Delusional Owner Thinks He Gets The Same Produce As The White House | Kitchen Nightmares

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Unholy-Soil - 11 hours ago
Chef Mike is in charge again... BEEP BEEP BEEP
ROLINSON GUNTAN - 11 hours ago
Learned a lot by watching kitchen nightmares!!
Mighty Grogging Swagger
Mighty Grogging Swagger - 14 hours ago
I love how Gordon can 180 from being serious as any businessman to playing funeral with the waiters over a "dead" cake. He is adorable and terrifying
jeff 194
jeff 194 - 14 hours ago
Random guy : Open a Restaurant
Gordon : im about to end this Restaurant whole Career
Steven Reed
Steven Reed - 16 hours ago
“Who does think he is handing me raw food in my dining room”
Gordon Ramsey “hold my beer while I hand you a reality check”
Wiijimmy - 20 hours ago
"can you see my rim" HAHAHAHAHAHA
Lisa Kennedy
Lisa Kennedy - Day ago
Little petite carrots
Thomas L
Thomas L - Day ago
One of the chefs cooking the food is so fat and sweaty if I seen him cooking my food I would fucking spew my guts up and run a mile
Chad Higgins
Chad Higgins - Day ago
Those same carrot go to the White House
Me: Are you sure about that
jerson tual
jerson tual - Day ago
Like this episode..👍👍👍
not theodore
not theodore - 2 days ago
Joe died right?
Gaibriel Simpson
Gaibriel Simpson - 2 days ago
Freshest hands down (as they pull food out of a freezer and put it into a microwave)
La ine
La ine - 3 days ago
Nobody :
Not even a single soul :
Gordon : *WOW*
Martin Tan
Martin Tan - 3 days ago
Mmm, by observation, Ramsay actually is a nice person, it's just that even he himself wouldn't dare let Nice Ramsay get in the way of culinary excellence.
anj - 3 days ago
i dont know if anyone notices but when gordon critics the food, he whispers.
Sanchez Garcia
Sanchez Garcia - 4 days ago
He always flirts with the waiting staff haha. But tbf they always tend to be hot
Louise Hadri
Louise Hadri - 4 days ago
I'm french and I just don't understand why no restaurants in kitchen nightmare can cook an onion soup right. I know they're not supposed to be good restaurants, but seriously, onion soup is basically just ONION AND WATER FOR GOD'S SAKE
Fuck fort play overwatch !
Lol burek
Isa the Rebel
Isa the Rebel - 4 days ago
2:59 That stare though
Jayson Ablaza
Jayson Ablaza - 4 days ago
is that a 5 stars resto? if not what do you expect?
Jean Pablo Twice
Jean Pablo Twice - 4 days ago
What a fucking clickbait
Lit U
Lit U - 4 days ago
Jeez. That owner is so full of himself it makes me sick 🤢
I mean, Gordon Ramsay one of the best chefs in the world has come to your restaurant to help your business and you laugh at home and tell him that ‘I’m perfect and to frick off?!’
It makes me cringe...
MCsky0girl 23
MCsky0girl 23 - 4 days ago
He is mad because Gordon didn’t know what the little carrots were for and gave them to him. 🤦‍♀️
Kristina - 5 days ago
Don't know what funnier, the show or the comment section
Maud Carter
Maud Carter - 5 days ago
Gordon is hilarious 😂😂 Joe is an ignoramus 🙄
crazycool1128 - 5 days ago
those carrots are more well-traveled than me
Street 87 VL
Street 87 VL - 5 days ago
None of you will know what it is like to eat fresh food, unless you go kill a cow or whatever the fuck and cook that day, that's fresh.
Blaa Blaa
Blaa Blaa - 6 days ago
4:56 I died
Blaa Blaa
Blaa Blaa - 6 days ago
3:40 why would you be intimidated he is there to help you you dimwit
Julie Burton
Julie Burton - 6 days ago
those SAME carrots must be mighty mouldy after all those Travels
Broken Pieces
Broken Pieces - 6 days ago
I love Ramsay in scenes like this because he’s so nice
Broken Pieces
Broken Pieces - 6 days ago
Bill looks a bit like Matt Damon.
Ben Dumais
Ben Dumais - 6 days ago
He’s always making pretty ladies giggle around lol. Gordans a ladies man
Vincent Roche
Vincent Roche - 7 days ago
What's wrong with handing a member of staff something?
roshan poudel
roshan poudel - 8 days ago
I love the editors😂😂
Ivan Bunting
Ivan Bunting - 8 days ago
Would love to see Gordon make this retard bob for chips in the deep fryer.
Ramsey is so respectable to the waiters
Mcchicken Fried12
Mcchicken Fried12 - 9 days ago
The owner said "don't hand me raw food in my dining room" although he was the one to hand it to Gordon
Fazlur - 10 days ago
I wouldn’t come near the shitty ‘soup’
Axel Gustafsson
Axel Gustafsson - 10 days ago
4:31 Joe trying to imitate Gordon: "What in the bloody world would you put carrots on a puff pastry, why would you do that??"
Also Joe: *Laughs like a villain in an anime for his further plan to deceive Gordon*
Thank God Gordon didn't eat the carrot and pastry then, he might have gotten poisoned.
Coffee Pot Productions
Coffee Pot Productions - 10 days ago
fucking garnish micro garnish carrot was on his garnish
Chris S
Chris S - 10 days ago
Fucking arrogant
CrappyPatty - 10 days ago
Well, it may be true now that trump is in the white house, he only wants hamberders and fast food
shan l-/
shan l-/ - 11 days ago
“this food is the freshest, hands down”
microwave: I’m about to end this whole mans career
Juno Schäfer
Juno Schäfer - 11 days ago
I don't think these little carrots were the main problem. They just added a little garnish to the main problem.
Celine DG
Celine DG - 11 days ago
He’s being purposely rude by displaying the raw carrot over the top even chuckling about how Ramsay would point out raw meat really is dangerous when Ramsay has been nothing but Kind
Account 1
Account 1 - 11 days ago
Gordon only screams when it’s necessary. If they don’t need to be shouted at, he won’t shout at them.
Matt and Ro
Matt and Ro - 11 days ago
Account 1 yeah he’s firm but fair
Roxpie Gaming
Roxpie Gaming - 12 days ago
I should have been sleeping 2h ago and i cannot stop watching this kitchen nightmares videos! somebody help me!
xoxoJGWS - 8 days ago
HE MAN -MEME CRAFTER - 11 days ago
Smash ur phone bruh
Rigby Blanche
Rigby Blanche - 12 days ago
*"Don't hand me raw food in my dining room"*
Says the guy who literally served raw micro carrots
TurboAalgaEntertainment - 12 days ago
"what does he know?"
I don't know, i think he's clueless. Earned millions of tv and food for no reason at all, just a bit of luck i guess..
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