GIANT Twix Made Of Cake! | Shortbread, Caramel, Chocolate Layers | How To Cake It

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How To Cake It
How To Cake It - Month ago
Crunchy cookie. Smooth caramel. Creamy chocolate. AND sweet vanilla cake. Twice. And GIANT. 🤪I caked up two massive twix bars and boooy were they delicious!! Okay now please help me settle the debate in the comments... what is a single TWIX called?!!? Is it just Twix or is it TWIK like Orhan said???? 👇🏽

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Pablo Joel Aban
Pablo Joel Aban - 13 days ago
I think it's TWIXses
Random Random
Random Random - 13 days ago
Twix bar
Lucas C.
Lucas C. - 26 days ago
I will pay $100 for one of these Twix cakes
Kari • Belson
Kari • Belson - Month ago
I think the plural is TWIXI.
#PusheenLoverGirl - Month ago
'Tis a TWIX
Rebekah Korzilius
Rebekah Korzilius - 9 hours ago
Google said the plural version is Twixes.
Melody :}
Melody :} - Day ago
Hailey Gay
Hailey Gay - Day ago
It’s Twix no matter what
Janessa Rodriguez
Janessa Rodriguez - 3 days ago
This video was made on my Birthday 😊
Debra Kozak
Debra Kozak - 3 days ago
twix is my favorite cany bar too!!!!!!
iRooke - 3 days ago
I can't have dairy so I don't know what Twix tastes like
Amba Grant
Amba Grant - 4 days ago
did anyone else know that TWIX = twin biscuit sticks 🤯🤯🤯
Tye'Jay Sanders
Tye'Jay Sanders - 4 days ago
Can you do a cookies and cream twix pleaseeee🤧
Chamee Walker
Chamee Walker - 4 days ago
I have a question. How do you think this would work with gluten free flour. My daughter wants this cake for her birthday next week but we have not had good luck with gluten free cakes or cookies. Any suggestions please...
Yoseph Gottfried
Yoseph Gottfried - 5 days ago
Twix bar=singular Twix bars=plural
Paki Carter
Paki Carter - 5 days ago
That was super satisfying to watch !😩😍 Love your videos !
Sofia tures
Sofia tures - 6 days ago
Lining knife with plastic or parchment paper really helps when you want to cut sticky caramel
Quentin Newsome
Quentin Newsome - 6 days ago
You know what
I think the fun size Twix bars should be the size of Yolanda’s cake

Because it’s not fun for only two bites per bar
Selma Pfleging
Selma Pfleging - 7 days ago
orhan is the reason i watch how to cake it
Delia Sandu
Delia Sandu - 7 days ago
Fun fact: no one watching actually makes this
Grace P
Grace P - 8 days ago
its Twix no matter what
Milla Korneski
Milla Korneski - 8 days ago
She stroung and she cool to if you know we're that's from leave a like
R Esterlin
R Esterlin - 8 days ago
Suman Ahuja
Suman Ahuja - 9 days ago
It is TWIX
Emma Butler
Emma Butler - 10 days ago
this channel keeps me in a constant state of hunger
chloe mcqueen
chloe mcqueen - 11 days ago
Xiahne Wright
Xiahne Wright - 12 days ago
Twix is like the Ikea debate
Madason Shelford
Madason Shelford - 12 days ago
I don't like how you talk to much
Charlotte Robinson
Charlotte Robinson - 12 days ago
Cookies are Yummy
Cookies are Yummy - 12 days ago
Yummy like a cookie
Escaping Swedes
Escaping Swedes - 12 days ago
Love all of your vids! Just curious as to why u melted caramels and not made ur own caramel for this cake?
Alexandra Norris
Alexandra Norris - 12 days ago
Can I have one?
Taejyah Lego
Taejyah Lego - 12 days ago
What do you do with the leftover cake and fondont???
Adventure time
Adventure time - 13 days ago
I would eat the extra caramel🤤
babygirl Milligan
babygirl Milligan - 13 days ago
Are you and horon dating
Lisa Eastmond
Lisa Eastmond - 13 days ago
I think it is twix no matter if it is singular or plural
Random Random
Random Random - 13 days ago
I'd prefer calling them Twix bars
Vaidehi Goyal
Vaidehi Goyal - 13 days ago
Make a CREPE CAKE CAKE ! Please
Flo felts
Flo felts - 13 days ago
11:28 guilty as charged
Jasper Andrew
Jasper Andrew - 13 days ago
I will happily eat the leftovers
Rose Livingston
Rose Livingston - 15 days ago
Twix candy bar
Laura Schafer
Laura Schafer - 16 days ago
Sunny Bunny*
Sunny Bunny* - 16 days ago
It's Twixes, just like how more than one fox is foxes
Evie Powell
Evie Powell - 17 days ago
the plural for twix is twix no mater what
Leah Leonard
Leah Leonard - 18 days ago
if its plural or not it is twix
Mikaela Fortunata Addams
Mikaela Fortunata Addams - 18 days ago
I prefer Mars bars but this cake seems SOOO good
Girl Cave Gaming
Girl Cave Gaming - 19 days ago
Haley Harp
Haley Harp - 19 days ago
Janina Haman
Janina Haman - 19 days ago
twix is twix and it never was and it'll never be twik
Kenzie's Gacha
Kenzie's Gacha - 20 days ago
I LOVE TWIX!!!!!!!
mcclain3661 - 20 days ago
soooooooooooooooooooooooo good
Lexi Seiboth
Lexi Seiboth - 20 days ago
Looks sooo goood
Natalie Cruz
Natalie Cruz - 20 days ago
it looks so delicious ummm
Ella and Cora EC
Ella and Cora EC - 20 days ago
I think that no matter what, you say it as "Twix"
singular, and plural
Mariem Ngom
Mariem Ngom - 20 days ago
Hey Yo. I looked it up. The plural of Twix is twixes.
Reacher558 - 21 day ago
i am definitely calling it a twick now lol
sarah thomas
sarah thomas - 22 days ago
When you buy the fun size twix it’s one finger so it’s still a twix 🙄
BlackFiresong - 22 days ago
One Twix, two Twixes!
Tonya A
Tonya A - 23 days ago
Looks yummy
Tommy Kaden
Tommy Kaden - 23 days ago
The things you can do with cake will never cease to amaze me.
Jake The dog
Jake The dog - 23 days ago
I think that one twix is called a twix
Sindi Buthelezi
Sindi Buthelezi - 23 days ago
i think you are rite but the man is rite if there was one
it was ment to be TWIX if the were two it was mant to be TWIXS
Coty Morehouse
Coty Morehouse - 24 days ago
Hi my name is Brandi Pearl pearl of twix is just twix.
Gretchen Vosburgh
Gretchen Vosburgh - 24 days ago
Would love to see a vegan how to cake it! 💕
Utasha King
Utasha King - 25 days ago
Twix not twixes or twixs
Jazmariah Rivera
Jazmariah Rivera - 25 days ago
I say Twix Bars when I mean plural and just Twix when I don’t want it to be plural.
Nightshade Kelly
Nightshade Kelly - 25 days ago
My idea. I would freeze the caramel and coat it in chocolate while it's frozen. Then add it to the rest with more chocolate of course lol
Nightshade Kelly
Nightshade Kelly - 25 days ago
The plural of twix is "twix bars"
Nightshade Kelly
Nightshade Kelly - 25 days ago
The carmalization cake bits tastes the best
Nightshade Kelly
Nightshade Kelly - 25 days ago
I would hate scratch and sniff YouTube. I wanna eat not smell. And I would cry if I could smell and not eat it
Nightshade Kelly
Nightshade Kelly - 25 days ago
This makes me so hungry. It looks so good 😭😍😭
greatrush2112 - 25 days ago
You are probably my favorite cake makers! I love your channel!!!
Ester Neco
Ester Neco - 26 days ago
you should have a shirt that says NO BATTER WHAT USE SIR SQUEEZE lol
H&B vlogs
H&B vlogs - 26 days ago
It’s just a twix, even if they was only 1 left in the pack it’s still a twix, Packet is full? Still a twix
Melissa Herrera
Melissa Herrera - 26 days ago
One Twix bar
Two Twix bars
Problem: solved
Jerneshia Johnson
Jerneshia Johnson - 27 days ago
Since twix has an x,you add es
Jason Puvis
Jason Puvis - 27 days ago
twix no matter what, plural is twixes
Tina Hansen
Tina Hansen - 27 days ago
Where can I get those pans?
Elizabeth Cutright
Elizabeth Cutright - 27 days ago
I feel like if she wrote something with the chocolate drizzle would have been cool
Georgia Gulfan
Georgia Gulfan - 27 days ago
I LOVE ur channel
Lily Nuñez
Lily Nuñez - 27 days ago
I think that by adding the word “bar” or “bars” differentiates singular and plural. Twix is one packet with two bars in it. The packet alone is singular but once opened it becomes plural as there are two bars. I know its crazy. My mind is blown just thinking about it.
Litlle Lots Of Love
Litlle Lots Of Love - 27 days ago
The part where she trew Sir Squeeze and turned her back to him got me alost tearing up.. these videos are about cake, how can it still get me so much emotions! Most of the time it's smiling though! You're great Yolanda, I'm really impressed by your work ❤️
Cynthia Waller
Cynthia Waller - 28 days ago
Twix no matter what like fish is fish no matter what
Notsa’s Purpose
Notsa’s Purpose - 28 days ago
Just pour all the ingredients in my mouth 😮
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