOOOOO Dr Kahls robot is the hardest
Xx Silver Is Senpai xX
Xx Silver Is Senpai xX - 2 hours ago
Back in my dad's day we had Nintendo 64's and on those 64's we had cheat codes and the most rage inducing but fun game *E V E R* (mario 64)
The Gamer Bros SAGA
The Gamer Bros SAGA - 14 hours ago
Teen titans go , literal garbage, as he just said : D
Pizza Wonderer
Pizza Wonderer - 16 hours ago
you cant call yourself a pro at video games unless you finish cuphead
yeetyboi - 18 hours ago
seriously? Cala Maria hardest? That’s a good one
Isabel Romero
Isabel Romero - Day ago
14:06 Rip Captain BrineyBeard
Yeetimis Maximis
Yeetimis Maximis - Day ago
The thin body nail is me when I get on a team with a recon expert and I’m a default
Rachel Stunell
Rachel Stunell - 2 days ago
R.I. P . Dragon my favourite live on as a ghost dragon 🦕🦖🐉🐲
Grimey Grimes
Grimey Grimes - 2 days ago
So glad I’m not the only one who gets hit by the skeleton head
AlienGaming: Pixel Gun 3D And More!
My list, but it's the King Dice minibosses ONLY.
9. Mangosteen (Easiest)
8. Phear Lap (Fairly Easy)
7. Chips Bettigan (Pretty Simple, but avoiding is key)
6. Hopus Pocus (You need to be very fast)
5. Pirouletta (Whole lotta parrying in this boss)
4. Mr. Wheezy (His attacks are tricky to avoid)
3. Tipsy Troop (3 alcohals. Though you still must be fast and look out for each alcohal's attacks)
2. Pip and Dot (A moving platform with a spiked wall at the end of a wall makes this fight really hard. You also have to jump over spikes ALOT!)
1. Mr. Chimes and King Dice himself (These 2 insanely hard bosses are sure to mess you up on your first try. Mr. Chimes has you
parry cards like memory game and the only way to kill him is to get all matches. And King Dice is only parrying heart cards.)
Nado Torn
Nado Torn - 3 days ago
This dude is really good
Elvira Ferrer
Elvira Ferrer - 3 days ago
Cala maria is the most hardest
Radley Smith
Radley Smith - 3 days ago
Hey I like teen Titans go
Cameron Gatewood
Cameron Gatewood - 4 days ago
I've only played cuphead on my switch for two days, beat the game and I have 336 deaths 🙁🙁🙁
Woomysauce Boi
Woomysauce Boi - 4 days ago
Am I the only one who thinks that fight six in dice bois fight is easy?
Travis Studios
Travis Studios - 4 days ago
I've beaten Cala Maria on my third try. I'm not bragging, but i think Dr. Kahl's Robot should be in the top spot instead.
Keagan And Anthony’s Cringy Fun Adventures

Mine Turtle: Hello

Everyone: CRA...

GingerpaleRose - 5 days ago
Here's a little tip for Dr. Kahl: If you have a max super, go into the upper left of the screen and when he launches your head close to you, use you super to finish phase 2.
Juan Martinez
Juan Martinez - 5 days ago
Am i the only one who didn’t had trouble against cala maria and captain briney beard?
Maddison CookieRat
Maddison CookieRat - 5 days ago
For me that damn dragon was the hardest
Deer sea Heraklorne
Deer sea Heraklorne - 5 days ago
Takin out that douchebag archer fuck in hilda bergs fights with bombs absolutely work. If your firing at and when he’s shooting the stars they’ll just not appear from the get go and the arrow will slide harmlessly from right to left with nothin to worry about
Izuru Kamukura
Izuru Kamukura - 5 days ago
Level 2.5, the tutorial. Boi i relate so much
Izuru Kamukura
Izuru Kamukura - 5 days ago
cala maria is in the middle for me just use twin heart theres only a 9-10% damage reduction
Mega Man Infinite697
Mega Man Infinite697 - 5 days ago
This is expert mode
asriel de opinião
asriel de opinião - 5 days ago
the hardest boss in cuphead is...

the tutorial
Dudeyeet yeetye
Dudeyeet yeetye - 2 days ago
its not a fucking boss and stfu with your unoriginal jokes
Nikita Thomas
Nikita Thomas - 5 days ago
scottietrippen33 - 5 days ago
I'm happy with just beating it on regular! Ordered my pro controller to go after expert mode now.
Cuphead Real
Cuphead Real - 5 days ago
Number -1000000:
The Tutorial
Kathy Richards
Kathy Richards - 6 days ago
I like the intro
Code Acai for 10% off Gfuel
Number 13: The Devil.
*Fucking Excuse You?*
Superstar Yoshi
Superstar Yoshi - 6 days ago
I can't be the only who finds Werner Wermen kind of difficult.
mediocre man
mediocre man - 6 days ago
The root-pack is even easier, when you do not shoot at the onion. It will laugh happily if nobody shoots at it and then disappear. You will have an extra handicap with the carrot, but, seriously, not shooting at an enemy and wait until it disappears? What could be easier than that!
Itz Thunder
Itz Thunder - 7 days ago
Dr. Kahl is not hard what is hard about it
Diana Falcon
Diana Falcon - 7 days ago
Why is the iron giant not number 1????? Cus sexy mermaid easier than the French- I MEAN uh iron giant!
Andrew Odinson
Andrew Odinson - 7 days ago
I beat Cala Maria within 5 tries. Dr. Kahl's Robot though...at least 20.
Grimey Grimes
Grimey Grimes - 7 days ago
For honey, if your on the same side as the saw, just time correctly by dashing and it will pass you.
Marcus Bell
Marcus Bell - 7 days ago
Verner vernan I think you mean WEHNER WHERMAN like every other american cuphead you tuber
Petar Doychev
Petar Doychev - 7 days ago
Last two bosses are the hardest!
Justice Palmer
Justice Palmer - 8 days ago
OMG! Cuphead killed Ms.Madusa so hard that she turned herself into stone!
Ryani367 - 8 days ago
Im reporting you for not saying Dr kahls robot is first
Scott Fillinger
Scott Fillinger - 8 days ago
I always enjoyed the plane fights the most
Liam Hawley
Liam Hawley - 8 days ago
Bro Cala Maria took me like 15 tries to beat, its one of the easiest ones by far
Oliver Bou
Oliver Bou - 8 days ago
I beat Hilda Berg on my first try when I went back to the fight with the airbombs. You hardly ever get hit using them.
Matthew Rosen
Matthew Rosen - 9 days ago
I got stuck on the dice... :-/
PotatoMG - 9 days ago
"Number 34 I mean rule 1 I mean number 1" 😂😂
PotatoMG - 9 days ago
I agree
Jordan Maze
Jordan Maze - 9 days ago
i never thought to shoot up for rumor
sonicfan 3354
sonicfan 3354 - 9 days ago
Prithvi Lall
Prithvi Lall - 10 days ago
arent there only 3 acorns
coz when i play i get three
i play on regular
SpagEddie8113 - 10 days ago
The hardest boss is the second block in tutorial.
Hiyaaa Green
Hiyaaa Green - 10 days ago
You only can shoot in cuphead-
The Feminist Network
The Feminist Network - 10 days ago
I found captian brineybeard the easiest, i completed his level the first time.
patrick watkins
patrick watkins - 11 days ago
i would put cagney a bit higher i had more trouble with him than i did with the toads.
Taylyn Langan
Taylyn Langan - 11 days ago
You are wrong

The turtorial is the hardest
lapisonpeaceful - 11 days ago
Are we just gonna ignore the fact this man used a need for madness song as his intro?
BossCrazyRoss - 11 days ago
I think the flower should be a lot higher but thats just me
Kittles - 11 days ago
Dasani Water Bottle
Dasani Water Bottle - 11 days ago
I literally cant beat the easiest boss
Claudio Cofre
Claudio Cofre - 11 days ago
He sounds like Chris Griffin
Coolkid 16000
Coolkid 16000 - 12 days ago
it’s bulls
Dario Chinique
Dario Chinique - 12 days ago
Omg your puns were so cringeworthy 😂
Amai Alexis666
Amai Alexis666 - 12 days ago
*hears pearls nose get mentioned and me knowing that he meant pearl from Steven Universe*(HAMILTON REFERENCE INCOMING!) I came as soon as I heard!
CasualDylan - 12 days ago
You wouldn't be excited about a free $20? Retard.
Woomysauce Boi
Woomysauce Boi - 12 days ago
What is your favorite boss? I like satan.
Woomysauce Boi
Woomysauce Boi - 12 days ago
Spread ex is op
Flippy Boy Leeway
Flippy Boy Leeway - 12 days ago
I always confuse Dr. Khals Robot with The Fantom Express
Flippy Boy Leeway
Flippy Boy Leeway - 12 days ago
Um.. they’re nails
Niko - 12 days ago
20:51 voicecrack
Woomysauce Boi
Woomysauce Boi - 13 days ago
I can barely get an a on rumor.
daehpuC - 13 days ago
Everyone says werner is easy but i think he can really annoying sometimes
Max Bello
Max Bello - 13 days ago
you sound like Neil Goldman
Hrithik Sivakumar
Hrithik Sivakumar - 13 days ago
tutorial should be number 1
Quantum_Wallace - 13 days ago
You ordered them wrong
Diana Falcon
Diana Falcon - 13 days ago
Honestly matchstick should be number 2 cus bird guy is easier then the French- F**K IT
Bell's - 13 days ago
someone should make an animatic of that "asian people sUUUU-" vine, but with hilda berg instead.
Dabatron9000 - 14 days ago
Pluto Zero
Pluto Zero - 14 days ago
I am still stuck on the stupid frogs, the snakes and tigers are really hard and I don't know why.
sonicfan 3354
sonicfan 3354 - 14 days ago
If you miss all parry in captain briny beard you can parry the lazer
toxic bro
toxic bro - 15 days ago
1:45 "it is the goat" just..please don't ever say that again..
Mine Master
Mine Master - 15 days ago
Root pack is super ez
Dudeyeet yeetye
Dudeyeet yeetye - 2 days ago
no shit its the first boss
Superdave OZY
Superdave OZY - 15 days ago
Dr Khal's Robot is the hardest, cmon.
Super Doggo official
Super Doggo official - 15 days ago
Dem puns tho
connie cherry
connie cherry - 15 days ago
1:40 if you have a grudge against garden food, you’ll find this fight quite enjoyable.
connie cherry
connie cherry - 15 days ago
0:42 You said goopy le gronday but it’s goopy la gande
beetawix Hi
beetawix Hi - 14 days ago
He said it right you whitey. Have you ever heard of the Spanish language?
Itz Thunder
Itz Thunder - 16 days ago
Charge makes grim so easy
Spacejohn GD
Spacejohn GD - 16 days ago
0:43 just finish what you're doing
sinpaking302 - 16 days ago
11:46 what about the root pack?
suavè - 16 days ago
You sound like Neil from Family Guy lol
Luigiman02 Gaming
Luigiman02 Gaming - 16 days ago
Dont fire at the onion. It'll go back in the ground. Trust me.
thadam - 11 days ago
Switch vers
Fat - 16 days ago
The train and bird are so much easier than dr kahl’s robot
The Protagonist
The Protagonist - 10 days ago
You are very un-skinny
FreyToons - 17 days ago
Never played Cuphead, but I've seen the gameplay, so I'm ranking the creepiest looking bosses
10. King Dice (His laugh is freaky)
9. Hilda Berg
8. Cagney Carnation
7. Baroness Von Bon's Bon's castle
6. The Devil
5. Cala Maria (Second and Final Phase)
4. Dr Kohl
3. The Horse Thingy from King Dice's mini boss
2. The Pirate Boat (Laser tongue, dafuck)
1. ...The final phase of Phantom Express, THAT RUNNING TRAIN IS TERRIFYING WITH ITS GRIN
Nerfcallan games
Nerfcallan games - 17 days ago
There bulls not devils
Greg H
Greg H - 17 days ago
I have 200% the game both on Xbox and on Nintendo Switch, and I'm here to tell ya, Wally Warbles, Grim Matchstick, Dr. Kahl, and King Dice are the WORST on Expert mode. I got EXTREMELY lucky with King Dice when I beat him on Switch.
Itz Thunder
Itz Thunder - 16 days ago
Greg H lol king dice is easy
PetaSakura1 - 17 days ago
The narration screams Mclovin to me 😂
Faye Cannon
Faye Cannon - 18 days ago
Tutorial isn't a boss
regma - 18 days ago
Oz Adams
Oz Adams - 18 days ago
Says you will like the root pack if you have a grudge against garden plants why just why
Super Mario Jonas
Super Mario Jonas - 18 days ago
You’re hilarious!
Cian On Piano
Cian On Piano - 18 days ago
Only a couple of minutes in and I already agree with the list
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