The "Friends With Celebrities" Experiment

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Maverix - 2 hours ago
I love billie eillish music
Elise Whitney
Elise Whitney - 11 hours ago
"what's crackalakin in the mothafrakin cactus jack" - my all time favorite quote
Gary Hunt
Gary Hunt - 16 hours ago
0:14 thats john stamos from full house
anghel lenard
anghel lenard - Day ago
Millie is my FAV
Mashael Albabtain
Mashael Albabtain - Day ago
0:24 lol it’s not Billie eyelash it’s Billie Eilish
fortnite bad minecraft good
12:20 lol
Doopdrop-mc-loop - 2 days ago
I just realized what go’s down when a kidnapper meets a kidnapper on tinder? Oof that’s gonna be awkward
REO T - 3 days ago
0:24 Billie Eyelash 😂
CottonCandyClouds - 3 days ago
15:32 - 15:48

Ryan is going insane
Althaf A. A
Althaf A. A - 3 days ago
Remember Mike 😂
fdd fccf
fdd fccf - 4 days ago
AkA Islit
AkA Islit - 6 days ago
Says 30 minutes 5 days pass ok im back guys
Chandler Bing is UwU
Chandler Bing is UwU - 7 days ago
why is this so hard for me to watch?
Chandler Bing is UwU
Chandler Bing is UwU - 7 days ago
“my favorite thing about you is that you..” WOW LMAO 😂
Rinthewhitebunny - 7 days ago
Omg! I’m sorry but I’m new in your channel... I DIDN’T KNOW SHE WAS YOUR GIRFRIEND!! *screams in cuteness 🤗✨ I remember the first video I watched from you she was there and I was like. OMG! She’s so cool and seems like a really nice person. But she’s so calm, while he’s so hyper... They should be couple!!! I mean, you weren’t romantic at all, but I know you would make such a good couple. And now that I saw this I’m just so happy!!!! 🤗✨✨✨ Oh BOI, she’s gold, you’re gold. Love you guys. YEAH! ✨😅✨
It’s BaiBai
It’s BaiBai - 7 days ago
Dude i love your humor
Ashwin Lokesh
Ashwin Lokesh - 7 days ago
The mic is earrape tho
mxlly maze
mxlly maze - 8 days ago
i want to enter my washing machine and live there until i become one within the washing machine.
Marigny Burr
Marigny Burr - 8 days ago
*In the motherfracken cactus jack*
-ryan 2019
Jhude Anjelo Abenoja
Jhude Anjelo Abenoja - 8 days ago
Annoying piece of shit
Jamae Lazo
Jamae Lazo - 8 days ago
Am i the only one who thinks that he looks like niall horan
• F á ł ł ę ñ • • Ä ń g ē ł •
Jose Poopy All Day
Jose Poopy All Day - 10 days ago
Me: sees like count

MR niraj singh
MR niraj singh - 10 days ago
Joke and jokes 15:33
sapie -dee-pop
sapie -dee-pop - 10 days ago
I like pewdiepie he makes nice music

Please don't hate me.
A A - 11 days ago
I feel like his Tinder conversations are Photoshopped as well.
CP 10
CP 10 - 12 days ago
OBJ is like 5”11, not 6”3 😂
Saetims_ - 12 days ago
omg i didnt kniw his girlfriend was hailey pham lol.
Britt Anne
Britt Anne - 12 days ago
Lmao this is soo me on tinder.... I message random ass pple & say "yoo its a match!!!!"
"Has IMG modeling contacted u!?"
Adam Rojo
Adam Rojo - 13 days ago
You said Odell Beckham Jr was 6’3 he’s 5’11
Sarah Müller
Sarah Müller - 13 days ago
"I like ur dog."
Two secs later:
"Oh, it´s a chicken."
CSC Nation
CSC Nation - 13 days ago
"you super liked diana on *NINE ELEVEN* " had me dead LMAOO
Igg Isac
Igg Isac - 14 days ago
Miiillie boooby brownnn
Alpha Mark
Alpha Mark - 14 days ago
1:42 isn’t she like 16
Nancy Hatcher
Nancy Hatcher - 14 days ago
Ryan said:Billie eyelash
Billie:.......ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT..............BI**H
Sumaya Tasnim
Sumaya Tasnim - 15 days ago
12:59 I legit died 🤣
Qwakey - 15 days ago
Millie is 15.....
ADHVAITH MAHESH - 15 days ago
same height as odell, but also almost shoulder to shoulder with Millie Bobby Brown

SeEn-Jenx - 15 days ago
"My favorite thing about you... "
That made my day lol
Philippa Kearney
Philippa Kearney - 16 days ago
It gets u farther yeah definitely it gets you farther 😂😉"
byMika - 16 days ago
Nice mic
ZedZ - 16 days ago
Dixy Damelio
INF. tiger
INF. tiger - 17 days ago
8:21 me and the bois just laughing at 9/11 jokes
Cluky3338 - 17 days ago
3:27 you look like you could be ellen's son
Rodent King
Rodent King - 17 days ago
Haleigh is a legend
FishFace_YT - 17 days ago
Where’s part 7
107Draco - 17 days ago
12:23 lmao
Edward Pepperell
Edward Pepperell - 17 days ago
Bro Tegan 🥵
Elio Sweidan
Elio Sweidan - 17 days ago
8:21 he said the date...fukkkkkkk that’s messed up bro
Riley Dodd
Riley Dodd - 17 days ago
RD here your a lonely man you dick
SMALL_ POTATO - 18 days ago
David knows everyone
Woke Koala
Woke Koala - 18 days ago
Ryan : il be back in 30 min
Still Ryan : ok guys it’s been 5 days
FBI Agent
FBI Agent - 18 days ago
Ariana medium.....

Ariana petite
Gacha Potato
Gacha Potato - 18 days ago
Lol it’s Billie eilish not eyelash
Stacy Zelaya -21
Stacy Zelaya -21 - 18 days ago
One thing that triggered me was when one of the girls said that God isn’t real!!!!!! 😡😡🤬🤬 but whatever 😒😒😞 no hate tho!😂
Sydney Martin
Sydney Martin - 18 days ago
2:35 sorry Ryan, but your face is way too red & pale for his body
ilkka Koivulampi
ilkka Koivulampi - 18 days ago
13:00 Thats a CHICKEN
Cakebreath X
Cakebreath X - 18 days ago
You’re so shit at photoshop 😂😂
Ana Geist
Ana Geist - 18 days ago
I like your dog....ope no that’s a chicken 😂😂😂
Lorenit Veseli
Lorenit Veseli - 18 days ago
Boy that body
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