HOW TO BE SAVAGE: Seth (Beyond Scared Straight)

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Ryan Trahan
Ryan Trahan - Year ago
yo guys- had to reupload this because it got claimed for copyright/blocked in like 20 countries for the song in the first 5 seconds LOL. wouldnt care if it only got demonetized, but I want people to be able to see it cuz im proud of it. plz drop a like/comment again if you don't mind
Blank Space
Blank Space - 7 days ago
This is my favorite video on the internet. This is literally my 10th time watching 🙄
Seth Harrison
Seth Harrison - 16 days ago
Hi I'm seth
Casey Holland
Casey Holland - Month ago
It's not even 5 seconds long like,geez
Felix O'Kane
Felix O'Kane - 2 months ago
Ryan you’re so wholesome it’s great
Heir of Slytherin
Heir of Slytherin - 3 months ago
Im savage eny way
DemEdits - 11 hours ago
What’s your favourite AC/DC song mine is shoot to thrill
Kai Cowell
Kai Cowell - Day ago
Savage call me Carson
Weaponized Toaster
Weaponized Toaster - Day ago
My name is Seth:I
Weaponized Toaster
Weaponized Toaster - Day ago
I took an in test and I got 122 :I but my grades are shit
Gabe Boller
Gabe Boller - Day ago
Harry potters origin story
Estes Oliphant
Estes Oliphant - 2 days ago
This is one of the only videos I can actually make me genuinely laugh
I Am Alexa
I Am Alexa - 2 days ago
crwavy - 2 days ago
CEO of the door not being open all the way
stavros vagelis
stavros vagelis - 2 days ago
im the only one who tuned at his right at 5:38
0809 Oof
0809 Oof - 2 days ago
This was young Carson before when he didnt have a brain
RØWN HARRIMAN - 2 days ago
120 IQ isn’t a lot I got that 132 not to flex 💪🧠
Ferrari Tube
Ferrari Tube - 3 days ago
3:55 just put it in some rice or turn it on and off should fix itself
Ratatouille Boii
Ratatouille Boii - 3 days ago
this made me un sub
Josh Iocca
Josh Iocca - 4 days ago
So you can make a 3 minute video that you are watching and it took like 12 minutes at least
Just Wolf
Just Wolf - 4 days ago
I’m going to stop ✋ now I want something for my birthday
Just Wolf
Just Wolf - 4 days ago
This video has 69 K video.
Just Wolf
Just Wolf - 4 days ago
Well- this video has 69k likes...
Apple PianoTech
Apple PianoTech - 4 days ago
What the hell, why does stupid savage Seth say 120 it is good and his parents say he is clever, my iq 140 and I’m only 7 sooooooooo...
MrHlden - 3 days ago
Apple PianoTech wait really?
Mr beast
Mr beast - 4 days ago
Ur Moms house
Ur Moms house - 4 days ago
How Seth be on the bus : lemme drive da bus
Isabella Buckland
Isabella Buckland - 4 days ago
This was the funniest fucking thing I’ve ever watched
Laureen - 4 days ago
69K likes? Nice!
Radfan Alshuaibi
Radfan Alshuaibi - 5 days ago
Is he swearing lmao
Yung ecliptic
Yung ecliptic - 5 days ago
Harry Potter
Griffin Harty
Griffin Harty - 6 days ago
Hey Collin
Nikki L
Nikki L - 6 days ago
seth is my god
Michael Gowin
Michael Gowin - 6 days ago
Seth sent me
Zain mokal
Zain mokal - 7 days ago
Jacob Morga
Jacob Morga - 8 days ago
My gradma could jump over that fence better
DarthKnight - 8 days ago
Yo i liked and subed on tons of accounts
Jackie Michaelis
Jackie Michaelis - 9 days ago
Thewis3rd - 9 days ago
is it just me or does ryans ear look really purple at 5:30
Mood Ahmed
Mood Ahmed - 9 days ago
Seth sent me
tea yeah
tea yeah - 9 days ago
I swear he looks like young David Dobrik
Vikkilikki - 10 days ago
5:38 Next time, can you use a little less realistic sound? I am a little creeped out.(I am wearing a headset)
Riley Kidd
Riley Kidd - 10 days ago
Police- 'GO IN'
Seth- 'i cant'
Police- 'WHY'
Seth- 'the door isnt open all the way
"all the mics drop"
Skyler Poll
Skyler Poll - 11 days ago
Seth sent me
Lil Thug
Lil Thug - 11 days ago
When Ryan is the one white guy that gets red when he laughs.
Matty Boi
Matty Boi - 12 days ago
Did anyone else think someone was knocking at their door at 5:38
Philly Addis
Philly Addis - 13 days ago
Is it just me or every time Ryan plays his knocking sound I think someone is at my bedroom door?
Bun Bun
Bun Bun - 13 days ago
*Mrs.Puff got an ass though*
AJ Holmberg
AJ Holmberg - 14 days ago
Seth Harrison
Seth Harrison - 16 days ago
My name is seth but not bad seth😑
Seth Bowen
Seth Bowen - 16 days ago
My name is seth
Luke Bevington
Luke Bevington - 17 days ago
You guys think the merch is sold out yet
ReflectStorm - 17 days ago
Seth: I like to do parkour
Also Seth:while running uhn uhn
L L - 18 days ago
I thought that knock was real cuz of the AirPods
Michael Peterson
Michael Peterson - 18 days ago
This vid is suppppppppper funny
Satan spelled with an AK47
So I banged his mom
Satan spelled with an AK47
Mine is 147
Charlie Corbett
Charlie Corbett - 18 days ago
5:35 with headphones got the shit scared out of me
Ice Goldyyy
Ice Goldyyy - 22 days ago
The people who disliked this vid are the nerds who can never be savage like Seth
gamer dude
gamer dude - 22 days ago
gamerdude of Shadow fight 2
HoneyRose - 22 days ago
When I saw this kid I immediately thought borderline personality disorder. Constant boredom, risky behaviors (parkour), easily angered (throwing things at teachers). Even he looks at his own life as a joke. Hes not even scared to face the prisoners it's more like entertainment for him. Crazy.
Seth Redshaw
Seth Redshaw - 23 days ago
I’m scared my name is Seth I did not know I went to prison I also I didn’t know I lived in America 😂
Eli Waller
Eli Waller - 23 days ago
Y’all talk way to much
Google Sings
Google Sings - 23 days ago
Tell me he don't look like jeffre star sometimes
Patrick D
Patrick D - 24 days ago
New favorite youtuber
O Odonnell
O Odonnell - 24 days ago
I had really high hopes and the first. Thing he did was wanna dem shity ass summersalts
Me Me
Me Me - 24 days ago
Next videos