Every Cuphead Boss Ranked Easiest to Hardest!

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ObsidianMadman - 6 months ago
I love you Albino.
In a non-sexual way.
Joseph Fourney
Joseph Fourney - 13 days ago
ObsidianMadman are u gay
AmadgAi o!g
AmadgAi o!g - 19 days ago
crazy_ant 007
crazy_ant 007 - 20 days ago
No homo
iPad Pro
iPad Pro - 24 days ago
ObsidianMadman it’s not Veraman verem
Gwen Lewis
Gwen Lewis - 24 days ago
Obsidian:hilda burg has a nose that rivals pearls and she can tell you that herself Me:steven universe reference 17:25
BrenTGK / BrenThe Gaming Kid
Honestly I prefer doing rumor last phase with the lobber. Tell me what you think
Francisca Ice Mage
Francisca Ice Mage - 2 days ago
These hard bosses is like Soul Melter
Clifford Trudeau
Clifford Trudeau - 2 days ago
That dragon should be number one
Nayllek et Shadow La Dream Team
The hardest boss is thé tutorial
nabbit boy and nabbit
nabbit boy and nabbit - 4 days ago
I hate dr khales robot
Shannon Samons
Shannon Samons - 4 days ago
Dr.khal looks simalar to Dr.Wily
green shadow and Jason Gaming tv 12
25:15 so true 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Phillip The quiet ninja
*I like trains*
Ethan LangV2
Ethan LangV2 - 4 days ago
I think number 2.5 seems like the hardest boss to me
ioan kolev
ioan kolev - 4 days ago
Very easy
*Read more*
Sam Desforges
Sam Desforges - 4 days ago
I disagree with everything
Wendy Yallowitz
Wendy Yallowitz - 5 days ago
Julian Santiago
Julian Santiago - 5 days ago
I watched this just for the world war 2 jokes
DanielisGamer - 6 days ago
Having *an* ace up his sleeve? No he has more then that. He had about, I dont know, ALL THE ACES
Woops! SouthPark Mall
Woops! SouthPark Mall - 6 days ago
Bro the devils attacks are spider,goat and dragon not snake it has legs
Aphcident - 7 days ago
3:14 Steven universe?
Alex Sellers
Alex Sellers - 7 days ago
there not devil's there bulls
Alex Sellers
Alex Sellers - 7 days ago
there not acorns there flower seeds
Abigail Blaze
Abigail Blaze - 10 days ago
Connected stars? No. Stick mom and dad.
Leonard Feuerstein
Leonard Feuerstein - 10 days ago
The Dragon? Nr.9? The Dragon?! Nr.9?! Are you out of your mind my friend ???!!
Beddy Alfonzo
Beddy Alfonzo - 11 days ago
Don’t complain that the footigae isn’t of a good run


Too good
Antimanter 9 1/2
Antimanter 9 1/2 - 12 days ago
My list
19. Root Pack
18. Goopy Le Grande
17. Sally Stageplay
16. Hilda Berg
15. Captain Brineybeard
14. Ribby and Croaks
13. Cagney Carnation
12. Beepi The Clown
11. Werner Werman
10. King Dice
9. Baroness Von Bon Bon
8. Rumor Honeybottoms
7. Djimmi The Great
6. Grim Matchstick
5. Phantom Express
4. Wally Warbles
3. Cala Maria
2. Dr. Khal's Robot
Julia Cortez
Julia Cortez - 12 days ago
Lol dat pearl reference with hilda's nose😂🤣😆
princess rosee
princess rosee - 12 days ago
or its like geting attck by flowy from undertail XD
Glaceon Fan
Glaceon Fan - 12 days ago
“Hilda butt”
Omni - 12 days ago
Deadass I liked because of the insults to the French military. 10/10
edval73 - 12 days ago
The genie is the weakest of the week
edval73 - 12 days ago
Crap didn’t know Raimi beard is one of the easiest bosses
edval73 - 12 days ago
No offense but I think the devil is the hardest
• мisту •
• мisту • - 13 days ago
*when u use chaser for every boss then wonder y everything’s so hard*
MOMO GAMES - 13 days ago
how tf is cala Maria harder then the devil
Pear Hazaderriere
Pear Hazaderriere - 11 days ago
IKR, Maria is a cakewalk compared to that guy, and the devil isn't even the hardest boss
Maureen Gomes
Maureen Gomes - 13 days ago
Easiest to hardest ... IN YOUR OPINION
ElishaPuppy And The Fanbase
Dont forget to parry the bombs that come out of ha ears before they explode for the devil
A Estrada
A Estrada - 16 days ago
There are three main attacks goat spider and snake he will go goat most often just duck under his grinding hands neeee3eeeeeeeeeeee at6:35
Hypersonix Gamer
Hypersonix Gamer - 17 days ago
Easiest, relatively of course.
Mrgotbands 1234
Mrgotbands 1234 - 17 days ago
Cala Maria was easy as fuck -_-
Pear Hazaderriere
Pear Hazaderriere - 14 days ago
Yes i agree, or at least compared to the other bosses
Anna Olson
Anna Olson - 17 days ago
OK you got to be kidding me

Goopy La Grande was the freaking hardest!

or i just suck
TheOnly ShinyUmbreon
TheOnly ShinyUmbreon - 17 days ago
I like trains!
*gets hit by train*
Also, I have one thing to say, *hello **26:00*
THE NOOBPROS - 18 days ago
His top 19
19-Goopy Le Grande
18-The Root Pack
17-Cagney Carnation
16-Rigby and Croaks
15-Sally Stageplay
14-Werner Werman (nazi)
13-The Devil
12-Rumor Honeybottoms
11-King Dice
10-Baroness Von Bon Bon
9-Grim Matchstick
8-Captain Brineybread
7-Beppi the CLOWN
6-Bett- Hilda Berg
5-Djimmi the Great
4-Dr. Kahl's Robot
3-Phantom Express
2-Wally Warbles
1-Cala Maria
Urijah Armstrong
Urijah Armstrong - 18 days ago
Wait this isn’t bramble gaming?
lilsauce god21
lilsauce god21 - 18 days ago
Little devils see what I did there haha plz kill me
WolfPac 265
WolfPac 265 - 18 days ago
Cala maria is sexy looking when she turns around
Pokeboom64 - 19 days ago
24:09 that got me 😂
Distant Rouge
Distant Rouge - 19 days ago
Tutorial should be the in the hardest
Docky Docks
Docky Docks - 19 days ago
It’s been almost two months and I still haven’t gotten through the first base yet.
TheApachacha - 19 days ago
I find the horse racing one pretty damn easy and it's prefferable to the damn monkey any day XD
Damon Archary
Damon Archary - 20 days ago
The hardest boss in this game is a clear toss up between stormy ascent and the high road for sure ...
Meiya Zou
Meiya Zou - 20 days ago
14:07 Brineybeard in the back falling into the sea...
Slayer_ 99
Slayer_ 99 - 20 days ago
Why does everybody hate teen titans go
Hu_ee - 20 days ago
How many metaphors are in this video???
zombiexgames 1120
zombiexgames 1120 - 20 days ago
I thought that the devil is the hardest boss in the game
donuteater brixey
donuteater brixey - 20 days ago
I almost beat cuphead (^3^)
HayItsJohn :3
HayItsJohn :3 - 20 days ago
My favorite part of this video is what he said butt nugget
crazy_ant 007
crazy_ant 007 - 20 days ago
Why is this game not hard to me?
Oh I forgot I played Dark Souls for 9 day straight
ElishaPuppy And The Fanbase
Lol my aunt i think has a grudge against carrots she will love this game 😂
Maggie The Dog
Maggie The Dog - 21 day ago
he is hilarious
Sam henry gross
Sam henry gross - 21 day ago
When I heard the teen titans go up chuck (one word stupid auto correct) incedent, I swear I almost UPCHUCKED a lung
dronken honden jackiboy
unless you wanna get combo'd by an amateur smash bros player XDDDD
Morgue TV
Morgue TV - 21 day ago
2:19 Mr. Burns
Kayla Mayhan
Kayla Mayhan - 21 day ago
“Like Trains” oops
Kayla Mayhan
Kayla Mayhan - 21 day ago
Him:If you don’t like trains,don’t say it
Me:I like singing,I like dancing!!,,...I like trains *Gets Ran over by a Train*
greater dog101
greater dog101 - 21 day ago
Doctor kals robot should of been first
Pear Hazaderriere
Pear Hazaderriere - 21 day ago
Couldn't agree more.
Jalani Brown
Jalani Brown - 22 days ago
When he starts chucking teen titans go- uh i mean garbage at you 😂😂 I’m dying
Nick McPhail
Nick McPhail - 22 days ago
What da fuq XD
TRG/TheRedGhost 65
TRG/TheRedGhost 65 - 22 days ago
Fact: on my first expert Phantom Express kill, I got an S-Rank!
Richardthe ShadowPrince
Richardthe ShadowPrince - 22 days ago
Okay, I hate Dr Kahl! He was hard to the point where I was shaking and sweating when I finally beat him!!!
Meraj Mirza
Meraj Mirza - 23 days ago
Non. M b c cc ccc c. Cm. Bob. V chi. Gugkkmggjyjhjjyjjjjjf(mfmmhfmmn
XXCheery CherryXX
XXCheery CherryXX - 23 days ago
Dude, Cala Maria is like the easiest one!
Canadian Gaming
Canadian Gaming - 23 days ago
This list is aids and VERY self influenced
Sunny Side Up
Sunny Side Up - 23 days ago
I've beaten every boss but king dice, the devil, and Walyy Warbles. He's too hard!
Matthew Gayles
Matthew Gayles - 23 days ago
Rumor honeybottom is top five hardest easily
The Chicken Master
The Chicken Master - 23 days ago
Cala Maria..,
When I first fought her all I thought was, “Kill me now”
Jelluu - 23 days ago
It still took me hours to beat the “easy” bosses.. actually I don’t think I beat Cagney carnation at all I just gave up..
Reagan Mireles
Reagan Mireles - 23 days ago
That thumbnail made me DED xD but awesome video!!
Ignis - 24 days ago
Tbh players playing cuphead has their own hardest bosses so this is probably your opinion
Trinity Phillips
Trinity Phillips - 24 days ago
And that it why she is the anime waifu..... The end
ComputerHeadGFX - 24 days ago
b, grim matchstick was fucking hell for me lmao
Darnell White 2
Darnell White 2 - 24 days ago
Who’s nose is spikier moon helda or pearl (cuphead and Steven universe these are the series there from)
Jacob Schultz
Jacob Schultz - 24 days ago
Teen titans go gat roasted
Sr. Potato
Sr. Potato - 24 days ago
Heres how not to die
1. Dont die
יואב שוחט
יואב שוחט - 24 days ago
something about beppi and beard man i like to dash while ducking ti avoid the barrel and use the first super on the penguins when your standing right behind the one in the corner
Foxy The Gaming Fox
Foxy The Gaming Fox - 24 days ago
For me is Cala Maria,King Dice, The Devil ,Dr.Kahls Robot and root pack

Damn those are tough peppers
Harrald igser
Harrald igser - 24 days ago
for me my top 3 easiest bosses to S rank were (In Order)1. Goopy Le Grande2. The Root Pack3. King Dice
Glacia Games :D
Glacia Games :D - 24 days ago
Steven Brun
Steven Brun - 25 days ago
25:28 well that's a little too accurate
expresionless 0.5
expresionless 0.5 - 25 days ago
You sound like someone who is in the quire!
Tom Robinson
Tom Robinson - 25 days ago
They're not dogfish, the pun is sea-dogs
Patrick_the_Boss 216
Patrick_the_Boss 216 - 25 days ago
“Cagney will then go super sayan”
Javier Reyes
Javier Reyes - 25 days ago
He tries way to hard to be funny
Jackson Silverman
Jackson Silverman - 25 days ago
My favorite boss, despite popular opinion, is actually Djimmi the Great! (On Normal). The first phase is so short, but I still find it fun, and I like the heirlooms or the swords. I find it so entertaining to one shot the pillars with bombs, and I LOVE going to the back of the screen and letting the planets barely avoid me when they do their small "outing". Parrying on the puppet phase is fun, but to be honest, the final phase kinda sucks. At least its over quickly. I just think that this boss is very satisfying and fun, despite its flaws, and, in my opinion, it is one of the best bosses in the whole game. I'm actually not sure who my least favorite boss is, but here are some possible candidates: Grim Matchstick, Sally Stageplay, Beppi the Clown, Ribby and Croaks, or the Honey Nut Cheerios Rip-off, Rumor Honey Bottoms.
Oswald the lucky rabbit
Oswald the lucky rabbit - 25 days ago
0:46 really 3-4 then you just suck
Calamity - 25 days ago
“His low-income house”
Me: lol, wow
“ his dumped girlfriends (or something)”
“That’s racist”
Me: laughs
“His teen titans go- i mean garbage”
Me: him commentating about wally warbles is the best
Timo Seppala
Timo Seppala - 25 days ago
Sawyer Evans
Sawyer Evans - 25 days ago
Great puns man
Alexander Aleman
Alexander Aleman - 25 days ago
That is not true
CrazyBlqde - 25 days ago
This fight is easier than the French military
Kayra Şayan
Kayra Şayan - 25 days ago
When You Cant Even Pass The First Level
Mario Master
Mario Master - 25 days ago

The flower once it collected 7 souls
Mario Master
Mario Master - 23 days ago
Logan Durant 😉
Logan Durant
Logan Durant - 25 days ago
Trevor Nolan
Trevor Nolan - 25 days ago
Number 2.5 the tutorial aaaahhhh
Me:well it can't be that hard
*plays game* AAAAAAHHHHHH
Me:ok I take it back
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