Diablo 2 Baal Runz 101

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Megasaiyu - 7 hours ago
Kage261 - 7 hours ago
Poor guy needs a Enigma. :(
Shym - 8 hours ago
so true! good that memories
Rob Williamson
Rob Williamson - 8 hours ago
Good times.
atheno chen
atheno chen - 9 hours ago
aww poor baal xD
Nate the Skate
Nate the Skate - 9 hours ago
Yo Carbot! would you be willing to cartoon an upcoming fan made reforge of battle for middle earth the video game?
I am going to ask in every video from here on out until I get a response.
Gabriel Saz
Gabriel Saz - 10 hours ago
bot net
Nicolas M
Nicolas M - 10 hours ago
And here's your daily reminder that Activision killed Hots BEFORE Baal even showed up in it, despite it being a great game with a large and growing playerbase.
Arg Etect
Arg Etect - 10 hours ago
Are.... Are you no longer being repressed?!
Daniel Hernandez
Daniel Hernandez - 11 hours ago
This....is actually really accurate.
EpiD3MiC - 12 hours ago
haha so good
Julien Willems
Julien Willems - 12 hours ago
it's absolutely true !
187Um E
187Um E - 14 hours ago
a remaster would have been much better news for us real fans who don's care about phones
Rodrigo Melotto
Rodrigo Melotto - 14 hours ago
This is so accurate I couldn't stop laughing
Camilla Saietz
Camilla Saietz - 15 hours ago
Hahaha... This is so true 😂😂
89qwyg9yqa34t - 16 hours ago
You forgot "Realm Down." If you join a game that is complete, you have to wait five minutes to join again, or you'll eventually get soft-banned for joining too many games.
Martin - 16 hours ago
Omg, this is so accurate, it's almost creepy.
moonho kang
moonho kang - 16 hours ago
real diablo 2 fans know that its all about that ASSassin running upwards on the screen
Konzetsu - 17 hours ago
Nothing about finally getting a fresh run only to have a ganker pop in?
or teleport mages and jump barbarians outpacing the entire group, find Baal and kill him whilst you’re stuck wading through the hordes of enemies they kited and then ditched?
Protostar - 18 hours ago
I remember the loading screen all too well.
vexienroe - 19 hours ago
Fucking amazing.
Rorre - 20 hours ago
ancients plz
free plz
I can feel that :D So true
H MR - 20 hours ago
I'm missing the lvl 99 bot accounts, the chat spam for the latest online item seller, the pally and amazon enigma armor teleporters, the full tal rasha set sorc and most importantly THE GLOAM DOLL MURDER COMBO IN THE THRONE ROOM!
Beretta249 - 20 hours ago
Ah the Assassin. Most forgotten and least liked D2 hero. RIP, Clawdia.
Brother Paul
Brother Paul - 21 hour ago
Aside from your amazing work from Diablo to Starcraft and beyond. There are 50 million idiots playing CoD for no reason and a waste of life. You deserve 50+ Million subs because your work is better.
Grégoire Lecocq
Grégoire Lecocq - 22 hours ago
Well done carbot : these fellows mates are figuring truly demons next to Bhaal
social3ngin33rin - 23 hours ago
mr burns
mr burns - Day ago
Hahahaha poor Baal XD
Wai Kwan
Wai Kwan - Day ago
remember when people couldn't catch up so they would try to steal the lobby name. XD
Gishathosaurus - Day ago
Ah, good ol' memories :)
Ikura Burst
Ikura Burst - Day ago
ahh the REAL tyrael... not the stupid Allstate guy we got in D3 who doesn't know how to eat.
baronoflight - Day ago
you implying people play this and not some automated bot?
Wtfhow - Day ago
still more fun than what we got over at D3 ROS
SuppleGenius - Day ago
You guys execute these perfectly. Especially Diablol
Eduardo Regatieri
Eduardo Regatieri - Day ago
Dude this is awesome. Watched 10x already. Laugh everytime
moh maud
moh maud - Day ago
if i get D2 the exact same game with 2020 graphics, ill play it for another couple years worth of total time and then just kill myself because thats as good as life gets
Songi - Day ago
That Baal voice is amazing
Julio Rosal
Julio Rosal - Day ago
I liked the part where they kept saying "die die, time to die" on their own class specific lines. This was epic carbot, you da best!
The ones who disliked this probably are those who are left behind same in the scene or just plain cant relate
SherwinJTB - Day ago
Baal runs was the last of my adventures in Diablo 2, but there were definitely other runs along the way in Hardcore.
Fake Name
Fake Name - Day ago
Oh God, now I remember this happening. WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO ME!?
Mainewelt Design
Mainewelt Design - Day ago
Azill132 - Day ago
Dick Wolf
Dick Wolf - Day ago
Zentus - Day ago
if Baal dies doesnd that make the difficulty level rise
Lord Chronos
Lord Chronos - Day ago
Moo moo moo moo, moo. MOOOOO!
Tullock - Day ago
so true
shaburanigud - Day ago
yes! Yeesss!!!!! YYYYEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!
Сергей Колесников
Can we have more Diablo II videos please?
Dawid M
Dawid M - Day ago
hahaha lol true live :)
DJchaos023 - Day ago
Aleksander Janicki
Aleksander Janicki - Day ago
Did you paused too to see the loots?
Carrie yzh130
Carrie yzh130 - Day ago
I didn't know Baal can be cute like this.
kalega311 - Day ago
Taco Baal 004
TmoDDD - Day ago
Turd Musket
Turd Musket - Day ago
This was great. and accurate.
MikeS - Day ago
Too bad I can't play the game anymore because apparently blizzard thinks it's ok to ban anyone with an IP they don't like. FUck them
R.H.イサック - Day ago
only real old school players will understand this, my appreciation dude for this amazing video, you make my day, ( suggest make one for uber diablo )
zick zoldyck
zick zoldyck - Day ago
Jajjaja dale apúrate jajaj
Lanzer - Day ago
hammer barbarian, u sicken me
Ted Nugent
Ted Nugent - Day ago
Freakin hilarious
Wrathos - Day ago
This was much better then wings for D3
Rafał M
Rafał M - Day ago
Matheus Gomes
Matheus Gomes - Day ago
damn this is just perfect.
Gospodin Sharik
Gospodin Sharik - Day ago
Mike Flatley
Mike Flatley - Day ago
The loading screen guy... I felt that so hard D:
Warbot Cola
Warbot Cola - Day ago
Historically accurate
Digul - Day ago
Where Diablo 4? :)
UberBaal - Day ago
Gonçalo Cipriano
Gonçalo Cipriano - Day ago
Why is this so damn accurate
truechampoftrance - Day ago
I bought Diablo 2 from Blizzard Classic but it won't run. How is it that Diablo is less reliable than FallOut 3? Anyone know how to get Diablo running, otherwise I'll be moving onto New Vegas soon. Thank you!
Jack G
Jack G - Day ago
Have you ever stumbled into a stale baal run world and tried to join up by randomly guessing the current run number title?
“Hmm this world is lolbaalruns26 maybe if I try lolbaalruns43.....”
Skaven Boy
Skaven Boy - Day ago
Poor demons :c
Triborn - Day ago
“Your Connection has been restricted” All the mules are gone
Michał N
Michał N - Day ago
Erm...no Enigma ? Poor paly..
Paco Web
Paco Web - Day ago
That Baal voice reminds me of a character elsewhere... The nasal voice but I can't just point it out arrghh
Tom Blakey
Tom Blakey - Day ago
0:35-0:42 was the funniest shit ever. lol
Fabiano Isilrar
Fabiano Isilrar - Day ago
omg. play this from 12 to15 years old. And all the memorys coming with this are amazing xD. Thx for the great video
Carbon Beaker
Carbon Beaker - Day ago
Thing is, I still play this game with my family. And singleplayer. I prefer it to diablo 3 to be honest.
Saints Flot
Saints Flot - Day ago
20 years damn
Huangism - Day ago
you suck at baal runs
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