The "Friends With Celebrities" Experiment

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ramona's shit show
ramona's shit show - 3 days ago
*"i like your dog"*
Cleo Walker-Wilson
Cleo Walker-Wilson - 6 days ago
Your thumb nail looks like it’s moving
KeepItSimpleXD - 6 days ago
you super liked diane on 9/11
Mr Coolmanluc
Mr Coolmanluc - 7 days ago
Love the thumbnail bruh
River Spilger
River Spilger - 7 days ago
Ryan's mic:
How ba-a-a-ad can I be?
Tricky Nicky951 A
Tricky Nicky951 A - 8 days ago
I actually thought he took a photo with Ariana when I saw the photo
Marie Bacon
Marie Bacon - 14 days ago
Marie Bacon
Marie Bacon - 14 days ago
Marie Bacon
Marie Bacon - 14 days ago
chloe t
chloe t - 15 days ago
This was a year ago today
sarah! :D
sarah! :D - 16 days ago
i see the hidden comment
PandaPlayz - 17 days ago
This thumbnail is so photoshopped 😂
a egg
a egg - 17 days ago
I watched this vid on 9/11/20 lol
Pablo Escavar
Pablo Escavar - 21 day ago
8:30 the girls picture is from a changing room because changing room mirrors make you look skinny😂
The fun house !!!!!
The fun house !!!!! - 22 days ago
What if Ariana and Billie eyelash she your picture
The fun house !!!!!
The fun house !!!!! - 22 days ago
Ariana grande and Matt bannet sitting in a tree
StingWrayCubing - 27 days ago
Is no one gonna talk about it the date he did it on was 9/11!
Chris Norris
Chris Norris - Month ago
Odell Beckham is only like 5’10 5’11 😂
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker - Month ago
Ryan: screw it I’ll be back in like thirty minutes.
Also Ryan: so it’s been 5 days🤣🤣
Alina Garza
Alina Garza - Month ago
Makayla- "Ariana Grande can suck my big toe" I diedd😂😂
Vicki C
Vicki C - Month ago
I'm sorry I died when he said "is Will Smith the next Aladdin or the next Vsco Girl"
MatthewPlays_YT - Month ago
EA Seasons
EA Seasons - Month ago
My favorite thing about Ryan is that Ryan
JoeDrawzStuff - Month ago
You should go into random people instagram photos and see if people notice you
Jayla Jegede
Jayla Jegede - Month ago
How did she not know…the way he looks at you is longing to say it and he did…
PJF1105 - Month ago
Heres a keyboard
Abc , space . < -)
DJO Bros
DJO Bros - Month ago
"Be back in 30 minutes" 5 days later😂
Obj lesgo
aka inaaya
aka inaaya - Month ago
David Dobrik knows that guy
Jan Michael David
Jan Michael David - Month ago
I almost laughed when he said Billy Eyelash lol
Yari Moran
Yari Moran - Month ago
Why shawn haha
gttggg lol
gttggg lol - Month ago
like to see the return of *chad*
Rainbow Stuffies
Rainbow Stuffies - Month ago
H i
TaylorTank - Month ago
damn he really just chatting it up with multiple girls in one sitting. LOL
jon_w - 2 months ago
Bless meh
Taija Withford
Taija Withford - 2 months ago
Mikayla sounds like me fighting with the 10yr olds on roblox
kikikrazy. - 2 months ago
damn I thought we were gonna see makayla on the ellen show lol
Matthew & Abby's Channel
Matthew & Abby's Channel - 2 months ago
Ryan: “Y’know Mike? Yeah, that was me!”
Me: “Wait so... I had a crush on Ryan and didn’t know??”
Note: Yes, I had a crush on Finn Wolfhard but NOT Mike.
North Kilian
North Kilian - 2 months ago
Ryan In 2019: I'm Gonna Marry Her
Ryan In 2020:Yo Guys I'm Engaged!!!
emily . plank
emily . plank - 2 months ago
Haley eating candy while her stomach hurts is literally me
ja ktos
ja ktos - 2 months ago
Joseph Kurian
Joseph Kurian - 2 months ago
Why was this on my recommended
Scythe - 2 months ago
Unless its him, why does the dude next to ariana look so much like joji?
Dremptyyyyy - 2 months ago
5:11 photoshoped
Dylan the FREAKEN PICKLE man
0:13 thats John Stamos
JayTrisha - 2 months ago
Ryan be like ima be back in 30 mins then comes back 5 days later
Hawa Zakaria
Hawa Zakaria - 2 months ago
Phoenix - 2 months ago
9 months later you and haley are actually getting married. Did think that was gonna happen
Sheena d
Sheena d - 2 months ago
He looks like Jace Norman
Maya Pembroke
Maya Pembroke - 2 months ago
Mauro Hernandez
Mauro Hernandez - 2 months ago
That guy that David Dobrick knows is John Stamos a actor . He acted in Full house snd Huller house.
Jesus Lover
Jesus Lover - 3 months ago
Who else thought the thumbnail was real?
WyZRD - 3 months ago
Odell is 5-11!😂😂😂
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Stefania De Martin
Stefania De Martin - 3 months ago
Wow... Chad is a bit of a jerk hahahaha
Harrison MillsFB
Harrison MillsFB - 3 months ago
Pickup line-
Roses are red
Violets are blue
My face turns red when I look at you
Jojo Dicke
Jojo Dicke - 3 months ago
at least they are married now
Haze - 3 months ago
we are having a casual association among persons in which we exceed gratitude among the aspects in which further expressions esceed reality therefore in which after said expresion is verified
Roadhog - 3 months ago
Imagine doing the kissy face next to Bill Gates
Moo-get The screaming Goat
you said you got super liked on 9 11
Cheetiac - 3 months ago
What app did you use???
Obey_J S1
Obey_J S1 - 3 months ago
And Billie eyelash
jay thewave
jay thewave - 3 months ago
9:39 you a big SIMP
Ok ya
Ok ya - 3 months ago
wait doesnt David dobrik know EVERYONE
Bella Maria
Bella Maria - 3 months ago
slapping the pause-button just to get a gooood look at that topless photo of ryan standing in the ocean..
lisamay kail
lisamay kail - 3 months ago
Lol Billie eyelash
lisamay kail
lisamay kail - 3 months ago
Lol Billie eyelash
Pete Zaroll
Pete Zaroll - 4 months ago
Hit me up with a line
XXeno0055 - 4 months ago
yea 2 of them are real real fake that is
Retro Robloxians
Retro Robloxians - 4 months ago
you posted this on my birthdaqy, ayyyy
ꫀꪑꪑꪖ᭙ꪖttꪖ - 4 months ago
Am I the only one so gets triggered by people saying billie eyelash
Lucas Debski
Lucas Debski - 4 months ago
Wait.... I think I saw my mom
DansLifetour - 4 months ago
Kimberlie Rodriguez
Kimberlie Rodriguez - 4 months ago
did anyone put in the comments this video was posted on the Ariana grande made her music video with Miley Cyrus and Lana del rey
Kranky Kangaroo_ YT
Kranky Kangaroo_ YT - 4 months ago
me checking to see if any of the celebritys commented
cheyenne Marie
cheyenne Marie - 4 months ago
Why does Ryan look like Niall Horan
lucas miller
lucas miller - 4 months ago
why the audio quality so bad
Hunter Drawz
Hunter Drawz - 4 months ago
Ryan With Billie Kinda Looked like Ryuk (His posture anyway lol)
Don’t click on my Channel
Get a mic omg this was so loud.
3'sMarias Azarcon
3'sMarias Azarcon - 4 months ago
You look like gordan ramsey
Sprxnklx Stxr
Sprxnklx Stxr - 4 months ago
«I superliked her at 9/11» oh my shitting god
kayla Cassidy
kayla Cassidy - 4 months ago
“My favorite thing about you is that you “ I LOST IT
Carly Gill
Carly Gill - 4 months ago
“Hailey. Don’t worry. This is for experimental purpose. “ About a year later, they’re engaged 🥺❤️. Congrats to my favs!
CVFT Flame
CVFT Flame - 4 months ago
9:39 what r u doing?
Maya Piquion
Maya Piquion - 4 months ago
Anyone noticed how for when he put himself in the picture with Odell Beckham and those people Ryan’s face didn’t match with odells hands
Ethan Reynolds
Ethan Reynolds - 4 months ago
"that guy" is john stamos u bithchchch
Edits and Tutorials &more
Edits and Tutorials &more - 4 months ago
“Haily punching the air"
Emma Juarez
Emma Juarez - 4 months ago
hi Ryan, I know that this comment is late but I wanted to say that I liked and subscribed and hit the little bell! please reply to my comment. bye!

oh and I just started watching your videos and I LOVE them! thx for posting!
Invite me to the wedding, no 🧢🌚🤣🤣
tommo sun
tommo sun - 4 months ago
“i’ll be back in thirty minutes”
*”okay so it’s five days later”*
Nova Putnam
Nova Putnam - 4 months ago
i see the hidden comment
Brinsley Hurst
Brinsley Hurst - 4 months ago
12:51 has got me dead 😂
Noah Neck
Noah Neck - 4 months ago
Ryan is the most loyal un loyal person i know
emily kaiser
emily kaiser - 4 months ago
“ryan being a douchebag for 19 minutes and 24 seconds”
renton bois
renton bois - 4 months ago
Every one please sub to me
Not Jumbo
Not Jumbo - 4 months ago
did anyone wonder why this was filmed on 9/11 :3
Animal Lover Horses
Animal Lover Horses - 4 months ago
The girl was right YOU super liked them
Phil Gooden
Phil Gooden - 4 months ago
"Chad": *is on Tinder for 3 seconds and gets like 10 matches*
My self-esteem: *is gone*
Lauren Leggett
Lauren Leggett - 4 months ago
Thanks to Cybersquad047 on I G for giving access to my spouse account sorry for doubting
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