Marvel’s Avengers: A-Day | Official Trailer E3 2019

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MrPainBro - Hour ago
Wish they looked like the movie characters... but other then that, THIS LOOKS WICKED!
Dj Starlight
Dj Starlight - Hour ago
DC is better. It came out first and marvel have just copied them. If u don’t notice that then ure crazy.
Mrashiaap -Creative Destruction
Rip peoples that died in the bridge
LavaDuck - 4 hours ago
They shod have been voiced by the real actors
hit like
hit like - 4 hours ago
I love Tony Stark 3000 times
Dylan Wilhelm
Dylan Wilhelm - 4 hours ago
90% of the people before clicking : OMG A NEW MOVIE
Incredible World
Incredible World - 4 hours ago
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Rs Yadav
Rs Yadav - 4 hours ago
You have t make a movie on thanos
Trevor McCormick
Trevor McCormick - 5 hours ago
The main antagonists might be the organization known as A.I.M. because Taskmaster and Abomination have worked for A.I.M. before. Ultimo is the big robot at the end.
Marco Andrade
Marco Andrade - 5 hours ago
1:37 Taskmaster?!
Jmoney Beats
Jmoney Beats - 5 hours ago
You guys better pull it off
Hudson - 6 hours ago
Why does tony sound like cayde-6
TheOrangeCreeper - 6 hours ago
And of course it's only going to be on PS4 first.
Incredible World
Incredible World - 6 hours ago
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Gordon Tubbs
Gordon Tubbs - 8 hours ago
These characters look more like their comic book versions.
300 likes with no vids challenge
I'm hoping there will be thanos
EndyRambar ‘
EndyRambar ‘ - 8 hours ago
Am I the only one who gets ow vibes here?
“Some called them murderers”
“They even called us criminals”
They get back together years after a devastating loss (Venice incident)
Even the soundtracks
E - 10 hours ago
I like it to be honest!
Rayna Pelletier
Rayna Pelletier - 12 hours ago
tyrekd2004 d
tyrekd2004 d - 12 hours ago
Black widow is a man
G0at Fate
G0at Fate - 12 hours ago
Where is the gameplay marvel?
IPlayGamez - 13 hours ago
Looks at cap die
Aaron R.
Aaron R. - 14 hours ago
Hulk planet :(
Giffica - 14 hours ago
This looks horrible, who thought this looked good for release? This is going to be an absolute train-wreck.
Ritwik Srivastava
Ritwik Srivastava - 15 hours ago
I just don't want to watch this anymore..but I don't think I can
nemsis turboverdirve
nemsis turboverdirve - 15 hours ago
Why is dead pool-nathin drake voicing iron man.
We already have a preferct iron man voice actor eric loomis did he just quiet being iron man or did square just forgot about him for easy noticeable voice actor that could just re use over and over
He Who
He Who - 15 hours ago
I’m so excited
Electryboy - 16 hours ago
in the 2:58 reminds me a part of the soundtrack from civil war
Jvlio Cesar
Jvlio Cesar - 16 hours ago
Marvel Future Fight all cinematics is better!!!
Rifki nasrukhin
Rifki nasrukhin - 16 hours ago
please make movie cartoon ben 10 (teen) to real movie....
Unicorn Vomit
Unicorn Vomit - 17 hours ago
they really just killed him off in the trailer
tiMSta - 18 hours ago
so its the asian iron man or what
Max Winkler
Max Winkler - 18 hours ago
Imagine Thanos being in the game
Max Winkler
Max Winkler - 18 hours ago
Square Enix: Cap dies, Ironman lives
Cap: Am I a joke to you?
kimeikato - 18 hours ago
LOL stan death all cry your grandma death no one cry XD 😂😂😂 and some people comand give 1 like to bring stan back why not give 1 like for your grandma back to life😂😂😂😂 fking funny
Dontrel - 18 hours ago
will this be on xbox
elijah kawesa
elijah kawesa - 18 hours ago
The thing that annoys me is the fact they didn't use the real actors
Mr & Mrs khan
Mr & Mrs khan - 19 hours ago
whats this..can anybody xplain me?
NxahStevan -roblox&more
NxahStevan -roblox&more - 19 hours ago

 - 20 hours ago
нубмастер69 потом всех выебет
Sharky Playz
Sharky Playz - 20 hours ago
They all look and sound soooooo bad
Liam_701 - 21 hour ago
this better be on PC not just another PS4 exclusive
Fortnite streamer Ok
Fortnite streamer Ok - 22 hours ago
Endgame ending iron man died and Im mad
Héctor .G.C
Héctor .G.C - 23 hours ago
Someone likes the death of the cap
Francisco Polanco
Francisco Polanco - 23 hours ago
ZakoJ Gaming
ZakoJ Gaming - 23 hours ago
NK Fireknight
NK Fireknight - 23 hours ago
Where is hawkeye
He is my fav
lucas empressa
lucas empressa - Day ago
Did we deserve such avengers in 2020??
MovieFanZ - Day ago
Action looks cool. Characters do not look good
LYNX Swifty
LYNX Swifty - Day ago
Well, at least hulk looks good 😂
emielaen - Day ago
people are excited about this? I get that's Avengers is popular, but this looks pretty bland. Cliche dialogue, meh graphics (so far). The costumes being customizable (or so i read) is cool though
tnt clasher
tnt clasher - Day ago
What kf noobmaster69 was all because of this 😒 😒
ClarkGamingPlays - Day ago
Guys, the characters don't look bad, they look nice, it's just that we are too used on how MCU characters look. This game made their own design for the characters, and didn't base the characters off the MCU. Also, like I said, this game isn't based on the MCU, and Hawkeye is not involved cuz they didn't intend this game to be The Avengers: Movie Video Game.
caire heath
caire heath - Day ago
I like but dont like it why did the best avenger had to die captain america and weres Clint Hawkeye
MONSTER743 - Day ago
If this is anything like like Marvel’s Spider-Man, this is gonna be epic.
Do you remember Unlistedshredder
Spider-Man DLC?
Dustyn Proctor
Dustyn Proctor - Day ago
Who gives a crap if they don't look like the avengers in the movies it's a game about the avengers you should be excited about that not pissed off that the characters don't look like the ones from the movies.
J'Hue Casey
J'Hue Casey - Day ago
That is probably the worst Captain America suit design I've ever seen.
Epic Player Creator
Why does everyone keep reusing the same phrases in chat? It’s drying out the joke.
ŠËVËÑ - Day ago
cloow gonzalez
cloow gonzalez - Day ago
speed Demon
speed Demon - Day ago
Wait wasn't agent Coulson and Hawkeye mind controlled by loke in the first Avengers movie seems perfectly reasonable for neither of them to start as heroes maybe minibosses then heroes
Hyperion - Day ago
Everyone just needs to stop complaining and appreciate the fact that we are getting an avengers game
Marcus Kane
Marcus Kane - 23 hours ago
Noone asked for a trash game to begin with.
T!ME - Day ago
Just gonna make a prediction that Cap is the villain, just a theory though.
Kiki Haitatsu
Kiki Haitatsu - Day ago
Hulk in plane
DP: Super hero landing, super hero landing. Yassss
Nobody Unknown
Nobody Unknown - Day ago
I just really don't see the logic behind this game. An emotional story arc with generic versions of the Avengers right after Endgame just came out? Everything just feels so watered down and unearned. If you're going to make an Avengers game you can't make it closely resemble the MCU. It needs to be a fresh take i.e. a different lineup than the 2012 Avengers movie..
PlayerBlu - Day ago
Terry Taylor
Terry Taylor - Day ago
Coming out next year but its gon be off the hook!
Lil Quest
Lil Quest - Day ago
Hulk sees black widow: HULK SM- wait nevermind she be lookin like lord farquaad
Ast vom Baum
Ast vom Baum - Day ago
Whats even black widows super power
Darque Robinson
Darque Robinson - 11 hours ago
nothing lol
AluTheHungryGhost - 21 hour ago
In main continuity she was given Russian super soldier formula. She’s basically a weaker Captain America with agility feats and spy skills. She actually doesn’t do big fights in the comics. She’s more of “ infiltrate/sabotage/kill silently” character. The movies did it differently.
Rishabh Suthar
Rishabh Suthar - Day ago
Ghazy Alsharief
Ghazy Alsharief - Day ago
Finally cayde is an avenger
300 subscribers without videos?
M a y 2 0 2 0
VVS Praveen
VVS Praveen - Day ago
Cap and thor looks so weird
Jonathan Denk
Jonathan Denk - Day ago
Why the hell would you take away captain America. I already lost black widow and iron man 😢😠
DrugsR4thugs - Day ago
"I think the Avengers are doing something on the west coast right now"
alexcrack 1968
alexcrack 1968 - Day ago
I dont the style of captain america and hair of tony stark we have edition of movies we will have editiln of a game
koralite - Day ago
how many shirts did hulk tear?
Harry Nguyen
Harry Nguyen - Day ago
the animation looks really clunky
Harry Nguyen
Harry Nguyen - Day ago
@Harry the cat yeah I hope they polish that
Harry the cat
Harry the cat - Day ago
Well, it doesn't look terrible and it's still a whole year before the game comes out.
Toroti Elegbede
Toroti Elegbede - Day ago
Soldier: Shi-
Hulk: This is a Christian friendly server
Epic Player Creator
Toroti Elegbede decomposed meme
It'sCady - Day ago
Where are the other Avengers? Hawkeye? Falcon? Vision? Scarlet Witch?
Noob Gaming & Animation's
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danilo darial
danilo darial - Day ago
Dessa vez o Thanos foi longe de mais... kkkkkkk
Marcus Borgella
Marcus Borgella - Day ago
Why they did Captain America like that?🤦🏽‍♂️
Delon Gaming
Delon Gaming - Day ago
This looks like spider Man PS4 was this what the avengers were doing during the spider Man fiasco
DoKToR Joshua
DoKToR Joshua - Day ago
Iron man dies in endgame
WarN Peace
WarN Peace - Day ago
I mean Nat is still thicc. They got one thing right lmao
Patryk Balicki
Patryk Balicki - Day ago
In Marvel's Spiderman(ps4) if you visit avengers Tower Peter will say that Avengers are on west coast :D
#Gaming Company
#Gaming Company - Day ago
The cap will die or not
Kobe Lorenzo Lamento
no hate but voice acting and character models are kinda off... Also noticed that thor is like a living stove lmao
Harry the cat
Harry the cat - Day ago
Plus, it's still a year before the game actually comes out
spider wolf
spider wolf - Day ago
This isn't based on the mcu so that's why they don't have the mcu actors
Atrm1353 - Day ago
Is it just me, or does Thor look like Hank from Detroit become human?
Lumimancer - Day ago
cloud poppin out as dlc
Sleekgeek 36
Sleekgeek 36 - Day ago
*I come to bargain...*
Evan Hampton
Evan Hampton - Day ago
Why does cap sound Russian
dieuhung banh
dieuhung banh - Day ago
The game looks good but the character model looks weird,and where's clint
dieuhung banh
dieuhung banh - Day ago
@spider wolf oh ok thanks for the update
spider wolf
spider wolf - Day ago
They said for Hawkeye fans to stay tuned so he's gonna be in there either in the base game or as post launch content (which is free)
dieuhung banh
dieuhung banh - Day ago
@spider wolf i dont think they will put him in the game
spider wolf
spider wolf - Day ago
I assume they don't want to reveal clints design yet
Josh Berrier
Josh Berrier - Day ago
nigel berkes m.
nigel berkes m. - Day ago
The team who worked on the character design did not get paid enough because they look horrible.Not even looking a little like the actors
spider wolf
spider wolf - Day ago
This isn't based on the mcu dude and by release they will look better
Goku Jr
Goku Jr - Day ago
No open world? No Hawkeye? Trash.
spider wolf
spider wolf - Day ago
There will be open world and hawkeye but the open world will be split across multiple different hub like aread
McKenna Ryan
McKenna Ryan - Day ago
This isn’t even our beloved avengers... even tho it’s a game
V Okami
V Okami - 2 days ago
Very bad thor outfit & face😏
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