Extraction | Official Trailer | Screenplay by JOE RUSSO Directed by SAM HARGRAVE | Netflix

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reset cels
reset cels - 8 hours ago
Puto netculo nos quitaron la cuenta no se los recomiendo este 2020
Ederson Eduardo Vitals dos Santos
Netflix por favor coloca Naruto Shippunden completo para todos assistirem ele todo e os filmes se possível por favor
toniodotcom - 9 hours ago
By the sepia colored directors of Avengers.
bønnie games produções 2
Alras Hessen
Alras Hessen - 16 hours ago
أبغى اشوفو كامل
classy senior
classy senior - 16 hours ago
dare devil
dare devil - 17 hours ago
This 1 seems interesting.....👌
Billy Blazkowicz
Billy Blazkowicz - 18 hours ago
0:06 Thor trying to meditate and become a Thor-Aquaman.
it just sammy
it just sammy - 21 hour ago
CHKDG8 - Day ago
The trailer was horrendous. The film on the other hand was sheer cinematic brilliance.
Bern Peñaflor
Bern Peñaflor - Day ago
took me long to realize Hemsworth's introduction scene in this movie (the cliff dive) was actually a meme brought to the big screen
abut game
abut game - Day ago
確かに GJ
Bava tharani
Bava tharani - Day ago
There is no harry potter series ....
Walk Talk
Walk Talk - Day ago
who is the idiot of direct this movie? it's damaging to realistic because of Indians not suitable for Hollywood movies. this movie is failed. bollywood and hollywood not blending.
03 AI
03 AI - Day ago
Imagine this director and Tom Cruise working together in Mission Impossible.
mrcannotfindaname - Day ago
Just get him his hammer and the film will end in 1 min.
03 AI
03 AI - Day ago
I was surprised that Hopper was in Bangladesh, not Russia.
Pranav Mp
Pranav Mp - Day ago
Plz release sex education season 3 as fast as u can...... waitin for maive and otis to be together..... 😍
Yasir Yamin
Yasir Yamin - Day ago
Good movie! Thumbs up for Chris Hemsworth for both co producing and acting in such a nice movie!! It would have been much better if the actual co-artists and locations were from Dhaka and in Dhaka!!! Some natives like me definately missed the accent, people and sites!!!! Special thanks to Russo's, Netflix and others.
Dino Nuggets
Dino Nuggets - Day ago
Sad New
Sad New - Day ago
Just watched the movie, forget the yellow filter but it's scary to live out there in real life
Shabin diwali
Shabin diwali - Day ago
damm man i just saw this movie and it blow my mind what a action better than a old extraction i buy the second ticket and watched again yeah god go crazy
Monique Carvalho
Monique Carvalho - Day ago
I loooved the movie! For more action movies like this
Sport wonders
Sport wonders - Day ago
Thor master plan😄😄😄😄
Bessie - Day ago
Why Alt-J
jax ws
jax ws - Day ago
At the end of the movie, does the boy sees Tyler?
jax ws
jax ws - Day ago
This Movie is Ahead of its time, well directed and played. one of the Best Movies for sure !
Uriel Velasco
Uriel Velasco - Day ago
I need Watch series marco polo is great it!!! Please 3er season!!!
Bloody guothapocalypse
Bonjour nexfli.
Serait t'il possible de nous mettre des vieux dessins animés de Disney, comme Cendrillon,blanche neige.
Et tous les Harry Potter.
Merci beaucoup.
J'adore votre contenus.
হিমু কাব্য
Director may be Don't HAVE any kinds knowledge about Bangladesh 😂Bangledesh is a evergreen country .But In movie extraction Bangldesh look like a hepatitis patients ...😂😂😂😂😂
nazifa rahman
nazifa rahman - Day ago
Who is from Bangladesh?
Rodrigo Fernandes
Rodrigo Fernandes - Day ago
Netflix...where is the season 2 of Messiah? it is not possible that you guys produce a bunch of things that didn´t add that much to our lives and when you hit a homerun show, you just cancel it....Messiah has a lot of pontential and a lot of stories to be told...please reconsider this decision.
1,000 subscribers with videos??
If you’re thinking about paying for Netflix I honestly don’t recommend it Hulu is much better it has live tv more shows and a much lower price and if you don’t want hulu there’s also this website called afdah where you can find almost every movie you can think of and it’s absolutely free just like youtube
Kushal Singh
Kushal Singh - 15 hours ago
Not paying for it so that the producers don't get profit and then eventually stop making movies
Jad M11
Jad M11 - Day ago
Watching the movie feels like I'm playing PUBG
lmaon - Day ago
I was just wishing he’d just call his hammer
world cup highlights
world cup highlights - 2 days ago
Is this movie worth watching or not?
-GaChA -JuG
-GaChA -JuG - 2 days ago
ι ℓσνє тнιѕ мσνιє ι'м α∂∂ι¢тє∂ тσ ιт ι ʝυѕт ωαт¢нє∂ ιт ιт'ѕ ѕυρααα иι¢є σνι ιѕ ¢яуιиg в¢ туℓєя ∂ιє∂ ιи тнє єи∂ αм ι яιgнт?
Naresh kumar
Naresh kumar - 2 days ago
Great movie & great cinematography ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
fromgentorev - 2 days ago
CHRIS HEMSWORTH does excellent work. The whole cast did great. Already on my 3rd viewing it's done so well.
It hit me when the bad guy turned good guy just trying to deliver the kid and survive to return home to his wife and kid only to take one to the dome - I jumped up and yelled NOOOOOO!! - Bruh!
Freezy V
Freezy V - 2 days ago
Alt-J song in the trailer *_*
Hussien Alsafi
Hussien Alsafi - 2 days ago
Mst Jibonnahar
Mst Jibonnahar - 2 days ago
Guys ,though I am Indian, i am saying that it's a conspiracy against Bangladesh and it's not Dhaka's or Bangladesh's real scene. It's India's slum area in Kolkata city. They're trying to misconduct Bangladesh in front of the world.
kay illa
kay illa - 2 days ago
This movie sucked. Could've been way shorter and the story sucks.
fromgentorev - Day ago
So, you didn't watch it then.
Eren İşleyen
Eren İşleyen - 2 days ago
Ashdaq Muneeb
Ashdaq Muneeb - 2 days ago
Great cast but one of the worst movies I've ever seen .
Thor - 3 days ago
Love seeing movies in these foreign locations we in the West don't see very often!
Mavi the itlog
Mavi the itlog - 3 days ago
He looks like of Alex of Call of Duty
Tropical Aussie
Tropical Aussie - 3 days ago
GREAT movie! What made it even better was the most useless ever Indian & Pakistan forces in the world. LOL
Sagnik Rana
Sagnik Rana - 3 days ago
Randeep & Chris ❤️❤️
LevelVirtual V 71
LevelVirtual V 71 - 3 days ago
Give quickly this movie, i am exited, 😍😍
ROTATION !!! - 3 days ago
This movie is Actually very good! But I swear Bangladesh is not That Yellow 😂
It's fuckin greener than hulk lol
Rajasegaran Raju
Rajasegaran Raju - 3 days ago
Really awesome movie.. Thumb up👍
Musfi Qur Rahman Mahi
Musfi Qur Rahman Mahi - 3 days ago
I don't have any Netflix account..
So, I can't see this movie..
Hiw can I see this movie??
Hamaas Mahmood
Hamaas Mahmood - 14 hours ago
Get a netflix account thenn
mark anthony gading
mark anthony gading - 3 days ago
just saw this two weeks ago.. This movie is so intense especially when chris fighting those special forces in the apartment scene!
Akshitha Malle
Akshitha Malle - 3 days ago
i've heard that chris hemsworth loves india...glad that he did a movie here....
love ya chris....!!!!
M Adeel Razzaq
M Adeel Razzaq - 3 days ago
One of the best action movie
elis xhabet
elis xhabet - 3 days ago
"You don't drown falling into the river. You drown staying submerged in it", Ovi said to Tyler Rake.
You read a good book Ovi, i just hope u can be the Next Tyler or next Saju. It must be very cool.
Love both of them !!!
Lane Bristow
Lane Bristow - 3 days ago
So the SJWs have labelled this seriously bad-ass film "a problematic white savior narrative." I sincerely apologize, as obviously they are chomping at the bit to forgive the people whom they criticize. But the problem is ... we can only make so many movies where Chris Hemsworth and Mark Wahlberg and Chris Pratt and all the other great white action stars only save the homogeneous populations of Sweden and Scandinavia.
Sushant Rathor
Sushant Rathor - 4 days ago
vishnu - 4 days ago
Brad Dugaillard
Brad Dugaillard - 4 days ago
Why can't Thor stretch out his hands for his hammer....... ohh shit this is not Marvel
AmenPreacher - 4 days ago
Well i dont complain about the yellow filter it gives a warm feelling onto it, and i really love indian people im not even indian but i love them, they are like japanese keeping an eye to the future and another from the past
s s
s s - 4 days ago
I just find out Bangladesh is yellow.
Jimmy Rocks
Jimmy Rocks - 4 days ago
A new level of action movies , chris is so fit in soldier movies ......its like john Wick of australia
goldenultra - 4 days ago
A very good film, watching it again
mnz337 - 4 days ago
only 2 frame for Randeep Hooda,,,,
its unfair dude....
novel live Channel
novel live Channel - 4 days ago
nice movie
Maria Rochelle Baliña
Maria Rochelle Baliña - 4 days ago
Rizal Rhamdhan
Rizal Rhamdhan - 4 days ago
so this is the Thor Wick they talking about
Souls Noble
Souls Noble - 4 days ago
Bilal Iqbal
Bilal Iqbal - 4 days ago
Please Stranger things season 4 release date
Junior Costa
Junior Costa - 4 days ago
rilakkuma e kaoru season 2
Nat Spencer
Nat Spencer - 4 days ago
this film moved me so much, not just the violence but the relationship he had with the boy. ahhh> i love this film so much
Priyanka Bhati
Priyanka Bhati - 4 days ago
Woooow I can't get over this movie .. Such a MASTERPIECE ...
Waiting for the part 2
Justinbrucelee - 4 days ago
Nik Fury
fromgentorev - Day ago
Haha nice!!! Kinda crushing on her 😍
Queenofpunt3000 - 4 days ago
I hate movies like this where the white guy thinks he superior to the other human beings and tries to save the planet 👎🏽🤮😡
fromgentorev - Day ago
You are racist.
MASUD Rana - 4 days ago
Bangladeshi's : when Bangladesh is on mars it looks just like this😑😑
neil nelson
neil nelson - 4 days ago
One of my best action movies this year. I was tired of the typical American movies with no originality. I love when directors move outside their comfort zones and try new locations and narratives. My best part: loved the way those Bangladesh soldiers fight, totally original and entertaining.
Aleksandra Milic
Aleksandra Milic - 4 days ago
Film je fenomenalan! Vredi izgubljenog vremena!
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